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Sept. 27, 1938.
sQB. PRESTON ' ~l .
Filed Nov. 9, 1936
S. B. Prési‘oh
Patented Sept.’ 27, 1938
2,131,118? _§
Sam B. Preston, Birmingham, Ala.
Application November 9, 1936, Serial No. 109,942
'5 Claims‘
' .
My invention relates to a novel and distinctive
type of mu?ier or scarf which is characterized
by the provision of a neck band adapted to be
clasped about the wearer's neck and formed or
5 faced with the scarf material, the scarf being
of the wide ?owing type and having its upper end
gathered and sewn to the neck band so as to
(Cl. 2-91)
draping over its upper edge and thus presenting
the scarf with its parts in the position of use
as viewed in front elevation.
Fig. 4 is a‘ diagrammatic view illustrating the
relation of. the stitched elements as shown in 5,3
an end view of Fig. 3 looking to the left.
Similarv reference numerals refer to similar
drape from the top edge thereof in a manner
parts throughout‘ ‘the drawing.
to simulate a mu?ler or hand tied scarf that has
In the embodiment of my invention illustrated,
I take a relatively wide strip of fabric, either 10,
10 been arranged effectively to cover and protect
the wearer’s collar. and chest.
The chief object of my invention is to obtain
with a very small amount of material all of the»
advantages of the present long muffler scarfs as
15 worn by men generally for theprotection of their
collars and for added warmth in winter.
My invention further contemplates so designing
and adapting the scarf that it is available for
summer wear in place of a collar and is adapted,
20 when so worn with a jacket or coat, to enable the
wearing of a shirt to be dispensed with.
The distinguishing feature of my invention lies
woven or knitted and single or double ply ac
cording to the fabric which should be of any
character suitable for use in men’s scarfs or
mu?lers. These scarfs at the present time are
generally about four feet in length so that they. bl 6.
may be passed around the neck and then either
tied or draped so as to protect the neck opening
with their free ends caught and held in place
under the coat or overcoat.
This requires a
substantial amount of material which is generally
expensive, and the scarf as a whole is somewhat
bulky and too large to be conveniently carriedin
in the provision of a relatively short worn scarf the pocket of the overcoat, when not being worn. '
end having a length ‘sufficient to be caught under
My improved muffler scarf comprises a rela
25 the coat lapels and having a width sufficient to
tively short .strip ofsuitable scarf fabric indi 25
completely cover the front of the collar and neck cated at 5 which has a length sufficient to ex
opening of the coat or overcoat, like a muf?er. I tend from the collar top of the wearer to a point
This wide short scarf end is gathered at its upper below the ?rst button level of the. coat or over
end and preferably sewn into the top seam of the coat. Therefore, it need not be more than 12" to
30.. neck band so as to fall with draped plaited effect
18” inlength and requires only a minor fraction
vthereover and straight down. For many purposes of the material ordinarily used to make a scarf.
it will be desirable to stiffen the neck band, par
The neck band element of my scarf is'pref
ticularly where worn without a collar, to hold erably formed of a narrow strip ofthe same scarf .
the scarf up closely under the chin.
material and, if it is made straight, as is per
The objects and advantages of my improved
type of scarf will be better understood by the
following detailed description and the appended
claims, reference being had to the accompany
ing drawing which illustrates my invention in
40, its preferred embodiment only, and in which:
Fig. l is a front view showing my improved
scarf in service as a mu?ler with the neck band
clasps applied for fastening from the right hand
Fig. 2 is a detail view of the scarf elements
comprising the scarf proper and the neck band,
the latter being shown in opened-out position
with its inside face uppermost and broken away
to show the preferred manner of stitching the
50 plaited scarf and stiffening element inside the
neck band and showing the clasps ‘applied re
versely to the showing in Fig. 1 for fastening
from the left hand side.
Fig. 3 is a view corresponding to Fig. 2, show
55 ing the neck band inverted and the plaited scarf
missible, it may be formed by folding this strip 35:
upon itself to form the inner and outer plies 6 and
1, respectively, of the neck hand. These plies
are sewn together at one edge which as worn
becomes the upper edge with a suitable seam
8, but before this‘seam is completed one end of 401
the scarf section 5 is gathered in plaits and sewn
in place so when the neck band is inverted, it will
fall in plaits over what then is the top of the
neck band.
