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Sept. 27, 1938.
J. cßÀ/,LuwAGHl
Filed Agìg .' 23,
uncgsehi n./
«1fs|a/ ./
Jaw CAMA/,46H
Patented Sept. 27K, 1938 ,
2,131,697' -ï
f., f ,t
John Cavanagh, East Norwalk, Conn., assignor
to Hat Corporation .of America, Norwalk,_¿
Conn., a corporation of _Delaware
Applieation August 2s, 1935, serial Ne.¿s1.54s
.7 claims.
The present invention >relatesfto improvements
in sweat bands for hats andA caps. In particular
it relates to fabric sweat bands ratherzthan the
usual leather bands, and to composite rather than
single ply bands.
(c1. 'fa-181)',l
fabric‘sweat band adapted’ to absorb'a" large
amount of perspiration-yet adapted to >prevent
the absorbed perspiration from seeping through
to the hat body where'it would mar- the general
appearance 'ofthe hat.
A fabric sweat band has the desirable charac
teristic of being more flexible and of more readily
absorbing perspiration than a> leather band, >and
-of providing a smooth and silky feel and a'better
and more comfortable conforming-shape, espe
cially at the forehead. A fabric sweat band also
provides a large number of interstices between -the
woven fibres whereby air may pass between the
wearer’s forehead and the cloth band vmore freely
Another feature of the invention is the provi
sion of ra separate barrier or water-prooñng-mem- _
ber inV back of the absorbent-backing member,
serving mainly as a dam, therebyv providing a
three-ply composite sweat which lis both Ahighly '10
absorbent and highly- water-proof or moisture
impervious. ’
In light‘colore'd hats especially,V and in warm
climates, it is always a very real problem to keep
than with leather bands, thereby providing freer -the Aperspiration from seeping through asWeat "-15 ¿
circulation at the point where the sweat band
engages the forehead> and serving to make the
wearer feel more comfortable.
However, with most of the fabricsweat bands
:20 heretofore provided there was a-` disadvantage of
the perspiration permeating >the sweat band’and
‘band and marring the appearance of _ a hat and
outer band.-
'_ It is an object of the present invention to pro
vide aY sweat `band which is unusually effective in
preventing the hat body and outer-hat band from Nl 0
sweat band is preferably. soft and‘yielding there is
being spoiled by vmoisture* and perspiration, and
to provide such improved sweatbands which will
be applicable to all styles'ofjhats and caps.
>Although fabric sweat bands for hats are de
porting it in an inverted position within the
lair spaces to insure a more comfortable andmore
crown of a hat.
natural engagement and condition of the fore- _
passing to the hat, and in some cases through the
hat to the outer hat band itself. 'Because a fabric
Ol a possibility of wrinkling and a problem of sup
It is an object of the present invention to pro
vide a fabric sweat band adapted to absorb per
@130 spiration much more readily than leather and
other sweat bands heretofore provided.
sirable from-the standpoint’of smooth fit and feel, 25
head, as hereinbefore set forth,- 'these desirable
objects are impeded sometimes -bygthe soft fabric
`o_f the hat band itself when itwrinines or is not-.30
properlysupported within thîe’h'at.
To this-end the present invention provides a
fabric sweat band of materials readily adapted to
absorb the perspiration and which is constructed
*3.5 in a novel manner to prevent the perspiration
` ~
' Itis another object of the present invention t
_provide a fabric sweat band having all theafore- `
Aksaid characteristics, but' which-will always be ' Y
smooth and properly supported within the hat. ‘ 35
from seeping entirely through the fabric head ' *To‘this end, the present invention Aprovides a
cloth to the hat body or outer hat band which novel structure for imparting and maintaining
would therefore spoil or mar the appearance of -the fabric sweat band in a neat, smooth general
the hat.
An especially important feature of the present
invention in this connection, is the provision of a
composite sweat band for hats and caps which is
provided with a fabric head band imparting a
smooth ñt and feel at the wearer’s head and which
appearance at all times and so arranged thatlit
will be properly supported at all times and lvvil1’40
not be pulled from within the crown.
