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Sept. 27, 1938.
, 2,131,181
Filed‘ April 16, 1956 _
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JIZ/n ea 162/1 i 0/- .,
Sept. 27, 1938.
Filed April 16,. 1956
2 Sheets-S11E61 2
J5me: 12,312 for,
v ailcz?n.
Patented. Sept. 27, 1938.
James Kan‘tor, Chicago, Ill., assignor ‘to The
Liquid Carbonic Corporation, Chicago, 111., a
corporation or Delaware
Application April 16, 1936, Serial No. 74,626
1 ‘
"llclalml. (Cl. 226-68)
‘My invention relates to improvements in meth - is mounted in suitable guides 9 at the front edges
od and apparatus for packaging foods and like or the support i and is reclprocated vertically
by suitable mechanism to be hereinafter de
It has been recognized that foods deteriorate
5 .
in the air and, as a result, various means have
been resorted to for excluding the air from a
arrange a gassing tube mounted on the support '
Ill extending transversely of the head 2 and slid
ably supported therein.v This tube comprises an' ,
have been resorted to. However, such processes
are expensive and, as amatter of fact, it is ex
tremely difficult to exclude all of the air. Fur
15 thermore, a vacuum package requires a much
stronger container as there is a certain amount
. or pressure exerted on the outer walls of the
container when the vacuum or partial vacuum
is pulled.
inner material guiding tube H which is ?ared
outwardly as at l2 to‘ receive‘ the bottom end of 10
the chute 'l. 'Surrounding this material tube II
is a, gassing tube It closed at its upperlend l4
and open at its lower end. This tube, at suit
able intervals, is maintained in spaced relation, ,
at its bottom, with respect to ‘the guiding tube
II by spacers l5 which extend slightly beyond
the bottoms oi’ the two tubes. The gassing tube
i3 is connected by a conduit IS with a main con
duit il in turn connected with a suitable supply
of inert gas such as CO3. A branch conduit i8
It is one of the objects of my invention to
provide a method and means for packaging coi ' takes of! from“the conduit I1 and is connected
iee, nuts, meats, cereals, dry milk and-like ma
terial, wherein the material is deposited in a
container from which all/air has been excluded,
25 and, furthermore, by my method, the particles
of food in the package are, as a matter of fact,
surrounded by an inert gas, thereby preventing
allv contact of any air which might happen to
be in the mass of material with the particles. .
For the purpose of disclosing my invention, I
have illustrated an embodiment thereof in the
accompanying drawings, in which:
Fig. 1 is a side elevation 01' a packaging appa
ratus for carrying out my invention;
methods, as for instance, the creating of av vacu
um in the package, or rather the exhaustion of
deposited therein, and then sealing the package,
package in which foods are packed. Certain
10 the air from the package after the food has been
Immediately beneath the delivery spout ‘I, I 5 V
Fig. 2 is a front elevation thereof; and
' Fig. 3 is a detail of the clutch throwout mech
In the embodiment of the invention illustrated,
I provide a base or table I on which the various
40 parts are adapted to be mounted.
upwardly from this table is a supporting head
2 which, at its upper’ end, carries a hopper 3.
Arranged' at the delivery end of this hopper is a_
rotary delivery valve 4 having four radial arms
45 5 between which are formed pockets 8. These
pockets constitute measuring chambers and, in
the structure illustrated, are of such a size to ac
commodate one pound of material. It is ob
vious, however, that variations may be made in
the size of the pockets by any suitable means in
order to modify the amount of material de
livered. Below the valve is provided a delivery
chute ‘I. Arranged beneath the delivery chute
[and slidably supported on the front face 01' the
55 base ‘I is a reciprocating table 8. This table
with a pipe or other delivery ‘nozzle I8 which
extends downwardly through the center of the
tube ll substantially to- the bottom thereof. At
suitable intervals throughout its length, this pipe 25
is provided with delivery openings 20.
For operating the delivery and measuring
valve 4 and for controlling the gas supply valve
2| which‘is locatedin the supply pipe l‘l, Ipro 30
vide a reciprocating rod 22 which'is connected,
at its lower end, with the reciprocating table 8.
This rod is provided with a pair of spaced apart
stops 23 and 24 between 'which is located a mov
able collar' 25 having a pin operating in a slot
26 in the control handle or lever 21 oi-the gas
valve 2l.- These stops are suitably spaced from
one another to» provide a proper interval be
tween the opening of the valve and the closing
thereof, in order to allow the gas to be delivered
to the material, guide tube It and the gassing
tube i3 for an appreciable time.
