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Sept 20» 1_938-
Filed March >so, 1957
BY /VHRK h/ @foam/(ER
Patented Sept. 20, 1938
' 2,130,909
MANrFoLnmG nevica
Mark W. Shoem sur, chicago,
lssllnor to The
Rotary` Printing Company, lll.,
Norwalk, Ohio. a
corporation of Ohio
Applicationv March 30, 1937, Serial No. 133,858
s claims. ' (o1. 1oz-13s)
The present inventio_n relates to
of 1the bed are a series of aligning pins
>arearranged to engage perforations 2 24, which
in the web.v The perforations of the 5 formed
’.24 by
pressed clamp 2l, carri
These super-imposed lstrips
ed as they are pulled
portions and
various forms.
ed by a. 5
, as at 28, tothe fram e of the
The paper is maintained
taut across the bed
I4 by a weighted roller 30 carried
a pair of
arms 3|, pivotecl to the guide bar by
2B, adjacent l0
The guide lbar 20 is preferably mount
ed on brackets 33, which may be secured to the
oi which is indicated at 33
previously in Fig. v2, are removably
positioned in suite
openings 36 in the plate $3, preventing excessive
downward movement oi' the arm 3l, which car20
. ries the weighted roller 30.
which cooperate with the pin
ing pins hereinafter to be s 24. and other align
described, are pro
one end thereof and
\ The machine with which I have
invention has a standard
shown my
trackway or frame II , pro Ili'that supports a
„ s. Hence, it will
30 racross which a typewriter
I2 is adapted to be
shiftedv in vthe usual mann
er. The forms lmay
24 will serve to retain the fo
forms in alignment.,
With the machine illustrate
bon strips are interleaved b d, transfer
the record
strips or forms ad jacent the etween
As illustrated,
tend upwardly from a suitable support, not
59 shown-around a guide bar I6, and thence for
wardly in a substantially horizontal plane, be~
heath a pair of guide bars Il, over guide bars
I8 and I9, under a guide bar 20, over a guide
bar 2|, and thence across the platen I4 of the
55> typewriter mechanism I2. At the forward end
It has been found however, that
to insure
ccurate alignment of, the
position a fresh sheet or page
beneath the typewriter I2. For this purpose, l.' 35
have povided a second'set of pins 4G, arranged
to engage a subsequent set oi' openings 25 in the
strips or forms, as the latter are heine drawn
forwardly across the table.
When the operator desires
sheet beneath the typewriter to ‘bring a fresh 40
he depresses a
foot pedal 50, which, through the medium of a
link 5I interposed between the pedal and the
lever 28, raises the clamp 2l out oí engagement
with the forward edge of the forms. The oper- 45
ator then raises the forms out of contact with the
pins 24 and draws them forwardly. Simultane
ously with the raising of the clamp 21, the pins
4I! are brought into position to engage a set of
openings 25. as the forms are drawn iorwardlyf50
This is accomplished as' shown in Figs. 1 and. 3,
by a link or rod 52, which is interconnected be
tween the pedal il and an arm 53, that is se
cured to a bail I4, which is pivoted as at I5 to u
heldin alignment by the stationary
links and resting on the forms between the piv
means and the movable engaging means.
pins and the table. an adjustable stop car
'1. In a machine of the character described. the
ried by the table to restrict the downward move
~ combination of a typewriter bed, a pair ,of sta
tionary prongs at the forward edge of said bed 'ment of roller in various positions, a foot operable
and a connection between the pedal and
therefrom to engage and pedal
the pin carrying arms. whereby the pins may be
rocked about the pivots of such arms as desired. ,
9. A typewriter feeding mechanism for align#
ing a plurality of superimposed continuous forms
10 another set of openings in the respective forms,
said last-named prongs when in engagement with
the openings in the forms being in substantially
over a platen across which-the forms are ad
vanced to bring a fresh form into writing posi
tion on the plated' comprising a pair of aligning `
the same horizontal plane as the iirst named
pins at the delivery sideof the platen for engage
prongs. and tensioning means disposed interme
15 diate said pairs of prongs to act upon the forms
while they are held in engagement and align
ment with aligning holes» provided at form .length
intervals in the forms, a paixî of bars extending
rearwardly at the intake side of the platen, a pair 15
of spaced guides carried by said bars and be
neath which the forms pass in their advance to
ward the platen, a second pair of spaced guides
disposed between the iirst-named guides and be
low the forms, a pair ci' arms pivoted at one end
to said bars and carrying at their other end a
ment by said pain; o1' prongs, and to form a down
wardly extending loop in said forms when the
movably mounted prongs are withdrawn from
the openings in respective forms.
Y 8. A device for registering super-imposed can
pins at the forward end of the table for engage- ' plurality of pins adapted and arranged to be
ment with aligning holes provided at form length
intervals in the forms, a pair of bars extend-V
moved into the path o't the openings in the forms
and between the guides of the second-named pair,
a pair of links, one end oi' each link being pivoted
said bars. a weight carried by said links adja
carried by said bars and beneath which the forms
pass in their advance toward the table, a second cent their other ends and resting on- the forms
l) pair of spaced guides disposed bet-Ween the ñl'st- ' between the pivoted pins and the platen to ten
_ named guides'and above which the forms pass sion the forms, an adjustable stop to restrict the 30
in their advance toward the table. a pair of arms downward movement of the weight in various po
pivoted at one end to said bars, and carrying at sitions, a foot operable pedal. and a connection
their other end a plurality of pins adapted and between the pedal and the pin carrying arms
whereby the pins may be rocked about the pivots
ß arrangedtobemovedintothepathoftheopen o!
such arms as desired. and where said weight 35
ings in the forms and between the guides of the
second-named pair, a pair of links, one end ot acts to advance that portion of the forms adja
each link being pivoted to said bars. a weighted cent said pivoted pins consequent upon the dis- roher disposed between the other ends of said engagement otsuch pins from the i'orms.
the table, a pair of guides ‘
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