-Another object isïto-providea fabric sweat band
which may be made in variousvforms, for eXam- »
ple with a flange extending under-"the brim sec
A5 is provided with an absorbent Ybacking member, >tion of ahata considerable extent in order to`45 '
having a high capacity of absorption and subse
prevent perspiration from getting around thelow
quent evaporation.
er-end thereof andV seeping into the brim of» the
A complementary feature in connection with
this form of the invention is the provision of - a
`:"Accordingly, an important feature of the pres
'.50 water-proof coating directly upon the absorbent ent inventionY is the provision of a` novel backingÁ` 0
backing member adapted to prevent the body 'member adapted to be preformed with a consider
acids, perspiration and the like in theabsorbent able. ñange and to support a fabric thereover, or
member from seeping therethrough to the hat to take a fabric in `its original flat form and -be
body and to the hat band. -Thus, it is apparent .formedwith ailange in such .amanner as to
. ,
` that the present invention provides an economical support the fabric under. the rim ofthe hat .aî-55
This backing member I2 is a particularly im
considerable extent and thereby impart a neat
appearance to the hat and at the same time pre
vent the perspiration from getting around the
portant part of the present invention and should
vtherefore be particularly noted. It is preferably
corner thereof to the hat body.
made of a felted, self-supporting material which
is highly permeable or absorbent, to readily ab--
It is a 'further object of the present invention
to- provide a fabric head band or sweat band for
hats and caps which will be yielding and flexi
ble to conform with the shape of a head, yet
which will not stretch and thereby lose the ,proper
sorb the perspiration collected by and seeping
through the fabric head band II, and also suffi
ciently porous to readily evaporate the collected
perspiration subsequently. While a -blotting pa
head size and allow the `‘hat to slide from the ‘head
of a user; that is, to provide a sweat band which
per may be used for this purpose, other tougher 10
:yet absorbent materials are preferred. At pres
will not stretch, but will maintain its original size
’ent a paper like composition of fibrous material
known bythe trade name of “Solka”, and used
regularly on the inner sole of shoes, has been
found most satisfactory for the purpose.
at all times and thereby insure a snug fitr-»upon
the head of a wearer. This is especially desirable
15 in hats with sweat bands such» as the present
However, it-»is desired not to limit the backing
one made of fabric which Vis normally’muchfmore
yielding than the sweat leathers ordinarily >used- .imember I2 tofany‘particular material, with the
¿exception however that it is preferably absorbent,
in hats.
y ,
-To this end the present invention provides a . tough, and self supporting. The latter charac
band of unyielding material extending around teristicis‘particularly desirable since it serves the 20
the sweat band at the »point where it >engages the important function of supporting and maintain
head and which would .normally be 4subject to ingtheîsuperposed’and soft fabric head band -I'I
the greatest amount of stretch, capable of pre
in a raised or inverted position within a crown 2|
venting the n sweat band from stretching and
of -a hat 20 and .prevents it from being pulled out
thereby maintaining the >band vin the originally
of the crown when a user lifts the hat from his 25
In hats it is >desirable to have the sweatband
Further, by being self supporting, the backing
serve as a retainer to cooperate with the hat
member I2 may be provided with a flange> I8 to
body vin keeping the crown lining in place. How
.prevent Vperspiration from reaching the brim I9
30 ever, when the sweat band is not possessed of cfa hat 20 and indirectly from reaching a crown (80
strength, the weight .of the .fabric >lining causes it ' >`2I thereof. „
to vbend over and thereby spoil thel appearance
»It >is within the purview of this invention to
»of either -or both the sweat band and the crown
furnish the contemplated sweat .bands either with
.It is .an important object ofthe present in
vention to provide a fabric sweat band capable of
properly supporting the crown lining between ít
self and the hat body and which will dothis with
out «bending or wrinkling even` though it is made
40 of light, flexible fabric -in the main section.
