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Sept. 27, 1938.
Filed June 28,. 1937
Patented‘ Sept. 27, 1938
2,131,326 -
Raymond C. Kaster, 0lathe, Kans., assignor of
one-fourth to Leo J. Pearce, Olathe, Kana, and
one-fourth to A. E. West, Merrlam,vKans.
Application June 28, 1937, Serial No. 150,713
‘3 Claims.
(01. 298-5)
to the following speci?cation, alluding to the ac
character particularly adaptable for attachmentI companying drawing, wherein:
This invention relates to dump trailers of ‘the
to tractors or any other suitable means of pull
ing the trainer along, and the primary object is
to provide in such a vehicle, means for moving
the body thereof to dumping position merely
upon backing the tractor to which the trailer
Figure 1 is a side elevation of a dump trailer
made to embody the present invention.
Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the same, with parts OT
broken away for clearness, and,
Fig. 3 is an enlarged, fragmentary, detailed,
is attached, after a releasable dog has been
sectional view, takenon line III-HI of Fig. 2.‘
moved to an unlocked position.
In the preferred embodiment of the dump '
One of the important aims of the invention is trailer, exempli?ed in the accompanying illustra
to provide a dump trailer of the aforementioned tions, a truck or- tractor 6, of-any conventional
character, which has a pair of supporting wheels‘ and well known design is employed for'the pur
movably carrying the trailer structure, and as, pose of drawing'the trailer. The trailer per se
sociated with the body thereof in such fashion comprises a body 8 of suitable size and propor
15 as to permit the body to pivot about the axis of tions, that is equipped with an end gate l0,
the wheels when the same are held stationary hingedly mounted about hinge pins l2 and held
and when force is imparted to the specially con
in the closed positions by a pair of latches ll.
structed frame of the trailer in one direction so . These latches are secured to a transverse shaft
as to move the body to the dumping position, l6, that is joumalled for rotation in frame I8.
20 said frame being arranged so that when force is A spring 20 yieldably maintains latches 14 in
imparted theretoin the opposite direction, the the position illustrated in solid lines of Figs- 1 1.0
body is held against tippin .
and 2 and where gate I0 is secured in place.
A yet further object of the invention is the
Body 8 is mounted upon a frame 22 which un
provision of a dump trailer that has specially derlies body 8 and extends forwardly to form a
v-shaped projection 24. Frame 22 carries a
25 pivotally interconnecting frame and yoke mem
bers, the pivotal connection‘ Joining said mem
pair of conventional leaf springs 26 that depend
bers being between the normal forward end of below frame 22 and join axle 28 that extends‘
the body of the trailer and the single axle sup-. transversely across body 8, from side to side
pgfting the body, and above the axis‘ of said thereof in a plane substantially mid-way be
tween the ends of body 8. ‘This axle 28 carries
30 a e.
. Still further aims of this invention include the a pair of wheels 30, equipped with conventional
provision of strong and durable parts for the brake structure 32,_which includes the forwardly
dump trailer above mentioned; the provision of extending cables 34 that are joined to transverse
a novelly mounted, swingable end gate; the pro
shaft 36 through the. medium. of clevises 38,.
Upon rotation of this shaft 36, the brake struc-_
35 vision of unique locking parts for releasably hold
ing the body in a set position during transporta
ture is set or released-as thejcase may be. A
tion thereof; and specially related parts which, cable 40,. attached at one end to lever 42, is ex
upon manual manipulation, will simultaneously
tended forwardly within reach'of the driver of
' ‘y
' .
‘ ~
move the latch for the gate and the locking dog ' the’ tractor 6.
' A spring 35, interposed between v. the two
40 for the body to the released position.
stretches of cable 34, compensatesfor the change 40
Heretofore dump trailers have usually required .
special power-driven means for tilting the body in distance between the axis of axle 26 tnd the
to the dumping position. Such structure in ' axis of shaft 36 during operation of the dumping
volves expense and loss of time in operation. structure through the use of brakes '32. ' In this
The present invention obviates the necessity for connection it is obvious that the said distance 45
power-driven mechanism to dump the body of shortens when body 8 is tilted. ‘ The spring 35 is
the trailer and utilizes specially constructed and closed in normal condition. When the brakes
interrelated'parts that cause the trailer body‘ are set, the spring is'stretched to exert necessary
and as the distance between axle~28 and
to be carried to the dumping position merely pull
shaft 36 is shortened due to backing and ‘tilting,
upon securing the supporting wheels thereof spring 35 approaches its normal condition but‘!50
against rotation and then “backing" the truck all the while holds the brakes set until-1 the op
or tractor.
erator releases them. Any other suitable means
Minor objects of the invention will become ob imay be employed to attain the same end, but the
.vious to those skilled in the art upon reference parts disclosed embodying a working embodi
ment of that feature of the invention. Also, any
other suitable brake well known in the art may
be employed.
