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Oct. 4,
Filed Jan. 4, 1957
2 sheets-sheet >1‘
Oct. 4, 1938.
‘2,131,985 ‘
Filed Jan. 4; 1957
2 sheets-sneak 2
(2011.966 ways’;
Patented Oct. 4, 1938
2,131,985 ,
Charles C. Strayer, Johnstown, Pa.
Application January 4,‘ 1937, Serial No. 119,012
. 2 Claims.
(Cl. 248-482)
videdwith a substantially T-shaped head 8 hav
of the under-hung type and has for its object ing openings 9 formed therein for the reception
to provide a comparatively simple and inexpen ,of nails, screws or similar fastening devices, by
This invention relates to eaves trough hangers
sive device of this character which may be quick
5 ly and conveniently secured to a building beneath
the eaves of the roof and by means of which a
trough or gutter may be securely held in position
without the employment of nails-wires and sim
ilar fastening devices.
A further object of the inventionfis to Provide
an eaves trough hanger comprising coacting
hanger members, one of which is detachably se
cured to and adjustable vertically of a support
ing bracket and the other provided with means
15 for gripping and supporting an eaves trough.
A further object is to provide the upper hanger
member with means for automatically grippingv
the supporting bracket and the lower hanger
member with means for detachable engagement
means of which the brackets may be secured to
the building.- Each bracket is provided vwith a 5
depending standard l0‘ having one face thereof ‘
grooved and formed with spaced transverse per
forations ii for the purpose hereinafter re
ferred .to.
The hanger proper consists of upper and lower 10
hanger members l2 and i3, between which is sup
ported the eaves trough or gutter, indicated at I4.
The upper hanger member I2 is preferably an
gular in cross section, thereby de?ning a hori
zontal ?ange l5 and a vertical reinforcing web 15
IS, the free end of the ?ange I5 being curved
downwardly to form a depending extension ll
having a slot i8 therein, asshown. The inner
end’of the vertical web i6 terminates in a hook
as with the adjacent end of the upper member and . _ iii, the bill of which is adapted to embrace the 20 .
said supporting bracket respectively.
A further object is to provide means for tem
porarily supporting a trough or gutter in proper
position beneath the eaves of a roof preparatory
25 to applying the permanent hangers thereto.
A still further object of the invention is gen
erally to improve this class of devices so as to
adjacent edge of the standard [0. Formed in
the web in advance of the hook l9 are spaced
incisions 20, the metal between the incisions be
ing pressed outwardly to form a lateral locking
lug 2i adapted to enter a selected opening II in 25
the standard of the adjacent supporting bracket
whereby to permit the upper hanger member to
increase their utility, durability and efficiency. . be adjusted vertically of the bracket and sup
In the accompanying drawings forming a part ported in adjusted position. The rearend of the
?ange l5 of the upperfhanger member is also 30
30 of this speci?cation and in which similar nu
merals of reference indicate corresponding parts preferably cut-away to form a shoulder or abut
ment 22 defining a lug or boss 23 adapted to 'con
in all the figures of the ‘drawings: '
tact with the standard of the} bracket at the v '
Figure 1 is a perspective view of an under
hung eaves trough hanger embodying the present : opposite edge thereof from the hook i9.
It will thus be seen that. the construction of 36
35 invention showingit in position on a building;
Figure 2 is a perspective view 'ofx’a complete the inner end of the upper hanger member i2 is
such that by disposing said inner end at a slight
hanger detached;
. ‘
Figure 3 is an enlarged perspective viewof angle to the standard ‘I of the supporting bracket
the} inner or gripping end of the upper hanger the locking lug 2| may be inserted in any one 'of
the openings Ii when by allowing the upper 40
40 member;
- Figure 4 is a transverse sectional view showing hanger member to assume a horizontal position
indotted lines the position assumed by the upper the hook l9 and-abutment or shoulder 22 will I
grip the opposite edges of the bracket so as to~
' and lower hanger members when released to per
hold said upper hanger member in adjusted
mit positioning of the troughor gutter;