Other objects, features, «and advantages will
Referring now in >detail to ïthe drawing:
Figure l is a perspective view. of the complete
A waterproof coating 22 is vpreferably applied
to `the `outer .side I1 -of the backing member-I2, 510
,as by a'brush, spray, or any other of the now
wellknown ways. The «coating may -be of rubber,
.of varnish, `or -similar material. Preferably the
Ycoating is lof a consistencyand thicknessadapted
. to vimpart additional rigidity or otherwise im
sweat band of the present invention.
Fig. 2 is a fragmentary andsectional `View of
one form of sweat band >made in accordance with
the present invention and applied to .a hat which
vis shown -fragmentarily.
Fig. »3 is 'a fragmentary >sectional :view similar
to Fig. 2 but shows the lcomposite sweat band
made with an additional water-_proofing or `mois
ture impervious -member thereon.
or without the flange I8. ¿Since the backing
member I2 is self supporting itis capable of
.maintaining >andsupporting the soft fabric head
I I inl a stretched `position about the
prove theself supporting Vcharacter of the back
ing memeber I2, yet su?liciently flexible to allow
theA band to .conform `with variously shaped `heads
without cracking. It also 4prevents the backing
rmember -I2 from stretching adversely. It serves
the important .function 4of preventing perspira
tion from passing entirely »through the backing
>member andthereby protects the adjacentghat
Fig. 4 is >a fragmentary and sectional view of -20 and usualouter hat band from being adversely
`subjected to .an impregnation of perspiration.
a simplified form of the present invention.
.By .applying »this coating Vprior to lapping the
Fig. 5V is a slightly modified form of the inven
margins 1I3 and I4 over .the edges I5 vand I6, the
tion shown in Fig. 4.
, Y
Fig. `6 isa fragmentary` viewshowing a modified coating may be `used-tosecure-the head band «I-I
thereto. However, to insure an even thickness
_connection :between ythe head band and .the `back
vand. substantially Vimpervious `»coating 2 2, separate í
:ing member.
A sweat band Ill,` shown in Fig. 3, is theaform `bands Aof adhesive 23 and 24 >are `used to secure
of the present Yinvention now‘pre’ferred, ¿and ac
cordingly is first described. It Acomprises ahead
band II `of any kind of fabric. >At present fabrics
made of synthetic _fibres such as “Celanese”,
“Rayon”, and the Y like are preferred. A soft
yielding weave tothe material is preferable, `and
may be provided to any desired degree in the now
well known manner .of making fabric materials.
The fabric head .band I I .is laid upon »and sup
ported by a .backing member I2, preferably by
lappingmargins I3 and ‘I4 thereof over side edges
`lli .and IBand'by adhesivelysecuringthe margins
to `the .outer `side I1 :of -the 'backing inember, as
îbybadliesivebands -23 and 24. ..
.the headband in place after >the coating 22 has
'been dried on the backing member I2.
, -If .preferred-the headband -II may be secured
>to »the Vbacking member YI2 by aline of'stitching
>25 -to the top edge I5, >as shown -in Fig. 6, >and
likewise to the bottom edge I6, thereby also im
parting(> an ornamental effect to :the «edge of the
:Although thebacking strip I2 may be of a
`woven material, it is preferably made of a >pressed
`fibrous -material since it may more `easily 'be cov
ered with a 'coating Í2'2 and 'more vcertainly ’be
ìlîhelporositysof‘îthe backing .member forwardly
of the coating 22 and the interstices -between `the
ismore prevalent the use ofthe barriermember
fibres of the fabric I I, facilitate a rapid evapora
>28 on the band AIl) is more satisfactory andfpre
tion of accumulated perspirationfromthe band.
Prior to securing the margin I4 >to theouter
side though,>a sizing strip 26, suchasa closely
woven cloth tape which is incapable of yielding
elastic-rubber coating22 isïapplied to ‘the outer
side of the backing member I2, 'the s'izin'gstrip
. or stretching, is also superposed upon the backing
member I2. This strip serves the ’ important
When an'unelastic “Glyptal’NratherthanV an
Í 26 may also be dispensed with, as shownin‘fFigfl, y
lsince the coatingserves in aconsiderable measure '
function of preventing the more or less yielding
head band II and backing member I2i'from
to prevent the sweat’band from stretching. {How
of the margin
prevent the passageofperspiration to the» hat. _
ever, the unyielding> si‘z'ing‘memberï 26 makes a ' v10
stretching from the original fabricated .head band vmore positive and »effective sweat band.-size. It may be secured to the backing member
Figure‘i‘ shows' a sweat band >IIJB which-is a
I2 by the coating 22 or by the adhesive 24, pref
further modified form of the present invention
erably the latter, whereuponv the outer si-de of wherein' the barrier'member 28y alone serves to
the strip, too, may be coated with adhesive v¿41' support and ymaintainthe fabric headband I I in.
