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Sept. 20, Í938. ’
Filed sept. 8, 193e ì
2 sheets-sheet 2
Eobef/ ,0. '56m/'55
2,130,445 ‘4
Patented Sept. 2.0, 1938
_comme _
Robert r. semi”, ser; Francisco, oem., .www
to Bemiss Corporation, a corporationßof Cali- _
sppucaaonïsepœmber s, i936, serial No. 99,125
- This invention relates to a new and. useful lcon
tainer, particularly one to be utilized in the pack
`aging of edibles, such as cookies, cakes”, biscuits,
Figure 5 is a section taken‘on the line _5-5 of
o products are ordinarily packed fresh from -the
6 is another perspective view showing - _
ovenor process. In this condition they contain
considerable moisture and,'in some instances, are
hot and therefore occupy a‘ considerably larger
Figure 4 to illustrate the corrugated paper con
nuts, fruit, candy, raisins and the like. These
how cookies can be packed successfully.
Figure 7 is a section taken on thelines 'I-î of’
volume than when they are cold.
before~ assembly into the box such as shownin _
'Figures 8, 9 and> 10 are respectively a perspec- 10
tive, a- plan view and a section 'on line iß-Iû .of
At one time it was the practice to pack such
v commodities upon 'a sheet of strawboard or fiber
board.' However, _this practice was not successfulv Figure 8, showing another carton'.
In accordance with this invention, I utilize cor
because moisture condensed upon the transparent -rugated
paper. This material, as appears in Fig
wrappers, obscuring thefl products and making -the
made up'of abase strip II and a corru
’package unsightly. In addition, when the prod
gated strip I2 secured to the base strip by a.
ucts cooled and shrank, the wrapper-would be- ^
suitable adhesive and formed in a manner well
"come loose because, while it had been- initially known
in the art. 4This material is relatively
drawn tight over the products, the products, upon
light and inexpensive to manufacture and yet 20
shrinking, occupied less volume 'and did not " Iprovides
‘ resiliency and strength.
_20 stretch the wrapper. ' This made an-unsightly In accordance with this invention, I take a
package, one givingl the appearance of an old - sheet
of corrugated paper I3 and, to provide the
packag'ewsince even a suggestion ofage and
structures shown in Figures land 2, provide score ° »
Y staleness-is highly undesirable in the trade, this lines Il and I5 therein. The corrugated strip is
manner of packing was not'successful.
then bent in either direction uponthe scorelines 25
.I4 and I5, and sides. I6 and I‘I are formed. The
products, in this case small cookies or cakes, indi
cated by numeral I8, are placed upon the base or
In accordance -with my invention I provide a
_ package in which the condensation of moisture
is obviated, and, at -the same time, the wrapper
is kept stretched- and taut so that an acceptable
~ package is provided.l This package I__am- able smoothside of the corrugated strip, the ends vIl
3° to provide by utilizing Ia backing of corrugated and I'I being bent back upon the strip.` Under 30
the transparent cover Il i's then placed
paper, the backing being» provided _in a. particular' tension,
over the strip and is secured' thereto, usually to
'manner to -accomplish- _the en_ds of the present the
back, to provide a substantially airtight pack
Subsequently, even if the products cool and
' It is in general the broad object 'of thepresent
vshrinkin Lize, it will be found that the transpar- 35
>`35 invention to providev a novel package ior4 edible - ent material I9 has been kept taut over the prodproducts.
ucts. This is because the sides I8 and I'I tend
The_invention includes other objects and fea.
straighten out or unbend. As the products
tures of advantage, some of which, togetherwith to
they move- slightly, exerting a' constant=tenthe foregoing, will appear hereinafter wherein I cool
sion upon the .transparent material which has 40
'40 have disclosed'certain preferred ways'in. which I ` been stretched initially between them.
practice my invention. In- the drawings accom
` As suitable transparent material I can use »
panying and forming .a part‘hereof 'I have dis- - ' cellophane, glassine, or other transparent ina-A
closed certain packages to illustrate my present.
_ preferred practice.
However, it is to be under
45 stood that the invention is not to beV limited to
these but is to be accorded a range of equivalents
in accordance with the claims.
terial as is usually employed in the art.
The package disclosed also prevents the con- '_45 »
densation of moisture upon the interior surface
of the transparent- material. 'Apparently this is
due -to the air circulation permitted by the
plurality or conduits provided by the corrugated
' _ In the drawings, Figurel is a perspective view
illustrating aj package embodying features of the
50.» present invention.
ofrigure 1.
Figure 3 is another perspective `view illustrat
ing a box construction.
