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Sept. 27, 1938.
E. V_l-l. -sHEPARD
Filed Feb. 28, V1956
„la N
vANcs ¿
sept.27, 1938.
/NcHL-s HG
curoFF o/:EPAT/NG.
ENG/NE ’lap/v1. l ¿30ol
¿600| ¿4.00 fk |3200. v490g
CARM/1.55pm: Hoc/.Q rc)v 20 .30 40 .50 00
70 y8O
w/ `TN 0 U T CUT- OFF
I @oq
can 1v1/.Es PER Hou/a 1o
zo so 40
¿o _eo 7o a@
o 2,131,413 i `
of'a hold-down bracket 44, piloted about the stem
over the centrifugal timing curve, during the
engine idling speeds, and during the extremely
high engine speeds. From the same standpoints
it is also desirable to have a gradually effected
45 of the distributor housing III, which bracket
also has an arm 48 ‘that operates to hold the as
sembly to the engine base 38 by means of a yield-`
abledevice 41 that also permits of relative angu-'
shift in spark timing at each end of a range‘fef
predetermined'shift, so that the auxiliary control
may be blended in with the centrifugal control.
lar movement; The motive unit 48 comprises a
suction chamber fashioned from a pair of cup
Ignition timing by »centrifugal means, Ythat opf e members 48 and 48,-_in rixntorim engagementV
erate more _ or
strictly ¿in _accordance with 'and cooperatingito 'clamp the edge‘ of a dia
engine“ speeds, <have‘fbeen “well‘ developed for phragm 501111 sealing'relation thereto. A spring
82 isfeonfined within the -cup 48 and engages the
posed engine operated control means, it is péri-»ï i center „of the diaphragm 80 to urge it toward
`iîectly practical to fabricate control mechanism tthe supporting arm 42, there being secured to the
some time. With the addition of the herein pro-I
center'- of the», diaphragm a link, 54, necked in at
iii> to Ã.provide .stops'for shoulders 58 Vengageable
that may be superimposed upon thespeed" re
sponsive or centrifugalv control mechanism, _rand
thereby accomplish each and-«all of ~-the»objectivea « withfthefarrn 42iatly each side of a hole 5lV in the
farm 42 through'whichthe link pases. 'I'he link
In accomplishing the objects oi.'_,„thisîiriyelitiorlml 5,4.hasßa pivotalgìconnection _at 58 with an arm
herein set out.
. provisions have been incorporated in the carbureä` 88, which arm is clamped about the stem 45 of
20 tor part adjacent the’ point to which the suction’ the timerv distributor in theY usual manner.
L_onth_e_„diaphragxn, then, changaœ the
minis connected? for» critically Proportionie'g.; .the »Movement
effect ofthe high _pressurezone and theglow pres ¿maar reanóiigof the'iprácket inland, arm as.
„sure zone within-y theengine'intake _pip'e,„in its therebyvshifting _the time-.of ¿ circuit breaker oper
‘actuation ¿inthev . diaphragm rof.` the suction .Í unit.
ports havebeen
pipe ,, ation.._.
’The „carbúretéreoiiibrisèà
die indue
25 Two
ï so as toppen therein n_ear theedgepf¿the- throttle Í .tionpipe orîïan‘extension'thereof from `the engine,
_valvewhen closemand s'o', ofthepbrts and'may include the‘venturi 1,12 allas-_issubstan
f `opensonthecarburetoriside of thethrottle valve, ,tially described injthepatent- to__W.~N.> Ewart
while. the _other`fport opensl on the, engine side of I ' 1,961,747.-1 ¿In theillustrated’embodiment the car
the throttle valve, the Athrottle valve dividingor .~ buretor part 18 Vis ofthedownfdraft carburetor`
. separating the induction ._ pipe intoí__ what
«.çalled a high PICSSUT@ 5120116
» Azone, respectively. Ü-s The,
type, in which Athe venturi is'situatedjon the’car-
have ,an outside
if? .the throttle " valve. . _ ".'l'hef throttle4 _valve . here
» . »connection «by» means of an intèrruptible-j~passage,
illustrated, isîof theputterfly rtype and comprises
and are eventually infcomrnunication r'v_vitliZ‘the
vb_uretorJ side of: ythey 'throttlevalvd while the
a. 19V-191755511113
a disc 16`mounted'oh aïth'rottle _shaft 1_8Í b'y means
l_ixus-.ehn extensionßf „the ihäottlè sha1? ¿Das-.ies
"s4 ¿or taeter;
anale' f 'bones
„ „
«through this ponnectinanasseae ,and carries vente ff{pore-.1.9
buretorïpartëhßtfmrlii journal- bearings forthe
>Lor cross bores-therethrough@andi-located,_angu
'larly with respectätothe connecting’passage such _ shaft; The throttle valvejli in> its' relation with .49
i .thatìrotation of the. throttle shaft 'effects the in respect tothe fuel pipe, divides or separates the
Y -movement
. .
