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Oct. 11, 1938.
P. w. wl-UTE
Filed Aug. 1o, 1956
Íâatentecí Öct. ÍÍ,
Y, Y
.o ,
Paul nwrwlii‘tefChicagofIll., assignorlto Parvü
Products Company, Chicago, Ivll., a; corporation _ f
_of Delaware i l
Vimplicati()'n'milenario;193e, serial N0’. 95,054'. <
;'(Cl. -24-194)
This invention relates to a slide-buckle and >has ` "receivinga supporting member is disposed on one
special reference »to a f device I¥`a`dapted _to be ofthe -crossvbarsvand extends in a direction to
vmounted on belts, straps, and theflike, for î"sup
ward4 thebther cross bar of the frame> in order
.that the free‘end'of _the strap „may be held against
port’fof garments or other'> objects on the person
or for otherwise detachablyesecuring" articles
- l f
_provide a slide buckle comprising a pair of slid
Vably engaged'frames-of the type indicated above
' v More particularly, this invention krelates to "a
slide buckle comprising a`pair-of s_lidablyV en
gaged frames disposedrin a face-to-face substan-Á K
_tiallyrparallel relationin .which the frames are `
provided with side bars and cross bars> connect
ing the side bars for deiining openings there
VA’still further object of this invention is to
in which: the constructionQmay be relatively in
expensive'to manufacture-«may be durable and
simple in construction, _and simple in threading
through, the frames having a strap >threaded ' ï „Other objects and advantages will hereinafter
therebetween with the free endthereof extend
be ,more particularly pointed out and _for a more
ing‘beneath the overlying frame.
The frames
completehunderstanding ofth'e" characteristic i
are provided with means-‘for directing relative 'features'ofthis invention, reference may now be
movements thereof to clamp the strap ’in desired ~ »hadït'o Vthe-followingdescription `when taken to
adjusted positions, there being means on one “of gether' >with the accompanying drawing, in which
the cross bars of the overlying frame extending
>20` in the direction of the other crossibar thereof to _"Figuré lisï- a ‘fronti elevational view vof one
YVdetachably receive a supporting member andïto .form'of buckle embodying thefeatures of this
' retain the free end of the-strap Yagainst displace invention, the‘buckle being attache'd'to a frag
mentaryfporti'on of a shoulder strap. for su-p
' The device ofthe present invention is adapt f- porting a> fragmentary portion of the bib of an
`able for use' with various Vtypes of objects par-y `¿overa1l;“* ' f
t '
'ticularly on the person and may be employed ~ Fig.ï2 isÍa. central longitudinal sectionalrview
with slight 'variations not departing from the H taken on the 1inet2-'--2 of Fig. 1 showing the
„spirit of-'this invention, universally where de «strap 1in kalcltmiped position-between the slid
tachable connectionsV are desired to be made. ably engaged frames 'of the buckle;
30 However, in the drawing and in the following de
i Fig. 3 `is a’view similar to Fig.f 2- showing'the 30
scription, the slide buckle will vbe~ shown and » strap in’a positionv prior to clamping engagement
described in its association'withY the strap 'of an
overall, the >strap Ybeing lthreadedbetween the
frames with relative movements of theframes
of ’the slidably engaged frames,'the strap, being
_freelyadjustable thereiny»
~ ß
. ~Fig.‘4 is :a transverse sectionalview taken on ,
clamping the strap in adjusted positions-*One of `@theline V4-4` of Fig. 1; i. `>
«the cross bars 'of the Y'overlying frame of the _’ Fig; 5 isa front elevational view ’of the buckle
buckle is .provide'd'with means extending in the
direction of the other cross bar thereof for de
Fig. ô-iseaî rear elevational view» of Fig. 5;
tachably receiving a ring or other supporting
Fig. 7 is a view similar to Fig. 1 of a. modified
40 member of a bib of an overall andgfor retaining «forni ‘offrbuckle construction embodying’çthe 40
the Yfree end of the‘strap againstdisplacement.` ' »Í features of thisv invention; ’ ,
« _
It will, of course, be readily apparent that the "“ {,Figgï'ß is a: central enlarged longitudinal sec
buckle may be variously employed and that this f tionalfviewïtaken on the-linerBV-s of Fig. 7; Y
« invention is not to be limited to the specific uses
¿Fig `9 is ’affront.elevationalview of a still
hereinafter described and illustrated.
