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Oct. 11, 1938.
Filed April 20, 1936
P517529 [2’. Jones _
Patented'oct. 11, 1938
2,132,736 '
panama FLUID was-ran scam
Philip H. Jones, Redondo Beach, Calif.
Application April 20, 1936, Serial No. 15.302
'2 Claims.
(c1. 265-49)
This invention relates to weighing apparatus
and particularly to apparatus vfor determining
the density or weight of liquids.
In modern oil well drilling practices it is rec
5 ognized that the numerous‘ characteristics or
properties of the drilling ?uid employed are fac
tors of primary importance, and that accurate
control of these properties must be maintained.
vDrilling ?uid comprising heavy solids‘in sus
10 pension in water, known as drilling mud, is usu
ally employed in oil well drilling. This drilling
mud possesses a number of properties. such as
viscosity, plasticity, thixotropy, and density of
weight, all of which are factors contributing to
'15 the degree of success or failure of drilling oper
ations. The weight or density of the drilling
?uid is not only a particularly important char
acteristic in itself but the other properties of
the ?uid are also more or less correlated func
20 tions.
It is obviously desirable therefore to maintain
accurate control of the density of " the drilling
slide weight is having vernier graduations adapt
ed to register with'the graduations Il may be .
,moved along the length of the arm I! to provide
a balancing weight adjustment and to simulta
neously indicate the reading point on the weight ca
scale ll for such a condition of balance.
The arm I! is also'provided with a knife edge
pivot which rests at either end upon V-shaped
fulcrums 2i and 22 provided in the upper divided
end of an upright member 24 which is in turn 10
vertically supported by a base 25. A pointer 21
is attached to the upright support 24 to indicate
upon suitable graduations 28 on the side of the
balance arm, when the proper balance of the
apparatus has been obtained by the adjustment
of the position of the slide weight is. This ad
justable weight I! is preferably attached to the
arm i5 so that it is free to slide along the length
thereof but cannot be removed.
The operation of the apparatus is as follows:
The portion of the instrument including the
receptacle Ill, arm‘ II and weights l6 and i9 is
removed from its support 24 and, with the top
?uid and in order to accomplish this it is neces
sary to have an approximately continuous record \ ll removed the receptacle i0 is completely ?lled
with a typical sample of the drilling ?uid to be
as‘ of drilling ?uid weights throughout drilling oper
weighed. The top II is then'forced into position
ations. Because of the thixotropic or jell form
in the excess mud being expelled from
ing properties of drilling ?uids it is not practi
receptacle through the vent hole l2. 1
cable to make their density determinations by from'the
the use of the simple hydrometer as is customary The volume of the ?uid sample remaining in the
is thus accurately determined. The
30 for such determinations of other common liquids. instrument
extraneous matter which may ad
The object of this invention is, therefore, to here to the outside
of the instrument after it
provide practical means for readily and accu
rately determining the weights or densities of has been ?lled and closed by the top is then
removed’in any suitable manner such as by wash
?uids such as drilling muds.
under a stream of cleanwater and/or by
'35 _ The invention comprises in brief, apparatus
for measuring and testing a unit quantity of wiping. The balance portion of the instrument
drilling ?uid and directly indicating its weight including-the arm i5, top il, weights i6 and I9
and receptacle ll containing the sample of ?uid
be weighed is next replaced with its pivots
The invention will be more fully apparent from
40 the following description of a preferred embodi ‘upon the support 24-25 and a balance obtained
ment thereof in which Figs. 1 and 2 are side by properadjustment of the said slide weight
elevation. and plan view of the instrument, re *IQ, said balance being indicated by registration
of pointer 21 upon the proper graduation mark‘
or density.
Referring to the drawing, III is a cup like recep
45 tacle adapted to contain an accurately deter
mined volumeof the drilling ?uid to be weighed,
and having a top H in which is provided a- small
centrally located vent hole II. The receptacle
I0 is attached by its side to one end of a later
50 ally extending graduated balance arm, l5, having
The position of the thus adjusted vernier “
slide weight I! with respect to the calibrated
graduations I‘! on the balance arm then indicates
the weight or density readings of the mud sam
An advantage of this instrument is that it can
at its ‘opposite end a counterweight IS. The arm
be readily‘ handled and accurately and rapidly
operated under conditions in the ?eld where other
i5 isprovided along a portion of its length with
common weighing apparatus would be unsuit- >
. calibrated graduations II which may read in
convenient imits such as density, weight per cubic
55 foot or weight per gallon of measured ?uid. A
It is to be noted that the balance
moved from the support and with the top Ii de
g amuse
tached from the receptacle it, forms a dipper; ance arm to form a handle for said dipper-like
like structure which may be handled as such, I structure; means to substantially close the re
facilitating obtaining from the mud ditch or
other accessible source, typical circulating drill
ing ?uid samples. The top H whenreplaced,
limits and accurately determines the quantity of
the sample thus obtained for weighing while at
the same time enabling the instrument/subse
quently to be readily freed of adhering mud with
'10 out the danger of spilling. diluting or otherwise
vitiating the said typical ?uid sample obtained
said balance arm intermediate the receptacle and
the o?-set weight member, means to support said
structure upon'said ?xed pivot means and adjust
able weight means on said arm to balance said
dipper-like structure vupon said pivot support
when the receptacle contains the measured vol 10
ume or liquid and a pointer on the'supporting
for measurement. The top I I, instead of having a
means cooperating with a scale on said balance
press fit into the receptacle It as illustrated here
arm to indicate a‘balance of said structure upon
in may be constructed with threads and be adapt
said pivot support.
ed to screw into the receptacle top with equally
' 2, Apparatus for weighing liquids comprising a 15
receptacle adapted to contain a measured volume
of liquid, a balance arm rigidly attached to and
satisfactory results.
The arm l5 which serves ‘as a handle for the
dipper-like device has an o?set end formed by the
counterweight it which serves to limit the danger
oiallowing the instrument to slip from muddy or
oily hands while obtaining a ?uid sample and at
the same time forms a supporting leg which, when
the instrument is set upon‘ a level flat surface
maintains the arm I5 in a normal horizontal at
, titude and the receptaclein an upright position.
The description herein is not limiting but is
merely illustrative of a' preferred apparatus and
other variations are obviously possible within the
scope of the invention and the claims.
ceptacle ‘and to exactly de?ne said measured volume ‘or contained liquid, 2. ?xed pivot ‘means on
I claim‘:
1. Apparatus for weighing ‘liquids comprising a
receptacle adapted to contain a measured volume
of liquid,_-a balance arm rigidly‘ attached to and
laterally extending from [said receptacle and
forming a dipper-like structure, an oil-set ?xed
weight member at the opposite end of said bale
laterally extending from said receptacle and
forming a dipper-like structure, ’an oiI-set ?xed;
weight member at the opposite end or said bal 20
ance arm and extending below said arm a dis
tance substantially equal to that of said recep
tacle, means to substantially close the receptacle ,
and to exactly de?ne said- measured volume 0!
contained liquid, a ?xed pivot means on said bal 26
ance arm intermediate the receptacle and the 011-‘
set weight member, means to support said struc
ture upon said fixed pivot means and adjustable
weight means on said arm to balance said dipper
like structure upon said pivot support when the 30
receptacle contains the measured volumev oi liq
uid and a pointer and scale balance indicating
means to indicate a balance of said structure _
upon said pivot support. '
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