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ì Sept. 27, 193s.
2, 1 3 l ,714
Filed. July 18, 193e
BY @KQ/„6%
Patented Sept. 27, 1938
Frank C. Woelfer,-Jr., Cincinnati, Ohio, assignor
to The Cincinnati Ball Crank Company, Cin
cinnati, Ohio, a corporation of `Ohio
Application `Iuly 18, 1936, Serial No. 91,349
5 Claims. (Cl. 221-11)
This invention relates to receptacles, and is on line 5_5, Fig. l, detailing the connection to
particularly directed to a pail or bucket of the
the main part of the body of the support or base l
character used for ñlling radiators in service
The equipment for modern service stations
must be symmetrical and graceful. This require
ment extends to all the equipment used in servic
element thereof.
ing an automobile. The old fashioned water can
or bucket for ñlling radiators is ungainly, since it
is of irregular outline and awkward shape, and
presents unsightly projections.
It is the object of the present invention to pro
vide a water bucket or pail which is so fabricated
as to provide a well rounded shape and neat
appearance without less of serviceability. For
this purpose, parts of an entirely new and im
proved form are provided, and are assembled in a
highly novel manner. The present invention is
not directed to the ornamental appearance but
20 pertains to the structural arrangement, making
possible an ornamental appearance.
It is also the fact that equipment of this char
acter, that is, metal receptacles, receives a great
deal of hard usage and careless treatment in serv
25 ice. Accordingly, it must be quite durable and
must be fabricated and assembled in a manner
precluding breakage at the joints such as would
cause leakage. It is, accordingly, another object
of this invention to provide an improved water
30 pail or bucket which is formed of relatively few
parts, which parts are joined in a manner resist
ing breakage at the joints and lending greater
rigidity to the bucket. Additionally, Ythe fabrica
tion is such as to enable production of the buck
35 ets at very low cost. This saving not only eX
tends to the initial formation of the parts but to
the assembly operations as well.
It is a further object of this invention to pro
'I‘he present concept results from the deter
mination that the water buckets of the past were 5
too cumbersome and awkward, and these faults
made it' difficult to handle the buckets in` the
operation of servicing the car. Thel invention,
one embodiment of which is herein disclosed,
resides in the provision- of a» bucket formed of 10
pressed steel parts to provide a gracefully shaped
receptacle and one which is easily assembled,
water-tight, and durable. To this end, pressed
steel halves are joined along a central vertical
These halves include in each case a por
tion of the spout and body of the receptacle, and
thus eliminate the necessity for a separate spout
element and add to the grace of the product.
Furthermore, supplemental metal parts provide
an improved base for the receptacle, and means 20
for pouring therefrom as well as means for han- -
dling the receptacle for the operation of pouring.
Referring to the drawing, the pressed steel
halves or shells, indicated at I0, are duplicates.
Each half includes a portion II forming half of
the body and a portion I2 forming half of the
spout. Marginal flanges I3 extend continuously
around the edges of the shells with the exception
of the spout opening. These flanges abut, with
the exception of the filling opening, when the
shells are placed together for forming the vertical
central joint heretofore discussed. Appropriate
means is employed for fastening the parts thus
formed together, the most adequate means being
The body portions, when viewed in horizontal
section, form an oval-shaped receptacle. The
upper portions thereof are formed to provide the
vide a radiator filling receptacle which is of an ' inlet opening I4 through which the water is de
livered to the receptacle. The metal shells are'
40 improved form for greater convenience in carry
ing and using the same.
well rounded at all corners, and, as viewed in side
Other objects and certain advantages will be
elevation, the substantially continuous attaching
more fully apparent from a description of the
flanges are fully curved to' eliminate 'sharp corners
accompanying drawing, in which:
or objectionable obstructions.
Figure 1 is a side elevation of the improved
receptacle, a portion of the base element thereof
being broken away for the purpose of illustrating
its arrangement relative to the body of the can.
Figure 2 is a rear view of the improved bucket.
Figure 3 is a top plan view thereof, a portion of
the spout being broken away for illustrating the
connection of an extension thereto.
Figure 4 is a sectional view taken on line 4_4,
Fig. 1.
Figure 5 is a fragmentary sectional View taken
In order to provide a solid base for the recep-v
tacle, a band I5 encircles the lower portion there
of. The band is in sections I6, I6, which lie in
an annular groove Il, pressed into the lower parts
of the shells. The base elements I6, i6, project
below the bottom of the shell elements to provide 50
a false bottom. 'I‘he band is in sections so as to
clear the flanges I3 of theshell, the ends of the
sections lying against the flanges,
A main carrying handle element I8 straddles
the upper part of the finished can and is spot
welded thereto. 'I‘he handle is of U-shape for
this purpose. A tipping handle i9, also of
U-shape, straddles the rear lower portion of the
receptacle and is spot-welded thereto.
A tubular extension 20, of arcuate form as to
ed together to form a vertical central seam, a
band forming a base for the receptacle, encir
cling the base of the shells and secured within
an annular depression thereof, a spout extension
having one end secured within the spout portion
of the shells, and handles for the receptacle se
its length, is secured between the shells at the
outer open end of the spout portions thereof, be
cured at the top and rear thereof.
ing welded in this position. This spout exten
3. A radiator filling bucket formed of sheet
sion 20 provides for easy delivery of the water metal and consisting of pressed steel shells
10 to the radiator since the tube ñts within the ra
abutted and joined on a Vertical line said shells
diator filling opening without difficulty, and is .forming the bottom of the bucket, the bottom
sufficiently curved for the purpose of ease in en
portions being joined on the same vertical line
tering the filling opening.
`as the side portions, and a support band encir
It will be apparent that the improved bucket cling the base of the assembled shells.
4. `A receptacle of the class described, compris
15 herein disclosed in one form maybe used for any
purpose having general utility apart from the ing, stamped metal shells, each of which includes
specifically described use.
a ñange around its edge and constitutes half of
Having described my invention, I claim:
the receptacle and the spout therefor, said ñanges
1. A receptacle of the class described, compris
extended outwardly in parallelism for flush abut
ing, metal shells, each of which constitutes half ment, said parts when the ñanges are united in a
of «the receptacle and :the spout therefor, said vertical `central Vplane providing a receptacle
parts lunited on fa vertical central line and pro
which is oval in horizontal plane, and having an
viding a receptacle which is oval lin horizontal integral Vspout vextending forwardly and upwardly
plane, and having an integral spout extending therefrom, and a base member for supporting the
forwardly and `upwardly therefrom, a base mem
receptacle tbody clear of the supporting surface. 25
berf'in the form of a band secured around the
5. A >receptacle of the class described, compris
bottom of the abuttedfa-nd joined parts for sup
ing, metal shells, `each of which constitutes half
porting the Vreceptacle Abody clear >of va supporting of the receptacle and the spout therefor, a base
surface, ~and vhandle means for carrying and tip
memb‘erxin the form of a band secured around
ping said receptacle in pouring.
the bottom of the abutted and joined parts for
Y 2.A A receptacle formed ~of a pair of stamped supporting the receptaclev body clear of a sup
metal shells »forming halves of the receptacle body porting surface, and handle means for carrying
and fspout, and including substantially -continu
and tipping lsaid receptacle in pouring.
ous marginal flanges lying >in-abutment and weld
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