-eëßme im@ whßtmavhe called a ,man pressure
„_ terruptible connection. . By„ the 1_saine
the rts maybesuccessively transferred to oppo- Íf‘zoneV 8K8 .andffa,_ IQW'EpreSSm-è *211mgv “_ _The _boss
¿site pressureuzones.
i disclosure.¿,-referenceis
~ _ r_ more detailed
,u¿islet/substantiels@ end_.makes provisio'njfor
f am! flit?esàV formingy .the _l ports
v and
passages specific vtothecóntrol means. '1_ _ ' ~
tirnerfdistributor _cups_appropriately`- .hooked`V _up ,„Á _ There ia'a'drill hole 9.8 ending inaport 9_2 nor
...tov an'expansion ychamber .or' motive unì`t`1§40 hav „1 mallgopening into thehigh pressure none'86 -just
ing a iluid connection-.with the-,portsfofthe car ,above thefedgeof the throttle' valveJÈ- .when-it is
¿_CIQSed. there ‘aisgpemg 'a'. _erinnere .s44 ending m
a ¿port _8_6„norinally` opening into .the lo'wpre'ssure
. zone 88 vof thefuel; pipe._ ¿There isthen-provided- a
breaker plate _ I6 rigidly. `secureçiáto the wall of the ' _.pasage 88 thatintersectathedrill holesfßü'and »
_._cupby one or morelugslmwhich is accomplished '94, as welles `Vintersecting] thefjournalbore _8| v K
.by- means _of screwsas 'illustratedgin Fig.A 5. The for the _throttle shafttnróugn the poss a4. - At one
J '55,'
circuit breaker- mechanism _includes ¿a pair V-of_
_end of ,the passage .88, there is_ a communicating ~
.branchÄlOVthathasÍa ñuid connection with the'
-ïinotive unitn” ineansrof a pipe or tubing |02,
îblock 28. in Y@operable.relation- witha ‘camk 28 Áandthe coupling _natures |704 and._»l06.» if _1 f '
_ `e0
,by nyweigme :_'2 `earned byjaçwei'ght '_ biáteï 34"
Where _the shaftjlextends across the passagey .60
88, it _isfprovidedwith a pair Aofcrossfbores _ |08
mounted on anV engine driven shaft _88. .The speed and il _0 at. auch., an angle-f as-A to monde» ready
» Yresponsive `mechanism is> the _Y subjectmatter of
communication between the ends of‘the'p'assage
prior art patents, ' andfis_„.not here claimed'fbut _ .88 _whilethe Ithrottle v:valve is-closed and opened
. >operates to y'control _Í. the ¿ignition timing, . in. _ac ,_ >to ,a substantialzpoint, Abut such-.that the. two
>- ends _of .the passage 88~cwill„be closed off from one
,. .cordance with-_ enginef speed, substantially as _ Ain
~dicated by thel dashed-»lineçcurve _appearingin another.whenthethrotüe .valve has vbeenymoveçi
~«.~the inustrationoarig. 9,~_an_d entitled #anun _ toasubstantiallywideßopen position., 'I'he throt- _
tle shaft maybe provided with-an actuating link 70
its enclosed structure is usually mountedin an ,1.1 |,_2_-_._that« _carries Yan adjustablestop H4- and".
_ enginebase 38,»_where itinakesgear- connection a ñxedlstop’l I5.__adapteg:l¿tol engage an _extension
„- with _an engine driven shaft by means of apinion , I I6 `or Il] _respectivelyA ofthe boss _84, for limiting
the rangen; thrqmemovement. VAfter thepas- ~
.5 75
A.saires¿andL drill holes „have „been formed.` the.
_starting ends of the same-may be >closed ofi-
I . applied _tov n that one ,_ type fof _ engine, as“
inserting plugs as H8, ¿|20 4and yI-22.’_s1.ìch_ that
there is a >fluid tight connection between the
port-92 through >the passages 90, 9_8; the»__inter-»
Sissa '
ruptiblë _connection :|06 and *l l0; n and thence
the'motive unit lll» by'~ means
cache branch
loo and p1pe|oz._
Approximate f
speed rangen' _
munggl-. `o to iam. pfiilkï'.
1 -ï < With structure so constituted. provision is >then
made for controlling `vthe _ignition timing'jstrictly
_in accordance with the objects herein Èset rTout, i'
>and as graphically 'illustrated _in __Fig.___9j'by the _'
_curve f-y-h'---t-i. _ In Fig. 8, there is graphi
Iload -and .engine
the pressures
the >solid line for
"one type of
.15 engine, where the fuel .induction pipe hasthe
l single port A92, the curve depicting the pressures
`for all ranges of engine speedasjthefthrottle
'_Yalve -is opened from an erigine‘idlingÀQr closed ' man-.
' position- to that position _of wide open `or maximum
20: speed operation. - This curve comprises] the
aretoo greatin
of _whichofthev
to' accomplish
b andc
l‘the desired operation of thejmotiveunit. `-The
*resulting advance cur've ‘is shown in Fig.`9,f`as
_ 25 ff-a-hP-lo-l, which` provides tco -much- timing
advance for the speeds< above 40 mgp.
