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Sept. 20, 1938.
Filed March 25, 1937
@if i
Patented Sept. 20, 1938
George w. patchen, Toledo, omo
Application Maron z5. 1937, serial No. 133,033
2 Claims.
This invention relates to window sections.
This invention has utility especially in con
nection with vitreous or glass panes having fused
framing therefor which may be assembled into
5 sealed air chamber panels adapted for tempera.
ture insulation.
Referring to the drawing:
Fig. 1 is a side view, with parts broken away,
of a panel unit;
10 ' Fig. 2 is a section on the line II-III, Fig. 1;
. Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a frame with
partial pane therein;
Fig» 4 is a section through a frame assembly
having departure inthe oñ'set _between the flanges
15 from that in Fig. 2;
Fig.. 5 is a fragmentary View of panel assembly
with supplemental gasket sealing in addition to
the bonding therebetween; .
Fig. 6 yis a section on the line ITI-VI, Fig. 5;
20 and
Fig. 7 is a section at the frame involving a
plurality of air chambers for the unit.
.These units for the frames desirably are oil
mounted in a movable section. 'I‘he diaphonous
element 4 may be selected either for color or
for transmitting lselected rays as to actinic effect.
Furthermore, the character thereof, whether
sheet orv plate, and whether thin or heavy, may 5
be adapted'for that of the ultimate installation.
The compressible packing 8 desirably has thereon
shellac I0 as a binding agent against shifting
relatively to one of the panes 4. 'I'his binding
agent holds the packing 8 against shifting into 10
air chamber II between the panes of the unit.
e In lieu of the abruptofrset 3, there may be
tapered onset I2 (Fig. 4). 'I'his is a cushioning
form of construction avoiding strains from ex;
pansion and contraction, although experience 15
with the solder as the bonding agent between
the metal and pane has, with thin sheet metal
framing, been eil'ective for such holding as to
maintain sealing of the air chamber II under
wide temperature changes.
. 20
The outer ñange I of these panel units as away
from the pane proper may have openings I3
(Fig. 6) therein to receive assembly screw I4,
thereby to effect gripping of wafer or cork gasket
_25 mediate offset 3, wherein the flange 2 and offset ,
I5. There is »thus a cushioning assembly, 25
3 vprovide a seat for pane 4. This structural seal
and these screws I4 may be supplementally sealed
shape of the flanges I, 2, and intermediate oil
by solder I6 and the bonding completed byvpe
set 3 is of sheet metal and of'Z-shape cross
ripheral-solder I1.
section. In the assembly herein as of glass, the
30 flange 2 and seat 3 are desirably surface coated
with bonding agenti as the solder of J. Bhowles continuous Vor endless as 'to intermediate panes 30
set to provide outer flange I, inner flange 2, inter
I9, znfinspacing therefrom the outerv panes 4,
MacLean, Patent No. 2,035,241,V of March 24, _. thereby‘providing intermediate air'chambers 2|,
This unit between the pane 4 and frame'is 22, 22, >instead 0f the single air chamber Il. The
I 35 further perfected (1)' at corners or groovesl there
between by supplemental metal or solder~ bond
ing 6 at the terminal portion of the flange 2, and
(2) . at endless solder or fused portion ‘I at the
oil’set 3 adjacent the opposite sides of the pane 4
4o from that having the bonding I. It is thus seen
that there is endless seat at the offset 3: endless
bonding along said surface, as endless union 5
therebetween, supplemented by the reinforcing
bondings 8, 1. 'I'here is thus a framed element.
45 Such may> be Vassociated with a .complementary
element to place, as a tin-like extension: the
flanges I in opposed seating relation.
In this assembly there may be yieldable spac
ing means as cork gasket element 3 introduced:
' 50 then as between these flanges I, such may be
' outer panels 4 may have full bond sealing with
the frame.' Withthis grouping for' the unit, the 35
outer danses I may, inïlieu .of surface bonding,
have terminal bondingîzltas a recess filler.
Solder 25 may be at'the heads oi' the screws I4.
What is claimed and itis desired to secure by
United States Letters Patent is:
1. A double glazed panel comprisingl two simi
lar metal frames ot'Z cross-section having a
pane in the oll'set portion of each frame and
soldered to said frame, resilient spacing means
between said panes, a separate continuousgasket 45
between the outermost ilanges ot the frames, and
an independent seal of- solder about the periphery
oi' the assembly.
2.,A double glazed panel comprising two simi
lar metal frames of Z vcross-section having a 50
vsurfaced with bonding solder 3 therebetween.- pane
in the onset portion of each frame and
This completes a panel unit or lglazing sectionsoldered
to said frame, resilient spacing means
armored peripherallyfor insertion in a standard between' said
panes, and an independent seal of
frame or structural unit, whether for a window solder about the periphery of the assembly.
55 in a building, in a `vehicle, or refrigerator, and
whether or not vilxed with such- structure or
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