- Above the stop 24 I mount a second pair 02
stops 28 and 29. These ‘stops are spaced apart
vertically on the rod 22 and are adapted to move 45
a slide 30 carrying a pivoted dog 3|. This dog
is biased in its'outer position by a coiled spring
32, and its top, as it is moved upwardly with the
rod.22, is adapted to engage a pin 33 on the edge
of the arms 5 for the purpose of rotating the 50
valve 4 one step. In order to prevent back-lash
oi‘ the valve, I provide a dog 14 adapted to engage
a ratchet 35 on the opposite side of the valve 4.
The stops 28 and 29 are vertically spaced to give,
likethe stops 2! and .24, an appreciable pause 55
or interval of time between each operation of
the valve.
In operation, the container to be ?lled, and in
this instance, the container is illustrated asTa
is pivoted as at 55 to the frame I and is provided
with a cam end 56. The lever 54 is biased inits
downward direction by a spring 51 and is adapted
to be raised by a foot lever 56 connected with a
lever 54 by a link 55. when the lever. 54 is pulled
carton 36, is placed on the table 6. The gassing
tube l3, being smaller than the carton, as the
to its downward position by the spring 51, it is
adapted to engage in the slot 53 and pull the dog
into a disengaged position. when, however, the
lever 54 is raised by the foot lever 58, the cam 56
is out of the path of the recess 53, thereby per 10
carton rises with the table 8, the gassing tube is
projected into the carton and at about the time
that the carton reaches the uppermost limit of its
10 movement, the valve 2| will have been opened,
thereby admitting CO: to the gassing tube I3 and,‘
likewise, to the pipe IS. The admission of the
CO: to the bottom of the carton immediately dis
mitting the coiled spring 52 to move the dog into ,
engaging position and thus, by the clutch, con
nect the gear 46 with the hub of the gear 45 and
establish driving relation between the motor and
the table 6. Aisuitable lock 60 is provided by 15
places such air as may be contained in the carton,
15 and the CO1 being heavier than air, as the C0:
which, if the operator desires, the foot pedal 56
may be held in its depressed position, thereby
leaving the clutch in operative condition at all
?ows into the bottom of the carton, the same
forces the air out up through the top of the car
ton. At the same time, CO2 is admitted to the
material guiding tube ll thereby ?lling this tube ’ times.
I claim as my invention:
20 with CO2. During the admission of the CO: to
1. The method of packaging food in a con
the carton, the dog 3| will have engaged one of
the pins 33 rotating the measuring and delivering
tainer, which consists in ?lling the container with
valve and causing a measured quantity of coffee
or other food to pass'down through the spout 'I
an inert gas, through a tube inserted in the con
tainer to a point near the bottomthereof and
and through the guiding tube ll so that this
quantity of material is deposited in and falls
through an atmosphere of CO2 thereby thoroughly
impregnating the material with C0: and forcing
out from around the particles of the material,
any air which might have been carried down into
the guiding tube with the material. By the time
the contents of the measuring and delivering.
valve have been deposited in the guiding and de
livering tube l I, the table 8 will commence to
descend, drawing the carton away fromthe bot
tom of 'the guiding and delivery tube and away
from the bottom of the gassing tube, and with it,
the material which is contained in the guiding
tube ll. During thisperiod, however, it will be
noted that CO2 is constantly being delivered both
to the gassing tube and the guiding tube so that
delivering into the container the food, through a
second tube ?lled with inert gas from a source
separate from the food source-and introducedv
into the container to a point near the bottom
tainer, which consists in ?lling the container
with an inert gas introduced through a tube in
serted in the container, toa point near' the bot
tom thereof, introducing the food into the con
tainer through a second tube discharging near
the bottom of the container and simultaneously
?ooding said second-mentioned tube with an
inert gas from a source separate from the food
the bottom of the container, depositing the food
for the container in a second tube introduced into 45
the container and opening near .the bottom.
downward stroke, the valve 2| will be cut of!
pending the delivery of another carton, and the
ing on a cam 42 and it will be noted that the cam
is of such shape that there will bea dwell at two
points in the movement of the arm.
3. The method of packaging food in a container 40
which consists in filling the container with an
inert gas to expel the air therefrom through a
tube- introduced into the container to a point near
air cannot enter the tube nor can it get in contact
with the contents as it is delivered to the carton.
When the table has reached the bottom of its
process will be repeated. _Of course, as soon as
the carton has been ?led with the measured quan
tity of material, it will be transferred to a proper
sealing machine which will effectually seal the
carton while the same is still full of CO2. ‘This
method, therefore, provides .a means‘ for sealing
the material in the carton in the presence of an
atmosphere of inert gas or CO: to such an extent
that practically all air is eliminated from the car
ton and from the contents deposited in the carton.
