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Sept. 27, 1938.
Filed Sept. 14, 1935
'Patented Sept. 27, 1938
.Y 2,131,212 '
Michael Bechik, St. Paul, Minn.
Application September 14, 1936, Serial No. 100,635
5 Claims. ('Cl. 5-345)
This invention relates to a mattress and
In the drawing forming part of this specili
cushion handle wherein it is desirable to pro
vide a handle formed of a ribbon-like webbing
Figure 1 is a perspective detail portion of a
portion of a mattress or cushion, showing my
which extends along the boxing longitudinally,
5. and which is adapted to be anchored at its ends
with :finishing plates.
handle attached thereto.
forcing anchoring leaf spring plate bowed inward.
Figure 3 is a longitudinal enlarged section, 10'.
similar to Figure 2, however, showing the web
handle lying flat against the outer surface of the
boxing, while the anchoring leaf spring lies flat
ing longitudinally of the boxing in line with the
web handle on the outside of the boxing.
Further, the flexible reinforcing ribbon-like
against the inner wall of the boxing, the anchor’
ing leaf spring acting as a spring force to position
leaf spring provides a load bearing plate for the
ends of the handle so that any strain carried by
the handle will be transmitted to the inner wall
of the boxing and carried by the load bearing
plate-like ends of the flexible reinforcing
2o member.
the handle in this position when notengaged
Figure 4 is an enlarged inner viewof the unit
web handle, showing end plate eyelets attached
to the webbing.
-"«) Vidually and separately attaches and clamps to
the ends of the web handle.
It is also a feature of this invention to provide
a unitary reinforced and finished end web handle
which is adapted to be atached to a boxing by
35. ventilator eyelets to connect the handle tothe
leaf spring anchoring plate extending in line with
the handle along the inner surface of -the box
ing, the Ventilating eyelets serving to attach the
unit web handle assembly to the load bearing
plate ends of the iiexible anchoring member.
Thus the ventilator eyelets do not act inde
pendently to attach the end finishing plates of
the handle assembly and the flexible inner rein
forcing means to the boxing. Therefore I pro
1:. Cl
vide a very desirable handle of this character be
cause it is much stronger, the webbing of the
handle being reinforced separately of the venti
lating eyelets to prevent pulling out of the ends of
the web handle.
Figure 5 is an outer perspective view of one of
The invention further includes a unitary as
sembly of the webbing handle with the end
finishing plate eyelets. This unit assembly in
cludes the ribbon-like web handle with holes
2:5 punched in the end and the end finishing eyelet
plates secured through the hole to form a rein
forcing eyelet and adapted to cover the end of
the web handle providing a finishing end mem
ber as well as a reinforcing eyelet which indi
Figure 2 is a longitudinal enlarged section of
my handle, showing the web handle bowed out
wardly and the boxing wall with the inner rein
A primary feature resides in providing a han
dle for a mattress, cushion and the like, wherein
a reinforcing inner flexible ribbon-like leaf spring
is adapted to form an anchoring means,’spacer,
and a flexible reinforcing plate means extend~
the end plate eyelets.
Figure 6 is an inner perspective View of the end
plate eyelet.
Figure 7 is a perspective view of the Ventilating
eyelet or grommet.
The drawing illustrates a portion of a mattress
or cushion A which is provided with a vertical
boxing wall B which extends about the mattress
or cushion. The feature of this invention is to
provide a handle C which may be easily engaged
by the hand to lift the mattress or cushion, and
in the construction illustrated, the hand engag
ing portion I ll of the handle is formed of any
suitable webbing to provide a ribbon-like con
struction. It is important in attaching the han~ , 3.5:,
die C that a strong, durable construction be pro
vided which will permit mattresses or cushions,
even of the heavier type, to be readily lifted and
carried by these handles.
The ribbon-like webbing handle I0 is adapted ,40
to be formed into a unit by providing finishing
end plate eyelets I I which are formed with a
round end portion I2 and an inner arcuated edge
portion I3. The finishing end plate eyelets are
formed with a reinforcing rearwardly projecting 45
fiange Ill which extends around the end I2 and
which is pivotal at its ends where it joins with the
arcuated inner edge I3. These end plates II are
formed with an inwardly extending collar por
tion I5 to provide an eyelet when the inner edges 50
A further feature resides in an end finishing
plate having an arcuated inner edge rather than of the collar I5 are utrned over to provide an
a straight transverse edge which permits the flex ` choring flange means I5 which extend around
ing of the handle without undue strain on the a hole formed in the ends of the webbing I0 to
reinforce the hole and to securely anchor the ends
5. edges of the finishing plate.
of the web handle I0 to the end finishing plate 55
eyelets II. This handle unit assembly is then
ready to be attached to the boxing of the cushion
or mattress.
