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se'PL 20» 1938-
Filed April 7, 1938
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Sept. zo, 1938.
Filed April 7, 1938
2 sheets-sheet 2
Patented Sept. 20, 1938
Joseph E. Bielski, Oak Park, Ill.
l Application April 7, 1938, Serial No. 200,593
12 Claims.
This invention relates to display signs, and
more particularly to signs in which advertising
Hmatter is presented to view in changing or dis
solving effect, that is, moving before the vision
-of a» person observing the same,'successively in
an obverse direction to the direction of reading
"or alternating view ineither direction, thus pro
vidingan attractive and inexpensive medium of
bringing advertising or` slogans for products or
wares before the purchasing public. .
sThe inventionfurther contemplates an illumi
(Cl. 40-40)
for movably or rotatably supporting a heat lamp
I8. This heat lamp may be of any preferred de
sign but is shown as embodying a transparent
chamber or cylinder I9 of celluloìd or other trans
parency reinforced by bands 20 at the upper and
lower ends thereof and held by staples or other
fasteners 2 I, certain of which pass through over
lapping portions 22 of the transparent cylinder
and the bands.
The cylinder I9 is arranged within a casing in
-na-ted display' or -sign device in the form of a
the form of a shade 23 of opaque material such
as cardboard suitably ornamented externally to
heat lamp embodying an opaque casing adapted
render the same attractive in appearance. As il
,':tobemoved or rotated about ai lamp bulb and
12155 ¿having one or ’more sides ywith an opening there
`in` and la corrugated or similar panel set behind
lustrated, this casing is triangular in cross-sec
tion, but may be any suitable shape, and instead
of being polysided, may simply be a wall suitably
the ¿opening with a plurality of display characters
Ithereon visible at difîerent angles, thus providing
arranged in front of a lamp or other illuminating
means and arranged to completely or partially
an lattractive device with a constant change of
y.characters or reading matter.
Another object of the invention is to provide
"a .novel display panel and arrangement ofdis
¿play matter thereon in conjunction with the mov
ing casing or Wall and an opening through which
.theV panelis displayed in front of an illuminating
means, if desired.
-¿ Other objects and advantages will appear and
revolve or rotate about the same or have other
form of movement imparted thereto such as oscil 20
latory movement or otherwise. The shade 23
may be formed of a strip and the ends thereof
may be overlapped and glued or otherwise fas
tened as at 23a at one corner or otherwise.
The shade or casing 23 is open at the bottom 25
so as to y:tit over the lamp bulb and is closed near
the top by a. wall 24 shown having edge portions
25 folded upwardly against the inner faces of
_lication wherein: ,
the walls or sides of the shade and suitably glued
Fig. 1 is an elevation of a display sign associ- _ or otherwise fastened thereto. The top of the 30
äated with a heat lamp;
cylinder I9 is fastened beneath the cover or top
«.. Fig. 2 isa plan view;
wall 2.4 at an opening 26 provided therein as by
v _¢Fig..3 isf a sectional `view taken on the line 3_3
means ofangular pieces 21 glued or otherwise
`of Fiti‘l.;` - .f
secured to the underface of the top wall 24 and
«„ _Fig._ 4 isa .horizontal sectional view taken on between the cylinder wall I9 and the upper band 35
lbeïbrought out more fully in the following speci
thev line 4,-4 of Fig. 1 with parts in elevation;
Fig. 5 is an enlarged fragmentary sectional
¿view taken along the section line 5-5 of Fig. 2;
Fig. ybis an enlarged detailed sectional View
y,taken on the line @-6 o_f Fig. 3; `
"v, 'Figf'lisÉanenlargediview of the casing of the
#display sign;
QFigLS is an enlarged fragmentary view of one
"‘of ythe panels in extended or stretched out posi
Fig. 9 is an enlarged fragmentary sectional view
-showing a modification of the panel construction.
Referring more particularly to the drawings,
¿.Illfis a lamp stand having a socket I I at the
upper end from'which extends a `cord I2 having
.a plug I3 .adapted to be connected to a wall
socket. for supplying current, the lamp being con
’.trolled `by a switch I4. A bulb I5 fits in the
I ïsoclretV II and supports ra spring wire clamp I6
having a pointed bearing I‘I extending upwardly
20 so as to suspend the cylinder.
