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Sept. 27, 1938.
Filed April‘24, 1937
LauraA.Mar-Jh/. _
Patented Sept. 27, 1938
PATENT orries
Laura A. Marsh, Portland, Maine
Application April 24, 1937, Serial No. 138,760
1 Claim.
My invention relates to devices adapted to pro
tect a person’s clothes when he or she is engaged
in kitchen tasks, as washing dishes, preparing
food, or performing any other duties while stand
5 ing before the kitchen sink.
The splashing of water as it falls into the sink
from an open faucet, or spatters over one’s cloth
ing from the dish-pan or clothes tub while work
ing at the sink are not pleasant experiences, and
with the object in view of eliminating this dis
agreeable feature of kitchen work I have evolved
the present invention.
In its preferred embodiment my invention con
templates a yieldable shield, constructed of rub
15 ber or some water-proofed fabric. In certain in
stances I may elect to incorporate in this shield
a concealed metal skeleton frame structure tend
ing to give it stability without impairment of its
elastic or yieldable characteristics.
In all cases the front side of the shield will be
smooth or devoid of obstructions which would tend
to wear the person’s clothing when contacting
with it. And to insure against displacement from
the side of the sink I have provided means which
5 _ frictionally holds the device in place.
For a better understanding of the import of my
invention reference should be had to the descrip
tion found in the following speci?cation when
taken in connection with the accompanying
drawing in which like reference characters are
employed to identify like parts in all of the dif
ferent views, and in which,—
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a sink shield
made entirely of rubber;
Fig. 2 is a sectional elevation of the shield, the
section being taken on line 2—-2, Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 shows the application of the device, the
shield being shown on a slate sink, and
Fig. 4.- shows the shield mounted on a metal
Referring to the drawing and particularly to
Fig. l, l is a sink shield made entirely of ?exible
rubber. The front side Ia, or that nearest the
person using the device, is ?at and smooth and
has an upper end ib- rounded. The side la con
stitutes the apron of the shield.
The lower portion of the shield structure is
bifurcated, the front side la extending down
wardly to form the outer branch, and the offset
portion 10 forming the inside branch. The two
branches of the bifurcation are mutually spaced
to permit of their straddling the front wall W,
of the sink S, with a strong, yieldable embrace.
To stiffen the apron ! a of the shield I provide
ribs Id made integral with the apron and extend
ing vertically on the inside face of the shield for
substantially its full height. ‘ The ribs are sub
stantial enough in cross-sectional area to nor
mally maintain the apron in an upstanding posi
tion, but not of such stability and stiffness as 5
would make the apron unyielding to the contact
of the arms or body of the worker.
In order to procure a stronger grip on the wall
of the sink by the bifurcated portions ia and to
of the shield I provide one or more vacuum cups
2, making them an integral part of the portion lc,
After the shield has been mounted on the sink and
the vacuum or suction cups manually depressed,
upon release of the applied pressure suf?cient
vacuum is created to hold the bottom portion of
the shield quite ?rmly secured in place on the
The use of my sink shield makes, for economy
in that the mostvdelicate clothing is protected
against the splashing of water or spattering of
material thereonto while the person is engaged
in mixing food for coolL'ng, the operation being
conducted‘in proper dishes or mixing utensils in
the sink.
But to be effective, the shield must stand at 25
such an elevation as will reach, say, to the bosom
of the average height person.
At such a height, ~
however, the shield must be ?exible and suscep
tible of yielding to contact of the person’s arms
or body, else vgreat inconvenience is experienced 30
in being required to reach over what to all intents
and purposes amounts to a rigid, in?exible fence,
greatly impeding the freedom of action of the
person in performing her task.
The ?exibility of the shield permits the person
working to greater advantage as she bends over
the sink, than would be the case were it fabricated
of some semi-rigid or in?exible material. And to
procure this advantage, and at the same time
construct the device of sufficient height to pro
tect a greater part of the front portion of the
worker's clothes, requires that it be made of rub
ber or rubberized fabric, such as my improved
shield is intended to be made.
It is adapted to be applied to various forms and
styles of sinks by slight modi?cation in the outer
branch of the bifurcated portion of the shield, as
illustrated at lh, in Fig. 4, this form being used
when mounted on an iron sink Sa, with front.
wall as shown at Wu.
' 50
,The shield is easily and quickly attached to or
, detached from a sink, and the advantages accru-
ing by its use will, I believe, commend it to those
whose duties involve working over a sink;
What I claim is:
A protective shield for a kitchen sink adapted to
be detachably secured to one of the walls thereof,
comprising a thin, soft rubber. apron, a plurality
of vertically disposed ribs made integral with
the inner face of the wall of the sink, and the
other branch of said portion adapted to engage
the opposite or outer face of the said wall, the
two branches straddling the wall and together
said apron and projecting inwardly from the face
thereof, said ribs extending from top to bottom of
the apron and serving to yieldingly maintain it,
maintaining a yieldable embrace thereof, and a
plurality of rubber suction cups on the inwardly
normally, in an upstanding position, a bifurcated
portion on the lower end of said shield, the inner
adapted to assist in securing said apron, by suc
10 branch of said bifurcated portion constituting an
extension of said apron and adapted to-engage
disposed branch of
said bifurcated portion
tional means, to the wall of the sink.
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