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Oct. 11, 1938.
Filed April 7, 1957
5 Sheets-Sheet l
Patented Oct. 11, 1938
2,132,737 " -
Bertrand B. Kahn, Cincinnati, Ohio, asslgnor to
The Estate Stove Company, Hamilton, Ohio,
a corporation of Ohio
' Application April '1, 1937, Serial No. 135,366
10 Claims. " ( Cl. 126-340)
Frame-structure 2| carries at its forward end’
This invention relates to stoves, and more pivotally mounted closure means, indicated gen;
particularly to broiler ovens for stoves.
erally at 2!, of heat insulating construction, and
It is the principal object to provide a. simple adapted to'close front aperature IB when the
and highly satisfactory broiler in which access parts ‘are in operative position. .
Means are provided ‘for mounting frame struc
5 is readily provided to the foodstuff supporting
pan for adjustment to a desired elevation and ture 2| for movement into and out of ‘cooking
during the cooking operation, and in which the compartment H, such means comprising side
parts may be readily removed for cleaning and
Another object is to provide a withdrawable
broiler in which the withdra 'al mechanism and
other parts oftthe broiling oven are separated
from the cooking area and protected by a broiler
liner which is readily removable for convenient
rails 30, having their lower portions inwardly
bentto form‘a horizontal lip 3|. A rear cross~ 10
piece 32, preferably of L-shaped cross-section
to provide added strength, joins the rear ends of '
side pieces. 30, the parts being suitably joined
asby welding. The forward ends of side rails
are connected by a front cross
located at the forward ends
of side rails 30 are upwardly projecting carrier
, or members 30
Other objects and advantages will be apparent
from the following description, the accompany
ing drawings, and the appended claims.
In the drawings, in which a preferred embodi
.20 ment of the invention is shown,
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a stove embody
ing the present invention, and showing parts of
the broiler mechanism in withdrawn position;
Fig. 2 is an exploded perspective view show
25 ing parts of the broiler mechanism; .
Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional view taken on the
portions 34, which are formed with notches 35 _
at their upper ends. Front cross member 33, 20v
and carrier portions 34, are conveniently made
from a single piece of material bent to U shape.
These parts are attached to side rails 30, as by
gusset plates-35' suitably welded in place.
Broiler liner 22 is supported and secured in
position on‘ frame 2| so that the'parts move to
gether as a- u ‘t, provision being made for the
ready removal of the broiler liner from the‘
line 3-3 of Fig, l with the broiler mechanism in ‘frame’ by a simple lifting operation. ‘Broiler
,_ _
liner 22 comprises bottom wall 40, side walls 4|,
Fig. 4 is a vertical sectional view taken on the and rear walls 42. The forward end, and the 30
30 line 4-4 of Fig.‘ 3, vlcertain of the parts being top of the broiler lining are open and unob
shown on=a central section, line;
structed, for convenience in use. It is preferred
Fig. 5 is ,a vertical sectional view taken on the to form broiler liner 22 by shaping bottom
line 5-5 of Fig. 4; and
wall 40 and side walls 4| from a~single piece
Fig. 6 is a detail sectional v‘view on the line of metal, and then attaching rear wall 42, as by 35
inner positio'
6-6 of Fig. 5.
Referring now to' the drawings in detail which
illustrate ' a‘ ‘preferred embodiment of the in
vention, ‘HI indicates a stove ‘having a cooking
weldingy'to' complete the structure. Side walls
4| - of the
broiler pan support'ng ledges 43, which are
preferably .stamped integrally with the side
compartment ll adapted for broiling or the like. walls. The top edges of the ‘side walls are pref
40 Cooking compartment ii comprises bottom wall - erably inwardly turned, as indicated'at 44, to
I2, rear wall i3,'top wall I4 and" side walls I5. assist in the positioning of the broiler pan.
