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Oct. 11, 1938.
. 2,132,948
Filed Feb. 16, 1938
3 Karl 'e OTTSCHiALK
bv- Mum/M KMMMM
Patented Oct. 11, 1938
OFFICE J "512132348 j i "
I " ilkarliiqottsclialk, csepei;
“-‘Application February 16, lasa'ser-ialim.191:,"196"v .- ‘I .
In Germany February 25,; I937“. ‘
' .2 Claims. '-(01. 263-33),
For quick charging and discharging, drum siderable masses which are to be moved, a very
melting furnaces adapted to rotate about their simple, durable and reliable tilting device is pro
longitudinal axis are, as isknown, tiltable about vided.
a transverse axis passingthrough the‘ centre of
gravity of the furnace. ‘For this purpose, the
tiltable frame carrying the furnace is'mounted
either by means of two toothed segments situ
The drawing shows diagrammatically a con
structional example of a rotary drum melting fur
nace provided with the new tilting device.
Figure, 1 is a. side view partly in section.
ated on both sides of the furnace in bearing]
Figure 2 is an end view partly in section along
frames located laterally of the furnace or by the line 2--2 of Figure 1, and
10 means of cradlesmounted on the tiltable frame s . Figure 3 is a side view on a smaller scale show 10
on both sides of the furnaceand cooperating ing the drum set in an absolutely vertical posi
with guide rollers.
tion for ramming the lining. '
Both tilting devices possess the disadvantage
The tilting device comprises the stationary,
that they cover the furnace ‘laterally,rmore or hollow base frames a, a, each having a cy
15 less, and render the sides of the furnace in
lindrical roller track around which tracks are ll
accessible, particularly when the furnace is con - passed the "endless link chains h, the link pins
structed so as to be set in an absolutely vertical
of which chains carry on their outer ends-rollers
position for the purpose of ramming the lining, i runningin the tracks a. The furnace drum d
‘this construction being particularly very dis
is mounted in- a known manner on the tiltable
20 advantageous when the furnace is to ibe'provided ‘ support by means of track rings e, e supported
with lateral devices for the introduction of air
or fuel, or of reducing means for coal dust.
. To obviate this disadvantage, it has been pro
on rollers I, and is held down loosely by bands g.
The tiltable support is provided on both its sides
and below the drum with sprocket sectors b
posed to lower the tilting devicesfto such an ex ~ extended over an arc of substantially 120° and
25 tent as to bring the tilting axis below the furnace, resting with their periphery on. their chains, 25
whereby, however, the centre of gravity of the so that the sprocket sectors are mounted co
furnace is raised high above the tilting‘axis, and
the working safety of the furnace under the con
siderable weights involved is impaired.
The object of the invention is a tilting device,
which will enable absolutely vertical position
ing of the drum, and which tilting device may be
accommodated completely below the drum, even
when the tilting axis is high, that is to say on a
axially with the roller tracks. Each chain h
is constructed as a double chain and the sprockets
7' of the sectors b project into the gap between
the chains and engage the link pins of the chains. 30
The link chains are passed around guide drums
k and driving wheels n, which wheels are driven
by a motor m.
By rotation of the driving wheels in the direc
tion of the arrow 4), the chains h and the sprocket 35
drum thus being rendered freely accessible from ‘ sectors b are moved in the direction of the arrow
both longitudinal sides.
q through the bearing bed formed by the roller
The new tilting device is characterized in that‘ tracks a, the ‘drum thus being tilted. Despite
the furnace drum, by means of two toothed seg
the fact that the sprocket sectors b embrace an’
ments, mounted on both sides below the rotary arc of 120° and the tilting axis 0 is in the centre 40
frame of the drum, rests on roller chains which vof gravity of the furnace, the entire tilting device
are each passed over a stationary‘roller track
is situated below the drum, so that the latter
vhaving two guide drums and a toothed driving remains quite freely accessible from both sides.
35 level with the centre of gravity‘ of the drum, this
It has indeed already been proposed to employ
roller chains for supporting rotary drum fur
naces, not for the purpose of tilting the drum,
As will be seen in Figure 3, the drum may be set '
perfectly vertical for the purpose of ramming the 45
lining, the drum then being supported on either
side by strutsyv which engage at their one end the
however, but for the purpose of rotating the drum.
In this device the roller chains did not serve
spindle r of the guide rollers k and at their other
simultaneously for driving the furnace butQon
the contrary, a specially provided crown gear
tween the track rings e of the drum. Tilting 50
may be‘e?ected in both directions and until the
was arranged. According to the invention, how
vertical position is reached.
ever, the roller chains serve simultaneously both
as a supporting and as a driving means for the ‘
tilting movement, whereby, in View of the con
end a pivot s situated on a bracket t inserted be
What I claim is:—
» ~
1. A drum melting furnace device including in
combinationa furnace drum, means for rotating
55 ..
said drum about its longitudinal axis, a tiltable
support, means for mounting said drum and'isaid
rotating means on said tiltable support, two sta
V tionaryv hollow, base ‘frames associated with, said
support,—-one frame on‘ either side of said sup
port—each 'of said base frames being provided
with a cylindricalljr-shaped track at its upper
surface and a roller chain adapted to ride upon
'2. A device as set forth in claim 1, said rotat
ing means including a pair of peripheric track
rings fast on said drum, and roller’ pairs associ
ated with'said track ringsgand adapted to support
and to rotate same, said device further including 5
two struts and two brackets, one of each on either
side of said support, a spindle mounted on- either ;
baseframe, said brackets being inserted between;
said track jand to‘ ‘pass'l the hollow‘rspace of said ' said track rings at either side of said drum'each,
base frame; a common drive for the roller chains
ofiriboth said base frames, said tiltable support
being provided'with two sprocket sectors, one ‘at
either side, said sectors being extended down
wardly from said support vand below said drum,
15 each of said sprocket sectors being co-axial and
inalignment with?one of said base’ frame tracks
and adaptedto be; supported and to be engaged
by the upper branch of the roller chain ridin
upon said'track.
said brackets being provided each with a pin pro- 10
truding outwardly and in the tilting axis of the
drum, said struts each engaging at their one end
one of said bracket pins and at their other end
one of said spindles, foréthe purpose of ensuring’
by means of said struts’the upright position of 15
said drum.
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