Excessive.. »
`><Those. `speeds ¿at l .,th
to i)k
__ .end oi rtlieent'e; speed
‘ "rangc,’~where `progress ‘ is ’
. ' ‘ under theiurgeI offsorne __
_',is also shown in Fig. 8 a dash line curve, com
„excitement .on necessity 'j‘
" ‘and the ‘engine lis operat- i
prising branches d and e representing the result
ant pressure occurring atthe diaphragm" of l_the
_ .exacting;conditions.A ¿
expansion unit, or in the passages leading there
` >topwhen the _supplemental port 96 is "added -to
the control mechanism, and is used inconjunc f engine has been arbitrarily' divided into five stages
tionv with the port 90 through'ftheinterruptibie or speed bands,:e_ach band identifyinga particular.
„portion _oftheßntirespeed rangepver whicha
,characteristic timing-alterationfis to be effected.
mechanism’of the shaft‘ilß.l 'I'he’resulting’ad
vance curve by addition of the supplemental portl
is shown in- Fig. 9 by the curvèmf-g- _
_ _
_ . » The. _separate-¿speed vbands have _beendesignated
The Yphysical structurejoperatlng in accordance-
¿on the #2.Roadloadsparkadvance curve in Fig. 9 '
` with the pressure curve a-d-e, is: easilyl con-. „'_ofî-the drawings by means o_fgbraclçetswith the
3rd,i.4th. anafäth-n» .c
" trollable to prcvide'the desiredamount andchar-y `„indicationsf;1st.«2r1d.
acter of automaticspark timingshiftL so that -. -__.Wi_th `specific referencetofthe graphs in Eig. _9p
thefdesired spark >timing _shiftis repwxjesenteclßbyv
' it will follow the indications _of` the curve f_-g
' h-‘i-j in Fig. 9. '
the .graph _or curve'whose connected-branches arev ‘
- indicated »as f_-a-hvt-iyg This _. . graph indi
In one type of automotiveengine, andwhich
cates; an, absence oitimershift durmsthe .brmc'h
‘ may be said to be that illustrated, the.> initial fwornrst
stage. an >increasing timeifshift- during
L45 vsetting _of‘ the spark timing relation is about 10° y_the branch :g or .second-_ stasera. maintained nxed _
ahead' of dead center. With that initial setting, amount of . timer -~ shift _Y Yduring the _-_ branch, _la „_.or g
""as’fan example, itj is desired in that particular -. _ third
anda `decreasing' amount qttimer
i engine to have no change’in ignition timing _dur _shift stage,
during- the branch-„i1 or theffourthistage.
ing an idling range _or `stage of speed,k_which-stage ~
:with an absence of any automatlc-»timeL-Shlft
, »overthe branchjorl ñftl'iïstage.¿fv Referring _to 50
tion of rest to and_`in'cluding~ a road >speed of
'may be characterized as extendingfrom a condi
the upper reaches ofA thisl desired spark! timing
about'` l2 m.A p. h._or engine speed of 'about 650 curve, itywill b_e _noted that after .theentrance '
'R. P. M. Similarly, for the same type óf engine, _. uponk
thefourth stage, _which is,;indi_c8»ted bythe
it is desired to effect a gradually increasing change ~ l_dashed line» beginning atabout v>40u11. p.,h., .and
in spark timing by centrifugal mechanism sub
where thegmaximum Aamount lof spark Ítiming
shift has been accomplished-_thattlie `timer set?
advance curve of Fig.A 9. Itis also ~desirableto _ ting throughout the remaining Íhigher speeds ¿of '
‘apportiori the engine'espeedsvover and abovethe - the engine range follows substantial_1y;a_„flathori->
‘idlingbandof speed, into >a number of bands zontal line, ` thereby-,_maintainingglthe greatest'
60 or> stages; o-f which there is an acceleration bandl _
amount V_of timer shift between 4about47'? and. _499
j during which there'will be afgradualengine op v aheadl of top .dead center "throughout-’both y'they co
, ' or
in ignition
speed duringwhich
timing, av cruising
the auto-L:
band _fourth and fifthrstagejofenglne speed orgforìfall
v_sl'ieecls above >about .4_0 m. p.' h. Í Erorn'this observa@
.tion oïjthedesired sparktiming curve, i't/_wiliebe
. _matic shift in timing will be maintained substan
tiallyconstant or equal in amountover the .cen- ' readily. apbare?tthat tbe-entire. renee of speèds, .
.trifugal‘advance> followed by _a travel »band of - >~might .bedlvlded into'.v four>A stages instead. of ilve,` '
speed during which ,the amount of’automatic as has been done above, and might'pe termedas , -f f
shift will be decreased,` and ñnallybe cut=ofi'
« entirelyY just as the excessive bandL of .engine the “idling” rspeed lband wouldbe coextensive with. `
speed is entered into, and so that the timing rela- ' that .setfdown the above .tablet _ and _»Whèreinß~
tion for the travel band. and excessive band will -“low" would apply to,t_he'samerange_asacceleri f l
be substantially the sameth'roughout.