These walls are preferably, of double wall. con
Surrounding the forward end of broiler liner 22
struction, and may be ?lled with suitable insu
is member‘ 46, suitably attached thereto as by
lating material. The forward face of the cook
welding, and which serves both to strengthen
45 ing compartment is open throughout substan
the open end of liner 22, and to assist in the
._tially all of its extent,-as indicated at i6,v and a attaching of liner 22 to frame 2|. For this
‘movable structure, indicated generally at 20, purpose, the horizontal‘ portion of member. 46
. is adapted for movement into and out ofcom
carries an integral downwardly struck rib por
p, rtment H. Movable structure 20 includes a "tion' 41 of curved cross section. Front cross~ 50
e portion, indicated generally at 2!, and a ‘member 33 of frame 2| has a similarly shaped
50 fr
liner, indicated generally by numeral 22, and
downwardly struck groove portion 48, which re
adapted to be supported on __frame structure 2| ' ceives portion", and assists in the alignment ‘
and to be readily removed therefrom when de
sired. A suitable heat source, such as burner 23,
is positioned within cooking compartment ll.
of parts. These curved portions also serve to
increase the strength of the members in which 55
they are formed. Means are provided at the
upper ends of member 46, which preferably pro
.‘Iect above the top edge of liner 22, for oo
) operation with upwardly. projecting carrier por
5 tions 24 of frame 2|, and forming'part'of the
attaching means connecting the two parts. As
ll include ?xed side brackets ‘ll. Side brackets
‘II are preferably formed from a single piece of
metal, bent to provide outer side portions All
which stand in vertical position and spaced‘ a
small distance from side walls I! of cooking com
partment '| |., Side brackets ‘It also have bottom
horizontal portions 12, and inner vertical portions
on member 45. These pins have enlarged heads - ‘I3. These latter portions terminate-at their up- . .
shown, laterally projecting pins 45 are provided
at their outer ends, adapted torbe received in
10 removable relation by notches.» 35.
per ends in inwardly bent portions 14 forming a
horizontal ?ange. Brackets ‘II are fastened to 10
Additional attaching means are provided on the bottom wall l2, as by bolts ‘I5._ Fixed guide
the sides 4| of liner 22, and on rear-wall 42, members 15 are fastened to the outer side por- - .
and these parts cooperate with side rails 2L tions ‘ll of side brackets ‘Ill and have upper and
and rear cross piece 12 of frame 2| . As illus _‘ lower horizontal ?anges terminating short of the ,
15 trated,v side walls 4| of liner 22 have attached forward face of compartment II as shown at
to them, as by welding, angle pieces 5l_having TI. Guide members ‘I6 extend rearwardly beyond 15
projecting horizontal portions adapted to rest on side portions 1|, preferably extending the full
the upper edges of side members 3!. Angle piece . depth’ of compartment H, and being fastened to _
52 on'the rear wall 42 has a rearwardly pro
‘rear wall It.
20 ‘jecting portion which is adapted to underlie rear
Sliding withdrawal movements of frame 2|
gcross piece 32. v'I'hese parts, together with the and associated parts are facilitated by the pro
previously described parts at the forward end, vision of anti-friction means including two sets
insure easy’ attachment and removal of the liner of rollers. These comprise forward ?xed rollers’
to the frame. In assembly, the liner is held \ 80, mounted on inner vertical portion ‘I3 of side
25 abovethe frame and tilted to permit'the part brackets ‘It; and rear movable rollers 8| , mounte
52 to slide under cross bar 32. The liner is then
lowered into position with brackets 58 resting on
side frames 30 and withpins 48 engaging slots
35, rib 41 also being engaged in groove '48, the
30 liner being thereby held-?rmly in assembled
Closure member 24 is supported at the for
ed on the rear portions of side‘ rails 30 of frame
2|. Fixed forward rollers 80 are positioned to
underlie the inturned lips 3| formed on ,side rails
an? audit will be noted that‘ these maimed lips
3| underlie and are spaced from the ?ange por
tions 14 on side brackets ‘II. This relationship
provides for guiding the side rails and prevents
undue displacement of the parts. Movable wheels
8| operate within the ?xed guide members ‘It,
which are preferably of channel form. Thus
ward end of frame 2| for bodily movement there
with,’ and also for movement relative to frame
35 2|. As shown, closure 24 is mounted for swing
ing movement about a horizontal axis at the for‘
during withdrawal movements of frame 2|, side
ward lower portion of frame 2|, affording move \‘ rails 20 move over ?xedforward wheels II and
ment to a substantially horizontal open position movable wheels II roll along'?xed guide mem
providing ready access to the foodstuffs support-v
4:) ing pan I9 during the cooking operation and for bers
means are provided to guide the
adjustment of elevation thereof by repositioning parts and to prevent undue lateral movement.