Over the opening 26 in the wall 24 is arranged
a fan 28, certain blades of which have tongues
29 extended through slots in the top 24 and
clinched, as particularly seen in Fig. 5. The fan
28 is preferably of metal and has a central open
ing 30 receiving a bubous glass or other bearing
3| with a spherical closed upper end and a flange
32 at the bottom disposed against the bottom
face of the central portion of the fan and held in
position by a clip 33 above said central portion.
This bearing is designed to ñt over the pin bear
ing I'I so that the heat from the bulb and the
heat waves impinging upon the blades 28 will
cause the shade to rotate in a given direction 50
according to the angular position of the blades.
Each side of the shade or casing 23 is provided
With an opening 34 which, while shown oval, may
be of other desired geometrical outline. Ar
ranged in back of each opening is a panel 35 of 55
2 ,
paper or other suitable translucent material
shown corrugated and suitably glued or other
wise fastened to the inner faces of the sides of
the shade at the ends 36 as well as at the top and
bottom edges so as to entirely cover the open
ing Sli-and overlie the edges thereof. The alter
nate-or opposed faces of the corrugations are
printed or otherwise produced with suitable sets
of characters 3l and 38, parts of each character
10 being printedor- otherwise producedupon alter
nate or staggered walls of the corrugations fac
ing in the same direction so that when viewed at
different angles from vone direction, one of the
characters will be visible and when viewed at di'f
15 ferent angles from the opposite direction, lthe
rotate, and especially adverse to the direction of
reading, it is to be understood that the panel
may be moved in any other way or may have
limited rotation or may be oscillated to render
the different characters successively visible. This
provides an attractive display of advertising mat
ter whereby said advertising matter or slogans
pertaining to products may be brought before the
purchasing public and, therefore, constitutes an
inexpensive medium of advertising.
Itis also to be understood, instead of sharp
angular portions of the corrugations, as illus
~ trated, the panel may be otherwise suitably corru
gated in sinuous or wavy form with similar eñ‘ect
upon the display matter or characters thereon, 15
but in either case, the opposite sides or outer
may be suitabh7 ornamented or colored andthe exposed folds or sides of the corrugations bear
printing or characters are». preferably made of' " ing parts 'of the advertising display will be divided
and 44,arranged upon alternate or staggered por
contrasting colors so as to produce an attractive
tions'òf the face of the panel to give the same 20
20 medium for advertising products or wares »of cer
other characters will be visible. _These »panels
tain manufacturersvisible to passersby when the
lamp is placed in a conspicuous location. While
the characters will be visible iny daylight without
the same from the lamp or electric light bulb l5
constituting the illuminating >means in the em
bodiment shown.
tions and modifications as come within the scope
the panels, and theA projection of light through
It may also be mentioned that while the im
printing of the characters on the panels and the
corrugations thereof may .be effected in any
suitable manner and sequence, these panels are
preferably ñrst printed with the characters and
35 then corrugated,-the parts of at least two differ
ent characters being printed upon alternate divi
sions 39 and 4B ofthe panel running vertically
and representing the opposed faces of the corru
gations facing in opposite directions or in angular
relation to each other at any desired degree of
angle, and then corrugated alongthe lines of the
divisions between these corrugations, as will be
more readily apparent from Fig.~8 of the draw
ings. This provides an effective and practical
45 method of producing the panels economically in
quantities so that the advertising matter thereof
of the appended claims.
Having thusy described my invention, what I
claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Pat
ent is:
l. In a display sign, a light impervious wall
with an opening and a corrugated panel adapted
to pass light therethrough mounted over the
opening, alternate corrugations having differ
ent characters thereon visible at different angles
and both being visible intermediately and means
to mount said panel to move to different angular 40
shown in which instead of Vindividualpanels for
2. A display sign including an opaque wall
with an opening and a panel to permit light to
be vemitted therethrough in back of ’the opening
having corrugations with alternate obverse por
tions thereof produced with different characters
successively visible in the direction of reading,
said wall and panel being mounted to move to
present the characters to View from different
each side of the shade or casing fastened atA the _
margins thereof, a single vstrip may be employed
for all three sides with intermediate portions 26a
3. A display sign including an opaque wall
with an opening and a panel in back of the open
ing having corrugations with> alternate portions
thereof produced with different characters al
ternately viewed from different angles, said panel
being translucent and adapted to be illuminated
from` the back, and said panel being adapted
may be changed as the occasionarises.