_ '
' -; further modified form of buckle construction em-*~ 45
‘ One of the objects of this invention is to pro Y. `bodying the features’of thisinvention; and
vide a buckle comprising al pair of slidablyien , rif-Fig. ;10 is a longitudinalsectional view taken
gaged frames of the type hereinabove described
in` which the strap threaded therethrough may
.Jion'thelinelu-Iß ofzFigiîQ.’n
yReferringvnow' to ï’the drawing and more par
be conveniently and easily adjusted irri-either üticularlytoi‘igs; îlfto 6,-ï'inclusive, thereof,` the
f constructionxthereinf shown comprises a pair of
A further object of this invention is to _pro ‘frame members `I5 and IG, the frame member
Vvide a strap-engaging buckle'comprisinga pair ; ¿l5 ‘being :preferably substantially rectangular in
of slidably engaged’irames ` of the character g-ioutline andyhaving> :sideybars I1 and I8 con
above notedÍin which'the,> means for detachably` `ï'nectedftogether. by >crossrbars `l!) and 20. 'I'he
frame member I6 is likewise preferably substan
tially rectangular in outline and comprises side
bars 2i and 22 connected together by cross bars
»23 and 24.
. The cross -bar I9 of the frame I5 is preferably
formed to present a relatively wide strap-engag
ing Íace, an intermediate lateral portion 25 of
which is inclinedmrelative tothe general piane
ofthe frame.` Portions 26 andy 2l oi thestrap
engaging face I9, adjacent opposite sides of the
thereto. Such reiative movement between the
frame members I5 and I 6 by the tensioning of
vthe strap 28 causes a co-operation between the
inclined surfaces 25 and 33 to clamp the strap,
the direction of movement converging toward Ul
the inclined surface. The greater the tension on
the strap, the tighter the clamping~ action of the
frames thereon, 1
`The resilient tongue 3i.,.which is preferably
formed ‘integrally with the inclined strap-engag
inclined portion 25, are likewise inclined in the, v ing face 25, co-operates'with the hook-shaped
same direction as portionj25 but at a greater ' portions 29 and 35 to releasably close the opening
Y angle to accommodate the usual thickened edge Yto the hook to prevent displacement of the sup
portions of a strap 28. The side bars and cross
bars ofthe frame l5 are _preferably formed of a
porting or ring member 39 of the bib of an over
all vand also prevents creeping of the free end 28a -
>relatively Ythin sheet of material and -thus are
shown as being embossed, or, in other wor-ds, a
of the strap 28.
peripheral flange is disposednover thebuckle
The other cross bar 20 of the frame> I5 is pro
" vided Witha pair ,0f ’bcbk-shanedfproiectine p0r
tions. 29. and 30. `which.entend initially. outwardly
and then in. the direction Qf._.the other-¿.ClîOSS bal’
t9. for cofceeration. wìtha tongue .3 I. extending .in
Referring now more particulariy to Figs. 7 and
8,~ a further embodiment of this invention is
shownfwherein the buckle comprises a pair of
frame members di) and 4i, the frame member 40
.being pu‘eferably- substantially ,rectangular in
form andhaving side bars _42 and;_¢_l3VV connected
togetherY by .cross bars 44 and ,45. The cross bar
a direction towardthe hook-shaped portion to
4_4. ofthe frame member 4Il_,_is yprovided with an
intermediate strap-_engaging portion >¿Kif-which is
reieasably closethe opening, .tothe hook-.Shaped
member.; ,-'i‘heiframe .1.5.1.beinanreferably fermed
of relatively thinlsheet metal, _providesa desired
The portions .4l and A480i the cross, bar 44` lying
inclined relatively to the plane` of the frame.
adjacentthe> endsof the inclined portion 46 are
resiliency in Vthe tongue , portion> 3 I,Ä the tongue likewise inclined but >at la greater> angle in order
30 being formed preferably integrally with the cross . to accommodatethe Athickened edgeportions of '
bar I9 yand extendingîrom the >.inclined Strap
a'strap 49. The other cross bar 45 is provided
engaging facev2I thereof. The .tongue 3l: overlaps with ardepending loop50 havinga hook portion
atleast a portionpfthe faces of Ithe hook-shaped 5I for detachably receiving a supporting member
portions 29 ,and 3U` to, close the Avopening thereinto or ring 52, the openingto the hookfshaped mem
vand is preferably out frpnrthefmaterial between ber being releasably closed by'a tongue 53 pref
the hook-shaped, members 29v Aand 30,‘the„latter
being .cut from materialsurrounding'the tongue
andl being thereafter AbentY inwardlyy in a ,direction
toward each other to overlie the tongue.
A'. strap-engaging slotv V32v is formed by the
spaced side bars .andcross bars ofthe frame I6,
theframe being reenforced by. the :provision of a
erably formed integrally with
-inclined portion
46 of the cross bar¿44 and extending therefrom
in the direction „of the loop to be. formed pref
;erably out of thematerialbetween the loop.
