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Oct. 11, 1938.
Filed July 18, 1936
2 Sheets-Sheet l
Oct. 11, 1938.
Filed July 18, 1936
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Oct. 11,1938
Ervin S. Mummert, Hanover, Pa“, assignor to
Mummert-Dixonl Company, Hanover, Pa., a
corporation of Pennsylvania
Application July 18, 1936, Serial No. 91,257
3 Claims.
circle a similarly formed pulley on the shaft l8
of the grinding wheel l3, said pulley being
machines ‘ known as swing frame grinders in
which the machine is suspended from-an over-
covered by a suitable hood or guard l9, as shown
in Fig. 1.
'5 head support by a ?exible element such as a
chain, cable or the like.
wheel head frame l2 by, means of bolts 2|.
improved swing frame grinding machine which
Projecting from the grinding wheel hood 20
is suspended in such a way that both longitudinal
are handles 22 for the operator of the‘ machine.
10 and lateral adjustments may be made, so’ that
the machine will be perfectly balanced without
the necessity of employing any additional
balancing weights or the like.
v '
ofv the machine.
of said grinding wheel being offset at one end
in the manner shown in Fig. 1, so as to provide a 15
support for the driving pulley (not shown) of
the grinding wheel ‘l3.
Extending lengthwise of the machine ,and
covering the driving belts ll; is a cover 23 which
2 . -' Another object of the invention is to provide
is preferably formed of sheet metal.
an ‘improved swing frame grinding machine of
'The motor 15 is vmounted‘on a suitable plat
the character’ mentioned, which is simple in
construction, and reliable and exact in function
form 24 which is supported by the motor carry
ing frame M as shown in Fig. 2.
under all conditions of service.
Also supported by the motor carrying frame I4
‘The invention also comprises certain new and
useful improvements in the construction, ar-
is a bracket 25 having a boss 26 for receiving one 25
end of an auxiliary or supplementary supporting
rangement and combination of the several parts
frame 21.
of ‘which it is composed, as will be hereinafter
more 'fullydescribed and claimed. ‘- V
'In ‘the accompanying drawings:—‘
The supplementary supporting frame 21' com- '
prises a tube or section of heavy pipe which is
somewhat shorter in length vthan the length of 30'
' Figure '1 is a plan of a swing frame grinding
machine constructed according to the present
the main supporting frame H.
The outer end of the supplementary support
invention ;'
Fig. '2; is a side elevation of the structure shown
35 in Fig. 1;'
ing frame 21 is secured to a suitable connector or
bracket 28.
Fig. 3 is a ‘vertical ‘transverse section taken
main body portion 29 which snugly ?ts themain
0n the line 3—3 0f Fig‘ 2; _
Fig. 4 is a similar section taken on the line
supporting frame ll. Extending upwardly from
the main body‘portion 29 of the connector or
4——4 of Fig- 2; and
‘In the speci?c type of machine herein shown 10
and described, the grinding wheel I3 is shown
disposed substantially in alinement with the end
of the main supporting frame-H, the frame l2
~Another object of the invention is- to provide
15 an improved swing frame grinding machine having its suspending arm or hanger adjustably
mounted on a supplementary frame, ‘which latter
in turn is adjustably mounted on the main frame
The grinding wheel I3 is also partly covered 15}
by a hood or guard 20 ‘which is fastened ‘to the
An object of the invention is to provide an
(01. 51'_99)
This invention relates -to grinding machines
and more particularly to the type of grinding
' _'
bracket 28 is an arm, the upper end of which is
Fig. 15 is a similar section taken on the line
5-5 of Fig. 2.
I '
The connector or bracket 28 is formed with_a 3? 5
Referring to the drawings, ' the improvedv
grinding machine Comprises a main Supporting
frame II, which is preferably though not neces45 sarily constructed of a suitable length of heavy
pipe or tubing.
Mounted on one end of the main supporting
frame II is a wheel head frame 12, which supports a grinding wheel l3.
Mounted on the opposite end of the main supporting frame I l is a motor carrying frame l4,
upon which is mounted an electric motor l5.
Theshaft of the electric motor I5 is provided
with a pulley l?'having grooves formed therein
55 for a plurality of belts ll. The belts I1 en-
formed with a slot 30 through which is inserted 4t)
the shank ‘of a bolt 3!
which is employedfor
securing theouter free end of the supplementary,
supporting frame 2'! to the connector or bracket
The main body portion 29 of the connector or 43
bracket 28 is rigidly secured to the main sup
porting frame H by means of set screws 32 (see
Fig. 5).
The bracket 25 which supports the inner end
of the supplementary supporting frame 21 is 50
adjustably mounted on the motor carrying frame
M for sliding movement transversely of the ma
chine. For this purpose the base of the bracket
25 is formed with slots 33, as shown in Fig. 1,
for the reception of the shanks of bolts 34.
