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Sept. 20, I938.
Filed June 22, 1954
Patented Sept. 20, 193%
UNITED‘ srarcs ‘PATENT orrl'cs
ME'riron or was?’GES
Lester FerencLBrooklyn, N. Y., assignor to Amer
ican Machine &‘Foundry Company, a. corpora
tion of New Jersey
Application June 22, 1934, Serial No. 731,825
(01. 93-=-2)
This invention relates to an. improvement in to permit inspection of the contents of the pack
machines for and methods of packaging food age. ‘I‘hese various means and parts may be
products such as loaves of bread and the like, widely varied in construction within the scope of
the claims, for the particularconstruction, meth
and the ‘novel package resulting therefrom.
3‘ Claims.
The main object of this invention isto provide
a window in the wrapping material, without im
pairing the same, through which the contents of
the package‘ may be readily inspected. Another
object of this invention-is the_ provision of an
10 improvedymethod of making said window pack
od and package selected to illustrate the inven- 5
tion are merely some of ,many possible concrete
embodiments of the same. The invention, there
fore, is ‘not to be restricted 'to the speci?c con
Structionr method,
and package 7 shown and
Referring to Fig. 2 of the drawing, the wrap
the use of special paper.‘ And still anotherob- , ping material is pulled in the. form of a, web W
ject is to adapt existing wrapping machines “to of .waxed paper or other sealable material’ by
the manufacture vof the novel package,“ according means of a pair of feed rollers 5 ‘from a roll‘R.
to the'improved method.‘ With these‘ and other The shafts of the feed rollers 5 and the shaft
objects not speci?cally mentioned in view,al.the on which roll R is supported are suitably mount
invention consists in. certain‘constructions-and ed in the machine frame (not shown). Between
combinations hereinafter fully described and roll R and feed rollers 5 a web-perforating de
then speci?cally set. forthin. the claims ‘hereunto vice is ‘located for punching a hole H in the \web
W according to the size of the window desired.
In the accompanying‘drawingwhich forms a The web-perforating device consists of a recipro
part of this speci?cation and in which. like char cating punch 6 and a stationary. disc 7. Punch
6 is guided by a sleeve 8 and‘periodi'cally operated
acters of reference indicate the same or like
age to give a window effect to a package without
Fig. 1 is a perspective view showinga loaf of
sliced bread‘wrappedin‘ accordance with the im
proved method of making a window package; and
Fig. 2 is a diagrammatic .view'showing how
the improved method of ‘making a window pack
30 age is‘ carried out, on a wrapping machine of
the general type shown in my co-pending appli
cation S. N. 594,101, ?led Feb. 19, 1932; now
Patent No. 2,082,945, issued June 8, 1937.
In carrying the invention into eifect there is
a? provided a support for a roll of wrapping mate
rial, a support for a reel of transparent banding
material, means acting to draw webs of banding
through a link 9 and lever ID from the main
drive of'the-machine. The feed rollers 5 are
intermittently driven by mechanism shown‘ in
the above mentioned Patent No. 2,082,945.
A narrow transparent web C also pulled by
means of rollers 5 from areel R’ mounted on a 30
shaft suitably supported in the machine frame
is led onto the perforated wrapper web W in
such a manner that the transparent web C covers
the holes H punched in wrapper web W. Both
webs W and C come into intimate contact at 35
the feed rollers 5 which are heated by conven
tional means (not shown), and the webs are thus
united to form a single unit of wrapping mate
and wrapping material into superposed relation, ' rial. The latter after being fed over a guide
a device for perforating the web of wrapping plate II is then automatically cut by means of
material before it is assembled with the band
a knife I2 actuated by mechanism shown in my
ing web, a knife for severing the assembled webs patent referred to above and coacting with the
between the perforated areas of the web of wrap
ledger plate I20, into desired lengths-correspond
ping material to provide a banded wrapper, and ing with the size of the loaf of bread or other ar
mechanism for wrapping an article in the banded ticle L to be wrapped. Thereupon the loaf is
wrapper, whereby the hole of the wrapper is wrapped in the banded wrapper by mechanism
closed by the transparent band to permit in
shown in my said patent to which reference may
spection of the contents of the package.
be made for a complete disclosure of the wrapping
In the best practice of the novel method a web
of wrapping material is perforated and then mechanism.
