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Sepp 27, 1938.
Filed Dec. 18, 1936
„Md 777. www
ßYßgm/f ÍMÄW/ e
Patented Sept. 27, 1938
ATENT orties
Charles M. Allen, Miles City, Mont.
Application December 18, 1936, Serial No. 116,546
1 Claim. (Cl. 54-79)
useful being underneath at the throat of the lamb
improvements in animal blankets or protective Figs. 2 and 5). _
means and designed particularly for use on very I
young lambs.
This device may therefore most
aptly be called a lamb-coat.
In all types of my coat it is provided at each
`of its four outer corners with an elastic loop L
During a certain n the blanket being of such size that when in place 5
son have been lost and it is a primary object of
my invention to provide a lamb-coat of simple,
ìnexpensive construction and adapted to save the
lives of lambs under above described conditions.
This coat is easlly put on and taken off for repeated use.
In the accompanying drawing:
lamb, all four legs being inserted through theirr
adjacent loop. Thus the coat is actually a blan
ket covering the back, sides and neck of the 10
lamb and is drawn and retained snugly in this
protective position, protecting the lamb in severe
Weather conditions by retaining body heat and
eliminating weather penetration and possibility
Fig. llamb-coat
is a plan and
view Fig.
of the
of my imof freezing moisture coming into contact with the 15
2 isinterior
a modification
of e body.
Fig. 1 showing an elastic neck band and a portion , It will be readily understood that my lamb-coat
of the lining broken out to reveal the double provi es for ample freedom of the limbs and head,
thickness of material.
Fig. 3 is a further modification of Figs. 1 and 2,
illustrating an embodiment of my invention in
which the neck band is eliminated.
provides warmth and keeps the lamb dry during
inclement weather and protects the vital organs, 20
all absolutely necessary to preserve the lives oi’
lambs. This coat is of extremely simple and in
Fig. 4 is a side view of the coat as it appears
on a lamb.
Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the type of lambcoat shown in Fig. 2, on a lamb.
Fig. 6 is a front view of the type of lamb-coat
expensive construction and can be used repeat
edly according to weather conditions.
In a desired modified form of the device as 25
shown in Figs. 3 and 6, the coat itself is slightly
longer, its front corners being extended to form
shown in Fig. 3 in position, the lamb being shown
tabs or lapels G intermediate which the front end
in broken lines only.
of the 'coat is arched or cut back inwardly, cen
Referring to the drawing by reference letters,
like characters designating corresponding parts
trally as I-I (Fig. 3). 'I‘he hemmed e ges of this 30
cut back comprises the
in the various v1ews: my lamb-coat comprises an
of coat on, the hind legs of the lamb are first in
approximately quadrangular laminated blanket, , serted in their respective loops of the coat, then
the outer material A is preferably 10~ounce canvas or other suitable weather resisting material
throat of the lamb and the left leg of the lamb 35
is inserted in the right loop L and vice-versa (see `
and B is a lining of preferably 25% wool.
Both thicknesses are suitably stitched together
at the edges preferably being hemmed and
Fig. 6). Thus the coat is actually double breasted,
as clearly shown and at the point whereV the
hemmed edges of the cut backcross there may be
stitched as A2 and further stitching as A3 may
be made (see Figs. 1, 2 and 3).
provided a friction snap S, or any other suitable 40
fastener where these crossed parts can be con
in Fig. 1 comprises a transverse re-enforcing
which it is made may be varied considerably, the 45
in an extension strap E ñxed on strip B said strips
B and E comprising a collar. In the modified
ding and DOH-Wind-Deneßi‘atîng gOOdS, -but the
lining being of heat retaining quality preferably
forward and centrally to form a half collar F the
said collar being completed by connecting its ends
The leg engaging loops L are preferably stitched
on at the respective corners, each a complete
form, Fig. 2 the blanket is gathered or puckered ’ part wool.
A lamb-coat comprising an outer water-proof
strap and buckle, to replace the ring and snap
construction shown in Fig. 1. However an objec
tive of my lamb-coat is to maintain extreme
material, said coat comprising further a substan
tially quadrangular blanket arranged to lie on
simplicity with maximum eñiciency.
and cover the back and sides of an animal, an
The size of these lamb-coats is a matter of
choice. They are designed primarily for very
young lambs and the size may be practically
In any case, it must be borne in mind, that
the size is such that the coat fits snugly over the
10 back and against the sides of a lamb, and with
the bands L of proper elasticity there will be no
undue strain on the parts affected.
Because of the extreme simplicity and inexpen
sive construction of my lamb-coat it is obvious
that this device is practical and a necessity for
sheep owners.
covering and an inner lining of heat retaining
adjustable neck band integral of the front central
part of the blanket,l an elastic leg engaging loop at
each corner oí the blanket, the parallel opposite
edges of the blanket of a length corresponding
to the distance between the front and hind legs
of a lamb, the blanket extended thence forwardly
in tapered form to the neck band, said band com»
prising an expansible collar the upper part there
of non-elastic and Comprising the reenforced
transverse front end part of the blanket, the 15
remainder of the band being of elastic material.
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