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Sept. 27, 1938.
Filed March 27, 1937
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
24 50 51.205
l '
TOY BLocx _
155 ` 11,4
171 „1,
15,2* 13)? ~ `11g @égal-i140
¿Winn g5 i125 w w' 125k
' 1f" Hml ,r l105f uw“ r‘fIlla/mw '" MV
. i MW I"wu,
A' -,223
2” fm 4214 224
I Y mlmyá
Patented Sept. 27, 1938
U N l T1 ED S
This `invention _relates to toy" blocks and 133.174»
ticularly to a hollow’openèend block formèdffronï
paperboard, 'fibreboardor' theflike.
o "
f ’
liner members against the innerfaces of the sideE
` of the‘otlierili"
“Ari Y@eject of ' the; invëntióp 'isjßhe provision of ;
Children’s toy blocks, such'~ as'are‘commonly., a child’s 'to'y block" formed 'of paperboard, 'flbreê`
5T used for Vpurposes of instruetion and entertain?
-ment, are often -formed Virrtheform ofhçlliâyircubes or prisms having open ends. Wheresuch
blocks are formed from thin pieces >of. ‘wood .the
blocks are relatively heavyl'andhard andrla?e"
lqelluíte expensive to manufacture. Where,itfhas",A
been attempted to _' form -blocks of pape‘rboard,- "
flbreb'oard or the like,v they Vhave been too „flimsy“
and destructible and it has been difûcultftdmak _v
:_ them sufficiently rigid and ruggedft'o' withstand;
1°; ,the severe usage to'whioh they are `customarily.:y
>According to the present`,invent_ion, anopen »
end hollow block of prisrnaticfshapefis oónstrdetèdé
with laminatedwallsof novel construotio?fwfiíchi,
2% ,provides’the desired rigidity" The bmckiiri’cliid‘elsïi
r lfeatures :andiadvantages of theV>
""an outer shell formeelv lî’romfa paperboa'?dlbla?ikèf inyentipf W l- bfe „apparent“ 'from >the"'folloiigring‘il "
suitably scored to'provid'e mitered Ícorr'í'?’s,the4
ends of the blank being seeured‘tog‘ether \(.'~*}11il1;-'l
able means, such as astrip adhesìì/ely appliedv tdI
‘25, the ends to maintain the- blankfin Set-up tubular `_
i’i'shape. `A liner structure is'disposed '_in .the's'hellf
and includes a U`-shaped liner niemberfformedï;
frbm D21mèibf>ar~f1` and@ harina.'Sideraëlèlesëîeed?l,
111g over Opposite „sideslof _weisheit:.aïisloaaßáldil carried> out,5 may bembetter aunderstood by rêf'erf‘
3il„1>a1'1¢1` @015mg erlesene. ofthe ¿Shellgf A Seeeridseed;
""Si-mìlar linermember is dièpqsed~linthe§he11fwith
the ñrsîï _end
side walls., Where„„ additional. ; thìskness and;
,.rîgiditylof. theend wall4 isï desiredifan, end „piece is,
vinterposed Abetween the end_,panels 4of _the liner,y
members. 'I‘he liner members are ,securedvintheu
shell in a suitablepmanner, aspbyan ladl_ie,sp„iye,_
and a suitably colored and/„or decorated ,wrapper „
Ll 0 is
applied to the block thus formed.`v "Ifl’ieliner>
blanks may be formed „from blanks havingwrap:
pers or liners applied to onefaoe thereof `thus
dispensing with vthe necessity for wrapping the
45 inside
The of
the block.
forming the shell
' '
' ' Yare so
' formed that, when in position to forniï'the block;v
the ñbres or “grain”-of the’síde walls 'of the shell>
extend perpendicular to the ñbres"or"‘grain”« 'of'
the liner members,`l` thus providing additional
rigidity. In a similarl mannerv the‘end'ffanels
forming theffendwallv are> arranged with `theirñbres perpendicular. Additional rigidity' "alongx
the edges of the'blockis provided --by abuttingÍ
the end Aedges> of the side panels‘fo‘fconeÍofftheî
Fig. 10 is an exploded perspective view show
ing the block, with the side cover blank and top
cover blank with the blanks in positions which
they respectively assume during the wrapping of
the block, this view being only illustrative and
not necessarily a showing of any particular stage
in the wrapping operation; and
Fig. 11 is a perspective view showing a set of
four blocks formed in accordance with the in
vention and partially telescoped one within the
In the following description and in the claims,
various details will be identiñed by speciñc names
for convenience, but they are intended to be as v
A top piece 30 (see Fig. 5) is formed from stock.
which preferably is similar to the stock forming'4
the liner members 20a and 20h and is similarly“
provided with a wrapper 3|. The top piece 3U is'
dimensioned similarly to the top sections 24 ofthe
liner members 20a and 20h.
