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Oct. 4, 1938.
E. w. |_. RAMAKERS '
Filed Nov. 11, 1955
00 0
Patented Oct. 4, 1938
Eduard Willem Louis Ramakers, Bandoeng, Java,
Dutch East Indies
Application November 11, 1935, Serial No. 49,294
In the Netherlands December 20, 1934
1 Claim. (Cl. 136-166)
The invention relates to an electric accumu
lator for the storage of electric energy,'which may
be used for example in motor cars and the like.
The well-known accumulators comprise cells
‘ the plates of which can only be removed with dif
?culty and with a considerable risk of damaging
the pasted plates, making inspection and care of
the interior impossible for those not skilled in the
art and having no special equipment. With such
10 storage batteries the deposit accumulating in the
cells, and which may be considered the principal
'cause of interior short-circuits is-di?icult to re
move, and ?ushing appears to be of little effect, in
practice, for removing the impurities on the bot
15 tom and those between the plates.
Now the invention relates to an electric accum
ulator having a cover from which the plates are
suspended, the plates being arranged in a jacket
entirely or partly open at the bottom and con
‘20 structed as an inner tank placed within an outer
tank or vessel which holds the electrolyte. The
accumulator is characterized by the fact that the
Walls of said inner tank near the upper parts are
provided ‘with outwardly protruding ribs form
25 ing, together with corresponding ribs of the inner
wall of the outer tank and the upper parts of the
walls of both tanks, a gutter-shaped space which
may be ?lled up with a sealing material.
Further according to the invention inwardly
>30 protruding ribs can be arranged on the interior
of ‘the walls of the inner tank near the upper
parts, the cover of the accumulator being sup-v
ported by the said ribs, whereby the joint be
tween them may be covered by sealingmaterial.
This has for its effect that the inner tank can
be removed in a simple way, without damaging the
Fig. 2 is a side elevation of one of the cells of
the accumulator, partly in section, and
Fig. 3 isan elevation of part of the accumu-i
lator, at right angles to Fig. 2, showing one of the
cells partly in section.
In the drawing 3 is the inner tank composed,
for example of a moldable insulating material,
which in this case has perforated side walls,
whereas the bottom side is open; this bottom,
however, can also be constructed only partly 10
open. If necessary the side walls could be pro
vided with ventilation openings. The said inner
tank houses a group of plates P and is supported
upon ridges 6a on the bottom of an outer tank
4, with a free space between the side wall of the 15
inner and outer tanks. The inner tank has in
.tegral handles 2 whereby it can be removed from
the outer tank. Near the upper parts the walls
of the inner tank and the outer tank are pro
vided with ribs 6 (Fig. 1) which are directed to- 20
wards each other and arranged on a level. After
the ?tting-up of the cell the said ribs will be in
juxtaposition or in engagement. In that case
both ribs 6 form the bottom of a gutter-shaped
space the upright walls of which are formed by 25
the upper parts of the walls 01’ both tanks. The
said gutter-shaped space may be ?lled up with a
sealing-material such as bitumen, pitch or the
like, or with a strip of rubber, in order to bring
about a perfect closing.
Further the walls of the inner tank can also be
provided with an inwardly protruding rib 1 re
ceiving the edge of the cover 8. The edge which
is formed in this manner may also be closed by a
sealing-mass 5. It is also possible, however, to 35
make the cover so that it forms one unit with the
plates. The deposit can be removed without inner tank.
di?lculty. The impurities and the ?imsy insula»
I claim:
tlon, if any, between the plates can be easily re
In an electric accumulator, a group of ‘plates,
40 moved or interchanged. The condition ‘of the a cover from which said plates are suspended, a 40
plates can be examined. The/above mentioned jacket surrounding said group of plates and at
manipulations can even be carried out by un
least partly open at the bottom, said cover being
skilled people so that in comparison with the supported upon said jacket, an outer vessel sur
usual construction the duration of life is consid
rounding said jacket, said jacketand vessel hav
45 erably increased by the simplicity with which the ing ribs projecting, respectively, outward and 45
supervision and the cleaning can be effected, inward just below their upper edges, and means
whereas the technical advantages can be attained in said outer vessel supportihg said jacket so
without an increase of the manufacturing cost that its rib stands in non~overlapping relation at
worth mentioning.
The invention will be elucidated by reference
to an example shown in the drawing.
Fig. 1 is a fragmentary section on one corner
of the accumulator showing how the various parts
can be scaled up.
the same level with the rib on said vessel, to
form a gutter bottom for receiving a sealing 50
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