- on ledges 43.
Closure hinge plates 55 are suit
ably attached to the rear face of rclosure 24, as
by the welding of inwardly. turned feet 56. Clo
45 sure hinge plates 55 are of generally triangular
shape, and are formed at their lower portions
with elongated slots 51, in which are received
. hinge pins 58, secured to vertical carrier portions
34 of frame 2|. Carrier portions 84 also carry
50 stop pins 59 positionedabove hinge pins 55. Clo-y
These means comprise horizontally projecting
strips 85, suitably secured to the outer vertical
faces’of side rails in adjacent the rearward por
tions thereof, and positioned to lie within the
channels of ?xed guide members ‘I5, and to have
a small clearance in normal position with respect
to the'vertical portions thereof.
Provision is made to limit the withdrawal of
frame 2| under normal operation, but to provide
I sure hinge plates 55 have integrally formed latch _ for complete separation ‘and removal of the parts
portions 60 which are ‘shaped and positioned when desired. For this Purpose, stops II are pro
r to cooperate with stop pins 59 to hold closure vided on Side rails III of frame 2|. As shown,
. member 24 inyertical position. The'elongation these stops project laterally from the ‘side rails,
I 55 of slots 51 allows the closure to be raised slight 4 and overlie the tops of ?xed guide members ‘It.
ly so that'latch portions 60 will clear stop pins
59, allowing the closure to be released and swung
to horizontal position. ‘In open position, in
tegrally formed stop portions 6| on hinge plates
so 50 engage stop pins 59, thus maintaining thev
closure 24 in open horizontal position. A.suit
able handle is provided on closure 24 for the. con
venient performancepf these operations, and
also for use in moving the entire movable broiler
Cooperating with stops 88 are dogs 8}, pivotally 5‘
mounted at .9 on the outer vertical portions of
?xed side brackets ‘Ii, lying in the path of stops
II, and determining the normal outer. limit of
movement. ‘When it is desired to completely
separate the parts, dogs 88 aremanually lifted
about their pivots to a position where stops It
can pass clear of them.‘
After complete removal, provision ismade for
65,structure in ‘and out of broiler compartment II, ready reassembly of the parts. As ‘described, the as
it ‘being understood that when the handle is
and lower sides of the channels of ?xed
pulled horizontally, the broiler is withdrawn, and - upper
guide members ‘It terminate short of the forward latch ill releases to drop the closure only when face of cooking compartment l l, as indicated at
the closure is ?rst‘given- an upward lifting mo
,Means are provided for supporting broiler
frame 2| for ready withdrawal from cooking come
partment II, and also for ‘complete removal of
‘I1, andto reassemble the parts, it is'only peces- .
sary to‘ place lips 2| of side rails 30 on ?xed for-' .70
ward rollers 80, and underneath ?angeiportions
‘l4. Réarward movement of frame member 2|
then brings movable rollers 8| into the support
the parts when’desired. .The ‘portionsof the ing
channels ‘II.