in order to receive and holdthe outer extremity the-_inverted position within the »'hat, andj to
- .»
A waterproof barrier member 28 is also pref _Although thisbarrier band may be treated with
erably provided on the composite sweat band I2, rubber to render it impervious, it has been found
:20 of either oiled or rubberized silk, orother water
>that rubber has 'a short life, does' not resistmbody C20
proof materials now used for like purposes in acids, and is somewhat-elastic.
the back of sweat bands of leather and other
A fabric member treated with synthetic resin,
materials. The use of a material having the such as “Glyptal” is inert to body acids, has a
trade-name of “Blossom”, and generally consist " long life, and is not elastic; - Consequently it »has
ing of a silk or other fabric treated with “Glyptal” - been found much‘ïmore satisfactory for this pur C25
or glycerol-phthalate has been found most satis
pose. Since it can Ibe made of any desired con
factory since this material is very flexible, yet it . sistency and strength,=it`serves effectively to sup
is not affected by body acids, etc., found in per
port thek fabricï head band II. In this form,A in
spiration, and’consequently has a long life. It order. to~ achieve >the’head band supporting char
"30 may be secured to the composite band as by suit
acteristics, the barrier strip 28 is made much E30
able ban-ds of adhesive 29 and 30. When the thicker than when-it is applied to both the head
barrier member 28 is provided, the waterproof banclII and backing member I2.
coating 22 may be dispensed with. However, be
Fig. 5.shows- a'sweathband IUCWhich is like
cause of the extreme desirability of keeping per
the sweat band IlIB*,~just described in detail, in
35 spiration from the hat, both are preferably em
nearly every particular except that two thin
bodied in the sweat band.
rather than one thick barrier strip >28 is pro
Thus it will be seen that the composite sweat vided. As with the other forms of the invention
band Ill, of Fig. 3, comprises the head cloth II, the barrier strips and the fabric head band may
backing member I2, sizing strip 26 and the bar
40 rier member 28, preferably secured together in
the manner hereinbefore described, although the
sizing strip 26 may be superposed upon the mar
gin I4 rather than underneath it and other minor
changes made within the purview of the present
45 invention. After the various elements thereof
are so secured together they are cut to the exact
be secured together by an adhesive or by Vmar- .
ginal lines of stitching 25. The double thickness 40
of thin barrier strips has the advantage of'great- _
er flexibility than the single thick barrier strip
of the sweat band IDB so that it will better con
form with irregularities of one’s head and at thev
same time will serve to support the head band I2 45
in an upright and wrinkle-proof condition to the
desired length (viz., to equal the circumference
same degree as the one thick'barrier member 28 '
of the desired sweat band size) and then secured
together at adjoining ends 3| and 32 as by a line
of the band IZB.
50 of ‘straight stitching 33, or zig-zag stitching 34,
as shown in Fig. 2.
Thereafter the completed sweat band may be
secured to the hat in any of the now well known
ways, for example, as by edge stitching 35 shown
55 in Fig. 4.
After it is so secured in place it serves
to advantageously support a crown lining 36
within the hat 20. The backing member is suffi
ciently self supporting to keep the lining in place
and to prevent the fabric head band II from
60 curling out of the crown as the user removes
the hat from his head. The fabric member II
and/or the backing member effectively absorb
and evaporate perspiration, -while the coatingl
22 and/ or the barrier member 26 effectively pre
65 vent perspiration from reaching the hat 2|) or
the usual outer hat band.