Referring to Fig. 6, the block is assembled by
folding one of the liner members 20a` along the
fold lines 2| and 22 With the wrapper 26 on the
inner side whereby the liner member assumes a
generally U-shaped form. The top piece 30 is
then disposed on the bottom panel 24. 'I‘here
after, the liner member 20h is set up in a similar
manner to the first liner member 20a and is dis
generic in their application as the art will per
posed `on top of the top piece 30 but rotated 90°
mit. Like reference characters denote like partsf so >that the side panels 23 and 25 are disposed
in the several ñgures of the drawings.
between the space of the side panels 23 and 25
In the drawings accompanying and forming of the ñrst liner member.
part of this speciñcation, certain speciñc disclo
This assembly of liner members 20a and 20h
sure of the invention is made for purposes of ex
and top piece 30 is then pressed into the set-up 20
planation, but it will be understood that the de
tubularV shell` I5 until the top panel 24 of the
tails may be modified in various respects without liner member 20a is ñush with the lower edges of
departure from the broad aspect of the inven
the shell I5, the side panels 23 and 25 of the
'I‘he block consists essentially of a heavy outer
shell of tubular formV and one or more liner mem
bers disposed within the shell and serving to close
one end of the tubular shell and reinforce the
side walls thereof; usually, a Wrapper is applied
30 to the block for improving the attractiveness.
Referring particularly to Fig. 1, the shell is
liner members 20a and 20b lying against the
inner faces of the panels I, 2, 3 and 4 of the 25
shell I5.
Referring to Fig. '7, it will be seen that the
block as thus far assembled has four side walls
formed of two-ply material, the total thickness
of which is approximately three times the thick
ness of the liner piece. `The wall which is per
formed preferably from a single blank 5 of rela
pendicular to the side Walls, and designated here
in, for convenience, as the “top” or “end” wall,
board, ñbreboard or the like. The blank may be is of approximately equal.thickness to the side
formed of stock of any desired thickness, but I ` Walls but'is constituted of three plys of material, 35
have found that a stock ranging from about à; namely, the two top panels o-f the liner members
to about 1/8 of an inch suitable for many sizes of
20a and 20h _and the’top piece 30. The liner
blocks. A plurality of relatively deep 90° grooves members 20a and 20h and the top piece 30 may
tivelyv heavy material, as for example, paper
v or cuts 6, 'I and 8 are formed in the blank and
40 divide it into side panels I, 2, 3 >and 4. The end
be secured in the shell I5 by applying an adhe
sive to the side panels 23 and 25 preferably be
edges 9 and IIJ are beveled at 45° whereby to pro
fore the liner members and top piece are inserted
vide a mitered corner when the blank is set up.
in the shell I5.
Preferably, the sides of the grooves 6, 1 and 8
and the beveled edges 9 and III extend through
out the major portion of the thickness of the
blank, but‘sumcient material is left to provide a
Itwill be seen that the side panels 23 and 25
olfA the liner members 20b iit inside of the side
flexible connection between the panels, along the
grooves 6, 'I and 8.
The blank 5 is set upto form a tubular shell
by bending the sections at right angles about the
lines 6, 'I and 8 and bringing the beveled edges 9
and I0 into abutment, as shown particularly in
Fig. 6. The abutting edges of the side panels I
and 4 are secured in a suitable manner, as for
55 example, by the adhesively attached
thereby forming a tubular shell` I5.
strip I4,
panels `23 and 25 of the liner member 2üa.
Hence, when the liner members are inserted in
the shell I5, and secured thereto, there is an
interlocking of the liner members at the corners
of`> theA block and the structure is more rigid than
if "the Wallsïwere merely individually laminated.
