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Oct. 11, 1938.
‘ Filed Nov. 5, 1936
Patented Oct. 11, 1938
2,132,723 ’
Charles s. Crickmer and at, A. Lamb, Dallas,
Tex, assignors to Mei-la Tool Company, Dallas,
Application November 5, 1936, Serial No. 109,264
1 Claim. (01. use-10y~
This invention relates to new and useful im
provements in packing elements.
One object of the invention is to provide an
improved packing element particularly adapted
for use on a well packer, or other device, and
arranged to effectively seal off the annular space
between the well casing and tubing.
Figure 2 is a transverse, vertical, sectional view
of the element in its distorted position,
Figure 3 is a horizontal, cross-sectional view
taken on the line 3--3 of Figure 1, and
Figure 4 is a view, partly in section and partly 5
in elevation, of a modi?ed form of the invention.
such manner as to produce the sealing effect of a
In the drawing, the numeral l0 designates an
elongate tubular mandrel which is adapted to be
connected in a tubing string or other support (not
shown), so as to be lowered therewith into a well 10
casing A. The invention is applicable to any de
plurality of superimposed packing rings, where
vice, but for purposes of description it is shown
An important object of the invention is to pro
vide an improved elongate packing element which
1-0 is arranged to be distorted into sealing position in
by the increased e?iciency of a series of packing as mounted on the mandrel of a well packer.
rings is obtained, while the strength and dura
The usual slip head II is slidable on the mandrel,
15 bility of a one piece packing member is retained. and the usual gripping slips (not shown) are
A further object of the invention is to provide slidable on this head. When the slips are en
an improved elastic packing element which is pro » gaged with the wall of the casing, the head II
vided with a plurality of reinforcing members is held stationary and the mandrel may slide
molded, or otherwise secured therein, at spaced therethrough. The slips have not been shown, as
:0 points throughout the length of the element, they form no part of the invention, and any suitwhereby when the element is distorted, the rings able means may be employed for locking the head
act to displace the outer periphery of the ele
in a ?xed position in the casing.
ment into a series of superimposed bulges or pro
A supporting thlmble I2 is slidably mounted
‘tuberances, whereby the packing effect of a plu
on the mandrel l0 above the slip head II, and
rality of superimposed individual packing mem
rests upon the upper end thereof. The thimble
bers is obtained.
i is recessed at its upper end to form a peripheral
Still another object of the invention is to pro
?ange l3. An elastic packing element I4, formed
vide an improved elastic packing element having of rubber, Duprene, or any other suitable elastic
means for anchoring the inner periphery thereof material, surrounds the mandrel above the thim
30 to a support, whereby when the element is dis
ble 1! and has its reduced lower end disposed
torted, its outer periphery will be displaced out
within the recess in the thimble and con?ned be
wardly into sealing position without disengaging tween the ?ange l3 and the mandrel. A ?anged
the element from its support; said means also con?ning cap or inverted thimble l5 engages the
acting to' prevent distortion of the element beyond reduced upper end of the packing element, where
35 its elastic limit.
by the element is mounted on the mandrel beA further object of the invention is to provide tween the cap l5 and the thimble l2. A retain
an improved packing element having reinforcing
ing collar “5 is secured to the'mandrel above the
members mounted therein in spaced relation
throughout the length of the element, and suitable
40 fabric or other ?exible sleeves disposed on the
inner periphery of the element between the re
inforcing member, said sleeves acting as a binder
to prevent undue splitting and cracking of the
con?ning cap IS in some suitable manner, as by
screw threads, whereby said cap is held in con
packing element.
. .,
A construction designed tocarry out the inven
tion will be hereinafter described, together with
other features of the invention.
The invention will be more readily understood
from a reading of the following specification and
50 by reference to the accompanying drawing, in
which an example of the invention is shown, and
Figure 1 is a view, partly in elevation and partly
in section, of a packing element constructed in
55 accordance with the invention,
stant engagement with the upper end of the 'pack- 40
ing element.