In Fig.. 9 of the drawings, .a modification is
While I have illustrated and described the pre
ferred forrn of construction for carrying my in
vention into effect, this is capable of variation and
modification without departing from the spirit of
the invention. I, therefore, do not wish to be
limited to the precise details of construction set
forth, but desire to avail myself of such varia
illumination, they will be rendered more attrac
tive and visible at night'by the illumination of
effect as heretofore described herein.
glued or otherwise securedto the corner or an
gular portions of the shade, so that a plurality
55 of panels together with the Acharacters thereon
may be producedat one time and then fastened
in position overthe openings, after corrugating.
In either instance,>it will'be obvious that the pri
mary embodiment of theinvention- comprises a
60 wall having an opening with a panel in the open
ing of corrugated or similar cross-section and
bearing characters of contrasting design thereon
`in which divisional portions of -the characters are
produced upon spaced alternate' or staggered divi
65 sions of the panel. Thus, when the panel is cor
rugated, the portions of the different characters
facing ’in the ysame -angular 'direction will be
to ymove so as to present the characters from
different angles of view.
4. As an article of manufacture, a display sign
panel produced with spaced alternate portions
thereof having contrasting characters ¿adapted
to appear continuous when the panel is rotated
and means mounting said panel to tur-n to pre
sent vdifferent views to the observer.
5. As an article of manufacture, a display sign
be visible from one vside andthe other Acharacter
panel produced with spaced alternate portions
thereof having thereon >different characters, and
the panel being corrugated along lines constitut T(i)
ing the divisions between said spaced alternate
from thel other >side While both characters' will
be visible in a direction ’normal toy the plane of
the panel and the wallon which it is mounted.
While a heat lamp will fcause the shade to
tinuous and presented to view simultaneously Aat
an angle substantially normal to the panel and
independently at opposite yangles when the .panel .75
brought into alignment vs'o as to appear continu- '
ous in formation and viewed with attractive ef
70 fect at different angles so that one character may
portions whereby the characters will appear con
is rotated, and means to move the panel to pre
sent the indicia to View from different angles.
6. In a display sign, a wall having an opening,
a translucent corrugated panel behind the open
ing, illuminating means behind the panel, and
characters produced upon the panel adapted to be
viewed from different angles, each character
having portions produced upon spaced alternate
and different corrugations of the panel, said
10 wall being mounted to turn and provide with
means for driving the same and the panel for
View in different directions.
7. As an article of manufacture, a corrugated
sign panel. of translucent material, and a plu
15 rality of characters arranged upon the panel,
portions of the characters being alternately ar
ranged upon spaced opposite faces of the cor
rugations to be viewed from different angles as
continuous characters, and means mounting the
20 panel to move so as to present the characters
from a different angle of View.
8. In a display sign, a heat lamp having il
luminating means, a shade adapted to rotate
thereon and having sides With openings in front
25 of the illuminating means, and panels over the
openings through which light from the illuminat
ing means is projected, said panels being cor
rugated and having characters produced upon
faces of the corrugations so that different char
30 acters may be viewed from different angles and
both visible from a position substantially nor
mal to the planes of the panels.
9. In a display sign, a light excluding Wall
khaving an opening, a corrugated light emitting
panel for the opening having display matter
thereon independently visible at different angles,
appearing continuously when viewed at an angle
substantially normal to the panel, said wall be
ing mounted to move in a circular path so as
to present the indicia from a different angle of
10. As an article of manufacture, a panel With
characters printed on spaced alternate parts
thereof and then corrugated so that all parts of
each character will be read from the same angle,_
different characters from different angles and al1
characters at points in between said angles, and
combined to form a continuous combined char 10
acter free of breaks when viewed at an angle,
said panel having means to mount the same to
1l. In a display sign, a movable opaque body
constituting a display casing having an opening 15
with a translucent corrugated panel over'the
o-pening and bearing advertising matter upon the
opposite sides of the corrugated faces thereof
visible at different sides upon movement of the
body at different angles means mounting the body 20
and panel to turn and means for turning the
12. In a display sign, a heat lamp including a
transparent chamber having illuminating means,
a casing open at the bottom to ñt over the il
luminating means and having a top with an open
ing over the top of the chamber, means to sup
port the casing for rotation about the illuminat
ing means, said casing having openings, and
panels in back of the openings through Which 30
light from the illuminating means is emitted,
said panels being corrugated and having differ
ent characters produced upon opposite faces of
the corrugations so that different characters
may be viewed from opposite angles upon move 35
ment of the casing and both visible between said
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