_ _
f wouldcons'tìtute another. nam'effo'r' thejcruising
The accompanying table sets out the ch‘aracter- '
75 `isticsof the above indicated speed bands ‘or stages '
band.v> Inasmuch
as thespark' ‘timing
the 4travel band yand’ excessive band _substantially 16
4 .
spring 52, which occurs for higher speedsatfabout
"tollows’a horizontal" line and only slightly
ingthroughoutl the engine _speeds above 40 m. p.` h., _,40 m.. p. .,h. The spark A’ timing curve _resulting
these two bands can' be included in one and
from this phaseoflthe operation is illustrated at
termed the running band, especially since aïcon
.siderable portion of automotive travel of the pres-
theillustrated embodiment it is desired to »«
have a ilxed'amount of shift `for the third’.A stage
, ent day appears to'be at speeds of »40 m. p. h. or 'of about- 17° over and above the’advance effected
by the centrifugal kdevice which is illustrated by
Q '_When the automotive engine is set into opera
tion and condition vfor idling, the condition of the
10 control elements will be substantially as illus
trated in Fig. -5„ wherein the throttle `valve 16 is
»l substantially." closed 'or in theïpositionillustrated
the #3 curve. `
'continuing amount of Íshift
extends" between about 20and 40 m. p. h. and is
maintained constant by `reason [ofthe ßlinkage or
the inotive unit' 'resting 'against y.the stops.
i „Byf‘thetime the, throttle valve 164A has been moved
toaposition-î tol attainÍ road speedof about <‘i0
in dashedïli'nesl> The passage 90 will then open
into-the‘high pressure zone of the induction pipe
m. p; h'.',„the parts will be‘related vto eachother v,
which Vis conditioned substantially to atmospheric
substantially as» indicate'rdinpFig. >6.` The move- "
pressure. A‘ll‘hisatmospheric ¿ pressure from the
mentionne tnr'otuevaiyeto thet'posm'on has in
high pressure zone 'follows the bore 99, and ilows
etî‘ec't transferred 'the port 92 with vits drill hole
into the 'passage -98, from` whence it moves >`99fto .thejopposite side of the throttle Avalve .16. '
> through the cross bores |08 and H0 to the' oppo- *_`, so" that it' no_w‘ -opens into-the low` pressureI zone„-.
ofK x the"i'nduction
pipe.` lThis niovementofl'the
, throttle, also rotates the. ycross bores I|08,andvr I il
' through the drill hole 94 and port 98. Due to the
`_with i‘esrìecttol the passage 98‘so that 4they begin
site end 'of the passage 98, that is subjected to theV
pressure ' of the low pressure
relative Vsize of thedrill holes 90 and 94, there
ysultingîiluid‘depression within the passages 98
and Inliisinsufilcient to result in any movement
.ofw'theldiaphrag'm 5|) and its linkage with the
lmovablevpart :of the distributor. Consequently
there is no‘motivated shift in the spark timing
during'idle speeds. This same conditionvof ele
30 ments obtains until the-throttle valveV 16 is'o‘pened
to operate as'an'interrupting >means .between
`Avthe> opposite endslof the passage’ 98.'
p .
both ports 92 and 96 now. open into the lowgpres 25
’sure zonefoflthe induction pipe and therebyfsub
ject all'o‘fr thejpassage 98 and the ,branch |00 Vwith
its connection‘to the motiveunit 40 to low pres
"sure, ,the` relation'of th'e`_port r96 with respect _i
„ _to the edge of the throttle valve 16, and there
' slightly, or-tov that Ápoint whjere‘fthe edge ofl the stricti'ng communicationby way òf the cross bores
throttle valve 16-is' substantially coincident' or .y YI 0'8‘a‘n`d I'i 8, is such that the motive unit 40 thence
opposite tolthe> opening of 'the‘port 92, at which ` begins tol losenitseiïectiveness in maintaining the
‘ position` the port~be`gins to respond tothe pres
' '
`>As thefthrottle valve'lß is opened further to 35
sures in the-‘low px'essure'zone‘of~ the induction
pipe."That is 'to >sa.y,`instead*ofï‘atmospheric 'attain „speeds above 40 m. p. h., the port 96 is
£15 Ul 4
Y`pressureV entering into port 92, the porthas 'sum
>ysÍoÍfclc'Jse_jtotlie 'edge of, the throttle valvey thatl it
cient communication/with the' engine sideî ofvv the _begins Vtoïbe aiïected by the high pressure zone
y "throttle valve to beaüected'by the'low pressure . on‘the' carburetor side'of'the throttle valve. yAs
therein; `and consequentlyithe `pressure at'the 'the throttle valve4 is opened more and more, the
port '92, which is' a mixture of the two zones,.ìis high pressure Vzone has an increasing effectupon
yless than >atmospheric pressure; though flowing
the supplemental port'soY that the port 96 actually
into the port 92 forflushinggthe passage 9,8; As acts as a bleed or relief vport to the passage 98.'