4The blanks, employed in forming the liner .
members 20a and 20h and the blank forming
the shell I5, are cut from material in such a way
that when the block is assembled, the fibres or>
“grain” of the material inthe side panels 23 and
_Referring Anow to Fig. 3, a liner member 20a
25 of each of the liner members extend or run
perpendicular of the fibres or grain in the cor
is formed from a rectangular blank, such as
responding panels of the shell I5. Thus, when
paperboard, which preferably generally is of less
60 er thickness than the shell blank. For example,
the block is assembled and the liner members
are secured to the shell, an extremely stiff, rigid
block is provided. The top- wall and side walls
are ofV substantially equal thickness and are
formed of laminated members having the grain
the liner blank may be approximately one-half
the thickness of the shell blank. 'I‘he liner blank
is provided with spaced score’lines 2I and 22
which divide the blank into side sections 23 and
25 and an intermediate top or “end” section 24.
The liner blank may be formed of stock which
is suitably calenderedv and/or colored on at least '
extending in perpendicular directions, hence the
wallsL have _substantially equal rigidity and are
substantially equally rigid both longitudinally
and laterally. , Thus, the block is not weak in any
one side thereof, but preferably the blank is cut direction but is capable of withstanding shocks
from stock having a wrapper 26 of calendered- or stresses applied from any direction.
and/or colored material secured to one face
In this connection it will be noted that when
the liner members 20a and 20h are assembled,
Preferably, two identicalfliner;'members 20al the grain of the end'panel 24 of the liner mem
and Zlibv are provided, for apurposeV which will berV 20b`extendsperpendicularly to the grain of
`ihereinafter appeanthe second` linerv member 20h theîcorresponding portion of the liner member
being shown in Fig. 4.
20a. Thus, the top wall of the block likewise
has increased; rigidity, by: reason. of the perpene
dicularity of the» fibres. in the;la_minations- _ofîthe
It; Willz be, noted that: the. cutì lines L20,w |,2¿|~,Y
The block preferably is. provided'iwith. a; suitUl able covering or lWrapper. and/or liner which may»
befof plain. color, a. contrasting color with thev
Wrappers: on the liner pieces or. which may be»
decorated. with; designs, indicia', scenes. or» the
like, as iscustomary in- toy blocks. The Wrapper
may take various forms, but for theA purposes of '
illustration, there has.- been shown herein one
novel.l form- of Wrapper which. has beenA found to.
be particularly- economical and: desirable. This.
Wrapper preferably is formed from`V two: blanks.
hereinafter and more fully described.
Although the Wrapper blanks> are shown here.-`
inwith foldilines andx panels. indicated, itwill be
understood that the blanks. preferably; are not
creased' or scored priorto being` applied'> toi the
20 block and that the indicatedfold- linesV and- panels
are merely for the purpose of> assisting in de-f
scribing the manner in which the. Wrapper isA
against the corresponding; ini-.1er walls Gif' time
being foldedfalong lines- £05,106, |01, |08 and;
|29 so as to lie againstthe» side. walls |10;|¿ and; Ißäì
adjacentthe `Walls to which, their corresponding
flaps. I l0; I;I,2s andA H4; are attaßhed- Theïotheh
edgenaps, IH.; andi ||«„3 are then. folded donn,l t9;
overlie theirl corresponding Walls and;> theA ears` 15A;
|34?, e312, |331, Killy and. I 3.5. The straightiedges.
on tneedge flaps. lill and: uit coincidelwithfthe
inside cornersof the block.
Thej wrappers 99'. and f9.9 may- be glued* mid;
applied. by hand. or suitable automatic machinery 20s
ina suitable manner,- which Willi be understgnde
by~ those- skilled: inv the: art.
A set of blocks, s_uch as shown. inçlì‘ig. l;1~J may,l
to crease or score the Wrapper, especially .where
be. constructed` in». the manner above-1 described,
each. block being. of-- sufficient.A size to, permit tele-f4
scopingA therein, of the, n_ext smaller block. For
example, the> block D, ñts, inthe block` C', the:
block C inthe block B, the block-B; in_ the largest.
block A, thus proyidinga convenient and neat.
