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Oct. 11, 1938.
Filed July 30, 1937
, f ‘ 2,132,549 ‘
cams csss
William 1!. weiltrom, New Haven, Conn.
Application 1.1, :0, 1m. Serial‘ No. item
I Ciailll.
(CI. 95-42)
This invention relates to cameras and is more
especially concerned with those of the smaller
forms, such as "pocket cameras."
lens mounting ‘I, and'the hinged cover 0 when
the camera is in its fully opened or extended con
dition. It is secured releasably in the camera.
Usually cameras of this class are of the folding case by means of the thumb screw it, Figs. 3, 4
6 type. In using them‘ it is necessary to open the and 45, which extends through an aperture in s
camera and generally, also, to pull out the lens the bottom of the case and is threaded into the
mounting and lock it in its opm position. If the tripod socket in the camera body. sometimes
?nder also is of the folding type, it is necessary to this socket is located in the central part of said
release it or to move it into its operative position. body instead of at one end of it. as in the con
10 Also when a color iilter or other supplementary struction shown, and a second hole ‘ll, Fig. 5,
lens is used, as in most modern photography, or other suitable holes, preferably are provided
it must be removed from its case and attached in the bottom of the case to accommodate such a
to the opened camera. If a sunshade is used, it condition. Strips of felt, sponge rubber or other
‘cushioning material 0 may‘ extend around the
also must be attached.
back and ends of the camera body I, .while addi
All of these operations necessitate the expendi
tional members lO-lll of such material may be
‘ ture of time, and this fact greatly limits the use
fulness of the camera and very frequently makes placed above and below it, to aid in holding the
it impossible to obtain pictures which could be camera snugly within the case. '
Preferably both the body 2 and cover I of the
taken if these preliminary or preparatory opera
case are made of some light weight but strong
- $0 tions could be eliminated.
The present invention deals especially with metal, such as aluminum, or ‘some aluminum
the problem presented by these conditions. It alloy, so that the weight which they add to the
camera is not 'important. For many purposes
aims to provide means for making a camera in
stantly and completely available for use, while the case may be made of Bakelite or equvalent
I’ as at the same time effectually protecting the material. The body I may be equipped with 86
camera from damage. It is also an important hooks, or equivalent devices, such as those shown
object of the invention to protect the bellows at ll, by meansofwhichasling strap ll maybe
and other parts of the camera from air blasts securedtothecase. Itisalsoconstructedfor
the convenient operation of the various ac
Y when taking pictures from an open airplane.
are used with the 80
so The nature of the invention will be readily cessories which n
understood from the following description when camera. These include'a tinder "which prefer
ablyis ofthe telescopetypeandis securedlper
read in connection with the accompanying draw
ing, and the novel features will be particularly manently. to or formspart of the cover 8. the
lens elements, cros' hairs, or the like, being en
pointed out in the appended claims. ‘
In the drawing,
case embodying this invention and showing the
manner in which it may conveniently be used;
Fig. 2 is a plan view of the case shown-in
..closed in, and protected by, the rigid tube It.
Il‘he cable release‘ for the shutter is led from
the lens mounting ‘I under the camera and into
a curved conduit II at the back of the case, the
plunger ll being mounted at the upper end of
this conduit where it is very conveniently posi
tioned for operation by the user, as will‘be evident
1588. 8 and 4 ‘are side and rear views, respec
from an inspection of Pig. 1.
tively, of said casinl; and
Attheback ofthe case Iholes ll--llarepro
Figs. 5 and 6 are bottom and front views,'re- _
vided, one or both of which will be aligned with
spectively, of the case.
the window or windows at the back of the camera
45 As shown in the drawing, the invention pro
40 Pig. 1:
vides a rigid metal case adapted .to completely ' ‘throughwhich theexposurenumber onthe?lm
enclose and protect a camera. This case includes isseen. Also,thebottcmof thecaseisprovided
abodyportionl and a cover Iwhichissecurely ‘with a hole 20, I'lg. 5, or other suitable holes,
but ‘releasably fastened to the body portion by
so means of several swing bolts 4. Since the par
to the fihn winding handle or thumb piece ll.
camera of the folding type, it is provided with a is left permanently open so that any necessity
relatively large rear end to receive the camera ~ for the operation of a door, cover, or the like, is
bodyl,l"lgs.2and3,andittapersasit extends avoided. This opening is made of suiiicient di
' Preferably the front end I2. 1'18. 6. of the case
menslmstopermittheoperatortoreachinand ll
adjust the shutter timer and the vdiaphragm, or '
3. An article according to preceding claim 1,
to move the lens mounting backward and forward including a ?nder of the telescope type mounted
for focusing purposes, in the event that the on said case in cooperative relationship to the
camera is of a type requiring this operation. camera, said case being constructed to enclose
The dimensions, however, should be such that
the lens is set well back from the opening so that
any danger of injury to it or to adjacent parts
of the} camera, due to their striking some exter
nal object, is practically negligible. Also, this
10 portion of the case acts as a sunshade for the
lens, its inside being preferably painted black.
