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0d. 11,. 1938.
Filed Aug’. 10, .1955
?g 145/127.Ba/JW/h
' BY
Patented 0a. ‘11, 1938
2,132,554. '
Henry wardiBaldwin, SaegertownVPau assignor
to Baldwin'Laboratories, Inc., Saaegertown, Pa.,
a corporation of Pennsylvania
Application August 10, 1935, Serial No. 35,685
2 Claims.
This invention relates to manufacture of im
pregnated articles; and it comprises an article of
?brous material having a uniform texture con
taining absorbed therein spaced parallel tracks of
GI a volatile liquid, such as perfume, the volatile
liquid, tracks substantially penetrating said ab
sorbent material and the spaces between said‘
‘tracks containing substantially less of said vola
tile liquid than said tracks; all as more fully
10 hereinafter set forth\and as claimed.
In the prior art, the impregnation of paper and
similar materials by liquids has been effected
usually by spraying the liquid onto the material
to be impregnated, according to anyv of the known
spraying methods, most frequently by hand; or
by dipping the material into the liquid:_ These
. modes of procedure, however, involve numerous
disadvantages. The‘ dipping method‘is ‘quite non- .
commercial, since itv-uses by far too large an
amount of material and often tends to damage
\ the material treated. As to the spraying method,
in order to obtain a uniform distribution,‘ the
(01. 299-24)
impregnating liquid, and when rotated feeds the
liquid to that portion of the felt rings in contact
therewith. The material to be impregnated is
fed between the top roll and the upper portion
of the felt rings, which when rotated, transfer
the liquid absorbed from the bottom roll to the
material to be impregnated.
The individual sections of the center roll are
spaced according to the distance desired between
the liquid tracks on the material, and the por
tions of the felt rings protruding above the sur
faces of the holding members are adjustable. It
is also ‘possible, of course, to employ felt rings of
varying'widths. By these means the amount of
liquid conveyed to the material to be impregnated
can be readily predetermined and waste of the
impregnating liquid is substantially eliminated.
My invention is illustrated in the accompany
.ing drawing which represents a perspective view
of a sheet of absorbent material impregnated
with spaced parallel tracks of a volatile liquid
which loses its value upon, volatilization, part of
this view being a longitudinal section through
liquid is sprayed over the entire surface of the
material to be impregnated, which results in a said sheet. The thickness of the sheet is ex
, large amount of liquid being used unnecessarily. aggerated in order to show the impregnating liq
uid more clearly. In this showing the impreg
‘The liquiddoes not penetrate the material'un
less an excessive amount is employed and is nating liquid is shown in dotted lines, the density
quickly dissipated by volatilization. The method
of impregnation being indicated by the spacing
is slow and the impregnation is not uniform. The
of these lines. The legends of the drawing are
believed to make the drawing itself explanatory.
The longitudinal section is taken through one of
the tracks of volatile liquid.
My invention has many obvious advantages.
I have found, for example, that when impregna
tion is accomplished in the form. of spaced liquid
tracks, the loss by volatilization is much less than
when the impregnation‘ is uniform. I attribute
this to the fact that the liquid surface exposed
spraying method also constitutes a fire hazard,
since a cloud of a‘ highly volatile and in?am
mable material is produced.
The articles of‘ the present invention are im
pregnated in the form, of more or less narrow liq
‘uid tracks which penetrate the absorbent mate
rial and from which the ?uid gradually tends to
This results in a.
minimum. loss by volatilization, an economical use
‘ permeate the entire material.
of. the liquid, and it: eliminates the hazard of‘ fire
40 encountered in the spraying method.
While various methods may be used to produce impregnation of the articles'of the present
invention, one impregnating machine, which If
have found very useful, will be briefly described.
-,In this machine a set of three rolls, advanta
geously'driven from; a common drive, is provided.
in which the top and. bottom. rolls are made with
a continuous. surface while the middle roll. is ar
ranged in sections. Each of these-sections com»
prises an annular ring of‘ absorbentmaterial, such.
as felt, clamped between metal portions... These
annular rings, which have a. slightly: greater di:
ameter than the metal portions, come-in contact
with both. the top and bottom: rolls. The bottom.
. roll is partly submerged in a tanlrcontaining the‘
to the air is greatly reduced. In one case the re
sulting relatively thick strips of liquid present a
small surface of exposure while in the other case
the whole surface area is impregnated and ex
posed to loss by volatilization.- In particular I
have found that blotters impregnated with per
fume by my method retain their odor several
times as long. as similar blotters which have had
their ‘surfaces uniformly impregnatedf with the
same amount of perfume. It is therefore evident
that the present invention aifords- a substantial
saving both in cost' of impregnating materials as 50
well as, in labor.
One of‘ the most advantageous embodiments‘ of
my inventionis a blotter impregnated withper
fumes. for advertising purposes. I usually im
pregnate largev sheets of blotting paper and then’ 55
cut these sheets up in such manner as to obtain a of the following claims will be immediately evi
a single ?uid track across each blotter. In this dent to those skilled in_ the art/ \
manner an important saving in impresnatin:
,What I claim is:
material is realized but, on account of the partic
1. As a new article or manufacture, a manufac-v
ular manner in which impregnation is accom
tured, ?brous, absorbent material having a uni-4
plished, the blotters retain the aroma of the per
form texture containing absorbed therein spaced
fume for a long period of time.
parallel tracks of a volatile liquid losing its value
Any type or manufactured, ?brous absorbent
material can be used in making-the articles of
upon volatilization, the volatile liquid tracks sub
stantially penetrating’ said absorbent material
and the‘spaces between said tracks containing 10
substantially less oi.’ said volatile liquidthan said
rials, paper, leather and the like. And these ar
ticles can be impregnated with‘ various types of
2. A perfumed blotter containing absorbed
liquids losing their value upon volatilization.
The machine described brie?y above may be _therein spaced parallel tracks of perfume. the
perfume in said tracks substantially penetrating 15
adapted to impregnate irregularly shaped arti
- .cles by suitable shaping of the rolls and by pro esaid blotter and the spaces between said per
viding ?exible felt strips voif considerable width, fumed tracks containing substantially less per
hence my invention is not limited to articles 0! fume than said tracks.‘ _
the‘present invention, for example textile mate
sheet material.
Other modifications which fall within the scope >
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