A plurality of spaced metallic reinforcing rings
I‘! are molded, or otherwise suitably mounted,
within the packing element, being disposed in a
horizontal plane. Each ring encircles the man- 45
drel and has its inner periphery engaging the
mandrel, while its outer periphery terminates
short of the outer periphery of the packing ele
ment. Each ring is ?at and has a plurality of
perforations I 8 extending entirely therethrough, 50
and it is obvious that the material of which the
packing element is constructed passes through
these openings, whereby the ring is rigidly af
fixed within the element. ‘ Since the rings encircle
the mandrel I II it will be seen that they tend to 55
- 2
hold the packing element in engagement with
the mandrel.
When the device has been lowered into posi
tion within the well casing, with the packing 'ele
ment in its normal or undistorted position; as
shown in Figure 1, the slips (not shown) are
moved into gripping engagement with the wall
of the casing, thereby holding the slip head ll
stationary. Since the thimble I2 is supported
10 on the slip head, it will also remain stationary,
while the mandrel In, which is slidable through
the elastic limit of its material is substantially
eliminated by the spaced rings, which retain
those portions of the element secured thereto in
a ?xed position with relation to the mandrel.
A modi?ed form of the. invention is shown in
Figure 4, wherein all the features of the packing
element hereinbefore described are retained, and
in addition ?exible reinforcing sleeves 20, made
of fabric or other suitable material, are suitably
secured to the element. The sleeves may be vul 10
canized or otherwise fastened on the inner pe
both the thimble l2 and the slip head H, may
riphery of the packing element between the rings
move vertically. As the mandrel is moved down
I'I. Said sleeves encircle the mandrel in inti
mate contact therewith and serve to further
anchor the packing element to the mandrel, and 15
thereby aid in preventing said element from
being stripped off the mandrel. However, in
stead of a plurality of sleeves, a single elongate
sleeve extending throughout the bore of the
packing element may be provided. The sleeves 20
not only tend to hold the element more ?rmly
on the mandrel, but also prevent disintegration
of said element in the event that the element
wardly, theretaining collar I6, being ?xed to the
15 mandrel, moves downwardly therewith and also
moves the con?ning cap-l5 downwardly.
The downward movement of the cap l5 toward
the stationary thimble l2 distorts the packing
element [4 therebetw'een, and since the metallic
20 rings l1, molded within the element, are com
pressed therewith into closer proximity to each
other, the element is distorted between each
pair of rings into annular protuberances or
bulges I9 (Figure 2). That portion of the ele
25 ment in the plane of each ring will be held in
substantially its normal undistorted positionby
the ring because it is ?rmly ai't?xed or molded to
the ring. The distortion of the packing member
cracks or splits.
It is noted that in either form, when the pres 25
sure exerted on the element is removed, said
element will return to its normal undistorted
position due to the inherent elasticity oir its ma
distortion of the element have substantially the
terial. It is further noted that any suitable
means for supporting and distorting the element 30
may be used, as said means forms no part of
the invention.
What we claim and desire to secure by Letters
same sealing effect as a series of superimposed
Patent, is:
causes the same to move into engagement with
30 the wall of the well casing, whereby a seal is
formed between said casing and the mandrel.
It is noted that the protuberances formed by
35 individual packing rings, yet _the element is
formed in a- single piece and retains the strength
and durability of a one piece packing element.
It is further noted that, since the packing ele
ment is ?rmly a?ixed to the metallic rings l1,
40 and extends through the openings l'8 therein,
said rings act to hold the element in engagement
with the mandrel, whereby said element is pre
vented from being stripped o? the mandrel. It
is also noted that the provision of the spaced
45 rings I'I within the element serves to reinforce
the same throughout the length thereof, where
by the element is strengthened and made more
rigid. Also, distortion of the element beyond -
A packing element including, an elongate an 35
nular body of elastic material having a plurality
of equally spaced ?at rigid metallic rings em
bedded therein throughout the length thereof
and a sleeve of ?exible reinforcing material lin
ing its bore, the inner peripheries of said rings
coinciding substantially with the periphery of
the bore of said elastic body and the outer pe
ripheries of the rings terminating short of the
circumference of the body, whereby a continu
ous solid and» unreinforced annular strip of the ,
elastic body material is located outside the outer
peripheries of the rings.
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