Loosely mounted on the supplementary sup
porting frame 21, is a bearing 36, for a sus
pending arm or hanger 31.
The bearing 36 is retained in position against
longitudinal movement with respect to the sup
plementary supporting frame 21 by means of
collars 38.
The collars in turn are rigidly se
The transverse balance of the machine is effected
by moving bracket 25 and the connector 28 in
such a way that the supplementary supporting
frame is shifted transversely with respect to the
main supporting frame vl l. The longitudinal
balance is obtained by shifting the position of
the hanger bearing 36 inwardly or outwardly of
cured to the supplementary supporting frame 21
the supplementary supporting frame 21. In this
by means of set screws 39.
The lower end of the suspending arm or
way both transverse and longitudinal balance of
the machine can be readily obtained without the 10
hanger 31 is pivotally connected to the bearing
36 by means of a pin 40 which is carried by the
bearing 36 in the manner clearly shown in Fig. 4.
The pin 40 is transversely disposed so that the
15 hanger arm 31 is free to swing in a direction lon—
gitudinally of the machine, and since the bearing
36 is loosely mounted on the supplementary sup
porting frame 21, said bearing and the suspend
ing arm or hanger 31 pivotally connected there
20 to, are free to swing in a direction at right angles
to the longitudinal swinging movement which
can be partaken of only by the suspending arm
or hanger 31.
As shown in Fig. 4, the lower end of the sus
25 pending'arm or hanger 31 is connected to the
bearing 36 at a point offset to the main support
ing frame ll of the machine.
The upper end of the suspending arm or
hanger 31 is laterally disposed with respect to
30 the main body portion thereof, and said upper end
carries an eye 4| for the reception of a hook or
other device (not shown) on the lower end of a
chain or cable from which the machine is adapt
ed to be suspended. In order that the machine
35 can be moved in all directions, the eye 4! is loose
ly connected to the upper end of the suspending
arm or hanger 31 by a swivel joint of any ap
proved type.
use of any additional balancing weights.
Having thus described my invention, what I
claim is:—
1. A grinding machine comprising an elon
gated supporting frame with a power unit at one 15
end, a grinding tool at the other end, driving
connections between the power unit and the
grinding tool, a supplementary supporting frame
superposed with respect to the main supporting
frame, means for shifting the relative position 20
of the supplementary supporting frame laterally
with respect to the main supporting frame, a
hanger, means for pivotally supporting said
hanger on the supplementary supporting frame,
and~means for adjusting, the hanger supporting 25
means longitudinally with respect to the supple
mentary supporting frame whereby to balance
the entire machine when the same is supported
from said hanger.
2. In a grinding machine, an elongated main 30
frame, a motor supported by said frame at one
end, a grinding tool supported by said frame at
the other end, a driving connection between said
motor and said grinding tool, a supplementary
frame, adjustable means connecting one end of 35
said supplementary frame with said main frame
at the ‘motor end thereof, a bracket rotatably
mounted on an intermediate portion of said main
When the machine is suspended by the arm or
40 hanger 31, it is adapted to be evenly balanced,
and in order to obtain such balance after the
frame, means for adjustably connecting the other
parts have been assembled, ‘the bracket 25, the
connector bracket 28, and the hanger bearing 36
versal joint for connecting the hanger with said
are shifted until the entire machine is uniformly
3. A grinding machine comprising a’ main sup
porting frame, a motor mounted on one end of 45
said main frame, a grinding tool mounted on the
45 balanced, it being assumed that the machine is
suspended from a suitable ?exible element, as
has been heretofore described, which is connected
to the eye 4| of the arm 31.
When this adjustment of the above elements
50 has been effected, the bolts 3| and 34 and. set
screws 39 are tightened, thereby retaining the
movable parts of the machine relatively ?xed, so
that the machine will remain in proper balance
when put into use.
In order to obtain correct balance of the ma
chine it was necesasry to provide means for shift
ing the position of the suspending arm or hanger
31 with respect to the main supporting frame ll
of the machine, and in order to effect such shift
60 ing of the hanger 31 it has been necessary to
pivotally mount said hanger on an auxiliary or
supplementary supporting frame which latter can
also be shifted with respect to the main frame.
end of the supplementary frame with. said
bracket, a hanger, and means constituting a uni
supplementary frame.
other end of said main frame, driving connections
between the motor and the grinding tool, a sup
plementary supporting’ frame paralleling the
main frame and disposed in a plane above the
main frame, means for adjustably connecting
each end of said supplementary supporting frame
to said main frame whereby the relative position
of said supplementary supporting frame with re
spect to the main frame can be shifted, a bearing
loosely mounted on said supplementary support
ing frame for rotary movements transversely
with respect to‘said supplementary supporting
frame, and a hanger pivotally‘connected to said
bearing and adapted to swing in directions at 60
right angles to the transverse rotary -movements
of said bearing.
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