Figure-4 is a plan view of the corrugated back
In that form of the invention shown iii-Figures »
>II‘igure 2 is a section taken along the- line 2-2
3 and 4, astrip _2| of corrugated paper il pro
vided with score lines 22 and 2l parallel to each
l other'and extending transversely _to the corruga- _
tions. Score lines 24 and-2l are provided ad- 55
' jacent the ends of the strip and extend parallel
to the corrugations so that the strip can be suit
ably bent into the form of the box as appears in
Figure 3.l I prefer that the score lines 22 and 23
beyond the score lines 24 and 26 be so deep as
to actually sever the corrugated paper so that end
What I claim as new and desireto secure by
Letters Patent isz-__
1. A package for products comprising a ilat ‘
sheet of corrugated paper for supporting prod'-ucts on the corrugated face thereof,.and 'a wrap Ul
per of transparent material stretched over said
. sections 21 are provided which, when turned into - products and said sheet to retain products on said
sheet, said sheet being foldedalong a line sub
position, engage end areas 28 to form a box struc
ture. The ends 2l`and 28 can be secured together stantially at the middle of said sheet and extend
or left unsecured, as desired. «
ing transversely. to corrugations in~saidk paper
In that form of the invention shown in Fig
ure 6, a bag of transparent materialvisv pro
whereby> said sheet4 is bowed upon- itself to stretch
vided, the bag being indicated by numerals 3|.
2. -A -package forvproducts comprising- a Atrans-_
parent baglike container, and a substantially ilat
The corrugated backing strip or Iliner, indicated
15 by numeral 32, is substantially rectangularl in
form having a major axis and a minor axis sub
said Wrapper.
sheet of corrugated paper positioned in said con
tainer to provide a substantially fiat, side in said
container with corrugations in said sheet, extend
stantially 90° to each other, the corrugations exl
tending transversely to the major axis of the ing in one direction, said sheet being bent slightlyv V
backing strip or liner. Ordinarily,.this strip is upon itself in ‘a direction transverse to the di
20 inserted with» the corrugations uppermost,lso that' rection of the corrugations to -stretch _said con- ‘
when 'the cookies are inserted they engage the
tainer over ¿_said products.
3. A package for products comprising a trans
corrugations and do not slide, although the strip
can b'e placed inthe bag with the smooth >side_ parent baglike container, and a substantially flat
against the products. Pacldng of the cookies to- sheet ofA corrugated paper'positioned in said _con- "
25 an undue extent in the bottom of the bag is not < _tainer to provide a substantially ñat side .in said~
encountered if they engage the corrugated face. container with corrugations in said sheet extend
' The corrugated strip 32 inserted in the bag 3| ing in one direction and uppermost in said-con
is also bent slightly upon itself so that when the _ tainer to provide a rough surface for engagement
products are inserted the strip of corrugated ma
with products in said container, said'sheet being
30 terial is in tension and exerts a stretching effect bent slightlyupon itself in a'direction transverse 30
‘ at all times upon thetransparent bag 3| to
maintain the bag taut over the products. In'Fig
to the direction _of the corrugations` to stretch
said 'container over ‘said products. '
4. A package for products comprising a sheet
of corrugated paper bent «upon itself in a direc
slightly in the bag about the crease line M-M. tion transverse to that of the corrugations to pro
The Wrapper can> be -secured to the back'face of ' vide opposite terminal edge portions at an angle’
strip 32 if it is desired to economize on wrapping to each other and tensioned with respect- to each.
ure 6, I have indicated this bending and its posi
tion by the letter M, the sheet being curved
other through the portion ofthe sheetiriterme
In Figures 8, 9 and 10 I-have shown a carton ' diate said terminal edge portions whereby said
40 embodying the features of the invention. In this
form I manufacture a continuous strip of corru
gated material, severing the strip at edges 36
portions tend to return freely to that positionv 40
which said`portions occupy when the sheet is fiat,
and a transparent wrapper extended about said
and 31 and creasing it at 38,39 and 40 so that the
sheetand over products supported on a 'face of
severed strip can be bent into a tubular sleeve
said sheet and resisting return of said tensioned _Y
with edges 36 and 31 suitably secured together.
edge portions whereby said wrapper is maintained
One face of the sleeve is cut'with an H cut~ 4|,
the HA being deep but leaving uncut portions 42.
`In use, the sleeve, cut and joined, is readily
handled and shipped ilat. When it is to be ñlle'd,`
taut over said products.
The -corrugations of each H section engage the
said products and holding the latter tautly in
place,4 said liner consisting of a substantially ñat
sheet of corrugated paper rectangular in form,
A package liner for use in a package wherein
a plurality of products are-'carried in said pack
agevon one face of said liner with an outer- cover
the sleeve is unfolded and H sections 43 depressed. . _ing' for said products stretched by said liner over
corrugations of the bottom section and lock the
two together, the sections bending' easily along
the proper corrugations. AThe box thus formed .is
said sheet having a major axis and a. minor axis
Since the H sections ' substantially 90°,to each other, the corrugations
provide rigid ends, the carton can be wrapped in said paper running substantially transverse- to
said major axis, and a crease line constituting a
with a wrapper M on a standard Wrapping ma
55 iìlied with the commodity.
chine. the wrapper being sealed at the box ends.~ bending zone extending parallel to the major axis Y
This enables’ a saving in wrapping material to~> at or near- the mid-point of said minoraxis, the
be made.
The wrapper, Cellophane, or another regener
ated cellulose’materiahor glassine, can be used
as the wrapper, being stretched over _the box.
It is believed to be apparent tha°t the invention
disclosed can be embodied in various other useful
forms to provide advantageously employed con
tainers for the products‘indicated and those of a
like nature.
- i
areas on either side of the crease line being rela UU
tivelyrigid in a direction transverse to the major
axis, the width of said liner alongfits minor axis
being such that when in place in said- package
the liner stretches the _outer covering- over products- supported between the liner and said
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