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Sept. 27, 1938.
Filed NOV. l0, 1954
5 Sheets--Sheè/rl l
Sept. 27, 1938.
w. A. ELLswoRTH Er Al.
Filed‘Nov. ll0, v1934
(H 575,9 i9
¿535 ¿y
5 Sheets-Sheet 2
Sept. 27, 1938.
w. A. ELLswoRTl-l ET AL
Filed Nov. 10, 1934
3 Sheets-Sheet 3
~ _2,131,587
Patented Sept. 27, A1938
2,131,587 '
Paul, A.
Seeger _Refrigerator
Company,y St. Paul, Minn.,V a‘corporation of
Minnesota '
Application November-1o, 1934, serial No. 752,486..
7 Claims.>
This is a refrigerator shoW case- Whereinan
illuminated -means which is sealed‘from >the in
side and outside of the case is provided, to illumi
>nate the contents o-f the case when»V it 'is desired.
A feature resides in rproviding an illuminating
means built into the rrefrigerator case or- cabinet
and wherein the heat from the illuminating
means is insulated from the refrigerator chamber
of the cabinet to prevent the light from raising or
influencing the temperature in the'refrigerating
tage over fth'e‘zold y-forms:whichz have y»been-used: to I'
illuminaterefrigeratorfishow cases.y
In thefdrawings forming part' of> this speciñca
Figure » 1 illustrates :the iïrontwievv‘`~ ofva’i‘form- of
refrigerator -showxcase >'having :the lighting-means
Figure `2A isan. enlarged transverse .cross-:section
ofA a .portion of- the refrigerator-show:case;:showi
ing4 the light Well builtintofther-samezf;
Figure 3 is an enlarged' detail: section offone
A further feature resides in providing a means
of dissipating the heatk from the ~ illuminating
form of light-well .and attachingxmeans.for’zthe
means Without Ventilating. openings, from .the
Figure 4 isan‘enlargedv longitudinal sectionnon '
light Well, to the outer atmosphere. The illumi
the lines 4-4 of Figureß.
nating means is sealed in the light vWell andfis
Figure 5 isa transverse:enlargedsectional:detail
kept clean» and free of dust or foreign »matter l of f another formof attaching vthe‘light: «well and
which might otherwise be inclined tofcollectin
the light Well and on the illuminating means. ,
This is an'important feature in that it overcomes
the disadvantages found in prior refrigerator con
structions where'the illuminating means Wasbuilt
into the refrigeratoricabinet and-‘where ventilat
ing openings have been provided to >permit .the
heat to be carried out of theflightwell.
Figure À6 .is a» 'longitudinal section `on :the lines
6-6 of Figure 5.
The drawings illustrate~our refrigerator . show
caseA Which'is designeditov-provide-iacmeans of
displaying .perishablegoods- suchv as >meatsfvegeé
tables, `fruits,` -andl other> similarr foods, fWhe-reeit is
desirable to keep the same under refrigeration and» v
The invention further provides ameansf-of ac
Cess to the -light Well 'so that the electric lights
used therein may bereplaced whenfdesired. This
at the Sametime.' display fthe goods :to nfthefïcuse
tomers.. The refrigerator-A has aflarge showwvin-=
accessible means tothe light well may lie-through
made `of .severalispaced' apart paneswfof glass ieI I
which. have-.dead air; spacesrl 2..:between ftheA same 30
the~~-insidey -of c the -- refrigerator>> chamber » of ->`the
showcase, .or it maybefrom the outside, sothat
.whenever itis desired;r new~ electric dightsmay
dow y~I 0 --inz-the .ffront- of. the same. :s This fwindow vis
so vas. . to
thoroughly» z’ -insulate .z «the» `refrigerator
chamber ..B~ .Within .the cabinet 1`Af-fromathe. -ïouter
be put inwplace. W-h'en ytheflightfvvell -isfclosedg
atmosphere. The Window I0imayzbe=of-anyrsuit~
howeverfthelights are sealed- from the inner :re
able size .in .accordanceWi-ththe design fand' con- .
frigerating chamber -ofthe-show case and the
structionf of.~ therefrigera‘toricabinetí A.~
outer atmosphere.