~ the'partsïof- the control» device have been 'cali-f However, during‘this time while the portu92 -is
brated, ' this "change over' »stage becomes* suiii
>being, transferred tothe low pressure zone which
,_ in turn subjects` the passage 98 to the depres
motive unit'fto collapsef'which marks the end of Ásion within the induction pipe, thek interrupting
f the ñrst stage," and the beginning of the accelera
_means provide'd'by the throttle shaft becomes
tion ban'd of ¿speedV The 'portion of the spark _suiiiciently effective to reduce or cut ofi?y the in
timing 'curve thus fariollowed is indicatedin .ñuence of the low 'pressure zone upon branch |09,
until iinally aV lposition 'of throttle opening is
lAs the >throttle valve 16» Isl-further' opened, the
' high pressure zonewithin the intake'or `fuel pipe
has less effect upon the resulting‘pressure within
` the passage 9,8 and-branch-î'lßß due‘to the‘lfact
that movement of the throttlev 16 inpassing-over
reached as illustrated in Iî‘lg.` 7, wherein the port
94> has- been' transferred completely4 to >the high
pressure zone'~ of the` induction pipe, and the.
passage 98 ìisgentirely cut oil' from the influence'
of’the y"port" 92. Underthese conditions, the
the port 92 gradually cuts ci! the amount'of high ` depressionl or"1owipres'sure existent atvthe> port '
pressurethat may enter 'the passage 98 by way of >94, is insuilicient to ' maintain theymotive unit
>the drill hole'90. ` This reduction in admission of in 'its collapsed condition," and the> timer again; '
¿high pressure ftends "to increase the effectiveness
60 ‘of 'the low pressure at the port 96," with a conse
" assumes Yits retarded position as viewed in Fig. 5.
The'resulting 'sparkv timing curve effected by the
«quentï greater depression in_the 'motive _unit 40 i» transition'during movement of the throttle from
^ whereby the diaphragm 50 is gradually` pulled> " the position of Fig. 6 to Fig. 'l comprises >the
down against thelspnng‘ '52' through wmeh'the . fourth .step or stage Aoi' spark ‘timing controlî
arm 59 o_f 'the distributor isf actuated, and result
ing inîthat branch of theì>-` spark 4timinge‘curve
designated g.
Tnisgreduated and increasing shirt is substan
tiallyy completed when the engine' attains a speed
-shown at i in Fig. 9. In other words, by 'the‘time ' ca
the throttle «valve has‘ been opened vto the equiva
xlent of about. 60 .m.'1p. h'. 'road`speed, vthe eiîective
, operation o'fsthe motive unit is entirely cut oil?,
andlthe spark timing control from that -point-on i
equivalent to about 20 m, p. h., at which point the >`is wholly -in` response. to. the speed responsive`
link 54 engages the stopsïprqvided bythe bracket,
that preventany further shift in timing by any
mechanismv lhereinbei’ore Areferred to.
. »
Above the speed of 60 m..p. h., that branch' of
increase of _depression'gwithin'the motive-unit. >_the_curveeiIected by the speedresponsive mecha
»Tnet eonditionobtai'ns' unal the engine produced „ nism is indicated ataßand comprises that por-~
tion of the sparking timing curve that begins to 75
75 'suction falls so lo'w as to be unbalanced by the
» _
ñatten out near theupper endofits speed range, l’thefuelffcharge of control means-‘for_and~ whereadditional.advanceis apt to result‘f the >time of‘ fuel ignition comprising'- a‘suction
4i1;3„¿-,_damaging effects upgm-imeengine.-4 It will be
_ >observed that the sparkadvance.for-allspeeds ¿operable _unit connected'y with> ports and ~ passages i
. ~
above about 40m. p. h. is substantially the same, ` "in :the _induction'pipe` and “shaft 'Y of thejïthrottle _
in thatan advance is maintained'throughout:y valve solocatedwith respect’t'o the throttlevalve 5,
those speeds»from_about_.47° to ,about 49°. It when AclosedÃthat one port will-_'»open'into-_a high- `
pressure zone of the induction pipe, and' that a> x
is to be recalled, too, that when; operation off»
'_ the engine is on wide open throttle and with full ' second. port vwill open into a-»'low- pressure zone.
load, that the spark timing may thence drop to ofthe induction pipe,-'_'tl'1e‘»ports^= being" locatedl
the speedc'ontrolledcurve, #3 of Fig. 9, which „,-near the edge `-oflthevv throttle. valve4 when~ closed 10
is as it should-¿be for those conditions,> .That--;_»
' vcondition obtains ,whether the ,-full load operation
.so as to be‘transfer'redto oppositepress‘ure-zones
, \
>,successivelyzas thethrottlefvalvefis _open`ed'fromv~ ` _
be at v{iO-mp. h. or at some speed between that’ 7_position,
a' substantially
closedf position
pressure toa
wide «open
from _
L15 and idle.
combining the effectof {both-4L ports-»will vvbeïnon
Whilethe embodiment of the present» inven- j operative
to provider'a‘changefin» the ïtimeÍ'of fuel
` tion as herein disclosed, constitutes a preferredî.
Íform, it is -to vbeunderstoodA that other. forms ignition for r theextreme's ofï 'throttle openings.
might be adopted. all c oming Withinv the scope of; .. »i 14.- In a timer controlled qapparatus'whe'reinan
«- internal combustion engine’has'a 'fuelfinduction
the claims kwhich follow. _~
_ . What isfclaimed isas follows:
apipe with' av throttle ‘valve- andl shaft dividing vthe 20
1. Ignition apparatus for internal ,combustion ‘ «induction pipe into high pressure and `-lowpres
enginesI comprising inlcombination, a carburetor` . sure i zones, the combination gwith= isaid induction
having a throttle valve providingin the carburet- > ëpipeo'f anexpansionv'chamber', and _means con'
25 or a high pressure zone anda'low'pressure zone, »necting the 'chamber with the inductiony pipe,
said y»means including ports in'v the induction pipe 26
munication with the carburetor and responsive.` 'rectly connecting -both 'the _ports opening into
tothe combined pressure effect `in both zones fori -» each zone, and valve meansfin'` the passage, in- ' "
_controlling the 'angular> relation betweenthe in Í¿cluding crossbores. through the: throttle' shaft,
terrupter and cam in order to vary »the -ignition for closing ofi’l thev communication of said ports.
