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Sept. zo, 1938.
` Filed 0G12. 5, 1937
Patented Sept. 20, 1938
han» nacsrracrägglst rca REFRTGERA
Donald F. Rose, Riverside, R. I., assigner of one
han to William P. Walkley,
Providence, R. I.
Application October 5, 1937, Serial No. 167,369
3 _(l'laims. (Cl. 62-31)
This invention relates to a drip receptacle for
, collecting water which occurs by the
' rangement so that the water as it is drained from
the ice
the _ice compartment collects until a certain
amount is accumulated and then ' when such
comes therefrom.
amount is accumulated a flushing occurs by which
substantially all of the water is drained from the 5
Another object of the invention is to forma
seal to prevent any circulation of warm air into
the ice containing compartment of the refrig
receptacle in a flow oi substantial volume from
the receptacle, with this flushing occurring at'
such frequent
Another object o1' the invention is the provision
of a device which may be
of .the structure.
With these and other objects in view, the in
vention consists of certain
The support for the ice l5
or that portion I3 upon which the water collects
is inclined» so as to discharge the water which
melts from the ice I4 through opening I6 in
the lpartition i3 which ordinarily exists as a drain
pipe extending out of the refrigerator. »
particularly pointed out in the appended claims.
In the accompanying drawing:
Fig. 1 is a sectional view showing the receptacle
oi my invention built into a refrigerator;
device alone;
Fig. 4 is a perspective view- of the siphon con
A conduit of a cross-section wide in one di
Fig. 5 illustrates the use oi' the invention below
such refrigerators as are already in
mension but narrow in another direction is bent
into generally U-shape, as shown in the ,draw
the use of ice refrigerators a certain amount
as oi' Inslime
is known to collect in the drain pipes
which conduct away the melted ice. Food odors
dissolve _in the water of the ice as
is positioned closely adjacent to the. bottom wall
20 with a space
‘ solved material settles out of the
water upon
standing or upon evaporation and collects rather
portion 25 is substantially the same as the area
22. ‘I‘he periph-v 55
2,130,930 `
ery of such ñattenedAcross-section area is greater
than a circle enclosing the `same area and thus
quick. disbursement of the cold drop less co-n
densation occurs on the outside of the receptacle
which is detrimental in that this condensation
the surface tension will increase at this section ’ 'collects to dampen or wet the parts about it -or -'
' of the conduit.
As water accumulates by dripping into the--
upon which it rests.`
The. foregoing description is- directed solely
receptacle I1 it rises in the tube 23 and finally towards the construction illustrated, but I desire
a drop completely fills
_ y >the thinned or narrowed' it to be understood that I reserve the privilege
portion 25 and is held there by surface tension of resorting to all the mechanical changes to'
causes a flow over into the which the device is susceptible, the. invention 10
action causing a suction being defined and limited only by the terms of
- and Siphon action which removes all' of the Wa
ter from the container except a very small por
. the appended claims.
I claim:
tion ,at~ thelow point 20 causing water to be
1. An ice box drip receptacle-comprising a
drawn rather voluminousiy out of the receptacle. container having 4a bottom and side walls for
The volume collected at which this flushing takes
15 place occurs at such intervals as to prevent the vaccumulating drip water ‘from ice, a vertical
outlet conduit extending through a wall of said
accumulation by deposit of any solid particles ' container and to a height above the inner sur
as might otherwise occur. In this manner be
fore the absorbed odors have a chance to deposit
a slime upon the receptacle the Water is dis
20 charged from the receptacle and as it is dis
charged in a substantial volume and’not spread
out along the pipes to’ evaporate, -no deposit oc
curs along the pipes at any poin .
If it is desired that the receptacle be placed
below a refrigerator which is already in use
rather than be built in', the receptacle similar
in all respects to that described will be positioned
as shown in'Fig. 5, in which the legs of the -re
face of the bottom wall thereof, a -second up
wardly extending conduit opening to said con 20
tainer closely adjacent the inner surface of the
bottom wall, and means providing a passage con
necting .the bores of said conduits and-of such
formation that a drop by drop filling of the con
tainenwill eventually cause a syphonic flow of 25
the water from the container through the outlet "
2. An ice box drip receptacle comprising a
container having a bottom and side walls for
accumulating drip water -from ice, a vertical 30
frígerator 30 will support the same spaced from
the floor 3| and the conduit 22 will be .positioned
'in vvthe drain pipe 32 leading through the iioor’
outlet conduit extending through the bottom 'of
ceptacle, there being already provided in~` boxes
adjacent the inner surface of the bottom Wall,
The ice box drain 33 empties into the re
.of this character a seal to prevent the flow of air
said container and above the inner surface of
the bottom wall thereof, a second upwardly ex
tending conduit opening to saidcontainer closely
and means within the container providing a pas
into the ice containing compartment.
sage connecting the bores of said conduits and
of such a cross-section and area thata drop by
nary use about every hour and a >half and' for 'drop filling of the container will eventually cause
this short period no accumulation or settling of a syphonic flow of the water fromthe container
the slime occurs, the same all being dissolved
the outleir conduit.
40 and there being insufficient evaporation of -the through
3. An ice box drip receptacle comprising a con
tainer having abottom and side Walls for accu
accumulated water to cause any deposit.
The receptacle holds about a quart of Water mulating drip water from ice, means for provid
‘ before flushing occurs and this beingI cold. water ing a -low >point in said bottom Wall, a vertical 45
in the location shown in Fig. 1 assists in absorb
outlet conduit extending through' the bottom of
45 ing any heat from the ice box in 'compartment
said container and above the inner surface of
Il whereby this cold Water is utilized for assist
the bottom wall thereof but of a height less than
ing in'cooling the _refrigerator and thus boosts' the side walls, a second vertically extending con
substantial'ly the same height
refrigeration in the cabinet.
extending to
An advantage forlthe use of thereceptacle
in -duit
as said first conduit and opening to said con
l.50 the location shown in Fig. 5 beneath the refrig- - tainer closely adjacent the inner surface of the
When in this location the bottom wall. at the lower point thereof, and
k erator is'also found.
body of ’ water which collects warms up as it means providing a passage connecting the b_ores 5
collects and upon the dropping of 'another drop of said conduits and of such formation that a 55.
of coldV water into the receptacle this water drop- by drop filling of the container will even
55 quickly -disseminates-into the warmer Waterand tually cause asyphonici'low of the water from
does not chill the metal receptacle I8 to such an - the container through theoutlet> conduit.
It is found that flushing takes place in ordi
extent as occurs where a-lesser amount'of water
or no water is collected and the cold drop strikes
the metal receptacle.
Thus, by >reason of _the
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