Referring to- Fig. 8, .aj blank 9_9¢ is», formed of
a generally rectangular strip of paper; which is
30 highly c_alendered` or glazed on one side and suit
appearing assembly. Also, this arrangement of;
ably colored or> decorated. The Wrapper blank
blocks, permits the blocks.- to. be` stackedr one. upon.
901s adapted tobe folded along thelines |05, |05,
|01v and |08 to form> side panels,|_0,|;, |02, |03.
the. other by the child.
and |04 corresponding in size to the, outer facesV
of; the side panels> I», 2, 3,; and 4 of the shell; l5;~>
a lap panel |00 of suitable `Width extends from
the panel |0,|. Extending from the side panels;
|0,|, |02, |03 and |04v are edge flaps ||_|;,_ I|2,'|f|,3,
and ||4_ respectively, whichare »foldable about
a, line 91- An edeeñap l.lßf.,extendina from the
lap panel |00- is also foldable; about the line 91.
A foldv line 98 extends throughout all of the edge4
flaps H0, |||,A I|2,~ [|73 and |_|4_ parallel to the
line 91.
|225 and |23-, are., ony such. shape.r> that; the. inqlingdí
scores in the
block with~
blank.theV abutting
-`The> edge flaps; |,-,|;2,y anud; |44; are folded doyswzn~`-
applied to the block. However, if it is> desired-`
thewrapper is of relatively heavy stock, this may
be done as indicated', but this is not generally
nnesgaliy and 9.8 coiriczidingvî withl the. Guten- andi.
inner-edges of the side nails re.spenta/.ely:-v '
Cut lines |120, |2_|¿yr |22>` and |23, each having a
vertical portion and an inclined portion, sepa
It will be understood, that> although- a4 block
O_fï. Cubioal; form, has .been-shown. and described
hereinfor the purposes; of illustrating the invenf,
tionlthe invention is not. thnsílilnited. By.- suit-._
able design of; thel blanks. the side walls. andi/,or
tlie, end Walls of the block rimy` take. the; form,
Qf.- rectangles/and; the. block may be. relatively?
Short. or relatively- long` in4 any direction. as. de».
invention. provides a block which can he. formed.
5159.... Ver 51111121@ aUÀQQQIlQmQÀle blßïlliS.- ILWÍll;
be riet-ed that. the» blanks: for forming. the shell
and liner members may be of simple rectangular
rate the respective end edge flaps |I0, |||, ||2,
form and thus can be formed with a minimum
||3 and I|4.
loss of material. The Wrapper blanks similarly
may take substantially the form of rectangles
These cut lines are so arranged as
to provide ears |32 and |33 extending from the
ñap | I2, ears |34 and |35 extending from the iiapl
|| 3, and an ear |3| extending from the inside
FrQm the foregoing. it. will.; be. seen that.4 the,
and thus also are very economical.
'I'he block
may be formed of relatively inexpensive paper
edge of the lap panel- ||0.
Referring to Fig. 9, the blank |99 forming the
board or fibreboard, inasmuch as the construcé
end wrapper includes an end panel 200 having
The structure of the blanks is such that the
block may be quickly and easily assembled either
manually or With suitable automatic machinery,
as will be apparent from the foregoing to those
skilled in the art. The'wrappers may also be
applied manually or by automatic machinery
and are of such construction that they can be
applied economically and easily to form a neat
and attractive covering for the block.
While certain novel features of the invention
have been disclosed and are pointed out in the
annexed claims, it will be understood that vari
ous omissions, substitutions and changes may be
made by those skilled in the art Without de
parting from the spirit of the invention.
side flaps 2||, 2I2, 2|3 and 2|4 extending fro-m
the edges thereof and bendable about score lines
20|, 202, 203 and 204. Extending from the end
edges of the side flap 2|2 are tabs 225 and 226
bendable about score lines 22| and 222 respec
60 tively, and bendable about the opposite side ñap
2|4 are tabs 221 and 228 bendable about fold
line 223 and 224.
Preferably, Wrapper |99 is applied to the blank
first, the end panel 200 being placed against the
65 end of the block and the side flaps 2| |, 2|2, 2|3
and 2 | 4 folded up and secured to the correspond
ing sides of the block. Thereafter, the tabs 225,
226, 221 and 228 are folded over and secured.