acircuit interrupteryanvengine drivenicam for
operating the interrupter, a Vdevice'having- com- _ `opening into -each >of* ysaidzone‘s,,apassage di- '
timing as the throttleis opened, vand means for,`v`_ and- means completing`
controlling the communication _to prevent any
y.variation in> timingl during, throttle ‘openings for
In-a timer controlled’apparatus wherein an
an idling lspeed range, to effect an advance in._
internal >combustion engine hasía. vfuel induction ,35,
timing .during throttle openings -for an accelera
tion speed band, to maintain a predetermined
~ pipe withy a _throttle` valve »_ andl shaft dividing> __
' '
-amount of` advance in timing duringthrottle»
openings for a cruising speed band, _tol decrease
the expansion chamber and one _of ,said ports _ _ '
>_the'induction'pipe vinto »highfpressure and low _ " ‘
_pressure zones, fthe combination withl said -induc- ’
40 the amount of timing advance as: the- throttle . ~ tionl pipe of _ an expansion "chamber,` andiy means
opens for speed increases so as to maintain a; _ connecting the-chamber withv thefinduction- pipe,r
- fixed level o_f spark advance over throttleiopen-îy, .said means 'includingfports- inthe-induction pipe f
ings for a travel speed band, and .to eliminate; _ _tercepted
by the-thrOttIeshaft
said fzónesj.
a passage iirr-A _.1
any variation in timingdue. to the device Vduring
A45 throttle _openings _for operation „ in an. excessive-¿port _opening into each zone', and-valve rmeans
Viny the passage actuated by thel‘«thrott1e""shaft 45
_speed band..
2. The combination with ani internal combusv ~ for controllingk the communicationibetween Vsaid
tion enginehaving a fuel~_ induction pipe, a zone portsjin :response to the;'throttle'_»positiox'n„`
throttle `valve in _the-inductionpipe, and an igni-.f` _ kone of said portsbeing‘incommunicationfwith ï
the expansion lchamber >at allftimes; ‘Y '
50 .tion timing device for_.effecting the 'firing ’ of
_ the fuel charge, _ofengineroperated suction- con» -_ ., ’ v6. .In‘a timer` controlledlapparatus wherein an
trol means for, changingthe time of fuel ignition ,_ internal combustion engineV ’haspfaffuel ,induc-tion_„pipe
comprising, ports and passages -in the induction
pipe andshaftof the throttle -valve so-.located ing ;the'induction y-pipe into‘v high pressure> and Í _
'low pressurerones,
pipe» of i anthe .combination -Ewith’V said
with respect tothe throttle valve- when closed ‘ -induction
~ that there will be noY
expansion" chamber, and
shift in timing of fuel _
means connecting. thev chamber with 'the induc
ignition during throttle openings v»for an idling.; tion
pipe,~ said
_ speed range, thatthere ywill be gradually effected
ìa predetermined amount of shift in timing during`
means-including vports in thein- _ `f '
duction pipe opening into each 'of said zones,~ and Y
60 throttle openings ‘ for increased engine Ispeed i _ one .of which _is `always innominunication: with.
_ operating conditionsextending over acceleration, x the expansion chamber, aî passage' interconnect'-_
> _ ing both ports~ opening into'each' zone,~and valve
_» cruising,
will _be anentire-absence
and travel speedof
shift and
in timing'dur
that there j means;v in the passage
' :bores
» comprising ` cross
_ ~ ' ing throttle openingsfor anexcessiye speed band~,-.` ~ through the throttle shaft‘ïfor’g controlling' 'the _
and means including a part‘ofthethrottle valve „communication between anotherlï'off said lports '
65_ shaft for controlling the influence. of the ports > and. the expansionchamber.~
and passages in effecting the shift in timing
whereby'little change in- _spark »timing relation
an internal combustionv fenginehas a' fuelin
_from apredeterminedangle will be effected forl . . duction pipe with.> a "throttle 1 valve ~_ and shaft L
the inductiony pipe into high (pressure
throttle openings vat engine speeds greater than -dividing
_ the cruising band.,V '
r» and» low pressurezones,- the-"combination ywith 70
3. 'I'he combination with .an internal combus said -induction pipe of angexpansion" chamber,- *
tion engine havinga «fuel induction pipe, a l. and f, `means* = connecting the' ¿chamber with vrthe'
throttle valve in theinductionpipe, and an ig-p; , _induction pipe, said ‘ means" including ports"> pro
` nition _timing device _for effecting the vfiring' of vided ‘by’ the. induction Ipipe ï opening: .into-fetich>
zone,l one of ywhich ports is 1n vo'o'n's'_liant communie;
Y 2,131,413
»cationr’with the expansion chamber, a passage' '- " 11.-'1'In iin-automatic- ïtimer ycontrol mechanism
-connecting said ports land intersected: .by the I'for internal ‘combustionr -“enginesïwherein an en
gine driven~`V timer *has `»speed responsive mea-ns
registry shaft;
with 'the
shaft` and:;adapted
to cutl>
in ,fori alteringjtheltin’i‘e of' fuel ignition in.v accoi'îk»
off communicationbetween ‘the ends ofthe pas-l » -ance'withr engine speed;i and-has a suction unit
sage >when-¿the Ithrottle shaft: isx-‘rotated to sub
rstantially wide c open- throttle positionzv; ' ‘
" for eifecting’a'shìft in timing'superimposed upon-
