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Oct. 4, 1938.
J. c. WRIGHT ~
Filed Dec. 22,
3 Sheets-Sheet
Jame; C. My}: 6
Oct. 4, 1938?
J, c. wR]Gl-|f_
Filed Dec. 22, 1956
5 Sheets-Sheet
James C. M/r/gh 6
Oct. 4, 1938.
Filled Dec. 22, 1956
s Sheets-Shea? s
Patented Oct. 4, 1938
' '
James C. Wright, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Application December 22, 1936, Serial No. 117,166
6 Claims.
My invention relates to manually operated
drilling mechanism for use of miners and the
My object is to provide an easily operated and
cheaply constructed drill mechanism of this
character having manual feeding means, auto
matic feeding means, and automatic'chuck ro
tating means. Other objects will appear as the
description progresses.
Figure 1 represents a side View of the drill;
Fig. 2, a front end view; Fig. 3, a rear end view;
Fig. 4, a detail rear view showing a part of the
automatic feeding means; Fig. 5, a longitudinal
interior view of the drill with the near half of
the housing removed; Fig. 6, a fragmentary view
showing the locking lug engaging the hammer;
Fig. '7, a‘ transverse sectional view on secant line
7-1 of Fig. 5; and Fig. 8, a transverse sectional
'view on secant line 8—8 of Fig. 1.
Although I show the preferred embodiment of
my invention, I do not thereby limit myself to
the precise 'form shown‘, but wish it understood
that within the scope of whatuhereinafter is
claimed, various changes in the details of con
struction may be 'made without departing from
the spirit of ‘the invention.
This device comprises a base; a support; a
housing; vmanually operated feeding means; a
hammer member; operating means for the ham
30 mer member; a steel holding chuck; means to ro
tate the, chuck; automatic feeding means; and
disengaging means for the automatic feeding
The base I is provided with a pair of guide
channels and hinged to a support 4 by hinge
members 5 connected by pins 6. The housing 1
is provided with a pair of guide ledges 8—9 which
are disposed in the guide channels. An end mem
ber I0 is secured to the rear end'of the housing
40. 'lbyboltsll.
The manually operated feeding means com
prise an actuating nut l2 provided with a ratchet
l3 and disposed in end member [0; a feed screw
'14 screwed through the nut l2 and journalled
45 in a vertically disposed bearing plate l5 which
is secured to a pair of rods l6 which are secured
to the base I; and a. crank I‘! mounted on the
end of feed screw 14 and secured theretoby a
nut l8. A manually operated pawl l9 having a
50 knob WA is secured to the plate l5 by a screw
26 and adapted to engage a hexagonal portion 2!
on therfeed screw I4. A pawl 22 is mounted on
a pivot 23 in the end member l0 and is adapted
to engage the ratchet l3 to prevent backward ro
55 tation of the nut l2.
(Cl. 255-42)
The hammer member is provided with a spring
receiving portion 25; an intermediate portion 26;
a hammerhead portion 28, and a guide portion
28A; and is slidably disposed in the housing ‘I.
The intermediate portion 26 is provided with a 5
rack 29 and a journal 30. The spring receiving
portion 25 is provided with an inclined face 3|,
and. the guide portion 28A contains a key 32
which works in a key way 33 in the housing ‘I.
The operating means for the hammer mem- ' 10
ber comprises a spring 34 disposed about the por
tion 25 of the hammer member within the hous
ing 1 and is compressed by the mechanism now
to be described. A roller 35 is mounted on jour
nal 36 on the hammer member. A transversely 15
disposed actuating shaft 36 is journalled in hous
ving 1. An intermittent gear 3'! is mounted on
shaft 36 and is adapted to engage the rack 29
intermittently. An intermittent cam; 38 is
mounted on shaft 36 and is adapted to cooperate
with the roller 35. A piniongear 39 is mounted
on shaft 36 outside the housing ‘I. A drive shaft
40 is journalled in the bearings 4| on the housing
1. A spur drive gear 42 is mounted on shaft- 40
and meshed with the‘pinion 39. A shaft 43 is
journaled in bearing 44 on housing 1. A pinion
gear 45 is mounted on shaft 43 and meshed with
spur gear 42. A ?y wheel 46 is mounted on shaft
43. Cranks 'H—l2 are mounted on shaft 40.
A steel holding chuck 4'! ‘is provided with a
ratchet 48 and rotatably mounted in the housing
The means to rotate a chuck 41 comprises an
eccentric cam 49 mounted on shaft 36; a lever 50
vmounted onv a stud 5i; and a click mechanism." 35
The lever 56 is provided with a roller 52 adapted
to follow the eccentric cam 49. The click mech
anism comprises a hollow stud 53 on the lever
56; a spring 54 disposed in the stud 53; and a .
thimble 55 provided with an engaging head and
disposed on the spring 54. A retaining pawl 5'!
is mounted on a pin 58 ‘and is adapted to engage
the ratchet 48 to prevent backward rotation of
the chuck.
