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Oct. 11, 1938.
Filed April 24, 1936
=_ E3I
5:: V
Patented Oct. 11, 1938
Otto Wittel, Rochester, N. Y., assignor, by memo
assignments, to Eastman Kodak Company, Jer
sey City, N. .L, a corporation of New Jersey
Application April 24, 1936, Serial No. 76,173
In Great Britain February 5, 1836
(CI. 88-17)
The present invention relates to a guide mem
ber for motion picture apparatus of the maga
zine type and more particularly to a guide mem
ing II! which contains a cover plate it which
ber which compels tilting of the ?lm magazine
5 \during insertion into or removal from the maga
zine chamber of said apparatus. Such a guide
member is disclosedbut not claimed in my co
pending application, ‘Serial No. 1372, filed Janu
ary 11, 1935, for mprovements in an Ejector for
carries a latching bar It which can
be operated by a button [5 on the exterior of cae
ing I 0 and which carries a saddle piece 58 for
Operating the closure means on the ?lm mage~
The magazine chamber is formed within said
casing I 0 and is enclosed by a side wall ll, by '
edge Walls l8 and I9, by an edge wall‘ H’, see
is the provision of a guide member which ex
4, and by the support member 20. The ?lm
tends lnto the magazine chamber of a motion
21 is located within said magazine
picture apparatus and which lies over a portion
10 motion picture apparatus of the magazinetype.
The primary object of the present invention
15 of the ?lm magazine to compel tilting of the
magazine during insertion or removal thereof.
chamber by a spring 22 which bears on the rear
81186 of magazine 2! to press the front of the
Another object of the invention is the provision
magazine against the rear surface of front edge’
wall I I, while a second spring 23 bears upon the
upper edge of ?lm magazine 2E and presses the
lower ed ge of the magazine against support mem~
of a guide member which has a resilient portion
for engaging a surface of the ?lm magazine for
20 holding the magazine in position and at the same
time for compelling tilting of the magazine for
its insertion or removal. Other and further ob
iect's of the invention will be suggested to those
skilled in the art by the disclosure which follows.
The above and other objects of the invention
are obtained by merely providing a guide or
spring member which extends into an open sided
magazine chamber of a motion picture apparatus,
ber 20.
A ?lm advancing mechanism is located within
casing _l 0 and includes a driving eccentric 24, a
claw arm 25 pivotally connected to said driving‘
26 into the magazine chamber.
The ?lm magazine, see Fig. 2, comprises 2 cas
said guide or spring member overlying or over- I ing with a side wall 29 and an edge wall 29 ex
tending around the edge of wall 28. An auxiliary
wall 30 is attached to edge wall 28 and extends '
along the front and upper portions thereof, being
after insertion.
spaced a slight distance from edge wall 29. A
Reference is hereby made to the accompanying ?exible shutter 3i is slidable between edge wall
35 edrawing wherein similar reference characters 29 and auxiliary wall 39, being operated by a pin
32 which extends through a slot 33 in the upper
designate similar elements and wherein:
of edge wall 29 and which fits into the
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a motion picture
piece [6 on the latching bar M. The front
apparatus of the magazine type which is equipped saddle
with a guide member according to the invention. portions of edge wall 29 and auxiliary wall 9e‘ are
10 Fig. 2 is a fragmentary view of the apparatus each provided with exposure apertures 34 and
claw openings 35, which apertures and openings
?lm advancing mechanism and a may
be covered by shutter 3| when it is moved
‘cross section of the magazine wall.
to closed position. The ?lm F is held in position
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary section of the maga
across the inner aperture 34 and inner opening
zine wall showing the closure means for the mag
35 by a presser member 26 of conventional de
|,5 azine in closed position.
Fig. 4 is a longitudinal section through the ap
Even after shutter 3i has cammed the claw 26
paratus showing the ?lm magazine in tilted po
of the ?lm advancing mechanism out of engage
The invention is to be described with respect ment with the perforations of the ?lm F, see Fig.
3, said claw 26 still overlies or overhangs the edge
0 to a motion picture camera but it is to be under
of the magazine edge wall 29. As a result it is
stood that the invention may also be used in con
not practical to remove the ?lm magazine by'di
nection with other kinds 'of motion picture ap
paratus of the magazine type, such as projectors, rect lateral movement from the magazine cham
ber but the ?lm magazine 2i should be tilted for
J- printers, etc.