.The framed! isv formed in substantially- the 40
sameinanner as the frame` I6 of „the previousiy
described modiñcation except .that in the present
flange 25a on thekcross bar 23 lying adjacent one
described form the optional projections 34 and 35
yedge ofthe slotr 32 .and alsobythe ñange 24aad
of the frame .i6 are omitted. 'I'he side bars of
jacent the corresponding edge of the crossbar 2,4. the frame 4I are guided in thechannels formed
f'i‘he edge of the >cross '.ba‘r 245bounding the slot - by the ledges -54 >extending inwardly in a direction
32 is >provided with an intermediate strap-engag
toward eachother from the ,side-bars 42 and 43
to direct a relative longitudinal movement of the
ing surface.33 which is inclined in the same direc
tion asthe inclined fsurrîace25 'of the frame I5 frames. One of the cross bars of the frame 4I
for` co-operation therewith to. gripthe strap is. provided. with a straprengaging face 55 which
threaded through the slot 532 and` therebetween isv .inclined in the same direction asthe inclined
'in adjusted positions. It ¿may be desirable to face d6 A.of the frame 40 to co-operate therewith
augment the clamping,action-.lof..fthe yco-operating
to clamp thestrap49 therebetween, the strap 49
.inclined surfaces .by the .raised portions 34 and 35
in the path of travel of ¿the relative Imovement
the frame 4I. and overïthe inclined strap-engag- . .
of the frame ymembersr so thatthe inner edge of ling .face-55, with the free end .49a thereof ex
the inclined portion 25 may buttythereagainst tending beneath> the overlying frame 40.
and distort Èthe strapïaslshown more particularly
A tension. on :the strap 4.9 moves the frame 4I
Vin alongituciinal direction against the resistance
The vframes are directed vin their relative longi 'of .the `bibi'a'l attached by means of the ring 52 to
tudinal movements by the provision of ledgesv 36 the hookfshapedîmemberlEl.. The resistance of
andV 3E' .which are. preferably .f formed integrally the bib 5l fixes _the frame .40 against movement,
" in
extending through a strap receiving slot 56 in
with the side bars .Ill and I8, repectively, of the î necessitating a movement kof theframe 4I in a
' frame I5, the ledgesyeXtending in av direction'in
»- wardly toward each other :to form opposed chan.
‘directionto converge on the inclinedface where
by a clamping engagement of the strap is hadf 65
nelswhen `viewed. 'in icross section. The strap 28 between the` (3o-operating` ,strap-.engaging in
is threaded through .the.-slot.«,32 .of the frame I6 - clined surfaces .46 .and 55. Thetongue 53 releas
and thence over the eros‘srfbar- 24`and’beneath ably lcloses the opening into thehook-shaped
*the tongue-3|; the .freel'ènd 28a. ’lying beneath loop .5I to prevent displacement of the ring 52
0 kthe overlying irame I5. `Viïhentension is had on and also prevents creeping of the free end 49a.
->the strap 28, the bib. 38,y having. a ring-shaped of the strap 49 upwardly out of the slidably en
"supporting »memberßß detachably received in the ` ~
CQ-Operating hook-.shaped members'29 .and ED,
f holds the `frameflä'against Y, movement andy per
gaged frames.
Referring now moreparticularly toFigs. 9 and
ví1O,1the buckle therein shown comprises a pair of
».mits thestrap tomove the .frame YIgE .relatively 'frame members 581and ¿59,.the frame member 58."-`
being preferably substantially rectangular in
form and having spaced side bars 60 and' 6| con
nected together by spaced cross bars 62 and' 63.
The cross bar 63 is merely for the purpose of add
Ul ingrigidity to the frame 58 and may be dispensed
with entirely should it be desired to economizeon`
’ material.
The cross bar 62 is provided with an
intermediate strap-engagingV portion 64` which 'is
inclined relatively to the plane of the frame 5,8,>
portions 65 and 66 of the cross bar 62 lyingad
jacent the edges of the inclined surface 644 and`
being likewise inclined but to a greater angle
`to accommodate the usual Vthickened edges of the
strap. A tongue 61 is preferably formed inte
grally With the cross bar 62~and extends fromy
the centrally inclined portionv 64 in a direction
toward the other cross bar 63, a hook memberI
68 being formed on the end of the tongue for de
tachably receiving a supporting member or ring.
