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Sept. 20, 1938.
J. D. DoNAHoo
Filed Dec. 3o, 1957
ff0a'z‘eß.ß azzaíz QQINVENTOR
Patented Sept. 20, 1938
Josie D. Donahoo, Los Angeles, Calif.
Application peccmber 30, 1937, Serial No. 182,581
(Cl. 13B-»35)
This invention relates to finger wave combs and characters of reference designate similar parts in
has for an object to provide a comb'which will the various views, Il) designates a comb provided
1 Claim.
embody a tapered tongue called a “rat tail” `for
parting off the hair to be wound into a curl, the
5 comb then by a sudden turnover without with
drawal of the rat tail, making the curl permanent.
A further object is to provide a comb having
lingers at the end opposite the rat tail adapted to
pick up portions of the hair desired for a curl and
10 `to wind the same portion of hair into a curl with#
out removal from the hair and thus save a great
deal of time during the course of a day’sv work.
A further object is to provide a comb in which
the curl forming fingers are provided with grooves
15 for receiving bobbypins, the construction of the
fingers resulting in a slot between the fingers
which may be used to conveniently attach a dye
brush, or an applicator to bleach the hair, during
such operation the comb being operated by grasp
20 ing the back thereof.
. p
. A further object of the invention is to provide a
comb of this character which will be formed in
one piece, which will be inexpensive to manufac
ture, and which will not easily get out of order.
25 With the above and other objects in view the
above its back II with a “rat tail” I2. The han
dle I3 of the comb at the end opposite the “rat
tail” is formed to provide spaced fingers Il and 5
I5 which are slotted longitudinally at the ends as
shown at I6 and I'I, the extreme ends being bev
eled, as shown at I8 and I9. The fingers, back,
“rat tail”, teeth and handle are all formed in one
integral piece and the teeth are set inwardly from 10
the sides of the comb as shown in Figure 2.
The “rat tail” may be used to part off the hair
to be wound into a curl and then by a turn of the
comb on its axis, without withdrawal oi’ the “ra
tail” a curl is started on the “rat tail”.
The fingers Il and. I5 are used to pick up a lock
of hair which is then wound upon one of the
fingers to form a curl. The slots I6 and I‘I in the
fingers may be used to retain bobby pins. The
space 20 between the iingersÁ may be used to at- 20
tach a dye brush or an applicator to bleach the
hair. The advantage of these features is that a
saving of operator’s time is promoted when giving
finger waves, dyeing hair and bleaching hair.
From the above description it is thought that 25
the construction and operation of the invention.
invention consists of certain novel details of con- ,
struction and combinations oi parts hereinafter ’ will be fully understood without further expla
fully described and claimed, it being understood nation.
What is claimed is:
lthat various modifications may be resorted to
i 30 within the scope of the appended claim without
departing irom the spirit or sacrificing any of the
advantages of the invention.
In the accompanying drawing forming part of
this specification,
Figure 1 is a side elevation of a finger wave
“rat tail” being adapted to part the hair prelimi
combpconstructed in accordance with the inven
nary to winding a curl upon the “rat tail”, and a
handle projecting from the back at the opposite
end thereof from the “rat tail” and slit longitudi
Figure 2 is a top plan view of the comb shown
in Figure 1.
Figure 3 is a front elevation of the comb look
ing toward the “rat tail.”
Figure 4 is a rear elevation of the comb looking
toward the fingers.
A; finger wave combv having a back, teeth inte- 30
gral with the back, a “rat tail” integral with the
back on the opposite side thereof from the teeth
and extending from one end of the back toward
the- opposite end thereof for about one-half the
length of the toothed portion of the back, said 35
Referring now to the drawing in which like
nally to provide substantially parallel spaced 40
fingers, said ñngers being resilient and adapted to
clamp therebetween hair treating tools, said
ñngers being slotted at their i'ree ends to receive
bobby pins.
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