It is also-a feature --to provideanzinsulation `of
a `’transparent«natureon >.the'insideffof' .-the light
Well so that the. lightfrom the electric lights,- in
the- same . Will.> shine ,into the. . refrigerator .cham
40 ber.. This.insulatingmeansvisof a certain char
acter so .as to prevent any. >of the heat generated
by thefelectric lights` in theY light Well from enter
ing the refrigerating. chamber.
The inner v or
upper end -of Vthe YWell Yis._direot1y connected .to
a the outer metal casing of the refrigerator cabinet,
WhileY the inner shellof _thelightwellis made of
giving accessfto thefsame.
.Access tothe. refrigerator-'chamber B fisfzmade t
through the sliding «.doorsfC fat «thevbackiof-«the
refrigerator show.v case »A.-. The r:doors C have
Windows'erein so«,.that. the'y contentsrofithè
refrigerator chamber .Br is :also-visible :from‘fthe
l‘oâick ofthe refrigerator throughthe door windows 40
The refrigerator: ¿A t»is -»-provided~» with“ two" ‘top
rails I 4 and I5. .which are spaced apart and pro
vide . the . longitudinally?extending? insulatingitop
rail portion .. for. vthe.freirigerator:cabinet
. .Beè
tween „these -rails .the desired >forn'rof .insulating
arheat conducting metalgsuch'as copperor .other
material .is provided .fto'form .the toprfîshelfa!! of t‘the
similar4 material, so as todissipate the heat gen
refrigerator A.v
erated by ,the lights vin the light Wellgto the outer
casing of the refrigerator. Then the casing ofthe
refrigerator acts as a radiator, disposingof.. the
heat by radiating it away from the light. Well. YIn
this marinera virtually hermeticallyV sealed light
Well may bek providedwhich isa material advan
At intervals betweenxthe rails Hiïand‘ lä‘îslight
wellsare provided- byfleaving out «the insulating
_material betweentherails ìItal-1d’. I 5I for a >distance
as. illustratedinFigures 4 and 6to-give the (de.
sired .length4 to `the light well D.. î- Several @ofy ithese
lightwel-ls may .beformed in'L thetop .gframefof = the 55
refrigerator cabinet A, and` in the construction of
the same illustrated in Figure 1 I have shown two
of the light wells D. The light wells D are adapt
ed to inclose the electric lights E within the light
chamber I6.
This outer casing 26 which is preferably of metal,
is adapted to be covered by the outer enamelled
casing 28 which is held spaced away from the
metal covering 26, and thus the heat from the
lights E may be carried to the outer metal cover
Suitable light reflectors I'I are mounted upon
the bracket I8 which is adapted to secure the
ing and dissipated into the outer atmosphere.
light reflecting shield I'I directly to the light well
inside of the light well D, prevents any of the
heat from the lights E entering the refrigerating
hood I9. The hood I9 is made of suitable metal,
The heavy window insulating means 35 on the
10 such as copper or other metal being of a good
heat conducting character, so that the heat from
chamber B'. The lights E are sealed in the light 10
well Dv and are thus kept clean practically as long
the lights E which is carried on through the
bracket and dissipated to the reflector I'I may be
picked up by the hood I9.` The hood I9 is formed
15 with depending flanges 29 on the sides of the
-as the lights will last, thereby giving a good, clear,
same, which extend down on all sides of the re
flector I'I and which are spaced therefrom to pro
vide the air space 2I between the same, The
depending flanges 20 of the heat collecting hood
I9, which are made of copper or similar heat con
ducting material, are also spaced from the sides
22 of the light well D so as to form the air space
23 about the flanges 20 of the hood I9, thereby
providing an air space about the same.