5 ‘The motion picture camera comprises a cas . removal or insertion in the manner illustrated‘in
so lapping the ?lm magazine to compel tilting there
of during removal or insertion and including the
resilient portion ‘for positioning the magazine
Fig 4.
A guide member 31 extends into the magazine
chamber and overlaps a portion of the ?lm mag
azine 2i. Said guide member 31 may include a
1. Ina motion picture apparatus of the maga
zine type, the combination with a casing includ
ing a side wall and edge walls, which walls form
spring portion 38 for resiliently engaging a por- vstion of ?lm magazine 2| to hold the side wall 28
a magazine chamber with an open side, and a'?lm
of the magazine against the side wall I‘! of the
camera. Speci?cally member 37 may be set into
a recess 39 provided in raised portion i2 of cover
plate i I by means of a bolt 60.
The initial movement of ?lm magazine 2i for
removal from the magazine chamber may be ac
complished by an ejector mechanism including a
brace M and a pin 62 both of which are fully. dis
magazine having such vdimensions as to substan
tially ?ll said magazine and such that said ?lm
magazine can be inserted into said chamber
only through the open side thereof, of a guide
member on said casing, extending into said mag
azine chamber, and having a portion for engag 10
ing and guiding said magazine during its inser- '
tion into said magazine chamber and for engag
ing and de?nitely positioning said magazine after
such insertion into said chamber.
closed in my aforementioned copending applica
2. In a motion picture apparatus of the maga 15,
type, the combination with a casing includ
however, is
provision of such ejector mechanism,
The ?lm magazine 2! must have its forwardv
edge inserted under the guide member 37 during
ing a side wall and edge wal1s,‘which walls form a
magazine chamber with an open side, and a ?lm
magazine having such dimensions as to substan
tially ?ll said magazine chamber and such that 20
20 insertion of the magazine and as a result the claw ‘said ?lm magazine v can be inserted intov' said
2B of the ?lm‘advancing mechanism will enter the chamber only through the open side thereof, of a
claw opening 35 as the remainder of the ?lm spring member on said casing for overlying and
magazine is swung into proper position. Con
versely, in order to remove the magazine the rear
edge or portion of magazine 2! must be raised,
either manually or automatically by the ejector
mechanism indicated. Complete removal of film
magazine it can only be'accomplished by further
engaging a portion of said ?lm magazine resil
iently to maintain said magazine against the side 25’
tilting of the magazine and then withdrawing
zine type, the combination with a casing includ
ing a side wall and edge walls, which walls form
a magazine chamber openonly at one side, a ?lm
magazine having such dimensions as to substan
the same from the magazine chamber. Conse
quently, the ?lm magazine 2 i must be tilted either
for insertion into or removal from‘the magazine
It should also be noted that the guide member
3? not only functions to :compel the aforemen
tioned tilting of themagazine but also aids" in
wall of said chamber and for
necessarily com- '
pelling tilting of said magazine during insertion
into or removal from said magazine chamber.
3. In a motion picture apparatus of the maga- '
tially ?ll said magazine chamber and suchthat 35
said ?lm magazine can. be inserted into said
chamber ‘only through the open side thereof and
having an edge wall which is provided with an
the ?lm magazine within the '' opening, and a ?lm advancing mechanism in said
casing and including a claw for extending into the
the forward portion of ?lm magazine 26 over the ' openingin said edge wall of the magazine, of a, 40
properly locating
camera by virtue of its resilient pressure against
edge wall 291 which is provided with the claw
opening 35.
. My invention herein described is susceptible of
many variations and the present disclosure is to
guide member extending into said magazine
chamber for engaging said ?lm magazine within
said chamber and positioning therein the mag
azlne'edge wall which is provided with an open
the invention being de?ned by the claims which
ing, and for necessarily compelling tilting'of said '
edge wall of said magazine during. its insertion
into or removal fromsaid magazine chamber.
be construed in an illustrative sense, the scope of
Having now particularly'described' my inven
tion, what I desire to secure by Letters Patent of
the United States and what I claim is:
o'rro WITI'EL
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