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Oct. “11, 1938.
Filed Jan. 6, 1958
Patented Oct. 11, v1938
Charles E. Wittmack, Oshkosh, Wis., assignor to
Oshkosh B’Gosh, Inc., Oshkosh, Wis., a corpo
, ration of Wisconsin
Application January 6, 1938‘, Serial No. 183,587
2 Claims.
(01. 2-227)
The invention relates to overalls and more par
ticularly to a new and improved bib construction
The object of the invention is to provide a re
enforced bib construction in which a single mem
ber eleminates the usual triangular button stays
sewed‘ to its body by the stitching l9, and it may
taper from the sides to the center, one part 20
of a snap fastener being mounted in said member
adjacent the edge at the center and adapted to
engage the other part I l on the bib when said
at the upper corners of the bib and reenforces
pockets 9.
the entire top edge of the bib and at the same time
essary to close the pocket ?ap, which prevents
chaff, straw, dirt, etc., accumulating in the
penders 23 of the garment.
pockets and effectively holds the contents therein
With this construction the member I4 takes
the place of the usual separate triangular button
15 when stooping over.
The invention further consists in the several
features hereinafter set forth and more particu
larly de?ned by claims at the conclusion hereof.
In the drawing:
Fig. 1 is a front elevation view of a pair of
overalls provided with a bib embodying the in
Fig. 2 is an enlarged detail view of the bib,
parts being broken away;
Fig. 3 is a detail sectional view taken on the
line 3-—3 of Fig. 2.
In the drawing, the numeral 4 designates the
overalls as a whole and 5 the bib portion thereof
which may be formed integral with or be secured
to the main body portion of the garment.
The bib portion 5 is provided with a pocket or
pockets here shown as formed by a piece 6 of
material sewed around its inturned sides and bot
tom edges 'by the stitching ‘I to the bib 5 and
which may be sewed by spaced stitching 8 to
said bib 5 so as to provide two pockets 9 and a
pocket space ID which is closed at the top by a
fastener part II and opened intermediate its
ends by a slit l2 cut in said piece ‘6. The in
turned top edge of the piece 6 is also shown as
40 provided with stitching l3, and beyond the rows
of stitching 8 said edge is open to form the open
ings to the pockets 9. The pockets 9 may, of
course, be formed in other ways than that speci
?cally shown.
A reenforcing member [4 extends across the
entire top of the bib 5, and its top and side edges
The suspender buttons 2| are se
cured to the corners of the bib which it will be
noted is reenforced by the double thickness of
the member I4 at these points.
The buttons 2! are adapted to be engaged by
the eyed members 22 carried by the straps or sus
functions as a pocket flap and extends and is
fastened over the top of the pocket. or pockets
provided in the bib, only one fastener being nec
member is in closed position over the tops of the
I5 are turned over corresponding inturned edges
l6 of said bib and secured over said edges by
stitching l1, Fig. 3 showing this construction in
detail in connection with the top edge. The lower
?exible edge [8 of the member I4 is turned in and
stays secured to the bib at the upper corners and
also reenforces the entire top edge of the bib and
further functions as a cover ?ap to prevent chaff,
straw, dirt, or other foreign matter accumulating
in the pockets 9 and prevents their contents spill
ing out when stooping over, only one fastener
being necessary to close this ?ap over the tops
of the pockets.
I desire it to be understood that this invention
is not to be limited to any particular form or ar- 25
rangement of parts except in so far as such limi
tations are included in the claims.
What I claim as my invention is:
1. In an overall, the combination of a bib pro
vided with a pocket opening toward the upper 30
end of said bib, a reinforcing member extending
across the upper edge of said bib and secured to
said edge and having its bottom edge extending
below the open end of said pocket and side edges
extending to substantially the level of the pocket
opening and secured, for their entire length, to
the side edges of the bib to bring the lower edge
of said member normally in pocket-covering posi
2. In an overall, the combination of a bib pro
vided with turned edges at its sides and top and 40
with a pocket opening toward the upper end of
the bib, a reinforcing member having a bottom
edge extending below the pocket opening and
top and side edges bent and extending over the
turned edges of said bib and secured to said bib,
‘said side edges extending down the sides of the
bib to substantially the level of the pocket open
ing to ‘bring the lower edge of the reinforcing
member normally in pocket-covering position.
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