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Patented Oct; 11,> 1938 'Y
2,133,032 _
vmsn Lm
John L. Marta, Detroit. Mich.
Application July 19, 1937, Serial No.. 154,355
_2 claims'. ' (ci. 4s--4s)
l"'Ihe present invention relates to Vimprovements
in the art of fishing equipment and has more
thereof, alsothe cross sectionshown in Figure 5,
See Figure 3.
Conventional eyelet G is provided where shown
particular `reference to a certaimnew and im- ' for connecting the lure withv a suitable line, and
proved lureli‘avingsagspecial construction where
by when it is used the effect thereof -for increas
ing the attraction of'various species of fish will
simulate the action of a living water object, and
likewise conventional eyelets I-I_ are provided
where indicated for respective hooks J. »
ficial class is thereby unquestionably attained.V
With the foregoing in mind, it will become
It isnow understood that in trolling the iure
thesame will wiggle in rapid succession and si
multaneous with the wiggling action it will fol
low ’a pronounced zigzag course, consequently 10
it is unquestionably apparent that by this com
readily apparent that the invention
bination action, the strongest attraction as a -
in thismanner a most desirable bait of the arti
- »- «` ~ «
further advantages, all of which will be clearly
revealed'during the course of the following de
tailed description, illustrated throughout the ac
companying drawing, andV more particularly
pointed out in the appendedclaims.
bait f_or various speciesxof fish is thereby accom
Having thus fully described my invention, what
I claim as new is:
1. In a nsh lure, a body having a horizontally
disposed tranversely oval rear portion, tapering
Figure 1 is a sideelevation ofthe complete in n' toward the rear» end' thereof, the forward por
vention; and Figure 2 is a'longitudinal section tion of said bodylieing obliquely deflected down 20
wardlyfrom the said rear portion, a rib midway
’ through the center thereof.
Figure 3 is a top pian view of the invention; the width of the forward portion 'of said body
extending longitudinally of the body and ter
and Figure 4 is a bottom plan view thereof.
minating in spacedv relation to the front end
Figures 5 to 7 inclusive are enlarged trans
verse sections: and Figure 5 being taken upon thereof, the surface‘between the- rib and the
v line 5-5 of Figure ?hwli‘igure 6 upon iine I-t of ' front end being concaved transversely, and a cav
Figure 1; and Figuregîl upon line 1-1 of Figure l. ity upon each` side of said rib extending lon- y
The invention willobe described and V’claimed gitudinally thereof and merging into the con
in its approximate position when the same is caved surface extending transversely of the body
between the rib and the front end of the body.
ì. actually in normal action within the water.
' The body of this device may be composed of l' 2. Inia ñsh lure, a body, said body compris
ing arear portion oval in cross section and ta
wood, metal, or in fact any suitable material may -pering toward its rear end, a forward portion
be used for >this purpose having water-proof for said body ~ obliquely deñected downwardly
qualities, and first referring more particularly to from the said rear portion, a rib rising from the
Figures l and 2, it. is understood that said body top surface of the said forward'portion and ex
comprises a horizontally disposed rear portion tending longitudinally thereof and tapered to
having a tapered end A which is gradually en
ward the front end thereof and terminatingsub
larged to the forward position of B, and Figure '1 stantially midway its length, the upper lsur
shows a cross section of the greatest proportion face of the said front portion between the rib 4
and the front end of the body being concaved
GD of the rear portion of the body.
transversely for the full width of the body and
At the position of B the body is
ñect'ed as at C and downwardly with respect to between the rib and opposite side edges of the
;cctsition B, and a cross section of this portion of body being concaved transversely to provide lon
the body is indicated in Figure 6, and it is gitudinally extending channels at opposite sides
further seen therein `that rib D is provided `'Where of the rib merging into the concaved -surface
located and extending as shown in Figure 2, and between the rib and the front end of the body,
` With reference .to the drawing:
'obliquely de
upon each side of said rib is cavity E. Rib D and
and line-attaching means at the front end of
the particular relation therewith of cavities E said rib and in spaced relation to the front end
mutually contribute to the life-like action of the _of the body.
è lure in conjunction with the deflected body
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