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Patented Sept. 27, 1938
John L. Kcubek, Anderson, Ind., assig‘nor to Gen
eral Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich., a cor
poration of Delaware
Application January 24, 1936, Serial No. 60,566
2 Claims.
This invention relates to light reilecting means
of the autocollimating type in which incident
light is reflected back to-Ward its source and the
reflecting means appears to be illuminated.
It relates more specifically to reflecting means
used in various signs such as danger signs, vad
vertising signs, etc., that lie adjacent a highway
and upon which the rays from the headlights of
cars would fall and be reflected back thus caus
10 ing illumination of the sign or signal and its vis
ibility to the approaching cars. They are widely
termed “reflex buttons”. This construction is
somewhat similar to that shown in my copend
ing applications Serial No. 60,564 ñled January
15 24, 1936 and Serial No. 60,565 filed January 24,
An object of my invention is to provide an
autocollimating reñector of high eiñciency which
reflects a high percentage of the incident light.
It is a further object of my invention to pro
vide a reilector having a short major axis for
space economy.
It is a still further object of my invention to
provide a single unitary part capable of reflect
25 ing the incident rays.
Figs. 1, 2 and 3 show side elevation, front or
bottom plan, and perspective views respectively of
that upon light impinging thereon, the whole
sign may be visible to anyone approaching, such, 10
as for example, `an approaching motor car, to
give warning of a curve or crossroad.
The particular advantage of myY device is that
it is unitary and does not require any other means
in combination therewith for reflecting the light 15
or for any other optical use, the only means nec
essary to complete a sign with my device being
any suitable support and the support need not be
thick as the device is short.
I claim:
1. A unitary device for reflecting light rays
comprising, a block of transparent material hav
ing a first face formed by the intersection of two
cylinders which cross each other at an angle,
the axes of the two cylinders being parallel to 25
the center lines of the block, and a second face
opposite the first formed by the intersection of
parent or translucent material, preferably glass,
two cylinders which cross each other at an angle,
the axes of the cylinders which form the second
face being parallel to the axes of the cylinders 30
the front and rear faces of which are both formed
by a plurality of cylindrical surfaces 4 and 6
which intersect at right angles to each other to
face being spaced from corresponding portions of '
the second face a distance such that light rays
the member constituting my invention. The re
flector constitutes a body member 2 of trans
35 form cross flutes having their major axes par
allel with the center lines of the body member,
the rear surface being in this instance silver
plated as at 8 to assist in reflecting the rays im
pinging thereon.
verge the rays from some light source and send
them to the rear surface where they are reflected
back and sent out of the reflector in substan
tially the direction of their incidence.
This member is adapted to be placed in any 5
desired or suitable supporting means and a plu
rality of these devices may be so placed in the
support as to form any desired conñguration so
The purpose of the forward surface is to _con
which form the ñrst face, the portions of the first
parallel to the axis of the device and passing
through the surface of the first face are focused 35
on the second face.
2. A device as in claim 1, which includes, a
light reflecting substance coating said second face.
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