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Sept. 27, 1938.
Filed Nov. 18, 193s
> 2,131,567
Patented Sept. 27, 1938
Davis Marinsky, Bronx, N. Y., assigner to White
hall Patents Corporation, New York, N. Y., a
corporation of New York
Application November is, 193s. serial No. 111,366
6 Claims. (Cl. 24-205)
This invention relates to separable fasteners any desired point upwardly of the leg of the gar
and particularly to the sliders for device°s of this ment as indicated at'll.
class; and the object of the invention is to pro
'Ihe separable fastener C consists, as is cus
vide a reversible lock slider having means for re
tomary. of mounting tapes or side portions il) and
5 taining the slider against upward movement on
vertically arranged stringers to prevent opening
of the stringers from the lower end thereof. es
pecially in applying devices of the kind under
Il, preferably provided with beaded edges Illa.
lia, to which are secured the coupling links or
scoops i2 and i2a which are adapted to be cou
pled and interlocked by the slider 1 movable lon
Eitudinally thereof. It ls also customary to pro
vide a linger piece or pull Il for the slider, by 10
consideration to leggings and other articles of ap
10 parel and other merchandise normally arranged
in the position stated; a further object being to
provide a locking or retaining means constitut
ing part of the ñnger piece or pull of the slider
and consisting of two lingers or pawls, one adapt
means of which the same may be operated to open
and close the fastener. The slider 1 has the
usual narrow or contractedend portion I4 and
the wider or ñared end portion i5, the latter hav
ing channels which are subdivided by a substan 15
15 ed to enter the channel of the slider to engage
one or more of the links of a fastener stringer
tially v-shaped web li, the channels converging
and the other- cooperating with the slider to re
tain the pull against accidental displacement
from its locked position; and with these and other
20 objects in view, the invention consists in a de
into one channel l1 at the narrow end ii of the
One side wall, preferably the outer side wall, _
of the slider ‘I is provided with a projecting lug 20
vice of the class and for the purpose speciñed, ` I8 apertured to receive a pivot pin I9 for pivotally
which is simple in construction, eiiicient in use,
mountingthe linger piece or pull I3 in connection
with the slider, the pivoted end_of the finger
piece being fork-shaped or yoke-shaped in form.
A lock pin or pawl 2li is disposed adjacent the
pivoted end of the ilnger` piece or pull and is
adapted to extend through an aperture 2l formed
and which is constructed as hereinafter described
and claimed.
The invention is fully disclosed in the follow
25 ing specification, of which the accompanying
- ’_
drawing forms a part, in which the separate parts
ofmy improvement are .designated by suitable
reference characters in each of the views, and in
30 which:
in the wall of the slider 'l so as to enter the chan
nel I1 to engage one or more of the links i2, i2a
of the fastener stringers i0, il, depending entirely
1 is a perspective view diagrammatlcally ` upon which sidey of the finger piece or pull the 30
illustrating one use of my invention.
' pawl 20 is arranged, it being understood at this
Fig. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view through
the lower end portion of the fastener shown in
5 Fig. 1 on an enlarged scale, the section being on
_the line 2-2 of said ligure.
Fig. 3 is a face view_of the structure shown in
Fig. 2 with parts in a different position and in
Fig. 4 is a partial section on the line 4-4 of
Fig. 2; and,
_In spaced relation to the pin or pawl .20, the
ñnger piece or pull I3 is provided with a lock
linger or pawl 22, somewhat hook-shaped in form
and which is adapted to frictionally pass over the
rounded end portion 23 of the web I6 and to enter 40
a recess or depression 2l formed in the outer or
Fig. 5 is a view similar to Fig. 3 showing only a
part of the construction and showing a modiiica
time that, if desired, two of the pins or pawls
20 may be provided to engage the links of both
In leggings and other articles of apparel as well
as articles of merchandise which open from the
lower end of a vertical arrangement of the fas
tener, it is desirable to retain the slider against
upward movement on the stringers, or. in other50 words, to prevent the stringers from opening, es
pecially where the stringer lower ends are sub
lower surface of said web as clearly seen in Fig. 2
of the drawing. When in this position, the linger
piece er pull ills positively retained against _ac
cidental displacement when in its locked posi 45
tion so as to prevent movement of the linger
piece or pull, especiallyl in normal uses of the
device, it being understood, however, that the
finger piece or pull Il may be forcibly disengaged
from its locked position and swung into the dotted 50
line position shown in Figs. 2 and 4 and the full
jected to stress tending to open the same.
» line position indicated in Fig. 3 in the operation
To illustrate one use of my invention, I have of moving the slider longitudinally of the string
diagrammatically shown at 5 in Fig. 1 of the ers to open and close the same. In the last
55 drawing a legging or one leg end of .a garment named position of the pull, the pin or pawl 20
of any kind or class, such for example 'as chil
is out of engagement with the channel I‘l as
dren’s snow suits, ski suits, running trousers 'and well as the links of the fastener stringers.