The frame 59 is similar to the frame 4I of the
just previously described embodiment, having
side bars and connecting cross bars'deiining a `
slot 69 for receiving a strap..> A strap-engaging
bars forl defining openings therethrough for re
ceiving a strap threaded therebetween with the
free end thereof extending beneath the overly
ing frame, means on said'frames for directing
relative movements thereof to clamp said strap
in adjusted positions, a hook-shaped member on
one of the cross 'bars of one of said frames, and
a tongue formed integrally with one of the cross .
bars of the overlying frame and extending in the
direction of the other cross bar thereof to over
lap said hook-shaped member comprising spaced
projecting> members formed integrally with the
latter cross bar to detachably receive a Vsupport
ing member and to retain the free end of said
strap against displacement, a portion of >said
tongue being provided by the material between
said . projecting members of the hook-shaped
3. A slide buckle comprising a pair of slidably
engaged frames, one of said frames having spaced
side bars Vand a cross bar> connecting said side
bars, said cross bar presenting a strap-engaging
face, and the other of said frames comprising
face 16 is provided on one ofthe cross bars ad
side bars wfor co-operation with said ñrst men
jacent the strap-receiving opening 69 which is ‘ tioned frame Vto be guided in a longitudinal move
inclined in the same direction as the inclined n ment thereby, and cross bars connecting said
strap-engaging face '64 lto co-operate therewith . side bars for forming a strap-receiving slot, oneV
of. said cross bars co-operating with said strap
is threaded through the strap-receiving slot 69 engaging face to clamp a strap threaded there
and thence between the strap-engagingfaces‘64I-A between . and through said strap-receiving slot in 30
and 18 to extend beneath the overlyingA frame 58.
adjusted positions, a hook-shaped tongue formed
TheV tongue 61 and integrally formed hook-shaped integrally with the cross bar of said flrst men
portion 68 co-operate to prevent creeping of the tioned frame iextendingtherefrom overa sub
and'to clampingly engage the strap.y The strap
strap threaded between> the frames, the hook 68
receiving the ring or supporting member' of the
stantial portionrof the interior of the frame to
detachably receive a supporting member, and a
bib of an overall, or- the like.
co-operating tongue formed integrally with an
While several embodimentsfof` this invention opposed cross bar on said ñrst mentioned frame
are herein shown and described, it isk >to Vbe un
for overlapping Vsaid hook-shaped tongue on the
derstood that various modiñcations thereof may
interior Vof the frame to overlie and to retain the
-be apparent to those skilled in the Aart Without free end of saidstrap against displacement.
departing from> the spirit and scope of this in- .
4. A slide buckle 'comprising a pair of slidably
vention and, therefore, the same is only to be engaged frames', one of said frames having side
limited by the scope of the prior art and the bars and cross bars'connecting said side bars,
appended claims.
ledgesY on saidside bars extending inwardly to
I claim:
ward each other to form opposed channels when
‘ 1. A'slide buckle comprising a pair of slidably viewed in cross section, one of said cross bars
engaged frames disposed in a face-to-face sub
presenting an intermediate strap-engaging face
stantially parallel relation, said frames each hav
inclined relative to the plane of said frame with
ing side bars and cross bars connecting said side
portions of> said» cross bar adjacent- thereto in
bars for defining openings therethrough for re
clined at a greater angle, and the other of said
ceiving a strap threaded therebetween with the Yframes comprising side bars engaging said op
free end thereof extending beneath the overlying posed channels of the first mentioned frame to be
frame, means on said frames for directing rela l guided ina longitudinal movement thereby, and
tive movements thereof to clamp said strap in
cross bars connectingsaid side bars for forming
adjusted positions, a hook-shaped member on Ya strap-receiving slot, one of said cross bars co
one of the cross bars of one of said frames, and
operatinglwith the inclined face 'of said ñrst men
a tongue on one of the cross bars of theoverlying
tioned frame to clamp astrap threaded there
frame extending in the direction ofY the other between and through said strap-receiving slot in
cross bar thereof for overlapping and for releas- y adjusted positions with'the free end'extending
ably closing the opening Yof said hook-shaped 4 beneath said first mentioned frame, and means
formed integrally with one of the cross bars of 60
member on the latter-cross bar interiorly of the
frame to detachably receive a supporting-member
the first mentioned frame for co-operation with
and to retain the free end of said .strap against'v meansfformed integrally ,on the other cross bar
thereof to detachably receive a supporting mem
2. A slide buckle Acomprising a pair of slidably ' ber andv to >retain the free end' of said strap
engaged frames disposed in a face-to-face sub-v against displacement. '
stantially parallel relation, said frames each hav- '
ing side bars, and cross bars connecting said side
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