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Oct. 4, 1938.
Filed April 24, 1956
Patented Oct. 4, 1938
l Frank‘M‘.‘ Ashley, Great Kills, Staten 15am, N. _Y.,'
' '
:as'svignor to Lewis Gompers,'as trustee '
' '
~ Application April 24, 1936, Serial Nix-76,149 if
3' claims. I '<o1'._..1a1'_202)'
My invention relates to pipes in which tobacco
The object of my invention isto‘provide a pipe
in which a ?lter may be used to absorb'thejuices
produced in smoking the ‘tobacco, ‘and also may be
used in the event that no ?lters are available,
without resorting to separateattachable parts. A further object is to provide a construction in
which the bowl of the pipe may be made of briar
wood, and the stem and mouth-piece of moulded
plastic material; the construction being such that
the ?lter is held entirely or almost entirely in the
stem portion.
A further object is to provide a pipe in which
the ?lter is inserted and removed from the stem
of the pipe from the end on which the mouth
piece is carried without removing the mouth
piece or stem from the bowl of the pipe, and also
providing means whereby the opening thru which
the ?lter is inserted in the stem may be closed
when the ?lter is removed.
A further object is to provide a pipe having a
curved stem or mouthpiece in which the mouth
piece is carried in the same position relative to
TO ‘LA the bowl, whether or not the opening thruwhich
the ?lter is inserted in the stem is in an open or
closed condition, and also to form the mouth
piece in such a manner as to almost completely
conceal the said opening.
In the forms shown in the present drawing
forming a part of the speci?cation, my construc
tion embodies a valve for closing the opening thru
which the ?lter is inserted when the ?lter is not
in use, without closing the passage thru the stem
and mouth-piece.
Further objects and advantages of the con
struction will be hereinafter set forth.
Fig. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view thru a'
pipe disclosing my invention in one form of con
struction in which the mouth-piece only is ro
tated to open or close the opening thru which the
?lter is passed in inserting it in the stem.
Fig. 2 is a view similar to that shown in Fig. 1
except that a thin tube is used in the construc
Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view of a con
struction in which a curved mouth-piece is used
instead of a straight one, and is shown with the
?lter in position in the stem.
and is formed with a long stem l0’ integral there~
with when the mouth-piece ll is'straight, as il
lustrated in Figures 1 and 2, and made very ‘short
when the mouth-piece is curved, as illustrate'din‘
Figs. Sand 4.‘
f ;
In Figure 1, the ‘stem portion Ill-'- is provided
With an enlarged bore l2 communicating with
the shoulder l3 by a small passage l4, and a cy
lindrical socket I5 is formed to receive the cylin
drical end H’ of the mouth-piece II.
The inner end of the mouth-piece is formed
with a chamber "5 in open communication with
the passage l6’ of smaller diameter leading there
A hole I l of smaller diameter than the normal is
diameter of the ?lter I8, is formed in the wall
of the stem and a similar hole I9 is formed in the
wall of the mouth-piece in direct communication
with the chamber l6 and in alignment or regis
tration with the hole l1.
Therefore, when the ?lter is removed, the
mouth-piece may be rotated one half revolution
relative to the stem, thus closing the passage
thru said holes; the construction providing a
valve, as will be readily understood.
The construction shown in Figure 2, is prac
tically the same as that shown in Figure 1, the
difference being that in Figure 2, I use a thin
aluminum tube 20 which ?ts tightly in the cham
ber 86 and is rotatable in the socket l5, or it mayv 30
be made to ?t in rotatable relation directly in
the bore l2 of the stem if desired, due to the thin
Wall of the metal, it takes up very little space in,
the bore, as will be readily understood.
Referring now to Figure 3, the stem I0’ is made"
very short to reduce the cost of the bowls, and
the socket I5 extends nearly to the chamber 13.
A middle-stem 2| is formed with the bore l2
and with a cylindrical end 22 which ?ts in the
stem ID’ in rotatable relation, and its opposite 40
end is formed cylindrical as shown at 23, and is
also provided with an end Wall 24 having an open
ing 21 leading therethru and located at one side
of the medial line thru the bore l2.
The oppositely disposed holes 26 extend thru
the cylindrical wall, either of which maybe caused
to register with the inner end of the passage l6’
formed in the mouth-piece.
The mouth-piece shown in Figures 3 and 4, is
Fig. 4 is a view of the same construction as that
formed with a cylindrical socket 23’ into which’
illustrated in Fig. 3 showing the stem rotated
the cylindrical end 23 ?ts in rotatable relation,
and is also provided with an opening 21 formed
one half turn relative to the bowl and mouth
piece, the valve being closed.
l0 indicates the bowl of a pipe which may be
55 made of briar-wood or other suitable material,
on the under side thereof which registers with
the opening 25 in the position shown in Figure 3,
and is out of registration when in the position
shown in Figure 4, the change being caused by
rotating the middle stem one half revolution.
The mouthpiece is also formed with side walls
28 which shield the opening 24 in the manner
The relative length of the bore [2 and passage
l6’ are such that the ?lter may be used to clean
the passage l6’ before its insertion in the bore, if
The ?lters used are preferably made of the same
material and diameter, etc. as commonly used for
pipe cleaners, but a ?lter length of two inches.
has been found to be ample in length to perfectly
?lter and absorb the juices generated or liberated
having a bore formed to receive a ?lter with the
' longitudinal axis of the major portion of the
?lter in parallel relation to the axis of the bore,
and having an opening thru which a ?lter may be
inserted in the bore, said stem and mouth-piece
constituting means for closing said opening when
the ?lter is removed from the bore without re—.
moving the mouth-piece from the stem, said open
ing being controlled by the rotation of the mouth
piece relative to the stem.
2. A'pipe of'the character described‘comprise
ing a bowl, a stem rotatable relative to the bowl,
and a mouth-piece rotatable relative to the stem,
said mouth-piece being curved in form and hav
ing an openingin its outer end wall under the
from the tobacco in smoking the same.
By making the opening thru; the valve slightly ' passage therethru, said stem having an enlarged
smaller than the ?lter bore, which should be bore to hold a ?lter and provided with an end wall 7
about three sixteenths of an inch in diameter, the having an opening adapted to register with the
?lterwill ?t snugly in the valve opening or ports, opening in the mouth-piece; said openings form
ing a valve operative'by rotating the stem rela
20 and very little air will pass thru the said opening
' a .
in the act of smoking, even tho no‘enlar-ged end tive to the mouth-piece.v »
is formed on-the ?lters.
Having thus described'my invention I claim as
l. A pipe of the character described comprising
a bowl, a stem, and a mouth-piece, said stem
3. The construction de?ned by claim 2, together
with said mouth-piece having depending sidewalls
located adjacent the opening below the passage
therethru, to- shield the’ opening from view.
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