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Sept. 20, 1938.
Filed Feb. 28, 1938
141mb /h. N00 rm
“6M "MA ICU/(allay;
Patented Sept. 20, 1938
Frank M. Hoover, Youngstown, Ohio
Application February 28, 1938, Serial No. 192,913
4 Claims. (01. 46-193)
This invention consists in a toy, and, speci?
The material, urea formaldehyde, is, at room
cally, in a rattle for babies.
temperature, a tough, hard material, that affords
Fig. I of the accompanying drawing shows the‘ a loud rattling sound when the toy is shaken.
rattle in perspective. Figs. II and III are views
The size of the disks is such that it is impossible
The size is-such
that a baby may use the toy with the effect of a
teething ring. The shape and dimensions of the
disks are chosen to afford a compact article of
loud rattling power, whose elements are of
strength to endure the intended use. The ma
terial when shaped by 'molding a?ords an article
of smooth and lustrous surface. The material
being itself colorless, the disks may be brilliantly
5 in diametrical section ‘and in elevation of one _ for a child to swallow the toy.
of the disks that enter into the composition of
the rattle.
The rattle consists of a plurality-advanta
geously a dozen or more—of identical perforate
10 disk-like rattle elements strung upon a ?exible,
endless carrier.
The carrier will advantageously take the form
of a length of metal chain I of bead-shaped links
provided at the ends with the complementary
parts 2, 3 of a separable fastener, in order that
the rattle elements may be strung bead-like upon
the chain and the ends made fast, securing the
The rattle elements are formed of urea formal
20 dehyde, a thermo-plastic material that at room
temperature is hard and bone-like. Each of
these identical elements 4 is advantageously of
general disk shape, having preferably the par
ticular form of a circular section of a spherical
25 shell. This shell may, typically, ‘be one sixteenth
of an inch in thickness, and its internal spheric
ity may be of two and ?ve eighths inch radius.
In re?nement the disk may be formed of increas
ing thickness towards its periphery, and in this
30 case the effect is gained by shaping the two sur
faces to conformity with two spheres described
by unequal radii and upon spaced apart centers,
the outer spherical surface on a two and thirteen
sixteenths inch radius and the inner surface on
35 a radius three sixteenths of an inch less. The
diameter of the disk may be two inches, and the
central perforation a quarter of an inch in diam
eter. The perforation is surrounded on the con
cave face of the disk by an outstanding ?ange
40 5, of one substance with, and shaped integrally
with, the body of the disk. This ?ange extends
approximately to, but preferably falls a little
short of, intersection with the plane that chord
like de?nes the spherical section. The disk is,
45 as has been intimated, a molded article, and all
its limiting edges are rounded. The ?anges 5
afford such spacing of the disks in the assembled
toy as to cause them to clash at their peripheries
and to produce a loud rattling sound. The round
50 ing of the edges makes for cleanliness and dura
bility and also facilitates rattling movement.
The perforations through the disks being of
the order of a quarter of an inch in diameter,
the chain may be of bead-like links that are an
55 eighth of an inch in diameter or less; and, ?fteen
or sixteen such dis'ks being strung, the chain
may be approximately twelve inches long.
colored, byv pigments worked into the substance,
and the assembly of disks on the chain may pre
sent a pleasing variety of bright colors.
The material is non-in?ammable; it is inert to
saliva; it is dense and non-penetrable by, and
non-absorbent of, water; it is susceptible to
sterilization in boiling water, and the disks may 20
repeatedly and for sufficient intervals of time
be subjected to sterilization in boiling water with
out loss of shape or of luster.
The rattle of the invention has this character
istic of a string of beads, that it prompts a child
in the identi?cation of colors and in learning 25
to count.
Circularity of the disks and curvature to spheri
cal conformation are preferred, though not es
sential, features.
I claim as my invention:
1. A rattle consisting of a plurality of perforate
disks of urea formaldehyde with outstanding
?anges surrounding the perforations, the disks
being loosely strung upon an endless ?exible 35
2. A rattle consisting of a plurality of perforate
disks of identical shape loosely strung upon an
endless ?exible carrier, each disk shaped to con
formity to a spherical shell and provided on its 40
concave face with a ?ange surrounding its ‘per
3. A rattle consisting of a plurality of perforate
disks of identical shape loosely strung upon an
endless metal chain of bead-shaped links, each 45
disk shaped to conformity to a spherical shell
and provided on its concave face with a perfora
tion-surrounding ?ange. ‘
4. A rattle consisting of a plurality of perforate ‘
disks of identical shape loosely strung in uni 50
form succession upon an endless ?exible carrier,
each disk shaped to substantial. conformity to a
spherical shell, but of thickness increasing to- _
ward the periphery, and provided on its concave
face with a spacing ?ange surrounding the per 55
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