45 Figure 5 is a side elevation, partly in section, position.
The lower hanger member i3 is curved to con
of the temporary hanger, and
. 4
Figure 6 is a transverse sectional view taken ' form to the curvature of ‘the bottom of the eaves
trough it, said lower hanger being‘ provided at
The improved eaves trough hanger forming its inner end with a lateral pin 24 adapted to
50 the subject-matter‘ of the present invention is ‘enter a selected opening n m the adjacent to ,'
shown attached to {building in which I desig
bracket. The outer end of the lower hanger
nates the roof and 8 the overhanging eaves member I: is provided with 9. depending hook
thereof. _ Secured at spaced intervals to the face 25 which ?ts within the slot "of the upper
on the line 6-6 of Figure 5.
of the building immediately below the eaves} hanger member whereby said hanger members.
65 are supporting brackets or holders ‘I, each pro _ will coact to grip and support the eaves trough. 55
The upper edge of the lower hanger member
I! at the rear or the hook 25 is preferably pro
with a rolled edge or head the seat 28 in the lower
hanger member may be omitted without depart
vided with a concave seat 26 adapted to receive _ ing from the spirit of the invention.
the bead or rolled edge 21 oil the eaves trough.
Having thus described the invention, what is
From the foregoing, it will be understood that,’ claimed as new is:
1. A device of the class described comprising a
when the hooked end 25 of the lower hanger
member is inserted in the slot I8 and the pin 24 supporting bracket including a standard having
spaced openings therein,.and upper and lower
, at the inner end of said lower member is in
serted in a selected opening I4 in thesupporting
hanger members coacting to grip an eaves trough
between them, the upper hanger member having 10
exerted on the ‘gutter and this clamping action its outer and provided with a seat and its inner
is also exerted on the rolled edge of said gutter. end formed with a hook adapted to embrace the
In_ order to temporarily support the eaves standard, and a locking lug adapted to enter one
trough or gutter in proper position beneath the of the openings in said standard, the lower hang
er member being provided with a terminal hook 15
15 eaves 01’ a roof preparatory to applying the per
manent hangers, there is provided one or more adapted to enter the seat in the upper hanger
temporary supports 28 having concave‘ seats 28 member and having a lateral pin at its inner end
for the reception of the eaves trough and each adapted to enter a selected opening in the adja-_
10 bracket, a clamping or gripping action will be
having its inner and provided with a terminal .
20 hook 30 and a lateral locking pin 3| similar in
construction to the hook i9 and locking pin 2|
2. A device of the class described comprising a 20
supporting bracket having a depending standard
of the main hanger member. Y
formed with spaced openings, and coacting upper , ,
In operation one or more of the temporary
hangers 28‘ are positioned on the supporting
25 brackets and the eaves trough or gutter elevated
and allowed to rest in the seats oi’ the temporary
hangers. The permanent hangers are then at
and lower hanger members adapted to grip an
eaves trough between them, the outer 'end of the
upper hanger member being'curved downwardly 25
and provided with a seat and the inner end of
said upper hanger member being provided with,
tached in the manner before described to the
a hook adapted to embrace the standard and a
supporting brackets, after which the temporary
30' hangers 28 are removed. 11' desired, the web l8
lateral locking pin adapted to enter one of the
openings in said standard, there being a shoul 80
der formed on the upper hanger member in ad
' an opening 32 adapted to receive one end 01' a ' vanceof the locking pin and adapted to engage
of the upper hanger member may be formed with
wire 33, the oppositeend oi’ which is extended
through one of the openings in the adjacent sup
the standard, the lower hanger member being
35 porting bracket and coiled or twisted so as to
gagement with the seat in the upper hanger
member and having its inner end provided with a
lateral pin adapted to ?t in a selected opening in
.the standard.
Provide an additional support for the hanger.
It will, of course, be understood that the devices
may be made in different sizes and shapes to con
form to the size and shape of the gutter to be
40’ supported and where the gutter is not formed
provided at one end thereof with a hook for en
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