The heat collecting hood I9 is formed with a
marginal top viiange 25 which projects about the
same and is adapted to form a comparatively
wide metallic contact or heat conducting con
tact with the metal outer sheathing 26 of the re
30 frigerator case, which extends over the outside
of the top of the refrigerator A. In this form
of the constructiomthe heat collecting hood I9
is secured in place by bearing strips 2‘I upon which
the outer enamelled sheathing 28 rests. Suitable
35 screws 29 hold the bearing strips 2l in intimate
contact with the ñange 25 _to press the same
tightly against the edge of the outer sheathing
26, thereby making a substantial contact which
will readily carry the heat from the hood I9 to the
40 sheathing 26.
The bracket I 8 extends through the light shield
I 'I and the hood I 9 and is secured in place by the
lock nuts 30. The electric wires 3| for the lights
E extend out through the bracket I8. The upper
45 'end of the hood I9 is adapted to be covered by
clean light into the refrigerator compartment B.
In the construction illustrated in Figures 5 and
6, the heat deflecting hood, together with the 15
light reflector, is removably secured by means of
the screws 42. The screws 42 hold the flange
25 of the heat deilector hood I9 in intimate con
tact with the metal sheathing 26, so that any
heat gathered by the hood I9 is conducted out 20
from the same into the metal sheathing 29 which
extends longitudinally along over the beams` I4
and -I5. In this construction, the cover 32 is
removable so that they heat deflecting hood I9
maybe removed to permit new electric lights E 25
to be placed in the supporting bracket I8. This
gives easy access to the lights E when it is de
sired to change the same. In this construction,
the window 35 remains fixed in position to close
the inner end of the light well D.
The window 35, made up of the multiplicity of
panes 39 provides a very efficient insulating
means to prevent any heat from the light well>
entering the compartment B.
This is more es
sential where the light well is sealed from the 35
outer atmosphere, otherwise the heat might
penetrate into the refrigerating compartment B.
lThe light supporting bracket I8 is made of a
hollow tubular nature and is adapted to provide
inlet and outlet means for the electric wires 3| 40
and also provides a radiating means to carry off
some of the heat from the lights E to the outer
atmosphere. 'I'his hollow bracket I8, however,
is sealed by the lock nuts 39 from the inner
chamber of the light well so that no dust or dirt 45
an outer cover 32 held by the screws 33 to the
enamelled casing 28. The cover 32 may be en
amelled in the same manner as the casing`28 and
can be directed into the same through the brack
et I8. The hollow and metal nature of the brack
et I8 provides an additional means of radiating
may be formed with Ventilating openings 34
therein, if it is desired, as illustrated in Figures
3 and 4. In the form illustrated in Figures 5
and 6, the cover 32 is not Yprovided with the ven
the heat out of the light well D.l
The sealed lighting means for refrigerator show 50
cases is also more desirable because itpermits the
tilating openings 34.
ing means.
The light well D is closed on the inside by the
55 window 35 which is made up of the hard rubber
frame 36 having an attaching flange 31 which
holds the frame 36 by the screws 38> in place to
close the lower or inner end of the light well D.
The window 35 is composed of a series of trans
60 parent window panes 39 which are held spaced
apart in the frame 36 to provide the dead air
spaces 40, thereby thoroughly insulating the
light >well from the refrigerating chamber B.
In Figures 3 and 4 of the refrigerator A, the
65 lights E' may be changed when it is desired, by
removing the frame 36 by loosening the screws
38. Thus whenever it is desired to replace the
lights E in this form of the refrigerator A, the
frame 36 is removed from the inside of the cham
ber B. In this form of the light well D, a wide
bearing flange 25 dissipates the heat from the
light well D to the outer casing'26. The casing
26 is of metal or other heat conducting material
and is adapted> to carry the heat along- the top
75 of the refrigerator on the outside of the same.
greatest >efficiency to be obtained from the light
No dust or dirt can enter the light
Welland settle upon the glass which is between
the light well and the refrigerator'compartment, 55
like in the old forms of show case refrigerators
where a light well with a Ventilating opening to
the outer atmosphere was provided. Neither
can any foreign matter, gnats or bugs enter the
light well and interfere with the passage of light 60
from the light well to the refrigerator compart
_ ment in our hermetically sealed light well.