The finishing end plate eyelets are formed
with a countersunk annular recess I 1 Ywhich is
adapted to receive the annular flange I8 formed
on the Ventilating grommet or eyelet I9 about
the Ventilating screen portion 20. The grommet
or eyelet I9 is provided with a cylindrical sleeve
2| which extends through the eyelet II and
through a hole formed in the end of the flexible
leaf spring anchoring plate 22 as illustrated in
Figure 3. When the eyelet I9 is in the prop‘e'r'
position to secure the handle lli to the' boxing
the inner edges of the sleeve 2'I are peaned
over at` 23 against the load bearing plate ends
24 of the reinforcing spring 22. The' bodyV of the
boxing B is of soft felted material and is com
pressed by the anchoring Ventilating eyelet I9
20 to rigidly secure the handle assembly unit to the‘
outer wall of the boxing B.
The Web handle I 0 extends in line with the
ñexible leaf reinforcing inner spring 22. The
boxing B is flexible so that it will flex inwardly
25 with the reinforcing spring 22, while the Web
handle I Il` flexes outwardly to admit the hand,
thus providing a handle which may be easily
engaged by virtue of the inwardly iiexing anchoring spring 22 and boxing wall B and the out
wardly flexing web handle IB. The spring rein
forcing anchoring member 22 acts to space the
ends of the handle I0 apart and the ends of said
spring provide load bearing plates 2li so that the
Wall B» of the mattress or cushion will not be
torn, but will be securely held under the flange
I4 and the load bearing end plate portions 24.
This is extremely important because considerable
strain is applied to a handle of this character
when lifting a heavy mattress or cushion. Itv is'
of equal importance to provide the web handle
IU with reinforcing finishing end plate eyelets
II which are separately attached to the web
handle to form the handle unit and toV prevent>
the tearing out of the webbing around the holes
45: in the ends of the same. The' ventilator grom
mets> I9« provide air passageways throughv the
walls of the mattress.
In accordance with the patent statutes I have
described the construction of my handle for mat
tresses, cushions and the like, together with the
50 method of making the same, and while the draw-~
ing illustrates one embodiment thereof, the- in
vention. should be interpreted within the scope of
the following claims:
I claim:
l: A handle for a mattress and cushion having
a flexible wall including a webbing handle mem
ber having openingsI punched near the endsv of
the same, finishing plates registering with the
ends of said handle member, eyelet means on
said plates extending through the openings for
securing said finishing plates in overlying rela
tion-to the ends of said handle member, a re
silient back bar overlying the inner surface of
the flexible Wall, and grommets extending
through said eyelets and the flexible wall securing
said handle member overlying the outer surface
of said ilexible Wall to said resilient back bar.
2. A handle assembly for a flexible wall com
prising a flexible handle, finishing plates over
lying the ends of said handle, eyelet means ex
tending through said handle and plates secur
ing the same together, a spring bar overlying 15
one surface of said Wall, and grommet means
extending through said eyelets, said Wall, and
said spring bar‘ securing said vspring bar to said
handle on the other surface of said Wall.
3:. A handle assembly for ñexible walls com 20
prising aspring bar overlying one surface of said
wall, a flexible handle overlying the other sur
face of said wall, reinforcing means for the ends
of said handle, means securing said reinforcing
means to saidV handle,v saidl handle, reinforcing 25
means, wall, and spring bar‘having spaced'regis
tering openings therethrough, and means extend
ing through said openings connecting said bar
with said» handle stretching sa-id- handle taut and
compressing said wall to hold said handle from 30
movement with respect to said bar.
‘4. A. handle assembly inl combination with a
flexible wall comprising a flexible handle having
spaced openings therethrough, opening reinforc
ing- means enclosingy the edges of said openings, 35
a resilient plate overlying theA surface of said
ilexible wall and having openings therethrough>
registrable with said openings in said handle,
and meansëextending through the cooperating
openings in said bar and handle and extending 40
through said vvall> intermediate saidv handle and
bar„said- resilient plate holding said handle' taut
and said. last named meansv compressing said
wall to prevent relative movement between said
handle and~ bar adjacent said-v extending means».
5. A reinforced handle- in Combination with a
flexible wall comprising a flexible strap over
lying. said- Wall, aÁ reinforcing plate overlying
each end- of said> strap, a flanged edge on said
plate, an arcuatedend of said» plate, said iianged 50
edge extending along said» arcuated end, regis
trable openings inV said' strap and plate, and eye
let means extending through said openings and
securing said strap- and plate together, reinforc
ing meansf‘on the opposite side of said wall from 55
said- strap, and grommets extending through said
eyelets, wall, and reinforcing means.
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