' "
7g withdrawal mechanism which, are ?xed topstove‘
In order to insure complete closing of the broll- g5
er compartment during use, detent means are
provided which urge the parts toward closed posi-_
tion during the last part of the inward travel of
frame 2|, and which also releasably hold the
parts in‘ closed position until pulled open. These ,
detent means are mounted in the rear of cooking
compartment II, and are positioned to cooperate
vwith movable rollers 8| when. the parts are in
operative position and include detent wheels 90
10 mounted for rotation upon arms 9|. Arms 9|
are pivoted at their rearward ends .to brackets
92 ?xed to rear wall l3, the arms 9| projecting
said liner to said frame for movement therewith
and for ready detachment therefrom, a food sup
port member, and means on said 'liner for sup
porting said food support member at a desired
2. A stove of the character described compris
ing a cooking compartment, a frame mounted for
movement into an operative position‘ in said com
partment, and for movement out of said compart
ment to an inoperative position, a liner separate 10
from said frame, means connecting said liner
to said frame for movement therewith and for
ready detachment therefrom, and a closure for
forwardly to movably position detent wheels 90 said opening carried by said frame and adapted.
in the path of movable wheels 8|. The ‘forward ‘to close said compartment when said frame is 15,
15 ends of arms 3| are downwardly urged by springs moved into operative position within said com
93, the opposite ends Sof which are secured in
holes in brackets 92. Suitable stops are provided partment.
3. A stove of the character described compris
to limit the downward motion of arms 9|, and
the top horizontal channel side of ?xed guide
20 member 16 is cut away, as indicated at 94, and
detent wheel 90 works through this aperture. In
operation, as frame 2| is being pushed in and ap
proaches its inner operative position, wheellll en
ing a cooking compartment, a broiler frame
mounted for movement into and out of said ‘com 20
partment, a closure member for said compart
gages detent wheel 90 causing arm 9| to rise, the
25 operator pushing sufficiently to overcome the ten
sion of spring 93. After movable wheel
moved rearwardly sufficiently} so that its
is behind that of detent wheel 90, the
ward pull .of spring 93 exerts a rearward
8|_ is
ment hingedly mounted on said frame adapted
to close said compartment when the frame is
moved intov said compartment,v said closure being
movable to an open position- on said frame, a 25
liner, and means for mounting said liner on said
frame for movement therewith and providing for
removal therefrom when said closure member is
moved to said open position.
~ -
4. Apparatusof the character described com— 30
on frame 2|, and thus releasably retains the frame
prising a cooking compartment, a frame mounted
in inner position.
In operation of the stove, there is seldom any
for movement into and out of said compartment,
occasion to remove the broiler frame 2| from
the cooking compartment ll. During broiiing,
however, there is likely to take place a suf?cient
amount of spattering so that frequent cleaning
of ‘the broiler parts is necessary. The broiler
liner 22, built inaccordance with the present
invention, can be readily removed for such clean
40 ing, and it is also to be noted that broiler liner 22
‘affords protection to the withdrawal mechanism,
so that these parts seldom require attention. To
remove liner 22, the frame 2| is withdrawn to its
outer position, and closure 24 is swung about its
hinges to open position. Then a lifting motion,
applied as to the forward ends of side walls 44,
will separate pins 49 from notches 35. During
such lifting, the liner pivots about side supports
50, resting on the tops of frames 30, and rear
support 52 moves downwardly out of contact
.50 with rear cross piece 32. After the forward end
‘ has been elevated sufficiently to clear the forward
parts of the frame, the liner may be pulled for
,wardly a short distance and-then lifted com
55 pletely free of the frame structure. To replace
the liner, the procedure is reversed, and the sup
ports are so arranged that the liner is guided
easily and quickly to proper operative position.
