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Oct. 11, 1938.
Filed June 29, 1938
elf/130441444 .
- Patented Oct. 11', 1938
* ‘2,132,899
t _ 1 2,132,899
Aubreyli‘, Hart, NewYork,tNi.~'Y.>
vlappliqationtruneézs, >193af‘s'et-iaijno. 216,564 . V
(o1. ‘Am-15.2)
‘This; invention relates“ to an ‘improvement in
of both frames.
frames for signs, pictures, and thelike.v Among gpass‘thrpughthe,upright‘?anges
bottom of the
the objects of the‘ invention‘ are‘to providesuch frame 2 in the event any water should
seep past
a device ‘which is durable, weatherproof, pleas
the gaskets. ‘
ing in appearancejsimple in construction, and I > It ‘will be ‘apparent that with this, construction; 5
economical to manufacture. Y
signsj nowrexposed to weather conditions can be
' 'A practical embodiment of the :inventionlis ' enclosed :quickly and" conveniently to make, them
shown in the accompanying drawing in'which
Figure l is a plan vieweof f a1 sign -~'constr'u'cted
10 according to this invention,
Figure 2 is an enlarged cross-section thereof
b taken on line 2-—2 of Figure 1,
~ Having "thus described my invention, I wish it
f to‘ be ‘understood that ‘the drawing and descrip-i
tion are merely for the purpose of illustrating the
invention, and are not to be construed as limita
Figure 3 is'an enlarged cross-section- thereof tions 'to the construction and arrangements
taken on line 3-3 of Figure 1, and
Figure 4 is a fragmentary detail perspective‘
view of the cutaway corners ofthe upper frame. ;
The device comprises a pair of complementary,
inter?tting upper and lower frames generallyrdes
ignated as I and 2, respectively. These ‘frames
'20 are
preferably made of sheet material, but they
may be molded or otherwisermade. The lower
frame 2 is of angular shape in cross-section and
shown and described. Changes in the construc
tionland arrangement of the parts may be made 15
without departing from the spirit of the inven
tion as de?ned by the annexed claims.
I claim as my invention:
. 1. An inter?tting frame for displaying pictures,
signs and the like, comprising a back recessed to 20
support the device displayed, a lower frame car
ried by‘the back to support a sheet of transparent
has a bottom ?ange 3 and an upright portion ' material within its margins, a complementary
4, the bottom ?ange being ‘securedto a sign 5
upper frame seated on the lower frame, said com
by means of screws 5a or otherwise. The'sign
5 may be mounted in a recessed back 6, as shown
plementary frame having a marginal retaining 25
?ange for securingsaid transparent sheet over
the device displayed, and means for fastening
in the drawing. The upright portion 4,'at,the
top of the frame, terminates in an inwardly ex;
said frames together.
tending overhanging lip 1.‘ The upperframe is
2. An inter?tting frame fordisplaying pictures,
likewise of angular shape in cross-section and' ' signs, and thelike, comprising aback recessed 30
at one end is constructed so as toslip under. the
V overhanging lip of the bottom frame, as shown
to support the device'displayed, a lower frame
carried by the back to support a sheet of trans
parent material within its margins, said frame
in Figure 2. The upright‘?ange of .the remain-v
ing ‘sides of the upper frame ‘has afportion 8 7 being of angular shape in cross-section, one side '
35 which is bent over outwardly anddownwardly
having an inwardly extending overhanging mar 35
and spaced from. the inner wall portion 9. to form ginal lip, a complementary upper frame seated
an inverted U-shaped channel into which the up
over the lower frame, one side thereof project
right ?ange 4 of the lower frame extends when ing beneath the overhanging lip on the lower
the two frames are inter?tted as shown in Fig-. frame,'said complementary frame having a mar
40 ure 3. The ends and edges of the upper frame ginal inwardly extending retaining ?ange for
are cut away as at H to accommodate the over-i ‘ securing said "transparent sheet over the device
hanging lip 1. The upper frame also has a. bot
displayedyand means for fastening said’ frames
tom ?ange I2 which is spaced from the ?ange ' together.