For wrapping cartons and articles of similar 50
assembled with a transparent web of banding shape
the invention may be applied to wrapping
material, the assembled webs being severed be
tween the perforated areas of the wrapping web mechanisms of the type illustrated in the patent
to provide a banded wrapper and an article is to Langhammer, No. 1,816,085, granted July 28,
wrapped in the banded wrapper so that the hole 1931. For illustrating this application of the in 55
of the wrapper is closed by the transparent band vention a portion of the Langhammer wrapping
. 2
mechanism has been shown diagrammatically in ping process above described, the window formed I
Fig. 2 of the drawing, and-will now be described. by the perforating element 6, since this element
The article L placed on a vertically recipro
operates at a ?xed distance from the cutting po
cating lifter or platform I3 by a conveyor shown sition of the knives l2, will be in a de?nite pre
in the above mentioned Patent No. 2,082,945 is determined v‘position on the cut wrapper wrapped
pushed with the banded wrapper cut from the about the loaf. Thus, the window will have a
united webs up through a pair of side fold rollers predetermined relation to the article wrapped,
l4 into a folding pocket formed by the clamping which in the embodiment shown in Figs. 1 and 2,
jaws l5 which may be supported from recipro-_ is on top of successive articles wrapped.
10 eating bars in ‘the manner shown in the patent to
What is claimed is:
Langham'mer, ‘No. 1,816,085, granted July 28,
' 1. The process of wrapping articles in a win
1931. Accordingly, the loaf is now enfolded in
the banded wrapper with the band disposed be
tween the loaf and wrapper and closing the hole
H of the latter. Thereupon the folder plate 16,
dow wrapper formed from continuous web ma
terial which wrapper has the window thereof reg
istered relative to the article to exhibit a prede
which is periodically reciprocated by suitable
termined portion of the article comprising, feed 15
ing wrapping material from a supply in the form
mechanism (not shown), wipes the rear end of of a continuous web to a wrapping position, per
the wrapper and band under the loaf, which is , forating said web at spaced positions to provide
held between the jaws l5 as the- lifter l3 recedes. windows therein, assembling a transparent con
The folding pocket is now advanced over the seal- 1 .tinuous web of material wider than the window 20
table II and the folder plate moves with the with" said wrapping material to close said win
pocket until the forward edge of the table is dows, severingthe amembled webs at a predeter
mined position between windows, and enfolding
. This-movement of the folding-pocket may be
produced by mechanism shown in the Langham
mer patent previously mentioned and causes the
an article in said wrapping material and asso
ciated transparent material at said wrapping po 25
sition in predetermined relation to the window to
other end of the wrapper and band to be wiped ‘form a wrapped package having a closed trans
under the bottom of the loaf in overlapping rela
parent window registering with a selected por
tion to the previously folded end of the wrapper , tion of the article.
60 on the sealing table. This advance of the pocket
2. The process of wrapping articles in a win 30
also carries the loaf under a tension plate which dow wrapper formed from continuous strip ma
holds the'now completely enfolded loaf onthe terial to provide a package in which the window
sealing table while the folding pocket returns to is registered relative to the article to exhibit a
initial position to receive another article. ’ Dur-'
ing the advance of the pocket over the sealing
table the front jaw I5 may be raised above the
loaf by mechanism shown in the Langhami'ner
patentlreferred tov above, to clear the loaf on its
predetermined portion thereof, comprising cut
ting windowsin predetermined spaced position 35
in a continuous web of wrapping material, assem
bling a transparent continuous web of material
wider than the window with said wrapping ma
return‘ movement.
terial to close said windows, uniting said trans
The enfolded loaf may now be advanced fur-' parent material to said wrapping material, feed 40
ther on the sealing table and the projecting ?aps ing the assembled window wrapping material to
of the wrapper may be folded in over the ends of \. said wrapping position with a window in prede
the article by mechanism fully shown in said termined relation .to said article, cutting the as
_ Langhammer patent.
sembled wrapper material between windows to
The contents of the package so formed are form separate wrappers and enfolding an article 45
' visible through the portion of the transparent ‘in the positioned wrapper to form a wrapped
iband closing the hole of the wrapper. .While the package having a closed transparent window reg
invention has been exempli?ed in connection with istering with a selected portion of the article.
a bread wrapping machine of the general-type
3. The process set forth in claim 2 in which
' shown in my co-pending application referred to transparent and wrapping webs are employed
above, it may also be applied to bread wrapping having fusible coatings thereon, and said unit 50
machines of the type shown in the ‘patent to ing includes the step of heat sealing said webs
H. Y. Armstrong, No. 1,626,379, granted April 26,
It will be obvious that as a result of the wrap
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