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sept. 27, 193s.
W_ J_ “SKEY -
Filed July 24, 1957
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Sept. 27, 1938.
w. J. -rlsKEY~ '
Filed July 24, 1937
2'Sheets-~Sheet 2
Patented Sept. 27, 1938>
if 2,131,239> r
Walter J.-Tiskey, Montville, Conn., assigner to
Robertson Paper Box Company, Inc., Mont
ville, C'onn., a corporation of Connecticut
Application July 24, 1937, Serial No. 155,358
2 Claims. (Cl. 206-44)
This invention relates to a combined packaging
and display box, the especial object being to pro
vide such a combined box by which a number of
articles may be boxed for shipment and held for
sale, and articles therefrom mounted for display
in front of a display card as desired.
The box
preferably is folded from a single blank but may
be made otherwise.
For a full understanding of the invention, a
ll) detailed description of a display box embodying
its side edges. The panels Il, I2 are preferably
provided with ñaps 3, >which fold over the bottom
panel I0 and the end panels I3,A I4 likewise have
flaps 4 folding over the inside of the side panels
II, thus holding the box together when set up. 5
The display card panel I1 is shown as perfo
rated and partially divided on the line 5 so that
the end of the panel forms’a ñap 6 which folds
over the inner side of the display card and
strengthens it.
all the features of the invention in a preferred
form will now be given in connection with the
' The top panel I5 and the overlying panel por
ltion I8 and end panelslll, I5 are cut out as shown
accompanying drawings illustrating such box,
at 'I inthe brush display box shown, so as to,
> and the features forming the invention then
particularly pointed out in the claims.
In the drawings:
Figure 1 is a perspective view of the box in dis
play position, »illustrating the box as designed for
display of three brushes, one being shown in po
20 sition in dotted lines;
Figure 2 is a perspective view of Figure 1 look
ing from the rear of the display card and with
the compartment cover raised;
Figure 3 is a vertical longitudinal section of
IO UI the box in display position as shown in Figure 2,
>the section being taken on the line 3 of Figure 4;
Figure 4 is a vertical cross section of the box
in the same position, on the line 4 of Figure 3;
Figure 5 is a perspective view of the box closed,
with the display card slightly raised to show the
providenotches for mounting and holding the
brushes as shown in Figure 1, the box illustrated 15
being adapted for holding brushes of three dif
ferent sizes or types. The compartment at the
rear of the box is closed by the cover I6 and the
compartment preferably is divided into three
sections by the folded longitudinal partition 2I, 20
the front central wall of the partition blank hav
ing a cutout 8 to permit the mounting of the cen
tral brush in theholding notches 1.
A preferred form of blank for making the' box,
with the display card and its supporting wings 25
integral vwith the box, is shown- in Figure 9, the
lines of folding perforations in the blank for setting up the box with the display card in display
Figure 6 is a cross section of the box closed;
Figure '7 is a perspective view of the compart
ment partition;
Figure 8 is a detail of one of the display card
holding tabs; and
position, as shown in Figures 1 and 2, or closed i
upon the top ofthe box, as shown in Figuresl 5 30 i
and 6, and for the swinging coverl I6, being
shown in dotted lines.
The blanks may be shipped flat and readily
folded for setting up the box for packing and
Figure 9 is a plan of the preferred form of
blank for folding to form the box.
The display box shown is designed for use
from a separate blank and mounted on the side
with paint brushes and is illustrated as for con
same way as when integral with the box.
taining and display of brushes of three different
It will be understood, also, that the box may
be designed for articles other than brushes, and
sizes or types, and will be so described.
Referring to the drawings, the box is formed
of a bottom panel ID, side panels II, I2, end
' panels I3, I4, and top panel I5, the panel I5
preferably having therein a swinging cover I6
closing the compartment for holding articles, as
shown. The display card I1 is formed on a panel
including a narrow panel portion I8, overlying
50 the top panel I5 and glued thereto and on which
the display card swings, and the display card has
wings I9, 20 on opposite sides by which it is sup
ported in inclined position on the box and is held
ñrmly in such position by tabs I on the wings
55 I9, 2U entering slits 2 in the top of the box at L
If desired, however, the box may be made from
one blank and the display card with its wings -
edges of the box by its wings I8 and tabs I in the
that the` shape of the box and of the article hold
ing recesses will be varied according» to the ar
ticles for which the box is designed.
What 'I claim is:
l. A blank for a combined packaging and dis
play box having box forming bottom, top, side and
end panels, a swinging cover formed in the top'.
panel, and a display card panel having side wings 50
for supporting the display panel in inclined po
sition on the top of the box, the top panel and
the front end panel having cutouts forming hold
ing means for supporting articles in display po
sition in front of the display card.
2. A combined packaging and display box hav-V hinged relation to said compartment, and a dis
ing a compartment for holding a number of a1“
play card in hinged relation to said top panel
ticles, said box having _top and front panels, and having supporting Wings, said display card
means for supporting selected articles in display and supporting Wings being foldable into posi
position comprising notched portions formed tions for display and flat on said box cover.
jointly in said top and front panels, a cover in
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