The automatic feeding means comprise a ver
tically-disposed slide 59 slidably mounted in the
end member 10 and provided with a stud 60
upon which a roller 61 is mounted,‘ the roller 6|
being disposed against the inclined face 3| of
the hammer member; and a pawl 62 mounted on
a stud 63 and adapted to engage the ratchet l3.
The disengaging means for the automatic
feeding means includes a bell crank having arms
‘64-55 mounted on a bolt 61 and is adapted to
engage a pin 68 on the slide 59.
An annular ‘
plate 69 is disposed about the feed screw l4 ad
jacent to the nut l2 and is adapted to be clamped
against the nut l2 by the arm 64 of the bell
crank. A lever 10' is mounted on bolt 61.
For convenience in manufacture and assem
bling, the housing is divided longitudinally into
two parts which are normally secured together by
A lug 15 is mounted on a shaft 15 journalled
10 in the housing, and a lever 11 is mounted on
shaft 16.
if the housing advances faster than the drill
enters the rock, the hammer member cannot
make a full stroke, therefore the ratchet I3 is not
engaged by the pawl 62. As soon as the drill ad
vances far enough to permit the hammer member 5
to make a full stroke, the pawl 62 engages the
ratchet l3 and moves the housing forward. This
is an automatic cut-out.
I claim:
1..In a rock-drill, the combination .of a guide 10
shell, a housing slidably mounted-.o'nzsaid guide
In use, the machine is properly located to drill
into a rock and the steel S disposed in the chuck
and allowed to protrude beyond the chuck into
15 the housing as indicated by x. The .housing
which performs the function of a carriage, is
adjusted by turning the crank ‘I’! ‘which revolves
the feed screw l4 within thenut l2 and-thereby
moves the housing along the guide channels in
20 the base I. Before the feed screw I4 can be re
-1»volved,the;pawl‘I9 mustbe swung backward to
clear the nuteZI. ~If the-housing is-to be’moved
backward,.thelever 10 must be swungbackward
so as to disengage '- the » automatic :feeding means
25 and‘ to“brake and lock the nut 12.
After the
housing has-.beenmanually adjusted, the pawl
shell; a feed screw extending from'said guide
(shell; an end member secured to the rear end of
said housing; a feed actuating nut mounted on
‘saidi'fee‘d screw within said end member; a ratch- 15
.et onsaid feed actuating nut; a hammer member
slidably mounted'in said housing and provided
with an inclined "face portion; a vertically dis
posed slide mounted in said end member and
provided with a roller adapted to cooperate with 20
‘the inclinedface of said hammer-member; antac
tuating‘ pawl .mounted'on said-.slidesand adapted
to engage the teeth of the ratchet on said feed
ractuating nut;:and~-a pin on said .slide;:.a.brake
disc mountedon saidrfeed screw adjacentto. said ,25
. feed actuating nut, ' a transversely disposed .bolt
I9 is swung-back into-position to»engage.thevnut .mountedin- said housing; aibell crankmounted
:Zl to-prevent rotation of the feedscrew |4,:and - on said .loolt vand-adapted to“. cooperate ‘with. said
brake disc to brake said feedactuating nut andto
the lever arm T'IO-is, swung back to normal soias
.30 .to permit the inclined face -.3l_ to operate the . cooperate with’. said- pinto. lift said.,-slide; a. lever - 30
mounted on-said bolt<outside said housing.
After the m-anualiadjustments»have been made‘
as‘ described?thelcranks 71 |-12'- are turned. manu
ally. The drive-gearwAZ on‘shaftMl-engages the
:2. . Ina rock. .drill, the combination-of a, guide
' shell; ' a housing slidably - mounted onsaid- guide
shell; a feed screw~extending from.;said;guide
7135 vactuating pinion-39 on shaft 36 an-d-actuates the
cam-38 andzthe intermittent gear“. The cam 38
cooperates ‘with the roller- 35 on the hammer mem
-'ber and moves vthe .hammerPmember backward
against the spring“ until it-reaches the limit of
shell; an end member securedpto therear .end- of 1, 35
‘3m ,itsaction, at whichytime the-intermittentgear
engages the rack-29 and drivesthe hammer mem
~videdlwithan inclined . faceportion; va verticallym
disposed slide ~mounted insaid end member and
bervonward against-the spring e34 until-the. inter~
mittent -.gear<.31 leaves therack 29. ‘When the
. the inclined face.of-said’hammermember; antac
teeth of the intermittent gear clears the'rack 29,
{~45 the compressed spring 7.34 forces the hammer
members forward, causing it'to strike the end
a, portion a: of the steel with aihammer like blow.