A U-shaped yoke 44 embraces frame 24 so that
the legs of yoke 44 extend along the sides of
frame 22, as indicated by Figs. 1 and 2. Pintles
46, pivotally join together the proximal sides of
1. A dump trailer of the character described
comprising a body; a frame underlying the body
and extending forwardly beyond one end thereof
and formed to present a V-shaped projection; an
axle 'and spring assembly supporting the frame
and body, said axle extending transversely across
the body therebelow substantially mid-way be
frame 22 and legs of yoke 44. A coupling struc
tween the ends of the body; a U-shaped yoke
ture 48.serves to join together a part of tractor .provided with a coupling at the bight thereof and
10 6 and yoke 44 and the part of structure 48 that
having the ends of the legs thereof pivotally 1.0
is carried by yoke 44 is located at the bight joined to the said frame on an axis between the
thereof on the longitudinal center line of the
said end of the body and the axis of the wheels
trailer assembly. The point formed by the V
and above said axis; and a dog releasably se
shaped projection 24 of frame 22 is between the curing together the V-shaped projection and said
15 bight of yoke 44 and the forward end of body 8_ frame.
when the trailer is in the normal position.
21A dump trailer of the character described
A sill 50, extending across from leg to leg of comprising a body; a frame underlying the body
yoke 44, supports dog 52 that should be on the and extending forwardly beyond one end thereof
longitudinal center line aforementioned. , This
and formed to present a V-shaped projection;
20 dog-is mounted upon a shaft 54, journalled in
an axle and spring assembly supporting the 20
bearings 5B,_as well as 'in one leg of yoke 44. A
laterally extended arm 58, secured to shaft 54
near the outer endthereof, has a cable 60 fas
tened to one end so that shaft 54 may be rotated
by manipulating cable 60 from the driver's seat,
not shown. Spring 62 yieldably maintains dog
52in the position shown in Figs. 2 and 3. An
other cable 64 interconnects arm 58 and latch l4
so that when cable 60 is pulled to stretch spring
62, both shafts 54 and [6 respectively will be
rotated to simultaneously release dog 52 and
‘both latches l4. .
done, the truckis backed so as to move in the
direction of the arrow shown in Fig. 1, and the
result is a tipping‘ of body 8 to the position
shown in dotted lines.
It is conceivable by one skilledin the art that
the power imparting truck, tractor or the like
might be rigidly incorporated with the dump
trailer as a unit and the forward part of the
frame 44 made as an integral part of any power
plant having traction wheels capable of trans
porting the body 8. In such instance, the piv
otally interconnected frame and yoke would be_
come a jointed chassis.
Manifestly, the relative location of pintles 46
55 with respect to the axis of axle.28, about which
body 8 may swing when the wheels are “set”
is .an important factor and permits both a tip
ping movement when truck 6 is “backed” and
across the body therebelow substantially mid
way between the ends of the body; ‘a U-shaped
yoke providedwith a coupling at the bight there
of and having the ends of the legs thereof piv
otally joined to the said frame on an axis be
tween the said end of the body and the axis
of the wheels and above said axis; and a dog
releasably securing together the V-shaped pro
jection and saidframe, said U-shaped yoke hav 30
ing a sill extending thereacross from- one leg '
to the other below the V-shaped'projection of ‘
In the operation of the dump trailer, and as
suming that body 8 is ?lled with material to be
dumped, it is only necessary for wheels 30 to be
secured against rotation so that a “backing” of
truck 6 will effect the dumping operation.
Wheels 30 may be run against block 66 or brakes
32 may be set, whereupon cable 60 will be pulled
to release dog 52 and latches l4. After this is
frame and body, said axle extending transversely
the frame, said dog being mounted upon the
said sill on the longitudinal center line of the
3. A dump trailer of the character described
comprising a body; wheels supporting the body
for tilting movement about an axis intermediate
the ends of the body; a frame having a pair of
side rails underlying said body and provided 40
with a V-shaped, forwardly extending portion in
the same major plane as the underlying side
rails; a U-shaped yoke having a bight and- a
pair of parallel, spaced apart legs; a coupling on
the yoke at the bight thereof for securing the
same to a tractor; a sill bridging the space be
tween the legs of said yoke’ between the bight
thereof and the forward end of said body; a dog
on the sill'on the longitudinal center line‘ of the
body, for releasably engaging the apex of the 50
V-shaped forwardly extendingportion of the '1
frame; and means pivotally joining together the
legs of said yoke and the proximal respective side
rails of said frame, said side rails and legs of
the yoke being in side by side relation through
out a portion of their length, said pivotal con
nection between the side rails and said legs of
the yoke being approximately one third the
assists in precluding a‘ tipping movement vwhen ‘ length of said body to the rear of the forward
end of. the body, the forward portion of said 60
truck 6- is drawing the loaded trailer.
Dump trailers having different forms and ap
body being directly supported by the side by side
pearances; than the one illustrated and described
may be made without departing from the spirit
portions of the side rails and legs of the frame
‘and yoke respectively when in the normal
of the invention or scope of the appended claims.
Having thus, described. the invention, what is
claimed as new and desired to be secured by
ietters Patent isz'
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