It is contemplated that in using a camera
mounted in a case‘of this type, .the sling strap [5
will be worn around the user's neck, as shown in
15 Fig. 1, with the case 2 suspended from it. In this
position the camera is ready for instant use, no
opening of the camera or the case, nor manipula
tion of the ?nder or other parts, nor addition of
,color ?lters, being necessary. Thus the fact that
the camera is available for instant use is a great
convenience to aviators, sportsmen, naturalists,
automobilists, and others. For aerial photog
raphy, in particular, this case protects the lens
and bellows of a folding camera from the slip
25 stream of an open airplane, which would other
wise ‘quickly damage them. The case is of such
a nature that it effectually protects the camera
from injury, even when the entire asembly is
used roughly and subjected‘ to the throwing
30 around which necessarily occurs in an automo
bile, aeroplane, boat, or the like. After the ex
posure has vbeen made the apparatus vmay be
dropped or tossed into a convenient part of the
car or other vehicle, no care being required to set
35 it down carefully, or to- fold up the camera.
Usually before laying it aside, however, the wind
, and protect said ?nder.
4. An article according to preceding claim 1,
in which said case is provided‘ with a window
. through which the exposure number of the cam
era may be observed, and is also provided with '
an aperture through which the ?lm winding
5. An article of the character described, com.
prising a rigid case open at its front end, a fold
ing camera mounted in said case with the lens
thereof. facing said end, said case being adapted 15
to enclose said camera approximately completely
except at said end with the camera in its open
condition and ready for use, a screw projecting
through said case and threaded into the tripod
socket in the camera for securing the same in 20
place, cushioning means in said case protecting
the body of the camera, said case including a
readily releasable portion for permitting the re
moval and replacement of the camera, said case
and said fastening means cooperating to support
said camera in readiness for instant use with the
lens spaced inwardly from said open end of the
case sufficiently to be protected by the case.
6. An article of the character described, com
prising a rigid case open at its front end, a fold 30
ing camera mounted in said case with the lens
thereof facing said end, said case being adapted
to enclose said camera approximately completely
except at said end with the camera in its open
condition and ready for use, means for fastening
said camera in said case with its lens in position
ing device 2| is operated to wind'the ?lm far
for picture taking but spaced inwardly from said
enough to bring a new exposure into position.
open end of the case sumciently ‘to be protected
7 While I have herein shown and described a
40 typical embodiment of my invention, it will be
understood that the invention may be embodied
in other forms without departing from the spirit
=or scope thereof.
vHaving thus described my invention, what I
45 desire to claim as new is:
1. An article of the character described, com
' handle on the camera is exposed for operation.
by the case; and a ?nder for said camera mounted
in an exposed position above said case.
'i. an article according to preceding claim 6,
with an operating member con
nected with the shutter of said camera to actuate
it, and mounted in a readilyaccessible position
i in combination
on said case.
8. An article
the character described, com
prising a rigid case open at one end and adapted prising a rigid case open at its front end and
, to enclose a folding camera with the latter open
adapted to receive and enclose a folding camera,
and ready for use, said case being adapted to pro
said case being relatively wide at the rearward
50 tect the camera on all sides and to encase it ap
proximately completely except at said end, and
, ‘means for fastening said camera securely in said
case with the lens of thecamera in its operative
position but spaced inwardly from and facing said
55 open end of the case, whereby said case supports
fastening said camera securely but releasably in
the case with the lens of the camera in its oper
ative position and facing said open. end but
a?‘ording substantially complete protection for it
said camera in readiness for instant use while
spaced inwardly therefrom su?ciently to protect
the lens, the opening in said end being relatively
small but large enough to permit access to said
both during such use andwhen it is not in use.
lens and to aiford ample admission of light to
2. An article according to preceding claim 1,
end thereof to receive the body of the camera and
tapering toward said open end, and means for 50
said lens.
including an enclosed ?nder for said camera
mounted in an exposed position on“ said case.
.15 H.
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