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_ Oct. 4, 1938,
- Filed Aug. 19, 1937
In V312 ior.
‘ ‘
Mariin David-$022
HZ iorngys.’
Patented Oct. 4, 1938
f I 2,131,795.
"mam Davidson, OjaiQCalif.
_. ‘
Application August19, 1937. Serial No; 159,900
4 Claims. (01. 404-130)
My invention relates to‘ an illuminated number _ ends and with an‘ iron or similar bracket engag
or‘name plate of a type in which the light 'is re;
“?ectedl and‘either passes ‘through a stencil‘ hav
ing the numbers or letters thereon or is ob'‘ structed by opaque letters and numbers. In this
‘5‘ type of construction using re?ected light,a cer
ing‘ such lugs. By such ‘construction the: assembly
maybe positioned‘ on an. outside wall in a posi- _
tion to be illuminated by house lights or the
My invention also includes a constructiontin
which the front face ‘may be molded in the same
‘ tain amount‘of ‘difficulty isexperienced in'main
‘ t'aining thejmirrorgor mirrors‘clean and keeping . operation as constructingtthe rest of the hollow
_‘ am) in a construction, by whichthe mirrorsare
“ 10
not‘subject to weathering conditionsi Usually
this‘ type‘ of re?ecting number or name plate is
used but of doors ‘for instance for house num
bers or for‘street signsand located in places in.
prism. This face may then be sand blasted‘, to
give‘a ground glass surface and the letters or nu- it)‘
merals may be painted on such'surfac'e or sepa
rate letters or numerals glued‘ on this front sure
“ My invention‘ also includes making the hollow
light from 'such source "being ‘reflected by' the l prism by molding with an open front and‘ then 15
‘ mirror-or mi‘rrorsj;v Inthis type of device the main inserting a ground glass to form a closure for this
‘:re?ecting mirror“ is usually" placed at about 45 front‘with the numbers and‘ letters either pasted
which there is a ?xed‘ source of illumination, the
degrees to the stencil‘ or'the‘ opaqueilettersf and.
numbers andthelight' usually shines downwardly
‘onto the mirror and hence‘ is reflected ‘to either
29 show the illuminated‘ letters and number'sior an
illuminated ground‘with the letters and numbers
exhibited as opaque.
‘ Anobject and feature of my invention in’ this
type of plate is the provision‘ of a molded glass
or’ painted on the ground glass.
My invention is'illustrat'ed in connection'with
the accompanying‘drawing, in which:
-Fig. 1 is a perspective view of my‘ invention
shown atta'ched‘to a wall. ‘
I I '.
Fig. 2 is a verticalsection on the lineZ-[Z of
' Fig.
1 in
3 is
enlarged elevation‘
the arrows.‘
of ‘part‘ of“
u one .25
holder open only at‘the side'in'f‘which the stencil ~_ end to illustrate the molded lug.'
“ ‘lsto be-inserted; thus the device may‘be molded
U for instance‘ with‘ a ‘flat orv horizontal top,’ in
‘ clined bottom ‘wall at‘ about 45' degrees to the
I‘. top'wall having‘ triangular "shaped ends and pro
vided with an open front. This may readily be
Fig. 4 is a, partials'eetion similar to) Fig.'f2"r_otf
a 'modi?‘ ation in which-the mirror is on'ith‘e out
1" suitableh‘older
i >
molded of onepiecezof glass therefore formed in
‘; Inmy invention
' ' I7'form inj effect a hollow‘pri‘srn
te'gral. 'In'my invention I either place or locate a
“which is de?ned by‘ a‘ transparent glass‘ wall
‘mirror on! the inclined ‘side, therefore such mirror
isf‘protected from‘the weather‘ when the‘device is
I2, an inclinedytransparentglass ‘wall [3 and‘ be;
low this a‘short rim wall I4 parallel to the‘ top 3'5 1
completed} "The‘~'open side is" then closed and
wall and'ttwo opposite ends l5, these being tri7
1 sealed-‘:preferabl‘y‘by a- grounder similar glass
angular in shape.‘ ‘The- corner I6 is thus" formed
‘ plate‘to’whi‘ch the stencilsywhere‘ a stencil ‘is used,
‘ i‘ may be secured on the-outside of such plate or the
integral with‘the molded hollow block.‘ Thiscon}
“511 opaque numbers or letters‘ may be positioned in
frontof ‘the frosted" plate. ‘Thereforeby this con
struction light may enter through‘ ‘the trans
parent top and the two triangular ends‘, such‘ light
‘is then re?ected by the mirror outwardly through
i?” the" frosted glass ‘and‘exhibits the‘ numbers or
struction therefore provides‘ an open' front ‘20
which-is illustrated as having a marginal rim 2] 401
with‘ aseating shoulder 22L " Thus there' are a‘
series of’surfaces‘ 23 parallel to the top [2, the
section I4 at‘ the bottom and the two sides I5.‘ '1‘
The front closure designated 25 consists of a
glass‘ plate 26‘which is preferablyof froste'd‘or 45
ground glass or the like but may be transparent
This is held in a channel
may have the inclined side mirrored, this being 7 shaped metal frame 21 secured in place byce
on the outside and then the mirror covered with ment v28 or the like, this binding on the portion
23 and’ against the shoulder 22. The metal frame 50
‘50 a protecting coating.