For the purpose of reciprocating the table 8, I
provide an operating arm 36 pivotally- connected
at 35 with the table 8 and pivoted to the base I at
45; This arm is provided with a roller 4| operat
2. The method of packaging food in a con
thereof, ?ooding said second-mentioned tube with
an inert gas from a source separate from the food‘
source and withdrawing the package from both
tubes, without substantially agitating the food.
4. The method of packaging food in a con
tainer. which consists in inserting a tube into the
container to a point near the bottom thereof,
delivering through said tube an inert gas to ?ll
the container therewith and thereby expel the air 55
from said container, introducing into said'con
tainer to a point near the bottom thereof a sec
ond tube, separately ?ooding said- second tube
with an inert gas and delivering a measured
quantity of food into said second tube, and ?nally 66
withdrawing the‘ container with the food therein
away from said tubes without substantially agi
This cam " tating the food. .
42 is mounted on a shaft 43 driven bygear 44 ?xed
thereon, and in turn meshing with a pinion 45
rotatably mounted on shaft 40. The hub of the
pinion 45 has rotatively mounted thereon a driv
ing gear 46, in turn meshing with the pinion 41 on
the shaft of a motor 48. The pinion 46 is pro
70 vided on one face thereof with a clutch recess 49
adapted to be engaged by a dog '50 mounted in a
clutch member 5| ?xed on the hub of the gear
45. This dog 56 is biased in an engaging direc
tion by a coiled spring 52, and is provided with a
groove 53in its face. An operating cam lever 54
5. An apparatus for packaging food, in com
bination, a reciprocating support for a food con ' 65
tainer, a delivery tube mounted above said sup
port, comprising a material guiding tube and a'
gas tube surrounding and spaced apart from said
material guiding tube, means for relatively mov
ing said tubes and support to project said tubes 70
into a container on said support to a point ap
proximately at the bottom of the container,
means for delivering a measured quantity of food
into said inner tube and means for delivering CO:
to the outer and the inner 'ubes.
6. An apparatus for packaging food compris
ing, ‘in combination, a reciprocating container
support, a pair of delivery tubes, one surround
ing the other, means for relatively moving said
support and tubes to project the tubes into a
‘container carried by said support to a point ap
proximately at the bottom of the container,
means for connecting the outer tube with a sup
ply of CO2, a C02 delivery nozzle extending into
the said inner tube, a food measuring apparatus
delivering into said inner tube, and means for
controlling the supply of CO2 to both of said
tubes operated by the relative movement between
said tubes and the container.
7. An apparatus for delivering food into a
container comprising, in combination, means for
measuring the food to be delivered, a reciprocat
'ing table adapted to support the food container,
an outer C02 tube, an inner material guide tube,
means for reciprocating said table relatively to
said tubes to project the same to a point ap
proximately near the bottom of the container, a
C02 conduit for the CO2 tube, a CO: nozzle for
the food-guiding tube, a valve for controlling
the admission of CO2 to said conduit and nozzle,
and means operated by the reciprocation of said
table for simultaneously controlling said valve
and operating said measuring apparatus to de
liver a measured quantity of food into said guid
ing tube.
the container laterally from the bottom of said
delivery member without undue agitation of the
9. The method of packaging food in a con
tainer which consists in ?lling a container with
an inert gas to expel the‘air from said con
tainer, introducing into said container an‘ open
bottomed delivery member to a point near'the
bottom of the container, depositing the food in
said delivery member while simultaneously ?ood
ing said delivery member with an inert gas and
gradually removing said delivery member from
the container, while maintaining‘ a supply of
inert gas to said delivery member during the re
moval thereof.
10. The method of packaging food in a con
tainer which consists in initially ?lling the con
tainer with an inert gas and inserting guiding
means in the container to a point near the bottom
thereof, then delivering apredetermined quantity
of food into said guiding means through a sepa
rately supplied atmosphere ‘of inert gas, con
tained in said guiding means, and removing said
guiding means and leaving the food in the con
11. The method of packaging food in a con
tainer which consists in initially ?lling the con
tainer with an inert ‘gas and inserting in the
container an open bottom tubular guide to a
' point near the bottom ,l of the container, then 30
8. The method of packaging food in a con- ' simultaneously delivering a predetermined quan
tainer, which consists in ?lling the container
with an inert gas to expel the air therefrom, in
serting in said container an open bottomed de
35 livery member to a point near the bottom of the
container, separately ?ooding said delivery mem
ber with an inert gas and ?owing the food into
tity of food and a separately supplied inert gas
into said guide and ?nally removing the guide
from the container while leaving the food in
the container.
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