Figure 2 shows a modified form of composite
sweat band IIIA which is the same as the sweat
band I0 just described in detail, excepting for the
70 omission of the barrier member 28, and conse
quent detailed description thereof again would be
superfluous. In many instances and in temper
ate climates, the'coating 22 alone has proven suf
ficient to prevent perspiration from reaching the75 hat 2D. In the hotter climates where perspiring
In the sweat bands IOB and IUC' the barrier>
strip may be provided with a supplemental coat
ing 22, of rubber varnish or thelike, but prefer
ably of glycerol-phthalate.
Although the present invention has been de
scribed primarily as applied to a hat, it is equally
applicable for use with caps, as will be readily 55
understood by those in this art.
Other variations and modifications may be
made within the scope ofthis invention and por- '
tions of the improvementsmay be used Without
Having thus described the present invention,
what is claimed as new and for which it is de
sired to obtain Letters Patent is:
1. A composite sweat band for hats comprising
a fabric head band; an absorbent b-acking mem
ber, more rigid than the head band, adapted to
support the fabric head band and prevent it from .
wrinkling; a sizing strip of substantially unyield
ing material, adapted >to prevent the head band
and backing member from stretching; a water
proof barrier member encircling said absorbent , `
backing member; and rmeans for securing said
fabric head band, absorbent backing vmember,V
sizing strip, and waterproof barrier member to- «75
2. »A Ycomposite sweat band forhats Icomprising
Aimpart vand 4sustain a, flange-like »shape to the
fabric head band... v
a fabric head band; an absorbent >backing >mem
ber, more rigid than the head band, adapted to . , 5.V A composite-sweatîba'nd for hats comprising
support the' fabric head band and prevent it from a fabric head band; -an absorbent backing mem
wrinkling; a Waterproof coating'on saida-bsorbent ber of _pressedviìbrousmaterial, more rigid than 5:5
backing member; a sizing strip of substantially
unyielding material, adapted .to prevent the head
the fabric head band; adapted to alone support
the fabric «headband andto prevent it from
Wrinkling; a Waterproof coating on said backing
Vmember on the side away from said fabric head’
band; and means for securing said fabric headwlO
band and backing member from stretching; a
waterproof barrier member encircling said ab
'10 sorbent backing member; and means for securing
said fabric head band, absorbent backing mem ,-bandïto lsaidïbacking» member.
ber, sizing strip, and Waterproof `barrier member
6. rA composite sweat band for hats comprising
a highly absorbent backing member of self sup
3. A composite sweat band for hats comprisingl porting material having top and bottom edges
a fabric head band; a highlyr absorbent vbacking
member, more rigid than the head band, adapted
to alone support the fabric head band and pre
vent it from Wrinkli'ng; a sizing strip of substan
tially unyielding textile` material, adapted to
prevent the head band and backing member from
stretching; and means for securing said fabric
head band, backing member, `and sizing strip
4. A composite sweat band `for .hats comprising’
a fabric head band; >an absorbent backing mem
ber of self-supporting material, more rigid than
the fabric headband, adapted to alone support
the fabric head band and Ato‘prevent it from
wrinkling; a Waterproof coating on said backing
member on the side away from said fabric head
band; means forsecuring said `fabric head band
to said backing member; >and an outwardly ex
tending peripheral fl‘ange on said ibacking niem
ber at the lower edge thereofV adapted to valone
and an outer side; a fabric head band supported V=;15
by said backing member and having top and bot
tom margins overlapping the top and bottom
edges and the outer side thereof; a sizing strip
of substantially unyielding material encompass
ing said 'ahead band member and said backingjzo
member -to prevent stretching of lsaid members;
and a Waterproof barriermember forming an
outer face for the sweat band.
7. A composite sweat `band for hats compris
ving a lfabric head band; a highly absorbent back~~ ~¿25
ing member of felted material for absorbing mois
ture from the head band more rigid than the
fabric head band, >adapted to alone support the
fabric «head band and to prevent it from wrink
ling; a sizing strip ofrsubstantially unyieldingfso
textile material; and means for securing said
fabric head iband to said absorbent backing mem
ber and .sizing strip.
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