ka'speed` controlled alteration and- in responseto
8.V An automatic-:timer controlling> apparatus ~ fluidlpres'sureswithin an engine _fuel pipe divided
for-internal combustion engines; comprising in
same, lsaid-:means
said timer
into high and low pressure “zones by athrottle
»valve .and 4shaft„the combination-with said vfuel
`.pipe ofyports and passagesfthereinVhaving'inter- ,
expansion chamber providing amovable mem-' yruptible" communication,- >with"l 'each‘ ; ,other and
ber, ¿a fuel induction vpipetonlthe, engine havingz V.with both pressure zones'andl connected with the
`. a throttle valve ‘,therein, passages and» ports in suction unit,’,~and means'including 'the'throttle
valve and shaft determining the effective com 15
Vthe wall ofthe. pipe,`controlled `by the throttle ponent
of each zone‘pre's'sure Withinthe'passage,
valve andhaving.,connections'to theexpansion Y
chamber and» locatedv so that' the chamber will whereby the suction‘unit effects a gradual shift
in timing during an vacceleration throttle open
` respond, to _the-fluid pressures onfboth -sides of
the throttlevalve as it isfopened soras’to cause Y ing band and during a -travel throttleopening
bland, and maintains’adefìnite-- amount of shift
>2o a'. gradual shiftg-in timing' of .ignition ‘during low in
timing during an intervening cruising throttle
»throttle` engine , operation',A so that :thechamber
will `maintain- a definite shift in, timingrof igni- ’
, opening band.'A "
l2. In an automatic' timer controlv mechanism
for‘internal‘ combustionV engines wherein an en
gine driven timer has speed responsive means for 25~
tion yduring a predeterminedintermediate throtf `
tleengine operation, and sozthat the »chamber
be rendered entirely ineifective duringen
,25 will
gine operation _beyondthe , band,y of intermediate altering .the time of fuel ignition in `'accordance
~ throttle engine. operation; whereby the> timing - ;with‘engine“speed; and-'has a suction unit for
relation becomes substantially fixed for all throt- " .effecting a shift in timing superimposed' upon a
tled engine operation beyond said intermediate
throttle-engine operations-u
speed`controlled»‘alteration‘and iny response to
.fluid pressureswithin‘an engine fuel pipe divided
9. In an internal> combustion‘motor having a linto high and low Vpressure zones by’ a throttle
`fuel induction pipe anda throttle valve, in which» vvalve andA shaft, the combinationwith said fuel
pipe suction is created by the operation `of the f pipe of, apassage ‘in-the' fuel pipe, one end of
engine, anignitionv timer, a suction unit for shift->` -which connectsrwith the -suction unit, a` portl at
ing -the timer `for -changing theutime yof ignition, -eachend of -'t`he'passage`, one of ¿which ports
and ~m_eans »connecting >the yinduction pipe withA
- opens vintothe‘high pressure zone when the throt
tle ,is-substantially
lclosed and .the`othe`r
the suction‘unit, said îunit being responsive to~-»
.the suction created in the inductionpipe on thel ropening into’the lowpressure zone, and means
*including-»the movement 'of 'the throttle-` and
~ engine side of the'throttle Valv‘e’with modifica
shaft,.in'which there is a‘transition of each port 40
tion effected 4by the suction .in-the induction pipe' 'to
the'opposite‘pressure zone, for controlling the
on thecarburetor side _of the' throttle valve, for effective. pressure'in the passage that is applied
- effecting an advanceof timing during partly open'A
Ito thesuction unit, whereby- theïsuction unit will
throttle engine operation, and'for' gradually can- ï’ effect
no shiftpin timingduring an idling throttle
c_elling `the effected advance of timing "during
increasinglypopen’ throttle engine'operation, said'Y opening and'during; an excessivev throttle' open
» unit being effective to maintain; a-predetermined
` ing, Ybut will effect a gradually increasing shift
over an acceleration'throttle opening, a gradu
amount of timer shift (over the intermediateband ally
decreasing shift over a'travel throttle open
of throttle openings,
10. In . an internal . combustion'engine Vhaving f 4ing, and maintain a5 fixed‘amount of shift over
:a cruising throttle openín'g'int'ervenin'g theiaccel
'50 a fuel. pipe and‘al throttleïvalve mounted on `a erationand _travelthrottle'openings ' '
rotary;shaft,n-in which pipe suction >isfcreatedr , 13. Ignition apparatus-for internal combustion
bythe operation of the engine,y and wherein the *
lenginesgcomprisingincombination; an ignition
~ ,- throttle valvedivides the pipe into "a high pres?? timer> with-means for varying theì'time'cf` fuel
suregzone and.a.low ’pressure zone,l the combi
ignition in „accordance With- speed, fand‘suction
nation comprising, an ignition; timer, a "suction‘ï
vunitî for- shifting the timer to `vary the‘time of - ' actuated means for superimposing van'automatic
control of timing upon the variation by speed,
l - fuel ignition,1andV means connecting the suction
unit with the induction pipe for controlling the“ said suction actuated means including an expan
`sion chamber, aîthrottled’ Ifuel pipe, and >means