Another detail feature of my invention relates has a series of readily'bendable tabs 29. Prior
V to the manner of attaching the frosted plate and to assembling the closure in the construction of
the stencils or letters and numbers and also to Fig. 2 a ?at mirror 35 is positioned in the molded
the manner of supporting the device, such being block and in contact with the inclined wall 13.,’
preferably by using lugs ‘molded on‘ the triangular The mirrored surface 36 is at the back of this55
letters whether‘ these are stencils or opaques.
In another and. simpler form‘ of my invention VI
. if desired or in color.
mirror plate and hence is protected from expo
sure. The glass mirror is held in place by ce
ment or the like 31 at its marginal edges, such
edges being adjacent the corner I6, the corner
between the inclined side l3 and the ends I5 and
that adjacent the bottom section I4.
It will be understood that any types of letters
or numerals may be secured on the outside of
the frosted plate 26 and as shown in the illus
10 tration, these are stencil sheets such~ as 40 of
In the construction of Fig. 4 the molded prism
is made substantially in the same manner as de
scribed above, however in the assembly the glass
mirror 35 is omitted and the outer surface of
the inclined wall 43 is silvered or has a mirrored
surface indicated at 10. This mirrored surface
is thus on the outside of the transparent wall I3
and may have a protective coating outside of the
silvering or other metal used in forming the
mirror. It will thus be seen that so far as the
opaque ‘material and having cut-out or stencil
re?ecting qualities‘ are concerned, there is but lit
openings such as 4| de?ning the letter or
numeral. The upper or lower tabs 29 may be
bent outwardly for insertion of the stencil and
tle difference as to whether a glass mirror such
as 35 is used inside of the hollow prism or the
outside of the inclined wall I3 is mirrored on its
outside surface but of course where the mirror 15
15 then held in place by bending the tabs down
wardly over the stencil. Of course it is obvious
that opaque numbers or letters may be used.
These could be made on a. transparent thin glass
is placed inside it is not subject to weathering
conditions as the hollow prism is entirely closed
plate or the like, the letters or numbers being
20 painted or printed on such plate. However if
desiredthe tabs 29 may be positioned and used
to hold- opaque letters and numbers in positionin
It will be obvious that it is not necessary to
use a metal frame for holding the frosted glass
front of the front plate 26.
25 employ a molded lug 50 on each end formed in
tegral with the end I5.: Each lug has a rectan
gular base 5| and a projecting central boss 52.
The front edge 53 of the base and the boss is in
the same plane as the edge of the rim 2!. By
30 this construction there is a side face of the base
5| parallel to and ,spacedfrom the face of the
end l5. and the side face of the projecting boss
52 is still further spaced from the end l5_. A
convenient manner of holding the block is by
This is shown formed of wire
having two rectangular ends 6| to ?t around the
boss 52 and to bear against the surface of the
base portion 5| of the lug 50. A straight arm
section 62 leads parallel to each end wall I5.
40 There is then a straight horizontal portion 63
and two downwardly extending central portions
64. The two portions-64 are connected at an
angle 65.
may be pasted on the frosted glass or painted
various angles so that the portions 63, 64, having
Various changes may be made in the details of
the construction without departing from the
spirit or scope of the invention as de?ned by the
appended claims.
I claim:
1. In a device as described; a hollow molded ' -
glass prism having atransparent top wall form
ing a plane surface, an inclined bottom wall at
substantially 45 degrees thereto, , a lower rim
wall connected to the inclined bottom wall, trans
parent end walls substantially triangular in sec
tion, the said walls having a marginal rim ‘form
ing a plane surface with a’ seating shoulder p05,
sitioned inwardly from the rim, a closure glass
?tted against said shoulders, letters or numerals
a mirror attached to and parallel to the inclined
2. In a device as described and claimed in
claim 1, the mirror being formed with a separate
the angle 65 are in contact with the wall and the
bracket is thus‘ attached tothe wall by staples
6,6,or the like. The bracket is thus ?rmly held in
position with the arms 62 extending outwardly
sheet of glass located inside the hollow prism
50 therefrom. It is preferable to locate the assembly
rored surface on , the outside of the inclined
so that the top wall I2 is slightly inclinedto the
This gives a slight inclination from
secured on the outside of the closure glass and
The bracket 60 is intended to be bent at the
26 in place in the front opening. This may be
cemented directly against shoulders in the mold
ed glass. Moreover the letters and numerals
In order to readily support the hollow prism I
35 a bracket 60.
after attaching the front closure plate 26.
and in contact with the inclined bottom.
3. In a device as described and claimed in
claim 1, the mirror being formed with a mir
ever as the device is usually mounted adjacent
4.‘In a device as described a hollow molded
glass prism having a transparent top wall form
ing a plane surface, an inclined bottom wall at
an exterior light on a building or where it receives
substantially 45 degrees thereto, transparent end 55
the vertical of the front closure plate 26. How
the light from a window, it will be apparent that
this slight inclination is an advantage. Light
therefore enters through the clearly transparent
top l2 and ‘the transparent ends I 5. A certain
(50 amount of this light shines directly through the
front plate 26, however most of such light is re
?ected by the mirror 35 to pass through the clo
sure glass 26' and thus clearly exhibit the letters
walls substantially triangular in section, the said
walls having means forming a marginal. rim with
a plane surface forming the edge, the rim having
"a seating shoulder thus leaving a large-‘opening,’
a closure glass ?tted in said opening against
the shoulders, letters or numerals secured on the
outside of the closure glass and a mirror at-,
tached to and parallel to the inclined bottom.
and numbers whether these are made in the
65 manner of cut-out stencils or opaque letters and
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