the like. At l, I have indicated a separable fas- '
-tener having a slider ‘I to open the garment part
60 5 from the lower foot end portion l thereof to
In Fig, 5 of the drawing. I have shown another
form of‘constructlon which consists primarily in
changing the position of the finger or pawl 22 on
- __
ing end portion and a contracted end portion, theI
plates being joined by a. connecting web centrally
the linger piece’ or> puli. ` In this ‘iigure,’I have
indicated at I3a aïiinger piece or pull similar to
that shown inthevotherñgures, except that I
of the wide end portioní thereof, one of said plates
having a bearing portion intermediate its ends,
a pull movably mounted in said bearing portion,
' have substituted for' the member 22,'v a similar
hook-shaped member 25 arranged at one side edge
of the pull i3d, preferably the edge opposed to
said plate having an aperture at one side of said
bearing portion,1a lockv pin von the pull adapted
> that provided' with thepinpr pawl 20a, adjacent '
to pass through said aperture to enter. the chan
the pivot I9a. _The _finger orpawl 25 is adapted to
nel of said body to engage one of the stringers to
frictionally pass over the'rear'edge 26 of the top
retain the »slider against movement thereon in
10 plate of the 'slider 1a, and preferably in such posi
tion yas to register with or pass between two of 1 one direction, said plate joining the outer surface
the links I2 of the strlnger, whereas',»t`he pin 20a of said web in a rounded corner, the outer surface
‘ isfadap'ted _to be arranged between the links I2á of the web ,inwardly of the outer surface of said
of the opposed Stringer at a point in. longitudinally « plate being recessed and a projecting member on
spaced relation to the engagement of the finger said pull adapted to enter the recess in said web
25, with the links I2; >With, this construction, in I to retain1 the pull against movement on 'the slid
er when said pin is in operative position.
addition‘fto. securelyretain the pull I3a in its
fastener stringers, said slider having wide and
25 also _serves as additional means for securing
the slider `against movement on the stringers.
In the accompanying drawing, the slider '_l as
well as the finger ‘piece or pull I3 are represented
narrow e‘nd portions, of a finger piece or pull piv 20
otally Supported f'on a projection inwardly of the
wide end of said slider, and by means of which
the slider may be operated longitudinally of the
stringers, means adjacent the free end portion of
as die cast or molded parts, but my invention is
not limited in this respect nor to the particular
4. In combination with a slider for separable
locked or operative position, the'iìnger or pawl
the finger piece or pull adapted to engage the said
wide end of the slider to support the linger piece
It is desirable that the `locking finger or pawl orpull against accidental displacementv with re
have what might'be termed a. camming or wedg- _ spect to said slider,l said wide end having a round
arrangement of pawls or' locking elements em
ed cam surface adjacenta recess formed therein,
in'g action in-order to be »iirmly 'and securely held ' and' said last named means comprising a .hook 30
30 in operative position. `Thi’s"type'o`f slider may be shaped member adapted to forcibly pass over-the
used in any form or use of separable fastener by
adapting the'slider and -iinger piece to the distinct ?cam surfaceof the wide end of the slider and
enter the recess therein in retaining said lparts
Having _fully described `my invention, lwhat I
- against relative movement.
claim as new and desire to Vsecure by Letters Pat
ent, is:
5. A lock slider for separable fastener stringers, 35
said slider consisting of al channelled body having
diverging channels at.v one` wide end connecting
with a single'channel at the contracted or narrow
ableï'longitudinally ofthe stringers to couple and ‘ end thereof, vand means movably supported in
1. Invseparablefasteners emplo'ying stringers
having interengagingcoupling links', a slider mov
40 uncouple' said;V links, saidv slider - having ' a. con
_connection 4with the slider inwardly of said ends 40
the slider against movement longi
tracted endpo'rtion and a'wide ñared end portion, for retaining
of the stringers, said means comprising _
a lock element pivoted to the slider inwardly of Ltudinally
theend portions thereof, said element comprising a member having a stop pin or pawl passing
a finger piece or pull having a lock pin adjacent through the slider and engaging one of the string
ers to retain the slider against movement thereon, 45
pivoted end thereof, the slider having an ap
erture through which said pin passes in engag 'and another projection engaging the wide end of
ing one of the stringer links to retain the'slider said slider to retain said member against move
against movement longitudinally of the stringers
in one direction, and means on the pull outwardly
4of said pi‘nfforfengaging the wide end portion
of the slider to retain the pull‘in 'locked' position
‘against accidental displacement.
2. In separable .fasteners -employing stringers
having interengaging coupling links, a slider mov
ablelongitudinally of the .stringgrs to couple and
_ uncouplesaid links, said slider having`a contract
ment relatively thereto when in locked position,
and said lastnamed projection being arranged in
the path of one of said stringers and aiding in 50
retaining the' slider against-movement longitudi
nally of said stringers.
6. ’The combination. with a slider for separable
fastener stringers, said slider having wide and
narrow end portions, a finger Ipiece or pull for 55
lmoving the slider llongitudinally of the stringers,
ed end portion and a wide flared end portion, a ~ means for coupling one end portion of the finger
or pull to said slider _inwardly of the wide
lock element pivoted to the slider inwardly of the4 piece
end of said slider, a portion of the-pull having a `
end portions thereof, said element comprising' a projection
adapted to pass through the slider to 60
ñnger piece or pull having a lock-pin adjacent the
' pivoted end thereof, the slider having an aperture
engage one of the fastener stringers, another pro
f to retain the pull in locked position against acci
.tions beingarrangedo'n one surface and at oppo
through which `»s'aid- pin* passes` in engaging one ' jection on said pull in"longitudlnally spaced re
of the *Stringer-links to retain the slider against lation to the ñrst named projection adapted to
movement longitudinally of the stringers in_one ‘ engage one -,of said stringers and _to engage the
wide end of the 'slider to retain the pull against 65
65 direction», means on the pull outwardly of said -pin -» accidental displacement therefrom, said projec
for engaging the wide end- portion `oi! the _slider
dental displacement,- and said'means comprising site side edges of the pull and adapted to collec
tively engage opposed stringers to provide inde
a hook-shaped `pawl projecting from one side sur
pendent keying or locking of the slider with re
face ofthepull.„„
- 3. -_A reversible lock'sli'clei- for separable fastener
stringers, said slider comprising ` spaced ‘plates
lforming a channeled body having a wide divers-_.
spect‘to both stringers ofthe fastener.
. _
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