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Sept. 27, 1938.
Filed Jan. 24, 1958
4 (70km W?errell,
Patented Sept. 27, 1938
John W. Sheri-ell, Roswell, N. Mex. .
Application January 24, 1938, Serial No. 186,721 I
3 Claims.
(01. 221-23) ‘
This invention relates to a sealed container ' along with the cutting edges B curve the material
opener and has for the primary object the pro- of the wall inwardly and away from the upper
vision of a simple, durable and e?icient device of end of the penetrating element so that the con
this character which embodies a construction tents of the container may ?ow freely therefrom,
5 wherein a sealed container may readily have a also the penetrating elements acting to admit
side wall thereof penetrated or opened for the atmospheric air into the container to facilitate '
emptying of the contents into the device so that the ?ow of the contents out of the container into
the latter may be. employed for directing said
the funnel.
The opening of the container by the
contents into another device without danger of. destruction of a side wall thereof prevents the
10 spilling or waste, the container being opened by container being restored for further use. If the 10
the destruction of a side wall thereof to prevent container is opened by puncturing an end Well
said container from being restored for further use. said end Wall can be easily removed and replaced
With these and other objects in View, this invention consists in certain novel features of con-
by another reconditioning the container for fur
ther use.
Thus it will be seen that the present
15 struction, combination and arrangement of parts
to be hereinafter more fully described and
invention has a‘distinet advantage Over similar 15
openers in that it renders the container un?t f0!‘
further use after being opened thereby.
For a Complete understanding of my invention,
reference is to be had to the following description
20 and accompanying drawing, in which
Figure 1 is a, vertical sectional view illustrating
an opener constructed in accordance with my inVention and showing a container opened thereby.
What is claimed is:
1- An Opener Comprising a» funnel including a
spout and a flared portion, said ?ared portion 20
having its walls extended to form a substantially
rectangular shaped Container receiving Portion
adopted to receive a container disposed upon its ,
Figure 2 is a transverse sectional View illustrat25 ing the Same
Figure 3 is a top phm View illustrating the
Siiie, spaced bars integral With Opposite Walls of
the container receiving portion, and tubular pen- 25
eti'atmgelements carried by the spaced bars and '
Referring in detail to the drawing, the numeral
l indicates a funnel including a spout 2 and a
‘having ends beveled to form combined penetrat
ins points and cutting edges to sever a side Wall ,
01“ at i3‘ultiiinei‘ as it is placed in the container"
30 flared portion 3. The walls of the ?ared portion
3 of the funnel are extended to form a substan-
receiving portion.
2- An opener Comprising a funnel including a '
tially rectangular shaped container receiving
portion 4 opposite end walls of which have inte-
Spout and a ?ared portion, Said ?ared portion
having its walls extended to form a substantially
rectangular shaped container receiving portion
adapted to receive a container disposed upon its
Side, Spaced bars integral With Opposite Walls of 35
the container receiving portion, tubular penetrat
me elements carried by the spaced bars and hav
ing ends beveled to form COmbined Penetrating
gral therewith heek_shaped ?nger pieces 5 which
35 may be employed for Supporting the device on
another device if desired. The interior dimenSiens of the portion 4 are such to permit a sealed
container 6 to be placed therein upon one of its
sides, the end walls of the container being ar40 ranged adjacent to the end walls of the portion 4.
Spaced bars 1 are integral with opposite end walls
points and Cutting edges to sever a side Wall of a 40
container as it is placed in the container receiving '
of the portion 4 slightly above the flared portion
portion, and hook-shaped ?nger. pieces integral
3 of the funnel and have integral therewith ver-
With opposite walls of the container receiving '
tically arranged penetrating elements 8 spaced a
portion and arranged exteriel'ly 0f the latter.
45 selected distance apart and are adapted to form
in a wall of the container 6 spaced openings when
said container is pushed downwardly in the portion 4 of the device allowing the contents of the
container to drain into the funnel I and thence
3. An opener for a sealed Container-Comprising 45‘
a rectangular shaped portion including solid Walls
and open at the top and bottom thereof whereby
a container disposed on its side may be placed in
said portion fromthe top thereof, afunnel includ
50 into another device to which the funnel is ing a flared portion formed on the lower edges of 50
adapted. The penetrating elements 8 are pref- the solid walls, andmeans mounted in the rec
erably of tubular formation having their upper . tangular shaped portion to destroy a side of the
ends cut on a bevel to provide penetrating points container as the latter is placed in said rectangu
A and cutting edges B.
The penetrating points
55 A when passing through the wall of the container
lar shaped portion.
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