‘Each time-the hammer» member is moved back
ward, the inclined‘face 3| cooperates with the
roller ,6] and lifts-the'slide 59, thereby'causing the
said housing; a feed :actuating ~ nut ‘.mounted on
- said feed screw-withinsaid end-member; a ratch
et- on said _ feed I actuating nut ; r a hammer . mem
ber slidably mounted insaid housinglandiprm
provided “with, a 'roller- adapted to-v cooperate with
tuating pawl mounted onsaid slideandadapted
tonengage the. teeth- of theratcheton .-said,feed;4.5
actuating nut; a pin on;said.s1ide;-.¢a brake .disc
vmountedlon said .feed .screw adjacent to said
feed ‘actuating nut; .al-transversely disposed bolt
mounted in said - housing; -a ..bell crank .mounted
on .said .bolt and adapted to’ cooperate with said {17.50
pawl-.62 to rotate-the nut 12 the distance of one brake .discto brake saidieedtactuating .nut and
tooth of the ratchet l3. When the hammer .to cooperate with said .pin .to .lift saidlslide; ha.
.member is driven' forward, the slide 59. drops- and ‘lever mounted on said bolt outside said'housing;
lthegpawl 62 engages the next tooth of the ratchet .a-lug mounted on. said lugshaft and adapted to
55 I43. The action of the. pawl 62-on the ratchet I 3 engage saidhammer member ~to prevent said;.55
screws the nut.l2 forward'on the-feed screw l4 hammer member fromforward. movement; and
avilever mounted .on. saidlug shaftputside-said
and thereby moves‘ thehousing forward.
The eccentric ‘cam 49tonfthe shaft ‘:36 cooper
ates-with the-roller 52 on the'lever 50 and moves
,60 the thimble' 55 along-the-periphery of the ratchet
‘gear 48. The-thimble '55 being disposed over a
spring 54 on a stud' 53,-is, permitted tosliderover
'the teeth of ratchet gear 48 on its upward trip but
is caused to engage the ratchet teeth on‘ its down
ward trip and thereby. revolve’ the chuckthe dis
tance of one tooth of the ratchet gear-48. . It will
3. 'In a rock drill, the._combination.of< a guide
shell; a'housing slidably mounted on said-'guidemm
shell; a feed screw extendingfrom .saidguide
shell; an end the. rear, endof
said'housing; aifeed actuating nut. .mounted on
said feed screw within said end memberpa ratch
et on said .feedactuatingnut; ‘a hammermem- m5
.ber slidably ~mounted :in. said . housing . and 7pm
'be observed-thatthe-rotation of the chuck is ac
vided with .an inclinedface portion; .a rack .on
complished during .the backward movement of
"the hammer-member.
saidhammer member; a shaft journalleds-in said
housing; an intermittent gear -on said shaft
adapted ‘to engage said .rack intermittently; ta :7
spring disposed» about said hammermember-with
in said housing; a vertically --disposed slide
'mountedrin said end'member-and provided with
Thehammer member maybe locked in'the ex
treme-backward position ‘by swinging lever 11 so
(as to swing lug ‘l5 into'position inrfront of'the
_. point indicated by 2 on the hammer. member, as
. shown in Fig. 6.
The-steel is disposed slidablyiin the chuckand
a :roller - adapted : to \ cooperate with > the ' inclined
face of said hammer member; ansactuatingipawl as
mounted on said slide and adapted to engage the
teeth of the ratchet on said feed actuating nut; a
pin on said slide; a brake disc mounted on said
end of said housing; a chuck operating lever
pivotally mounted on the outside of said housing;
a click mechanism on the forward end of said
feed screw adjacent to said feed actuating nut;
a transversely disposed bolt mounted in said
the ratchet on said chuck; a drive shaft jour
housing; a bell crank mounted on said bolt and
nalled in said housing; and a cam mounted on
chuck operating lever adapted to cooperate with
adapted to cooperate with said brake disc to
brake said feed actuating nut and to cooperate
with said pin to lift said slide; and a lever
mounted on said bolt outside said housing.
4. In a rock drill, the combination of a guide
shell; a housing slidably mounted on said guide
shell; a hammer member slidably mounted in
said housing; a roller mounted on said hammer
member; a rack on the underside of said hammer
said housing; a roller mounted on said hammer
member; a drive shaft mounted in said housing;
member; a drive shaft mounted in said housing;
an intermittent cam mounted on said drive shaft
and adapted to cooperate with said roller to move
said hammer member rearward; a lug shaft jour
nallel in said housing; and a lug mounted on said
20 lug shaft and adapted to cooperate with said lug
shaft to engage said hammer member and pre
vent forward movement thereof.
5. In a rock drill, the combination of a guide
shell; a housing slidably mounted in said guide
shell; a hammer member slidably mounted in
said housing; a steel holding chuck provided with
a ratchet and rotatably mounted in the forward
said drive shaft and adapted to cooperate with
said chuck operating lever.
6. In a rock drill, the combination of a guide‘
shell; a housing slidably mounted on said guide 10
shell; a hammer member slidably mounted in
an eccentric cam, an intermittent cam, and an
intermittent gear mounted on said drive shaft,
the intermittent gear being adapted to cooperate
with said rack and the intermittent cam being
adapted to cooperate with said roller; a chuck
operating lever pivotally mounted on said hous 20
ing and adapted to cooperate with the eccentric
cam on said drive shaft; and a chuck mounted
in the forward end of said housing and adapted
to be rotated by the forward end of said chuck
operating lever.
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