It will be noted that in the embodiment illus
trated, the proportioning of liner 22 and its as
‘ sociated parts is such that it cannot be lifted out _
of operative position unless closure 24 is first
a closure member for said compartment hingedly
mounted on said frame and movable to an open
position, a liner having an open end,'means for
mounting said liner on said frame with its open
end adjacent said closure member for movement "
with said frame, said mounting means providing
for removal of said liner from said frame when
said closure member is moved to its open position
on the frame, a food support member, and means
on said liner for carrying said food support mem
berand providing for removal thereof from said
liner when said closure is moved to its open posi
5. Apparatus of the character described com
prising a cooking compartment, a frame mounted
for movement into operative position in said com
partment and‘ out of said compartment into in
operative position, a closure member for said
compartment carried by said frame and adapted
to close said compartment when said frame is
moved into operative position within said com
partment, detent means permanently positioned
within said compartment, means for mounting 55
said detent means within 'said' compartment pro
viding for yielding bodily movement thereof, and
means on said frame adapted to engage said de
tent means in a predetermined position of the
frame, said detent means cooperating with said 60
frame to yieldingly maintain said frame in its
operative position.
6. _In a stove of the character described, a broil‘
compartment, a supporting frame mounted for
While the form of apparatus herein described er;
sliding movement in and out of said compart 65
constitutes a preferred embodiment of the inven
ment, a closure member for said compartment
tion, it is ‘to be understood that the invention is hingedly connected to the forward end of said
not limited to this precise form of apparatus, and supporting frame, a broiler liner mounted on said
that changes may be made therein without'de
frame .and removable therefrom inv'
parting from'the scope of the invention which is _ supporting
the open position of said closure for cleaning and 70
70 de?ned in the appended claims.
the like, means on the sides of said liner adjacent
What is claimed is:
the rear thereof for engaging the frame to sup
r 1. A stove of the character described compris-ll
and means on said liner ’
ing a cooking compartment, a frame mounted for port said liner thereon, part thereof detachably
movement into and out of said compartment, a
for holding .the liner in 75
75 liner separate from said frame, means connecting received in said frame
?xed “we mans when mounted within ma bottom, side
andrear walls; and mm for de- '
tachably molmting said broiler lining on said'
, .,
astove having a cooking compartment, av supporting irame'for movement therewith, said
broiler within said cooking compartment coin--v .meansincludingmeansontherear wall'of said
k I prising a withdrawable supporting frame having broilerliningcooperating withthe rearcross.
side members, a removable broiler lining having
piece of said supporting frame, means on the side
for receiving and withdrawing a food supporting
walls of said broiler liner and intermediate the
ends thereof cooperating with the side members
- member longitudinally, and means for detachably
l0 mounting said broiler lining on said supporting
of said supporting frame, and means on the side
walls of said broiler liner adjacent the forward 10
ends thereof cooperating with the upwardly pro
frame for movement therewith, said means in
cluding means on the side walls of said broiler v jecting carrier portions of said supporting frame.
liner cooperating with the side members of said
lmapparatus of'the character described com
supporting frame.
prising a cooking compartment having an open?’
'8. In a-stove having a cooking compartment,»
ingin a wall thereof, foodsupporting means in 16
a broiler .within said
compartment com
said cooking compartment, and means providing
a prising a withdrawable supporting frame having for sliding movement ‘of said food supporting
side members and upwardly projecting carrier means into and out of said cooking compartment,
portions adjacent the. forward end of said‘ side said last-named means comprising anti-friction
members, a removable broiler lining having side supportsmounted in said compartment and un
vwalls, and means for detachably mounting said derlying said ,food supporting means, channel
broiler lining on said mpportingme for move- ' members mounted insaid compartment and posi
ment therewith, said means including means on tioned. laterally of said food supporting means,
;the sidewalls of said'broile‘r liner adjacent the anti-friction means mounted on the rear portions
forward end thereof vcooperating with the up,-.
iwardly‘projecting carrier portions o'f-s'aid sup
' porting frame.
of said food supporting means and received by
said channel members, and guide members
mounted on said foodv supporting- means for
9. In a stove having a cooking compartment, , wardly of said antii'riction means and projecting , i
into said channel members to a position of close ‘
a broiler within said cooking compartment com;
prising a withdrawable supporting frame includ
ing side members, a- rear cross piece connecting
said side members, and-upwardly projecting car
rier portions adjacent the'forward end ofsaid
. side members; a removable broiler lining having
clearance with the walls of said guide members
to limit lateral and upward movement of said
food supporting means.
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