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Sept. 27, 1938.
Filed June 6, 1956
Patented Sept. 27, 1938
Alfredo Nai, Milan, Italy, assignor to “Chatillon’i'
Societa Anonima Italiana per le Fibre Tessili
Arti?ciali, Milan, Italy
Application June 6, 1936, Serial No. 83,998
In Italy April 9, 1936
1 . Claim.
This invention relates'to the washing, desul
phurizing, bleaching, ?nishing'and like treat
ments of arti?cial yarns or ‘?laments.
(01. 8-151)
The treatment is highly favored by the fact
that the liquid entraining the sliver and running
It is well known that there are broadly two
5 types of process for the manufacture oi.’ arti?cial
short or staple ?bres which differ in that ac
cording to the one the continuous ?laments are
cut when still acid while in the otherthe cutting ’
occurs after washing and in some cases after de- 1
10 sulphurizing, bleaching, dyeing, and‘ the like
operations have been effected.
at a speed much higher than that of the sliver
opens the sliver in such a way that the ?bres
are uniformly distributed throughout the cross
section of the tube, consequently there is a rapid‘ '
exchange of liquid which results in an intimate
contact with the ?bres.
By the process according to the‘ invention ex-.
cellent results are obtained'in washing, desul 10
phurizing, bleaching, dyeing and the like treat
It has been shown that processes of the sec-' ments of arti?cial yarns in a very short time
ond- type present remarkable advantages over ~with ‘the ‘employment of a very simple device
processes of the ?rst type and-in order to render which does not occupy a great deal of space.
'15 more rationalthe washing and subsequent treat
At the outlet of each tube the sliver is caused '
ments various provisions have been made and to pass over a grid consisting 01' glass bars or 15
adopted some of which are the subject matter of other materials resistant to the chemical action
of the liquid used for the treatments so that the‘
According to some of said processes the bundle greater part of the liquid may be separated from
20 of continuous ?laments is passed through a the ?bres, these ?bres being then conveyed to a
shower of water in the washing, and under a. squeezing device comprising either chamfered 20
shower of the solutions required for the other or grooved rollers pressed against one another
treatments: according to others the washing and or' preferably only by a series of rollers on which
treatments are executed on the silver immersed the sliver is wound and by which the liquid is ex
25 in a vat or open channel.
pelled by centrifugal force.
In the speci?cation of another patent of same
applicant a process is described for washing, de
sulphurizing, bleaching and dyeing arti?cial
yarns in countercurrent in open channels.
According to the invention the washing, de
sulphurizing, bleaching, dyeing or other ?nish
ing treatments are e?ected in one or more tubes
Apparatus in accordance with the invention is 25
illustrated schematically and by? way of ex
ample in the accompanying drawing.
The bundle of ?laments, sliver or yarn passesv
through the funnel I into the body of the injec
tor 2 into which by way of the tube 3 is admitted 30
the washing water as the other liquids appro
through which water or other liquid appropriate ' priate for the various treatments. The bundle
for the treatment of the yarns or ?laments is of ?laments or sliver in continuous contact with
35 caused to travel, so entraining the bundle of the liquid passes through the tube 4, being de
?laments or sliver.
Preferably in accordance with the invention the
liquids are admitted into the tubes in which the
treatment is effected by means of an injector,
40 the liquid thus being caused to entrain the yarn,
bundle of ?laments or sliver.
The invention extends also to apparatus for
carrying the invention into eiIect, such appa
ratus comprising a tube or a series of tubes each
45 of which is connected at one‘end with an injector
and discharging into a vat or channel intended
for the collection of the liquid and preliminary
separation of _ the bundle of ?laments from the
50 Y The treatments effected in accordance with the
invention take place under pressures above at
' mospheric pressure, and this intensi?es the ac
tion of the reagents and considerably reduces the
duration of the different treatments and the
55 quantities of water and/or solutions required.
livered in to the vat or channel 5 in which is
arranged a system of squeezing bars 6 of glass,
porcelain, ebonite and the like, these bars hav
ing the object of allowing the separation of the
excess of liquid without the bundle or sliver
becoming tangled. The bundle or sliver is then 40
caused to pass round the squeezing rollers 1 be
fore being conveyed into a subsequent tube. For
a bundle or sliver having a titre of 300,000 denier
with a speed of travel of 100 metres per minute, 45
tubes may be used, for instance of 30 mm. diame
ter and a length of 20 to 40 metres for each treat
ment. Each treatment requires one or more
tubes, for instance for the washing of the sliver
impregnated with the spinning bath threetubes, 50.
are employed the water being recovered, that is
the water discharged from the third tube is in- .
jected in the second tube, and the water dis
charged from the second tube used for feeding
the ?rst tube. For the treatments of desulp'hurh
Iizing, and bleaching only one tube is required what manner the same is to be Performed, I de
for each treatment while for dyeing one or more
- tubes are used according to the coloring sub
stances employed.
clare that what I claim is:
A process for the treatment of continuous
threads of arti?cial yarns or filaments by liquids
passing through a tube larger than said yarn com- I
The treatments disclosed may be also used for
arti?cial yarns oi’ regenerated~ cellulose even prising the steps of passing the continuous yarn
when they are not destined for the production through said tube and injecting under pressure
of short or staple ?bres. In this case the groups" a continuous stream of the treating liquid through
of ?laments coming from the spinning machine said tube in a direction parallel to the direction
10 are gathered on appropriate collectors.
of movement of said yarn the pressure being i
For the production of short ?bres the bundle maintained throughout the tube so as to move
of ?laments is cut by means of apparatus ap-‘ . said yarn. through said tube in a longitudinal
propriate for-the purpose.
direction and so as to keep the yarn taut.
Having‘ now particularly described and ascer
15 tained the nature of my said invention ‘and in '
AM Mr.‘ 11
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