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Patented‘Qct. 11, 17938“
._ 22133340
__c~romsnrrm'snam :
I I" 4
' ’
Si- ausa.
~ No Drawing-"application February 21, 1935,’
. >
Serial No: 37,638 1 .
v a
This invention relates to 'the.~.rprbduction "of
' crude rubber from a-specialfvarietyLofspoinsettia
I have .foundthat theserum can be preserved
‘inde?nitely by adding simplev andinexpensive
and to a novel mode of Jtreat'ment'of thei's'erum‘em chemicals which can be partially recovered during
tracted therefrom. The :idea is'toprovide a new ' the ?nal stage’ of the treatment. “I prefer to'em
ploy a preserving solution containing commercialgggb
5 source of ‘commercial’rubberiwhich canxbe pro
duced at a relatively smallucost andl'which is ammonia; which prevents coagulation. For ex
superior, in many respects, to {ordinary crude
rubber now on the market. ‘Other- aims‘and ad
vantages of the invention will appearin‘the'speci
ample, I make a solution containing six parts, by
volume, of ‘ammonia, one part,. byvolume, vof
sodium chloride and two. parts, by volume,‘ 01'
dextro-tartaric acid andadd about ‘one and ‘one- (go
Considerable researchtwork'
_ ‘
has. been . done.
‘eighth percent, by‘. ‘volumetofi this vmixture or
locate. commercial sources 'zof'rubber; especially
in the investigation‘of tropical and: semi-‘tropical
oughly agitated Ior several’inirlutes in‘a} suit
hasheretofore discovered‘or developedfanysource _
>turn’rancid: ' The‘ treated 'sserumiis then ‘ready to
solution to‘the
‘Then thef‘serum is thor
plants and shrubs‘ which can be‘ grown 1112981125 able container, This is donefimmediateiy after
‘25 of this country. Insofar :as Iam aware, no ‘one vthe serum ‘is extracted and before 'it‘ begins toil!
of rubber or latex which. ‘can compete‘ ;successfu1
‘bestored in tankspr put-in tshippingcontainers
1y with'the importedproduct. In fact, rubber gfor delivery. ‘to aocoagulating iplanti-t TThC fam
manufacturers have practicallyfabandoned the ~ monia andpthe dextro-tartaric acid preventany
rancidity. -I-be1ieve that thedextro-tartaric acid 20 »
20 idea of developing a heartyplant or shrub in
digenous to this country having enough latex in . acts as a catalytic agent on the ammonia. It will
its serum to justify its exploitation; although ‘ preserve the serum even after a part of the am
small quantities, of crude rubber have beenpro
duced from the golden-rod and the guayule shrub.
monia evaporates in, an open container. The
sodium chloride is added at this stage so that it
‘comminglesvthoroughly with the latex and im- 25
25 As a result of years of study and investigations,
I have discovered a variety of poinsettia which ’ parts toughness to the ?nal product. This also
produces a serum containing a high percentage increases the tensile strength by as much as ten
of latex . This‘ plant grows in abundance in the
state of Guerrero, Mexico, and reaches an aver
While ‘the; preserved serum may be coagulated
30 age maximum height of from six to eight feet. ‘ Its
by the well known methods of treating latex, Iv 30 .
40 cent to sixty seven percent of recoverable latex.
I have also ‘discovered that the serum from
this plant quickly becomes rancid after it is ex
tracted and exposed to the air and this destroys
the latex: fAs amatter oi fact the latex is prac- V
reclaim the excess chemical'solution. It is re- 40
duced to sheet form by these rolls and is fed con
leaves, at maturity, are approximately ?ve inches prefer to ‘employ a coagulant solution consisting
wide and eight inches long. The stalk grows to a ‘ of three parts, by volume, of acetic acid and one
maximum diameter of'about one and oneéeighth to two parts, by volume, of formic acid. One
inches. Otherwise, it is quite similar to the multi ' percent to one and a quarter percent of this solu
35 tude of varieties of this plant which grow in the tion byvolume is mixed with the serum and the 55
southern part of the United States. For the ‘serum is again slowly agitated until all of the
sake of identi?cation I shall call it the large-leaf latex 'coagulates into a plastic mass of uniform
. Guerrero poinsettia. My experiments‘have dem ' consistency The coagulated mass is then fed
through smooth squeezing rolls to remove and
onstrated that its 'serum containsv from sixty per
45 tically destroyed within asingle day. In accord
tinuously through a cracking washer having three
herringbone rolls.