3. A pane of glass M or other transparent ma
' 3. A device for supporting a'sheet of trans
45 terial
is supported between these ?angesr’to ex
parent material over a sign or the like compris 45
pose to view the sign or picture to be displayed. ing a pair of superposed frames of angular shape
The overhanging lip ‘I and theinverted U-shaped in cross-section, the ‘bottom ?ange of the lower
portions of the upper frame form a protecting frame ‘extending inwardly and forming a sup
hood for the edges of the lowerframe to prevent ‘port forv the' transparent material, the comple
the entrance of foreign material into the body of mentary upper frame being seated over the up~
the sign. Suitable gasket material I3 is disposed ’ right ?ange of the lower frame, said upper frame 50
between the bottom frame 2 and the sign 5 and having an inwardly extending marginal ?ange
between the upper frame I and the‘ glass I4 to , to retain the transparent sheet in position, and
make the sign water-tight; The two frames are means for securing said frames together.
55 fastened together by means of bolts 15 which
4. A device for supporting a sheet of trans 55
7' 2,132,899
parent material over a sign or the like, compris
ing a lower frame of angular cross-section hav
ing an upright ?ange and an inwardly extending
the upright ?ange of the lower frame to form a
hood therefor.
6. An inter?tting frame for displaying pictures,
marginal ?ange resting on the sign displayed to > signs, and the like, comprising a lower frame
support a transparent sheet, a complementary, having means for supporting a sheet of trans
angular upper frame seated over the lower frame, parent material within its margins, said frame
said upper frame having an inwardly extending being of angular shape in cross-section, one side
marginal ?ange for retaining the transparent having an inwardly extending, overhanging mar
sheet in position, the upright ?ange thereof lying ginal lip, a complementary upper frame seated.
10 within mthe boundaryof the lower frame and ,over; the loweroframe, one, side-tthereof' projecting 10
having-a portion bent over the upright" ?ange of ‘beneath the overhangingflip on the lower frame,
the side walls of said uppervframe being cut
the lower frame so as to form a hood over the
lower frame, and means passing through ‘both ‘away at one end to accommodate said overhang
ing lip, said complementary frame having a
frames to fasten them together.
inwardly extending retaining ?ange for 15
5. A device for supporting a sheet of trans
.securing, said transparent sheet on the device
parent material over a sign or the like, compris
ing a pair of inter?tting framesof angular cross
section, the bottom ?ange rof‘the lower frame
forming a marginal inwardly extending-portion
adapted to rest on the sign tonsupport a‘trans
"parent sheetjthe upright ?ange "having-.2» mar
' displayed, and means for fastening said frames
‘7. ..An inter?tting frame for displaying pictures,
signs, or the like, comprising a- lower ‘frame hav 20
: ingvratztbottomri?angei for? supporting‘: a sheet of
w transparent material Withinj_i’tst':margins,. a ' com
~i'ginal inwardly‘ extending lip on oneside, a com ; plementa-ry upper 1 frame: seated; over‘::the' lower
plementary upper‘ frame having an" inwardly. ex-l » frame, lsaid-rcomplementary. frames-having a mar
tendingrmarginal . ?ange spaced fronithe _, bottom ?ginal r'retaining r?ange. for; securing ‘said trans 25
;?ang_e of. the lower frame, theupnight ?angefof parent sheet, said sheet I‘ resting between vsaid
{the upper frame lying-‘within thezboundary of
the lower frame, with one side projecting be
- neath the’ overhangingwlip on: the‘ lower frame,
{\30 ‘the: remaining ‘sides havinggaportions I‘bent over
z?angespsaid 1 retaining ; ?ange lying =within ' the
boundary- of *the “upper-v ;frame, :and: means " for
r-fastening,»said'rframes :together.
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