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Patented Sept. v27, 1938
732,131,650 ~
Byron H. Webb‘, Washington, D.‘ 0., assignor to '
Secretary of Agriculture of the United States of
No Drawing. Application April 16, 1937, 1
Serial No. 137,284
2 Claims. ,(Cl. 99-100)
(Grantedunder theact of March 3, 1883, as
amended April 30,-1928; 370 O. G. 757)
milk serum may be obtained by precipitation of
March 3, 1883, as amended by the act of April , the casein from milk, by means of rennet. Such
30, 1928, and the invention herein described and sweet casein-free semm forms one of the best.
claimed may be used by or for the Government sources of milk constituents from which to pre
This applicattion is made under‘ the act of
. -
5 of the United States or any of its o?icers and pare myv products. These products can also easily I 5
employees in the prosecution'of work for the _> be prepared from whey powder.
Government, without'the payment to me of any
My invention applies to acid foods, which may
royalty thereon.
contain fruits or fruit juices, and whichdo'not
Sterilization in sealed containers by heat is the require high sterilization temperatures.
10 method commonly employed to preserve many
The application of my process to acid foods, 1o
_food products. If theproduct to be sterilized such as pineapple, citrus and .other'fruit juices,
contains normal milk or cream di?lculty with or to strawberries,‘loganberries, _or other berries,
heat coagulation of the casein of the milk is often - provides a method of manufacturing new com- .
encountered. The most important factor to be‘ binations of fruit and milkserum products. 'Di
1 considered in the sterilization of evaporated milk, lute mixtures may also be prepared to beused as
co?ee cream, cream soups, ‘and other products beverages. Ice-cream mix suitable for freezing‘
containing milk, is how to prevent a-hard co ;in a mechanical refrigerator may be prepared
agulum of casein from forming. The develop
by adding whipped cream to my new product.
ment of hard lumps of coagulated, casein -_in
Attractive mixtures of fruit, sugar, ?avoring
20 sterilized products has in many cases made it and gelatin, with approximately 6 to 14% serum
impossible to successfully prepare products con
solids from milk, may be processed at low tem
taining any appreciable quantity of milk con
peratures to yield products which possess high
stituents. This is especially true of acid foodsv whipping qualities, although they contain no
I such as fruits and fruit juices.
butterfat. The low processing temperatures can
Casein is not only coagulated at high tem
be used because of the high acidity of the prodperatures of heating but it is also precipitated ucts. A. reaction, of pH 4.5 or less can be easily
by acid. For this reason it is not possible to mix obtained from the fruit acid.
milk or cream with fruit juices, because of the
An important feature of my new fruit whips
complete coagulation of casein by the acid fruit.» is their ability to incorporate air during whip
30 This reaction occurs very rapidly, especially ping. I am able to develop from 100% _to 400%
at high temperatures. I have found that casein
overrun during a 2 or 3'minute whipping period.
free milk serum‘ can_ be mixed with acid juices Whipping properties of this magnitude are due
to produce mixtures _possessing a smooth body -to the unique'composition of my ‘whips and~ to . ,
and excellent ?avorA‘ I have discovered that the fact that the milk albumin contained in
35 these mixtures may be canned and processed
without detrimental effects to- ?avor or body, the serum solids I add remains partly in soluble 35
and with much of the protein remaining soluble. form.
Although wide variations in the quantities of
The process which I have discovered will
eliminate the troublesome heat coagulation of sugar, gelatin or edible gum, ‘fruit and serum
solids are permitted, the following example illus- '‘
40 casein in heated or sterilized products. My proc
ess involves the use or substitution of the milk
serum proteins for casein in the material to be
sterilized. Under proper conditions the serum
proteins, consisting chie?y of albumin and glo
45 bulin, do not form such a hard coagulumxduring
heating as does casein. They will withstand high
acid at ordinary temperatures without coagu
trates the manufacture of my new fruit whips: . 40
v For each 1000 grams of product I add approx
imately 120 grams of soluble milk serum solids, 10
gramsof gelatin, 30 grams of water, 200 grams
of sugar, and approximately 660 grams of crushed 45 ,
fruits or fruit juice. Flavoring materials, such v
.as vanilla extract, may also be used to suit the
taste. This mixture is processed in- cansat‘ a
- Products suitable .for' the purpose of my inven- ' time and temperature which will give it perma- ,
50 tion may be obtained in several ways.
nent keeping qualities. I recommend the use 50
2. A new prodnct
' of ‘5 temfierature'ofsubstantially 85° C. for ap
soluble whey power,
proximately 20 minutes.
Having thus described my invention, what I V?avoring
solids range from 6
, claim for-‘Lett'ers‘Patent is:
1."A new'product'co'nsisting of a. mixture of a
' concentrated form of soluble 'milk serum, crushed
fruit, and ?avoring materials, in which the milk
serum solids range from 6 to 14 percent, and
which is. capable of producing a. stable whip.
consisting of a. mixture of
crushed fruit, gelatine, and
in which the milk serum
to 14 percent and in which
the acidity is substantially pH 4.5, andpdssessing 5
relatively high whipping properties.
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