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Oct. 11, 1938.
2,133,045 1
Filed Dec‘. 24, 1936
LEW/J fl/Mro/Po [1
4 g -
' 2,133,045
I Patented’ Oct. 11, 1938
' 2,133,045
.Lewis Rumford, 11, Wilmington, Del., asslgnor’
to United States Steel Corporation, New’ York,
N_. Y.,_ a corporation of New Jersey
Application December 24, 1936, Serial No. 117,665
4 Claims. (01. 73-343)
This invention relates to regenerative furnaces. heated by producer gas. It is customary to pre
heat both the producer gas and the .air admixed
‘therewith for combustion purposes before pass
ing the gas and air into the furnace. This is ac
ing operation of the same.
complished by\providing two checker chambers 5
_ In order tooperate an open hearth furnace ef
?ciently some means fordetermining the checker at each end of the furnace indicated as A—A’
chamber temperatures must be provided so that and B—B', chambers A and B serving as pre
heat chambers for the air and chambers A’—B'
both ends of the furnace may be properly'bal
serving as preheat chambers for the producer gas.
anced as to temperatures and so that overheat
10 ing of the checker ‘chambers may not occur. In the position indicated in the drawing cham- 10
Otherwise the reversing of the furnace manually ' has A—-A’v are serving as preheat chamber for
or automatically is performed purely by guess ' the air and producer gas respectively during one
heating cycle and chambers B—B’ are being
work, which at best is unreliable and unsatisfac
heated by the outgoing gases of combustion, the
' 15
One of the objects of the present invention is ?ow of gases being indicated by arrows.
In accordance with the present invention I
to provide means to obtain a continuous record
of checker chamber temperatures to facilitate dispose radiation pyrometers Pl, P2, P3 and P4
the operation of a regenerative furnace and to in a position to be sighted through suitable open
obtain thereby the maximum efficiency thereof. ings ‘in the walls of chambers A’, A, B and'B'
respectively upon the top of the checker brick- 20'
Another object is to provide means to deter
work 4 vlocated therein and then provide solenoid
mine the temperatures attained by the checker
brick located at the hottest point in the checker actuated ‘shutter means SI and S2 to cover up
the openings in chambers A’ and B’ (the pro
chamber during the' time the said checker cham
ducer _gas preheat chambers) when the said
‘her is being heated by outgoing gases and to pro
25 vide means associated therewith to interrupt or chambers are being utilized as preheat chambers 25,
discontinue such ‘temperature measurements but to uncover the openings when the chambers
while the said checker chamber'is cooling down vare being utilized as exhaust chambers. and are
being heated up preparatory to again serving as
during the passage of incoming gases‘ there
through. Other objects will be apparent as the preheat chambers.
In the normal reversing procedure, the manu- 30
30 invention is more fully disclosed.
ally operating and the automatically operating
In ‘accordance with the objects of the presen
invention I dispose‘ a radiation pyrometer‘in a reversing means provided functions to simulta
position to be sighted through an opening in the I neously reverse .valves VI and V2 into the dotted
position indicated and then back to the solid
checker chamber wall upon the checker brick
line position indicated, the period of reversal de- 35
35 work therein at the point where the brick is sub
jected to the maximum heating effects incident pending upon the temperatures attained in the
to the passage of heated gases therethrough and ~ checker chambers at each heating up cycle. Re
provide means for closing automatically the said ' versal of valves VI and V2 is accomplished by
opening when the furnace is reversed so that no hydraulic rams R (indicated schematically).
To avoid danger of explosion by the escape '40
40 temperature measurements then are made until
and ‘more particularly to means for measuring
the temperatures attained in said furnaces dur
a following reversal‘ automatically uncovers the .
saidopening. As a‘ specific embodiment of the‘
present invention I preferably employ a shutter
and solenoid actuated means for moving the
45 shutter into positionto cover and uncover the
said opening.
" ' Referencein this connection should be made
- to the single figure of the accompanying draw
of producer gas through the openings through
which pyrometers Pi and P4 are sighted or by the
entrance of air into the chamber‘through these
openings, it is essential that the solenoid actu
ated means SI and S2 covering and uncovering 45 »
these openings should act positively upon the ‘
actuation of valve V2.
I therefore dispose an. extension rod 6 upon _
ing wherein, I have schematically illustrated the , the hydraulic ram R. actuating valve V2 in such
position as to strike spring contacts 6-6’ at op- 50
50 present invention. 7.
Referring to the drawing, the regenerative fur
nace is indicated schematically as comprising a
‘ hearth l retaining a metal bath‘ 2 and enclosed
from the atmosphere by roof 3. The regenera
55 tive furnace indicated is the'type adapted to be
posite strokes of theram causing them to make
electrical contact with contacts ‘If-‘I’. Numeral
5' ‘indicates the position taken by rod 5 at the
other end of the stroke of ram R.
