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Filed Oct, 30, 1936’ >
a? VILLE‘ Syn-u
Patented‘ Sept. 27,v 1938
2,131,1241 '
um'ranr nA'i'nnooM mum .7
Orville Smith, Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Application October 30, 1936, Serial No. 103,449
8Claims. (01. 189-1)‘
' This
to the
which the sub-?oor I8 is secured,
. as by spot welding.
The ?oor I! may have suit
such as the angle bars- I!
soon as the piping, installed in the assembled
- unit by the manufacturer, has been connected to -
'_ the piping of the building.
manner (not shown). Preferably the ?ooring
i8 is provided with upright peripheral flanges to
‘ hich the plates forming the side and end walls 20 '
- are connected by suitable attaching elements,
are to provide
comprising sub-?ooring and
urea and connections which may
. be transported as a unit and installed with mini
to. the shower head through a
tion 33 from the hot water supply pipe 34 and
the cold ‘water supply pipe ltgthese supply pipes
being controlled respectively by suitable valves
31 and 38. These supply pipes 34 and 3,6 extend
. downwardly through the sub-floor where they are
relative arrangement of parts;
In the drawing:
Fig. 1 is a front elevation of a‘unitary' bath
room structure in accordance with this‘ inven
Fig. 2 is a
55 F1:- 1: and ’
sectional plan on the lined-g2 of
end of the base-structure as viewed in Figs. 1.
the rizht end of the platform or base structure a
transverse structural member“, preferably of
channel section as sho
, is provided with an
opening 48 through which access may be had
the removable plug
n for cleaning. _Th1§ 53
What is claimed is:
opening is closed by'a removable panel or cover
1. In a prefabricated-room structurev adapted
plate I‘! which may be secured to the member 44 ,' to be installed as a unit, a base vstructure, a hous
by attaching elements such as screws 48.
- ingocomprising end walls'and side walls erected
' In the main compartment 23 a water closet 5|
on said base structure, plumbing fixtures located
is mounted on the sub-?oor, preferably above the
within said housing, water pipes and drain pipes .
reinforcing members is and 2|, and‘connected
‘enclosed within said base structure and extending
to a seal 52. In order to ‘reduce the special. re
laterally within said base structure from said
quirements for this ?xture, a-flush tank 53 is vplumbing v?xtures to one end vof said base struc
mounted on the end wall l4 near- the ceiling and ture whereby said water pipes and drain pipes
with a hand chain 54 and a~discharge may be connected to suitable supply pipes and a
is equipped
pipe 56 which extends along the wall M and is soil pipe after said room structure is installed. ‘
connected to the-water closet. A wash-stand or
2. In a prefabricated room structure adapted
'bowl 51 is mounted on the side wall l2, preferably ' to be installed as a unit, a housing comprising
adjacent the shower compartment, and has its side walls and narrow end walls,.a base structure 15
drain connected through a suitable seal 58 to the equal in width to saidend walls, plumbing ?x15 discharge pipe 59 which extends downwardly tures within said housing, water pipes and drain
through the sub-?oor whereit is connected by an pipes enclosed within said base structure and ex
elbow 6| to the pipe 62 which extends to the left tending laterally within said base structure from
end of the base structure as viewed in Fig. 1. connections to said ?xtures to connections to suit 20
Hot and cold water for the wash-stand is sup
able supply pipes and a soil pipe, said housing and
plied through the pipes 63 and 64 connected to base structure being of suchwidth' that the struc-1
T connections 65 and 65' in the water supply ture may be passed through ordinary doors in _ '
pipes 34’ and 35' and to the faucets 65 and 61 " an existing building in order to be installed.
3. In a prefabricated bathroom structure 25
of the wash-stand or bowl.
At the left end of’ the platform or base struc
adapted to be installed as a; unit within an exist- .,
25 ture, as viewed in Fig. 1,‘a’ transverse structural ing
building, a housing comprising side walls and
member 68, similar to the member 44, extends 'narrow‘ end walls, bathroom ?xtures installed
beneath the floor and to the end wall H, and is within said housing, a base structure supporting
provided with an opening through which the said housing, an apron ‘detachably. secured to said 30
water supply pipes and the various drain and
structure and extending laterally beyond one .
30 waste pipes may pass. Outside the member 68 a base
wall of said housing, water pipes and drain pipes
?tting 69 has connections’ 1| and 12 respectively . for said ?xtures enclosed within said base struc—
to the waste pipes 62 and ‘3; 'and this ?tting also - ture and ‘adapted to be connected to suitable
has a connection 13 to the seal 52 of the water water supply pipes and a soil pipe entering said 35
closet. This ?tting 69 is adapted to be connected
extending apron. > \ _
35 to the soil pipe ‘ll of the building and also to the laterally
4. In a ' prefabricated bathroom structure
vent pipe 16. Any suitable connection (not
shown) may be passed through the same opening
adapted to beinstalled as a unit within an exist
ing building, a base structure adapted to sup
port a housing and bathroom ?xtures located 40
\ in the member 68 for replenishing the water; sup
ply in the flush tank. Aosuitable hood or apron
therein, water pipes and drain pipes enclosed in
said base ‘structure and adapted to be connected 1
.40 11 is‘ arranged to enclose the ?tting 69 and the
Preferably this apron is de
to said fixtures, and an apron detachably secured
to permit said enclosed
water pipes and‘ drain pipes to be connected to
_ connections thereto.
tachably secured to the base structure in any ap
proved manner (not shown).
, to said base structure
It will be observed that the platform‘ or base ‘ plumbing in the existing- building after the struc
45 structure provides in effect a housing for external ture has been placed in the existing building.
pipes and ?ttings, and thereby affords protection
5. A prefabricated‘base structure adapted to
to these members during handling and transpor
be installed'as a unit within an existing building
tation of the unit. It will also be seen that once and adapted to serve as a foundation for a uni 50
this unitary structure is set in its intended loca : tary bathroom structure, piping enclosed in said .
50 tion in a building, the only plumbing work re
"base structure and adapted to be‘ connected to
quired is that of connecting the. ?tting 69 to the - ?xtures in said bathroom, and means to permit
soil pipe and to the vent pipe of the building and said'piping to be connected to plumbing in the
also connecting the water supply pipes 34' and‘ existing building after the structure has ‘been 55
36,’ to the proper pipes in the: building. \ A feature ~ placed in the existing building. -
of great practical importance is that a complete ' > 6. A prefabricated base structure adapted to
unitary structure of this kind may be made with be installed as a unit within an existing building
an over all width and height which. will permit it _ and adapted to serve as a foundation for a uni
to be moved through an ordinary door opening, tary bathroom structure comprising a sub-?oor
Obviously this simplifies the problem of installing
60 such a structure in existing buildings.
and end and side members, piping enclosed in
said base structure and adapted t6‘ be connected
While the preferred form of the invention and to ?xtures in said bathroom, and means to per
the best known manner of using and applying the 'mit said_ enclosed piping to be connected to
same have been illustrated and described herein, plumbing in the existing building after the struc 65
it will be understood that various modi?cationsv , ture has been placed in the existing building.
65 thereof will occur to those skilled in this art when,
informed by this speci?cation, and that the in- .
vention is not limited except as indicated by the.
appended claims.
_ ‘
ORV'IILE sm'r'n.
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