- shift of timer, said means comprising,~:a'port in connecting the l expansion? chamber to the fuel
the »induction pipe opening >into the-high~ pres‘- ' pipel ata pluralityof ports -for variously combin 60
f surezone, a port >fin the pipe A‘openingíintothe'
y.low „pressure lfzone, a .passage connecting the , i
ports and communicating vwith the suction unit, '
ing the pressuresatithe ports intheir'effect upon
_the chamber,` Lsaid-*connecting means comprising
a yport opening linto the fuel 'pipe Inear they edge
,L _ A.and valve means >operable in‘response >to rotation [of the?throttle and vinto thefhig'hïp'ress'ure zone
»65 of the throttle >valve determining the effect of when the throttle> is closed,-a second port'open
pressure at both‘ports'upon the passage, whereby i
ing into thefuel pipe near the edge of the >throt- '
y the suction unit' effects no shift :of timer during“ _tle and into ,the low pressurefzone when the
_anidlingthrottlemange .of opening, effects a pro-fv
gressive shiftof timerover an: accelerating throt»
tle range‘of opening, maintains la predetermined'
_amount of timer shift over ai cruising <throttle
range >of opening, effects a` reverse timer >shift
overa travel-throttle range oflropening, and be ,
comes l non-„operative over an excessive-*throttle -
range of opening; 1
throttle is closed,~said lthrottle'when moved tov
wide open position successively transferring the 70
first mentioned port to th'e‘low pressure zone of
the fuel'~pipe,~and thenc'e'transferring the> sec
ond mentioned port to the'high pressure „zone
of the: fuel pip'e,__\>7vh'erebyy the resulting >pressure
in «the connecting means is insufficient to actu 75
ate the expansion chamber during both extreme
positions of throttleopening, but is operable to
« effect a shift in timing, over vthe variation of'
internalv combustion engine has a fuel `induction l' =
pipe With'a throttle valve `and >shaft separating
the induction pipej into high and vlow p_ressure -
timing in response to speed, for allpositions of
throttle» opening between the said extremes ofk
zones, and in 'which apparatus an, expansion
throttle opening.
tion, the combination withsaid expansioncham
chamberoperatës to alter the time of fuel ignià
14. In a timer controlledapparatus whereinv ber of means ffor selectively' vconnecting the
chamber with either or both-zones of the induc
tion pipe, and comprising a boss on the induc
10 rating theA induction pipe into high and low tionpipe.intersected'by'the throttle shaft, said
pressure zones, and in which apparatus an expan
boss being -drilled transverse to the axis “of the
an internal combustion engine has a fuel induc->
tion pipe with a throttle valve and shaftsepa
sion chamber` operates to alter the time of fuel
ínductionpipe to'provide a passageway,` and' a
duct joining one- end of the.v passage wayand
chamber of means for selectively connecting the.l having communication with the expansionA cham-‘
ignition, the combination with said expansion _
chamber with either or both zones of the induc- `
tion pipe, and comprising a boss._on the indue»
tion pipe providing a passage Way transverse to
the axis of the induction pipe, with ports at each
ber, said induction pipe having’ports providing>
communication with vthe induction vpipe at each
end of the passage Way,;one of thesaid ports
being located at the >juncture :ofthe >duct and `
end of the passage way opening into oppositev _passage’end and `vopening into the induction pipev
zones of the induction pipe and near the edge of
the throttle valve when closed, and means pro
vided by the throttle shaft for intercepting free
flow through the passage way, said means oper-v
ating upon opening movement of the throttle
IO Ul shaft from its closed position so as to gradually ~
near .the edge of the throttle valve and on the
engine side thereof, another of said ports lead
ing from the other’end of saidy passage way into `
the induction pipe 'near the edge> of the throttle
Avalve when closed- and on the carburetor side..
thereof, said intersecting portionof the throttle
cut off communication through the passage be- v shaft providing cross bores adapted to close off as»
tween the ports.
communication between opposite ends of the pas
15. The combination set Aforth in claim 14, sage Way at a predeterminedthrottle valve posi
wherein the intercepting means provided by the
30 throttle shaft comprise angularlydisposed pas
17.'The combination set forth V`in claim v1'6,
sages therethrough normallyproviding commu
wherein the expansion chamber is subjected’to 30v
nication from end to end of the passage when I the pressure at both> ports kduring all throttle
’ f the throttle valve is closed, but operable upon -.positions between' closedy and said predetermined
throttle shaft rotation to entirely interrupt fluid throttle position, and isconnected with only one. `
35. passage therethrough at road speeds substan
of said ports for all throttle positions above saidA alsl
tially above 60 m. p. h.
predetermined throttle position.
16. In a timer controlled apparatus wherein an
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