Upon the closing of either contacts 6-8" with 55
2,133,045 "
2 .
1-4? solenoid SI are: (as the case'm'ay be} is " tion, and means actuated by said furnace revers—
energized thereby operating to open the shutter ing means to energize and de-energize said sole
and uncovering the opening through which
noid means upon operation of said reversing
means, said energlzation and de-energization of
In the position'shown in the drawing the checker -, the solenoid vmeans being adapted to open the
chambers to the left (A'--A‘) are operating on shutter element in the ‘opening during the heat
what is known as the preheat or ingoing cy'cleand ing up period for the chamber and to close the
chambers 8-3’ (to the right) are operating on shutter ,during the period of cooling down,
3. A regenerative furnace including checker
the heating‘ up or outgoing gas cycle. The ar
10 rangement-indicated' permits solenoid S2 ‘to- be chambers‘disposedv adjacent each end 'of the fur 10
energized and pyrometer P4 to record the tem-' mace for the preheating of air and gaseous fuel
peratures attainedhwhereas solenoid SI is de-_ for the furnace meanstc reverse the said fur
energized and pyrometer Pi is prevented from ' nace; to alternately pass the gaseous products of
recording. Pyrometers P2 and P3, however, combustion from the furnace-through the said‘
record the temperatures obtained in chambers A check chambers, an opening through the wall of 15
checker chamber adjacent the top there
and B’ respectively. Upon reversal solenoid Si ,each
of,‘ a radiation pyrometer device
' is energized and solenoid S2 de-energized and opening, a shutter element located 'in each open
pyrometer I-‘l becomes'recording whereas pyrom ‘ing, solenoid actuated means to position each
'20 eter P4 does not record.
smutter to block 011 radiation passing to the
Having described the present invention and‘ pyrometer from said chamber, and means ac
given one speci?c embodiment of the same, itv ,tuated by said furnace reversing means to en
- is apparent that modifications and adaptations ergize each solenoid actuated means to thereby
may be ‘made thereof and all such’ are con
position said shutter in blocking position during
25 templated as may .fall within the scope, of. the the cooting period and in unblocking position
accompanying claims:
1 during the heating up period of the checker
What I claim is:
1. A regenerative furnace, checker chambers , 4. A regenerative furnace of the gaseous fuel
adapted to preheat the air and gaseous fuel ‘: type, a pair of checker chambers disposed ad?‘
in said furnace, each chamber being pro _‘ iacent each end of said furnace and communicat
vided with an opening in, one wall thereof, a iing therewith, means to pass air and gaseous fuel
radiation pyrometer device closing said opening, through one pair of
chambers while the op
shutter means disposed in said opening inter
posite pair are being heated up by the passage of
mediate said pyrometer and the interior of saidv gaseous products of combustion from the
pyrometer R4 (or Pl as the case may be) is sighted.
35 chamber, and solenoid actuated means to move , therethrough, means to reverse the ?ow of said _
said shutter means to open and closed positions gases to- thereby preheat said air and gaseous fuei
and means actuated upon reversal of said furnace
before entering into said furnace, means to de
to energize and de-energize the said solenoid
termine the temperatures of said chambers, said
means including an opening through a wall of
‘ 2. A regenerative furnace including checker ‘ each checker chamber and a radiation pyrometer
chambers disposed adjacent
end of said
furnace and provided with means to reverse the
device closing ,each of, said v‘openings, shutter
‘means in each opening of the chambers through
which gaseous fuel passes and adopted in one
fuel and air- supply to the furnace thereby to
alternately heat up and cool down-said chambers ' position to close oif one of said radiation pyrom
by the passage ct'outgoing gases of combustion eter devices from radiationv emitted from one
and ingcing fuel and air therethrough respec
of said chambers and in a second position to per
- . tively, each checker chamber being provided with mit said radiation to pass to said pyrometer de—
means to determine the temperatures attained , ‘vice, solenoid actuated means to operate each of '
said shutter means into said two positions, and
means actuated automatically by said reversing
cluding an opening extending through the wall 'means- to energize the said solenoid actuated
of said chamber adjacent the‘ top thereof, a means operating the shutter means to thereby
by the checker brickwork in said checker cham
hers during the heating up'cycle, said means in
radiation pyrometer closing said opening from the
close o? radiations passing to said pyrometer de
vices during the cooling down period and to open ,
opening intermediate the pyrometer device and " the shutter means during heating up period.
atmosphere, a shutter element disposed in said
the interior of the chamber.- solenoid actuated
means te move the shutter to shut and open poti- '>
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