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Sept. 27, 1938.
25131351 ''
Filed July 7,' 1957
Patented Sept. 27,
BUST surrolmm 1"
Jea'nne Tachat, Paris, France, assignor to
Société Anonyme Bernard & (lie, Paris France
Application Juiy'i,‘ 1931,- Serial No. 152,321"v
In France September 18, 1936
3 Claims.
(C1. 2-42)
The present invention relates to a bust sup
a portion of the periphery in order to more clear- 7 ' 7
porter of a simplicity unknown up to this day ly show the stiffening element la enclosed in the
owing to the fact that it‘ does not compriseeany ,edges of ‘the, breast-pocket. This band ‘being
supporting member taking -a bearing on the sewn, on the periphery of each breast-pocket, fits
shoulders or on the waist; it is in fact simply ~ on the bust around each breast‘when the bust‘ Ul
composed of two breast-pockets, the inner edges supporter is placed in position and that the bond
of which are connected by a very short bond and
the outer edges of which are connected by a bond
passing round the bust.
The invention is based on the unexpected con
3 is attached. In .these conditions, it is unnecesr 1
sary that this bond 3 should be tightly stretched,
aslthe least pressure is su?‘lcient for producing
and maintaining anadherence su?lcient for pre- ‘
statation that it su?lces to provide the periphery venting any displacement of the edge of the
of the breast-pockets with a ?exible band having.v breast-pockets as well-‘upwardly as downwardly ‘
suitable properties of adherence to the skin for - or laterally. On the contrary, it is only neces- holding these breast-pockets stationary on the ‘ sary to stretch the bond 3 as slightly vas possible
bust in the position where they have been placed, so as not to ‘create any'unnecessary‘compression.
whatever may be the movements of the body. It is to be notedthat the contact of the adhering,
' This adherence can be ensured for instance as; band 4 with the bust does not create any uncom- ,
in certain known fabrics by small rubber or like
projections, particularly by gum threads incor
20 porated in the fabric and ‘forming on one of its
faces very small projecting loops. It suillces
moreover that the breast-pockets should be pro-.
vided with such immobilization means von por
tions only of their periphery or of their surface,
for instance at regular intervals.
Owing to this expedient, it is thus possible to
make a new type of bust supporter which ?ts on
the bust only at the places where it is useful,
rendering the chest ?rmer and holding it by the
30 sole effect of the aesthetic shape given to the
pockets, so that, on the one hand, it is suited
to all fashionable low-necked dresses and‘ that,
fortableness and does not injure the skin','even
when this contact is prolonged and whatever may
be the movements of the body.
20 > ,
Owing to the absence of ?rmly stretched bonds
and ‘of any rigid or relatively‘v rigid supporting
members, the supporting and correcting action of
the bust supporter no longer depends ‘on the con-
formation of the pockets i themselves and can,‘ 25
consequently, be easily determined and adjusted
when making said pockets.
' I
In the embodiment illustrated,‘ the bond 3 is‘
composed of an elastic ribbon 3a provided with .1 s
a series of button holes and with two triangular
tabs 3b sewn to the outer edges of the'breast
pockets, one of the ends of the ribbon 3albeing
on the other hand, it seems impossible to exceed Y Permanently attached to one of the‘ tabsv ~3b'
its simplicity and its efliciency.
and being secured tothe other tab by a button 30.
The accompanying drawing illustrates, by way
of example, an embodiment of a bust supporter
according to this invention, seen from the in
terior and developed.
Fig. 2 shows a detail.
These details can however be modi?ed without '35
departing from the scope of the invention; for
instance, one of the edges of each tab 3b, oreven
its two edges vcan be themselves of an elastic I ‘
Fig. 1 is a front view.
nature. The nature of the fabric of the breast
I designates the breast-pockets provided with
a more or less rigid sti?’enlng ring la which ex
tends on a portion of their periphery, and is in
pockets can also vary, as well- as that of the‘
band 4 or ofthe other similar adherencemeans ’
which will be arranged'on the entireperiphery ; '
or on a portion ofthe periphery of these breast-v
terrupted on the outer side on the remaining
Although it - appears
',preferablefto arrange these
45 portion of this periphery so as not to‘ hinderthe _
movements of the bust and of the arms, 2 desig
adherence means mainly onv the edges = of the '
nates a bond connecting their inneredges, 3 a
breast-#pockets, it will also be possible,lwithout I
dorsal bond connecting their outer edges, and 4
departing from the scope of the, invention, to
also arrange themat other portions of said
50 to the skin, that is to say to oppose a very great -breast-pockets,’for instance on the upper part of
resistance to any slipping movement against the the tabs 3b, or also on their lower part, etc, so
latter. In the example illustrated, this'band is that their adherence shouldbe exerted on the entirely visible on the left-hand breast-pocket, breasts?themselves or‘ near the latter. /
. a ?exible band, of such a nature as to adhere
whilst on the right-hand breast-pocket its ad- ,
5.5 herence projections havebeen indicated only on
Fig. 2 illustrates in top'plan view the stiffening '
element'ia of the left-hand breast-pocket, 'and,.55' v
8,181,457 ,
shows that its upper part is cambered at the top
ma borderbeingao shaped as to enclose the
and ‘forwardly at‘ lb in order to conform to the
‘shape of the bust above the breast and not to
breast, a reinforcing‘ element which is interrupted '
only on the external side; and a non-slipping
'create- any uncomfortablenesa forwardly of the
armpit. ‘This convenient conformation, of course
symmetrical tor the right-hand breast-pocket,
is applicable to all kinds of but supporters what
lining covering the said border on the aide bearing
upon the akin.
2. A garment as claimed in claim 1, in which
said non-slipping lining is constituted by gum ‘
threads embedded in the fabric of said border and a ‘
ever may be their'mode of attachment.
forming-small projecting loops upon that side of
the border coming in contact with the'skin.
pockete connected together by a front bond- and _ 3. A‘garment as claimedyin claim-1, in which‘
maintained upon 'the body by dorsal bands'start .aaid non-slipping lining is provided on the in?‘
ing from’ the external'edge, of each pocket and ' ternal side of the dorsal bands forming a belt.
attached at the back at the level of the breast,
JEANNE 'racm'r. ‘ u
' u a border extending around‘ each breast-pocket,
1. In a garment, the combination of two breast
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