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Filed March 26, 1956
lllliil I 2
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Eli?“ A
STA/v15)’ TC4MP5£4L
patented Oct. 11',
1T; "
2,133,019 '
_ 1,133,019
1 ‘ Stanley T. "Campbell; Cleveland} Ohio,» assignor
to The iAetna Rubber Company!” Cleveland.
Ohio, at corporationlof Ohio
Application Maren . 2c, 1936, i'vSerialflVo. ‘70.579
The present inventionMrelates to molds and
articles having internal threads " or’ the like
more particularly to a-two-‘part mold for making
An object of the present invention is the pro
vision of a novel two-part mold for'making ob
jectsprovided with internal threads. .
Another object of the invention isthe pro
vision of a novel two-part mold for making-cell
10 covers or the like having‘ ternally threaded vent
openings therein.
iwhichlmembers in effect
-. iarenprojections
in- the
mold cavity, are inclined,"'iandlbeveledl'around the
outside except immediately adjacent that por
tionlB of the parting line which extends between
the ends of the thread. The construction is 5
suchthat when the mold is closed the members
l5 and I6 form a cylindrical surface having a
spiral groove or thread intermediate the ends
thereof. '_ The form offthe thread is that of a
milled thread, inother words, itappears to have _ 10
been made by a mill cutter, which may very well
be the case.
will be apparent from the following description;
For the purpose of facilitating manufacture
of the preferred embodiment thereofderscribed
15 with reference to the. accompanying drawing the members l5 and. ‘I6 are preferably formed
separately, as illustrated, and are ?xed in suit 15
forming a part of this speci?cation, in which: .
able apertures formed in the block and, cavity
. Fig. l is a longitudinal section, with portions
plates, but it will be apparent that they may be
in elevation, through a moldembodying the prese V formed integral with the respective parts to
ent invention;
which they are attached, in which case they will
QFig. 2 is a sectionron the line 2—-2 of Fig. 1; merely constitute projections thereon.
.Fig. 3 is a fragmentary bottom view of the
Preferably the thread I3 extendsslightly less
~ ‘upper half of the mold shown in Figs. 1 and 2;
than 360° and the portion I8 of the parting line
or surface l9 between the two members I5 and
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary plan of, the lower half I6, which extends between the opposite ends of
Other objects and advantages of the invention .
25 of the mold shown in Figs; 1 and 2.
The invention is particularly applicable to the
molding of cell covers for storage batteries hav
ing an internally threaded vent or ?ller opening
therein, and in the preferred embodiment of the
30 invention herein illustrated and described, it is
the thread, is at a slight angle to the direction
of relative movement between the plates, that is,
to the ‘vertical, as shown, see Fig. 1, to provide
draft. ‘The portion l8 of the parting surface
is also at a slight angle to the axis of the vent or
?ller opening.
disclosed as embodied in such a mold. It is to
In the particular cell cover illustrated bushing
be understood, however, that the invention is ap- ' members ll),v through which the terminal posts
plicable to the making of ‘other articles and that project in use, are molded in the cover at oppo
the preferred embodiment thereof herein shown site sides of the vent or ?ller opening. For this
35 and described is merely illustrative thereof.
Referring to the drawing the reference char
acter A designates the complete mold which com
prises upper and lower half-molds or parts Ill
and H, commonly referred to as the block plate
and cavity plate, respectively. As previously
stated the invention is illustrated as embodied
in a mold for forming cell covers; The cell cover
made by the particular mold in question is shown
in the mold cavity, and is designated in the
45 drawing by the reference character 13. . The
purpose the block plate is provided with suitable
apertures within which the lower reduced ends
of the bushings project and through the medium
of whichthey are held in position. Members 2|
positioned in the apertures in the block plate as
sist in holding the bushings in‘ position and may
be used as ejectors for removing the ?nished
From the foregoing description of the pre
ferred embodiment of the invention, it will be
apparent that a novel two-part mold has been 45
thread [3 in the vent or ?ller opening by means provided, capable of. producing articles having
of which the vent or. ?ller plug is secured in internal threads. While the preferred embodi
the opening in a well known manner extends not
» ment of the invention has been illustrated and de
more than 360° about the inner wall which de
scribedin somev detail, I do not wish to be lim-.
?nes the vent or ?ller opening and is adapted ited to the particular construction shown which
to be formed or molded by two members l5 and may be varied within the scope of this invention,
I 6 carried by the block and cavity plates, respec ' and _I particularly point out and claim as my
tively, the parting line‘of which coincides with
the meridian line or thelcrest of the thread.
I The ends or faces of the members l5 and I6,
invention the following:
I claim:
l. A mold for forming an article having an 55
2,133,019 "
internal’: thread of a single turn, said mold com
3. A mold for ‘forming an article having an in-v
prising itwo separable mold members having a ’ ternal thread, said mold comprising two separa
cavity and provided with aligned projections
forming a cylindrical core, the ;ends of the pro
jections abutting each other when the mold is
closed and having beveled edges which form on
the’ exterior of the core a spiral groove of not
more than 369° in extent, the parting line of
said projectionsbeing along the bottom of said
10 groove’ and e'zétending between the offset ‘ends
ble mold sections having a cavity with aligned
abutting projections: thereiniconstituting a cy
lindrical core, said core being provided on its
surface at the parting line between the projec
tions with a'gspiral thread-forming groove of not
more than 3600 in extent.
-I4'.§A mold for forming an article having‘an
internal thread, said mold comprising two sep 10
_ i,‘ t , arable mold members having a ca ity and pro
2. A mold for forming a storage battery cell
‘vi‘ded therein with alignedjprojections forming
with an internal thread, said mold comprising
abutting each other when the mold is closed and
cover having a vent or ?ller opening; providedv " a cylindrical core, the ends of the projections
two separable half-molds hating-‘a? cavity and therl‘abu'tt-ing faces hi the projections being spi
having ‘aligned projections therein the abutting‘ rallyffpormed and beveled to form on the cylin
faces of which are spirally arranged and beveled ‘ drical surface of the core a spiral groove of not
the parting line of saidipro
to form a cylindrical core‘l’ori'surface ‘having-a .I-mGZ'eHthan'BGOF’,
spiral groove‘ extending less than 3,61)‘a there: jeetions being along the bottom of said groove
about, the parting line of said projections ‘being and'connecting the opposite ends thereof. '
along the bot-tom of,~saidjgrQQve;and connected
> s'rANL'EY' 'r. CAMPBELL,
to. Opposite’ ends'thereoi.
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