' Our heat radiating means carries the heat away
from the lights and distributes it in a manner so
as to prevent overheating of the same.
This 65
form of show case refrigerator also provides a
means of lighting the inside of the same without
any necessity of air deflectors adjacent the light
well and display window but permits the light to
be most eñìciently directed over the entire con
tents of the show case in the refrigerating com
We claim:
1. The combination of, an insulating frame „
adapted to provide a refrigerator show case, a
refrigerator compartment within said showcase,
said reflector and said heat radiating hood, iiange
a shoW Window, a heat radiating covering on said
insulating frame, a light well in said frame sealed
from the atmosphere, a heat collecting means in
hold the same spaced from the side Walls of said ‘
light well to provide an air space thereabout, and «
means for supporting said heat radiating hood to
said light well adapted to support electric lights means for clamping said flange means to the
therein, and means connecting said heat collect ’ outer heat radiating surface of said case, whereby
ing means to said outer heat radiating covering heat from the light well is radiated to the outer
to provide a radiating means for radiating the atmosphere with said light well hermetically
heat away from said light Well.
5. The combination, a refrigerator body having 10
2. The combination, a display refrigerator case,
an insulating body adapted to form said case, a an insulating character, a light well hermetically
display window, an outer metal sheathing for sealed from the atmosphere formed in said body
said body, light Well means formed in said body, having electric lights therein, a light reflector, an
electric lights positioned in said >light well, an air space about said reflector, a heat radiating
window sealing said light well on the and heat collecting hood spaced from and extend
inside toward the refrigerating compartment of ing about said reflector, means for spacing said
said show case, and means for collecting and heat radiatinghood from the inner Walls of said
radiating the heat from the electric lights in said light well, an insulating transparent window on
light well means to the outer metal sheathing of one side of said light well to transmit'light from
the electric lights to the refrigerating compart
20 said case, said heat collecting means closing said
ment of said refrigerator case, and means for>
light well means to the outer atmosphere.
3. The combination, a refrigerator show case holding said Window removable to give- access to
having an insulated body, an insulated display the electric lights in said Well.
6. A light well for a refrigerator display -case orv
window adapted to insulate the refrigerator com
the like, including, a hermetically sealed light
25 partment on the inside of said case from the outer
atmosphere and providing a transparent window Well, electric light means in said light Well, light
to display the contents of said case, a light well
formed in said body having an insulated Window by a transparent window to direct light to the .
to direct light into the refrigerating compartment refrigerating comparment, means connecting
said light well to the refrigerator outer surface for 30
30 of said case and having a nature to insulate the
light well from the refrigerator compartment, a radiating heat from said light well to the outer
heat conductor hood of copper or the like, a light atmosphere along the surface of the display case,
reflector mounted in said hood, electric lights and guard means over the outer portion of said
light Well to conduct heat away from the light
mounted in said reflector, a bracket for support
35 ing said lights having a hollow nature and ex
7. A light well for a refrigerator including, an
tending through said reflector and said heat radi
ating hood, said heat radiating hood closing said insulating Window having dead air spaces therein
light well to the outer atmosphere, and means and adapted to permit light to be projected into
the refrigerator compartment of the refrigerator,
connected with said heat radiating hood to pro
a light reflector hood, and a heat collecting> and
40 vide an outer additional heat radiating means
adapted to carry away the heat from the electric radiating hood connected together and spaced
lights in said reflector to the outer atmosphere apart to provide air spaces therebetween and
adapted to close one side of the light Well, and
while said light well is hermetically sealed.
4. A light well for a refrigerator including, a means contacting with said heat collector and
radiating hood to provide a conducting contact
45 light reflecting member, means for mounting
electric light means in said reflector, an air space outside of the refrigerator to radiate heat away
about said reflector, a heat radiating hood spaced from said hood which is shut up in said light well.
from and extending about said reflector, an in
sulating, transparent window at the open side of
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