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Sept. 20, 1938.
Filed April 8, 1957
Patented Sept. 20, 1938
Casimir Fiore, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to Ed
ward Gumbel, Woodside, N. Y.
Application April 8, 1937, Serial No. 135,680
1 Claim.
My invention relates to improvements in foun
tain pens, and more particularly, has reference
to and is illustrated in the accompanying draw
ing in its application to a pen in which dehy
drated ink is carried so that by applying water
the ink is formed and feeds to the pen much the
same as in the more conventional form of foun
tain pen in which the ink is applied as such.
Referring to the accompanying drawing, I have
10 illustrated in Fig. 1, partly in longitudinal sec
tion, a form of pen embodying an application of
my invention, Fig. 2 is a cross-section thereof on
the line 2-2 of Fig. 1, Fig. 3 is a plan view of
one of the heads dividing the inner chamber,
Fig. 4 a plan view of one form of partition, Fig. 5
a similar view ‘showing a modi?cation, Fig. 6
a cross-sectional view of a pen with a modi?ed
arrangement of partition, Fig. '7 a plan View of
another form of partition, and Fig. 8 a suitable
20 form of frame as applied in Fig. 6.
9 indicates the body of the pen and 10 an end
section which may be screwed off from the
threads indicated at II to expose the rubber
bulb 12. In the center of the pen the two heads
25 l3, M are provided, having cut-away portions
15, and may be provided with a slot 16 for turn
ing the same by a screw-driver or other suitable
means. Between these heads may be secured the
, partition I‘! such as shown in Fig. 4 or the form
30 shown at 18 in Fig. 7. In the form shown in
Fig. 4 the partition is recessed at opposite ends
as indicated at I 9, l9’, and in the form shown
in Fig. 7 is kerfed as indicated at 20, 20', so
that in either case the dehydrated ink 2| at one
side of the partition is taken up‘ in solution by
water 22 at the other side of the partition.
In order to charge the pen after the dehydrated
ink has been interposed therein, the usual form
of screw cap 22’ is ?rst removed and the pen
40 may be dipped into Water after the bulb 12 has
been pinched between the ?ngers.
By releas
(Cl. 120-42)
ing the bulb now the water is drawn up through
the pen and through the openings l5, 15’, re
maining in the chamber 22, where by coming in
contact with the dehydrated ink through the
openings l9, 19’ or 20, 20', as the case may be, the 5
ink thus formed feeds directly to the pen point
in the usual manner.
In the modi?cation shown in Figs. 6 and 8 a
pair of rubber frames 23, 23’ may be provided
with an intervening coarse porous plate 24, so
that the dehydrated ink at one side of the plate
passes through into the water when moistened,
and thus provides the necessary writing fluid in
stead of passing through openings such as 19 or
20. Also, as another modi?cation a partition 25
may be employed similar in design to the parti 15,
tion l1, and a suitable wicklike or felt ?ller 26,
26' may be secured in the ends of the same to al
low the ink to ?lter through the same slowly
as required in writing, the object being to form 20
the ink slowly from its dehydrated form as re
quired, and so that when the water is exhausted
and no ink is available, by simply drawing up
additional water, new ink is formed thereby, and
of course a suitable pocket clip such as 2'! may
be employed in the usual manner.
In fact, new modi?cations may be made in the
construction and arrangement of parts Without
departing from the spirit of the invention as
I claim:
In a pen of the character described, a partition
in the barrel thereof cut away at both ends, a
screw threaded disc in said barrel againstthe
lower ends of said partition and a hole through .
said disc, ?llers in the cut away portions of said
partition, ink producing sticks in the chamber
formed between said partition and the barrel of
said pen, and water at the opposite side of said
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