The Wrapper 99 is then applied to the block by
70 Wrapping it about the block, the fold lines |05,
|06, |01 and |08 coinciding With the corners of
the block, as indicated in Fig. 10. Thereafter,
the edge flaps Ill, ||2, ||3 and |I4 are folded
across the adjacent edge of the block and down
75 Wardly over the corresponding sides, the fold
tion is inherently rigid and self-reinforcing.
What is claimed is:
1. A rigidly nondeformable toy block of gen
erally prismatic shape having a closed end and
an open end, said block including a tubular outer
shell having connected side wall panels formed '
from paperboard material having a thickness
greater than one-sixteenth of an inch, a liner
member formed from paperboard material tight- ~ the body side walls, and edge L ñaps extending
ly fitting Within said shell and having connected ' across the end edges of said body at -the open end,
panels extending over a pair of opposite- side Wall
certain of said edge ñaps having the end edgesv
panels and an end of said shell; and a second' extending diagonally across'the corners-of said
ï liner member formed from paperboard. material end edges and along the inner corners of said 5
tightly ñtting within said shell and having con- " side walls and other of said edge flaps having
nected panels extending over another pair of ears underlying said first-named edge ilaps.
4.' A toy block including a rigid prismatic body
side Wall panels and said end of said shell, means
permanently securing said liner members in said having connected side Wall, an end wall and anv
shell, and a wrapper adhesively secured to the open end, said body member comprising an outer
'exterior of said outer shell.
tubular shell formed from paperboard material
2. A- rigid set-up toy block of generally pris
having enclosing side Walls and open ends, a
maticshape having a closed end and an open
U-shaped liner member of paperboard material
end, said block including a tubular outer shell
of rectangular cross section having connected
sidewall panels formed of paperboard material
approximately one-eighth of an inch in thickness,
a pair of U-shaped liner members formed of
paperboard material of less thickness than the
thickness of- said outer shell, one of said U
shaped liner members having connected side and
end panels extending over a pair of opposite side
Wall panels and an end of said shell respectively,
andthe other of said U-shaped liner members
25 similar to said first liner member and having
its end panel interposed over the end >panel of
said ñrst liner member and its side panels ex
tending perpendicular to the side panels of said
first liner memberand extending over another
305 pair of side Walls of said shell, a separate end
member interposed between the end panels of
said liner members, and means securing said
liner members in said shell.` «
3. A toy block including a rigid prismatic body
having connected side Walls,v end Wall and an
open end, said body member comprising an outer
tubular shell formed from paperboard material
having enclosing side Walls and open ends, va
U-shaped liner member of paperboard material
40 having al pair of side> panels secured to a pair of
having a pair of side panels secured to a pair of
opposite side Walls of said tubular shell and a sec
ond U-shaped liner member having opposite side
panels secured to another opposite pair of side
walls of said shell, an end Wrapper having an end
panel extending over -said end Wall and side
ñanges extending over portions of said side Walls,
and a body Wrapper secured to said body and
comprising side panels covering the body side'
walls and overlying said side flaps, and edge
flaps extending across the end edges of said body
at the open end, and secured to the inner faces
of saidV side walls, certain of said edge flaps hav
ing ears underlying other of said edge flaps.
5. A toy> block of rigidly non-deformable pris
maticlshape having laminated side Walls and a
laminated closed end Wall, said block including '
an outer tubular shell formed from a rectangular
paperboard blank and having connected side
Walls and open ends, a plurality of liner members
each formed from> a rectangular paperboard
blank andeach having a pair of side panels ex
tending over opposite side Walls of said shell and
an end panel extending over the end of said
shell, a separate end reinforcing member formed
from a rectangular blank and interposed between
the end panels of 'saidrlinrer members, and means
opposite side walls of said tubular shell and a
permanently securingsaid liner members in said
second U-shaped liner member having opposite
side Wall panels secured to another opposite pair
of side Walls of said shell, and a Wrapper secured
45 to-said body and including side panels covering
shell, the ñbres or grain> of a lamination in each
wall being perpendicular to the ñbres or grain
of another lamination in said wall.y
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