Sprays of warm water at a
temperature of approximately 120 degrees Fahrv
enheit are discharged on the sheets as they pass 45
ance with my invention I preserve the serum in
through the rolls.
The rubber is thoroughly
drums or containers and delivered to central co
moves the remaining chemicals.’ The rubber is
de?nitely, so that it can. be shipped or‘stored in ' ground by the washing rolls and the water re- .
‘then passed through corrugated sheeting rolls to ’
‘ 50 is extracted from the harvested, plants‘ by. any of . convert it into ?nal sheet form. It is then hungup 50 .
the known methods, conveniently byreducing the in drying rooms and exposed to a. temperature of
agulation plants for ?naltreatment. The serum
stalks, stemsand leaves to a pulp- and’ pressing » '95 degrees Fahrenheit to 105 degrees'F'ahrenheit
out the juice; although it is. contemplated that for a period of ?ve-to seven days. It is then ready
the latex may be obtained from the pulp by means
55 of suitable, well known solvents,‘
fer the market ascommercial crude rubber.
vI have found that crude ‘rubber produced from u
the particular serum has greater tensile strength,
of apreserving solution containing ammoniaand '
elasticity and elongation than crude rubber ob-‘
dextro-tartaric acid.
4. In the art of producing crude rubber, the
steps which are characterized by extracting the
‘commercial sources, For example, tests of rep
resentative samples of’ vulcanized rubber, made ‘serum from the large-leaf Guerrero poinsettia,
and immediately mixing therewith a preserving
according to the same formula, have, shown that solution
consisting of ammonia, sodium
this rubber has vseventeen percent greater tearing and dextra-tartaric acid;
tained from Hevea trees or other well known
riresistancéithan that of rubber‘wmade from What
10 is known cbmmercially as ?rst latex-
,5. In the art of producing crude rubber, the
‘ steps which'are characterized by extracting the 10
From the foregoing description, it will b33191 ‘Mserum from the large-leaf Guerrero poinsettia,
parent that the improved process reduces the 00st “ and immediately mixing therewith approximately
of production to a minimuniIiiThe particular” ‘ one and one-eighth percent by volume a preserv
' plants can be cultivated and grown aria-rem: ing'solution consisting of about six parts ammo
' 15 tively
low cost. 'It is contemplated“ that._the;ac-.-_ nia, gone, part, sodium chloride, and two parts 15
tu'al cost of producing the crude rubber indu'ana
‘ dextroitartaric acid.
;;""6;"I'hat 'method of producing crude rubber 7
will be‘thus
less explained
than ?ve cents-per
the nature
of my _, iri' " frbm‘large-leaf Guerrero poinsettia, which is char
acterized by extracting the serum; immediately
' vention and one illustrative example ofi'the' proc—
0- vess with the (express understanding, that it isfnot adding approximately, one and one-eighth per 20
‘to be, construed as being'limited to strict con ' cent by volume of a pres'erving'solution contain
ing ammonia,.sodium chloride, and dextro-tar
oformit'y therewith, what ‘I claim and desire to se
cure by Letters Patent is:
taric acid; transferring the preserved serum to a
coagulating plant; adding'a coagulating solution
"~._1.'As' a commercial product, the serum of the
arge-leaf Guerrero poin'settia preserved against containing acetic acid‘ and formic acid; and then
. rancidity‘with, a» preserving agent“ containing Jsque'ezing, washing, grinding,isheeting and dry
ing the product.
' '
" f '
commercial ammoniaand :a small quantity of
7.: In the art ‘of producing crude rubber from
the serum of large leaf Guerrero poinsettia,’ that
of coagulating theserum which consists 30
1 large-leaf Guerrero poins'ettia preserved against method
producing a coagulant solution composed of
.rancidity with: a "preserving solution consisting in
approximately three parts by volume of acetic
.ora small quantity of ammonia, sodium chloride "acid ‘and one to two parts’by volume of formic
I 12, ”As chloride,
a commercial
\ product,
_ V. ~
-, serum
" of, the
“and dextra-tartaricacid;
' I
*acidrmixing approximately 1% by' volume of
3._ 'In the
art v,of producinggcrude
v‘the solution With'the serum; and mixing the
‘steps jtwhlch are characterized by extractlng the ‘mass until'the latex coagulates into a plastic mass
'serummfrom the large-leaf ‘Guerrero poins‘ettia,
ab'f uniform consjstency_
" It
" '
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