Preferably, the plaited end of the '
scarf is inserted between the neck band plies and
is secured by the same seam 8 which closes the
top of the neck band.v
The neck band has attached to its front outer
face in position to be overhungv by the scarf, one
or more snap fastener elements 9, and'the free 50
end of the neck band is provided on its inner side
with complemental clasp members II]. It is
contemplated that sufficient of these clasp mem
bers will be provided so that the neck band can be
adjustedto ?t the neck size of the wearer, the 55
number used being immaterial since they will be
concealed by the scarf. Also the neck band can
be attached so as to be fastened from either side
desired, or in any suitable way, the form shown
in Fig. 1 having the neck band projecting to
the right, instead of to the left, of the scarf,~as
shown in Figs. 2 and 3, and [therefore adapted
to be fastened from the right, whereas the scarf
of Fig. 2 must be fastened from the left.
Where it is desired tosti?en the neck band so
that the scarf will beheld ‘ up better at the
throat, a stiffening strip II is inserted in the
neck band and held in place by the stitching 18,;
various other changes and modi?cations, without
departing from the spirit thereof, and I desire,
therefore, that only such limitations shall be
placed thereupon as are imposed by the prior art
or as are speci?cally set forth in the appended
What I claim is:
l. A muflier scarf of the character described,
comprising a strip of suitable scarf material
having sufficient width after plaiting substan 10
tially to cover the front of the neck and the open
ing between the wearer’s coat lapels, in combi
.‘nation with a neck band, the upper end of the
This strip as well as the neck band scarf strip being gathered and attached along
shaped to conform to the» the upper edge of the neck band in position as 15
throat of the wearer and if desired the strip may the neck band is worn to fall in gathered folds
be coextensive with the gathered'e'nd'of the from the top outside edge of the neck band, and
scarf, though a shorter stiffening. Ipiece'Emay means‘alongxtheupper edge of the neck band
concealed by the depending scarf strip to fasten
serve all needed purposes.
the neck band in position around the neck.
2. A mu?ier scarf ‘of. the; character described,
scarftoneckband abovedescribed, it will be
understood that the scarf may 'be used without comprising a stripnvof suitable scarf material
the stiffener strip and ‘maybe attached to the having sufficientwidth substantially to cover the
front of the neck and-the; opening between the
neck band in any manner sothat, in use it will
wearer's coat lapels, in combination with a neck
band, the upper end of the’ scarf strip ‘being
Having manufactured the scarf in themanner gathered and attached to one end portion of the
described, the wearer applies it'by turning the neck band alongits upper edge in position as '
neck band under from the'position of Fig. 2 until worn to fall in gathered folds; over, and conceal
it is inverted and folded against the back side of the front of, the heck band, fastening elements 30"
the scarf, as in Fig.,-3, and thendrawing the on the outside of one end 'of the band along the
upper edge and concealed by the depending
neck band around the throat, either from the
scarf strip, and complementary :fasteners on the
right .or left according to the position of attach
ment thereto‘ of the scarf with the center of the inner upper edge of the neck band.
3-.- In a mu?ier__ scarf in combination with
scarf held in line with ‘the center of the opening
between ‘the coat lapels l2._ The free end of the a neck band, a scarf portion attached to and
neck band is passed under the scarf and its depending from the upper edge of the neck band,
or otherwise.
fastener element or elements, 10 are interlocked
and gathered where it joins the band, fastening
with the appropriate ‘complemental clasp ele
elements on the outer. layer, of the neck band
under thescarf, and complemental fastening ele
40: ment or elements 9 on theneck band under the
scarf, and when the neck band has thus been
fastened at the front,.the.scarf;wi1l drape itself
ments on the free end of the neck band, thereby
gracefully and-naturally as it. falls in plaits over
thenneck band and may be. gathered in :under
under the scarf.
45 the lapels [2, giving a pleasing and attractive,
tied muf?er appearance to the scarf as. thus
The article ‘will be light,,short, comparatively
inexpensive, willzserve every .purpose'of the pres
mientstandard . mufflers for;winter. use, and will
form a soft attractiverscarf, for use with or with
out shirts, for summer wear. . The scarfs for the
latter purpose can be made of: light or white ma
terial which will be soft-and drape gracefully
and attractively, and the width of the scarf is
such that theabsence of any» shirt being worn
under the coat will not be observed.
While I have shown my invention in but two
forms, it will .be obvious to.thos_e__ skilled in the
- art that it is not so. limited, but is susceptible of
to bringthe neckbandlap in’ concealed position
4. A mu?ier‘ scarfyacc'ording to claim 3, in
which a suitable stiffener. element is interposed 45
in the front portion 0f :the neckzband and held
by the fastening for the gathered end of the
scarf portion to support said scarf portion at the
5. A muffler scarf‘ comprising a. neck band por
tion, spaced fastening elements on .the upper
outer edge of one end of. the bandportion com
plementary fastening. elementsv on the‘ upper
inner edge of the bandrportion, and a‘scarfpor
tion secured to and depending, from the upper
edge of the band portion, said scarf portion being
gathered at the point of attachment and con
cealing the fastening elements.
. .
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