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Sept.‘27, 193s.
' Filed Oct. 22,1957
Patented Sept. 27, 1938
Andrew Zetts, Lakewood, O-hio '
Application October 22, 1937,. Serial No. 170,455 '
2 Claims. (01. 211-11943')_
This invention relates to improvements in ad
justable supports for clothes lines and the like.
Mounted for vertical movementi‘in the guide 5
between its center portion 5a and the reinforc
It is an object of the-invention to provide an
adjustable support which may be raised or low
ing plate 8 is a slide Ill consisting of a central
ered whereby a clothes line, for the greater por
tion of its length, may be rendered more readily
accessible from the ground, and. which is readily
mountable upon a clothes line post or other ver
tical support.
Another object of the invention is to provide
an adjustable support so arranged that when it
is supporting one end of a clothes line that is
block Illa havinga side plate [0b mounted on
each side thereof. The plates lOb project above
the top of the block Illa and also rearwardly to
the reinforcing plate 8, whereas a space is formed
between the latter and the back of the block 10a.
Supported at its extremities by the plates 10b
and extending between them is a roller H.
taut and substantially horizontal it may be low
guide 5 adjacent the top of the latter is a bolt
l2 having a double-?anged pulley l3 rotatably
ered while the opposite end of the line remains
mounted thereon. Secured tovthe central block
15 stationary, without breaking the line or submit
ting it to undue tension.
tending transversely through the sides of the
lea towards its upper extremity is one end of a 15
chain I4 which extends upwards in proximity to
the inner face of the roller l l, passes over the
A further object of the invention is to provide
an adjustable support for clothes lines wherein pulley I 3, and’ downwardly adjacent .the rein
the end of the line held by the support may be forcing plate 8,‘ in front of a roller 2ilmounted
20 readily set at any desired height without fear of . between the two side plates l0?) adjacent their 20
the line end dropping after the support has once lower rear extremities, and passes through a slot
been set.
l5 formed through a base plate l6 mounted across .
Yet another object of the invention is to pro
the lower extremity of the guide 5 to close the
vide an adjustable support for clothes lines and interior of the latter. I‘! denotes a suitable cover
the like which is relatively cheap and simple to plate mounted upon the upper extremity of the 25
manufacture, easy to install, and efficient in op
guide 5 to protect the pulley l3 and chain M
Having thus brie?y and broadly stated some of
the major objects and advantages of the inven
30 tion I will now proceed to describe an embodi
ment thereof with the aid of the accompanying
drawing, in which:
Figure 1 illustrates a front View of the in
from the elements.
Attached to the ‘lower free extremity of the
chain l4 beneath the guide 5 is a ring l8 or other
suitable handle, and extending forwardly from 30
the block ma through ‘the slot 9 is a hook l9to
receive one extremity of a clothes line—not
When the ring I8 is pulled down obviously the
Figures 2 and 3 are sections on the lines 2—2
slide Ill and hook l9 are raised.
The vertically 35
and 3-3 respectively of Figure 1.
tapered rest I is of such inclination that it per
Referring to the drawing, I designates a rest mits the lowering ‘of one end of the line—not
which is substantially U-shaped in cross section » shown—attached to the hook I!) even if the line
and has laterally projecting ?anges 2 which are is horizontal and taut when the hook is in raised‘
40 secured by suitable fastening means 3 to a ver
tical post indicated at 4. The rest I is wedge
The slot l5 through which the chain I4 passes
shaped longitudinally and has the lower extrem— has a narrower extension l5a into which the
ity of its central outwardly projecting portion 1a chain is moved to hold it against upward move
spaced farthest from the post 4.
ment. This is possible because the chain is
5 denotes a guide which is also U-shaped in
cross-section and has laterally projecting ?anges
6 which are secured by fastening means 1 upon
the central outwardly projecting portion la of
the rest l.
A transverse reinforcing plate 8 ex
50 tends to the outer margins of the flange 15, and
formed of alternately wider and narrower por
tions. The latter may readily pass through the
slot extension l5a while the Wider chain por
tions contact and are held by the adjacent mar
gins ‘of the base plate l6. Consequently the
wider chain portion immediately beneath the slot 50.
extension E511, strikes and is held against upward
the fastening means 1 project through the said
plate. Formed longitudinally through the cen
movement by the plate l6.
tral portion 5a of the guide 5 and extending
While in the foregoing the preferred embodi
throughout the entire height of the latter is a ment of the invention has been described and
slot 9.
’ shown, it is understood that the construction is 55
susceptible to such alterations and modi?cations
as fall within the scope of the appended claims.
What I claim as my invention and desire to
secure by Letters Patent is:
1. An adjustable support of the character de
scribed comprising a rest adapted to be mounted
upon a vertical surface, said rest having its outer
face inclined to said surface whereby its lower
extremity is spaced farther from said surface
10 than its upper extremity, a guide upon said rest,
a slide movable up and down said guide along
an inclined path corresponding to the inclina
tion of the rest, a hook adapted to receive one
end of a clothes line projecting from the slide,
15 a pulley in the guide, a chain extending from
said slide, over the pulley and downwardly be
neath the guide, a plate mounted upon the under
side of the guide having a slot therethrough for
the passage of said chain, and means holding said
20 chain against accidental movement in all posi
tions of the slide.
2. An adjustable support of the character de
scribed comprising a rest adapted to be mounted
upon a vertical surface,'said rest being longitu
dinally and vertically wedge-shaped, a guide on
said rest having its lower extremity spaced far
ther from the vertical surface than its upper ex
tremity, said guide being longitudinally slotted,
a slide mounted for movement in a substantially
vertical path in said guide, a hook mounted on
said slide and extending through the guide slot,
a pulley mounted upon the guide adjacent its 10
upper extremity, a chain extending from said
slide and over said pulley, a bottom plate having
a slot therethrough and a narrower extension
of said slot, said chain consisting of a series of
alternately narrower and wider portions, said 15
chain passing through said slot and its narrower
portion being adapted to enter the narrower slot
extension, said chain being adapted to be moved
whereby the slide is correspondingly moved along
an inclined path parallel to the inclined outer 20
face of the rest.
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