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Oct. 4, 1938.
Filed Jan. 13, 1937
?arry P. fféeffer'
Patented Oct. 4, 1938
Harry P. Keefer, Alliance, Ohio, assignor of ?fty
percent to E. G. Axelrod, Alliance, Ohio
Application January ‘13, 1937, Serial No. 120,438
2 Claims. ( 01. 24—251)
This invention relates to clasps and more par
area thereof stamped out to form shoulder strap
ticularly to garment 'clasps.
attaching bars 1 at one end and a pivotal pin I‘!
The primary object of this invention resides in remote from said bar, said attaching bars being
the provision of a garment clasp adapted to con
spaced to facilitate adjustment of the shoulder
nect two pieces of a garment without injury to straps.
the fabric.
The body portion 6 terminates in a head 8 at
Another object of this invention resides in the that end opposite the bar ‘I and is bent to form a
provision of a garment clasp adapted to be car
female jaw 9 terminating in a tongue I 0. Formed
ried by overall shoulder straps, hose supporters on the inner surface of the female jaw 9 is a
10 and the like.
series of laterally extending grooves 9'.
A further object of this invention resides in
Pivotally secured on the pin I‘! is a clamping
the provision of a garment clasp adapted to have
lever II which is provided with a head l2 at that
its garment securing jaws locked against acci
end thereof opposite the end engaging the pin l'l,
dental disengagement from the garment.
A still further object of this invention resides
in the provision of a garment clasp adapted to be
carried by one section of a garment and remov
ably engaged with another portion thereof upon
manipulation of ' locking means carried thereby.
In addition to the aforesaid objects this in
vention resides in the provision of a garment
clasp constructed of an embodiment of coacting
elements adapted to positively grip an area of a
garment su?iciently large to obviate damaging
the same by tearing.
With these and other objects in View this in
vention resides in certain novel features of con
struction and arrangement of elements to be
hereinafter fully set forth in the speci?cation, il
lustrated in the ~ accompanying
drawing and
pointed out in the appended claims and, while
this disclosure depicts my present conception of
the invention, the right is reserved to resort to
such changes in structure and size as come within
35 the scope of the claims.
In the accompanying drawing forming a part
of this application:
Fig. 1 is a front view of a garment clasp as con
structed in accordance with this invention, the
same being shown as carried by an overall
shoulder strap and engaging a portion of the
Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view thereof ap
proximately on line 2-2 of Fig. 1, the lever being
45 shown open by dotted lines.
Fig. 3 is a front view of the body portion per se.
Fig. 4 is a detail perspective View of one form of
locking ring.
Fig. 5 is a detail inside view of the blank from
50 which the locking ring is constructed.
In the present illustration the numeral 5 desig
nates, in general; a garment clasp as constructed
in accordance with this invention, the same is
preferably formed from sheet metal or the like
and consists of a body portion 6 having a certain
said head is bent to form a substantially resilient
male jaw 13 adapted to register with and be
seated in the female jaw 9 when closed, the free
extremity of the clamping lever is also provided
with a. tongue l4. Formed on the outer surface of
the jaw I3 is a series of grooves l3’ which to
gether with the grooves 9’ provide means for pre
venting slippage of the garment held between the
jaws 9 and [3. The body portion of the lever H
is provided with laterally extending grooves l I’ on
its outer surface to prevent slippage of a locking
ring to be hereinafter described.
Slidably secured on the body portion 6 and
bearing against the clamping lever I! is a look
ing ring I5 having shoulders l6 bent outwardly
from its opposite edges to provide ?nger engag
ing areas so the ring can be moved to lock
ing or unlocking position on the body portion.
This locking ring is provided with a series of
grooves I 5’ adapted to coact with the aforesaid
grooves II’ in the jaw ll.
While this clasp is herein shown as being of
uncovered metal, it may be covered with suitable
fabric or otherwise decorated and is herein
illustrated as being secured to an overall shoulder
strap S indicated by dotted lines with its jaws
engaging the front portion or bosom of the over
alls, it being understood this clasp may be con
structed in various sizes for utilization where
the demand for such clasps is desired.
With this invention fully set forth it is mani
fest that a garment clasp is provided which is
not only cheap of manufacture but which will
positively retain its grip when locked without
damage to the fabric thus engaged.
Having thus described this invention what I
claim and desire to protect by Letters Patent is: F
1. A garment clasp of the character described
comprising a body member of platelike form and
having a number of spaced openings in its upper
part, the top wall of the top opening and the top
edge of the member forming between them a bar 55
2,1e2,075 7
for receiving a looped part of a garment, the bot
tom wall of said opening and the top wall of the
next opening forming between them a cross bar, a
?at lever member having its upper end pivoted
to said cross bar, the lower part of the platelike
member having a U shaped transverse bend
therein, forming a female jaw and the lower part
of the lever having a similar bend therein form
ing a male jaw, said bends extending in the same
directions, whereby the male jaw can enter the
female jaw, and a straplike member having its
ends'bent into hook shape to slide on the edge
portions of the ?rst member with its major por
tion extending over the lever, the edge parts of
the straplike member, at the center thereof, be
15 ing bent outwardly to form ?nger grips and the
lower opening being extended to partly receive
a part of the lever.
2. A garment clasp of the character set forth
comprising a body member of plate-like form
with its opposite end portions of greater width
than the medial portion thereof, the medial por
tion being provided with a longitudinally extend
ing slot of increased area at its upper end, a
cross-piece connecting the sides of the longi
tudinally extending slot adjacent the widened
portion thereof, a female jaw formed in that end
of the body member opposite the end thereof
having the larger area of the slot therein, a
clamping lever having its inner end looped
around the cross-piece of the body member with
its medial portion partially seated in the slot of 10
the body member and it's free end increased to a
width equal to the width of the female jaw, a
male jaw formed in the free end'of the clamping
lever in alignment with the female jaw, a locking
ring slidably mounted on the body member and 15
extending over the clamping lever, frictional
means between the locking ring and lever adapted
to retain the locking ring in adjusted position on
the lever, and opposed gripping shoulders formed
on the locking ring over the lever.
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